Abandonware DOS title

The best hotseat games

Games supporting hotseat multiplayer mode can be played by more than one player (usually two) on the same PC taking turns playing the game. Many strategy games offer an hotseat multiplayer mode.

Zany Golf

DOS19883.9/5 Sandcastle
Zany Golf (also known as Will Harvey's Zany Golf) is an abandoned miniature golf game designed by Will Harvey, developed by Sandcastle and released by Electronic Arts in 1988. Zany Golf runs on DOS but was also published for Amiga, Atari ST, Apple IIgs, Genesis. Zany Golf can be played by two players on hotseat mode.

Desert Rats

DOS19863.9/5 Cases Computer Simulations

MicroLeague Baseball 2

DOS19893.9/5 MicroLeague Multimedia


DOS19923.9/5 Max Design


DOSMac19913.9/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
HeroQuest is a classic video game adaptation of the popular board game HeroQuest, released in 1991 by Gremlin Interactive. HeroQuest faithfully recreates the turn-based, dungeon-crawling, and role-playing gameplay of the board game. Players take on the roles of different heroes, including a barbarian, dwarf, elf, and wizard, as they explo...

Bandit Kings of Ancient China

DOS19893.9/5 KOEI

Stellar Crusade

DOS1988protected3.9/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.

Alpha Waves

DOS19903.9/5 Infogrames
Alpha Waves (also known as Continuum) was the ultimate relaxing experience for PC. As a platform game, Alpha Waves it's an ok game; not bad, not very good, but if you consider the whole relaxing experience, it's worth a try. Alpha Waves stands the test of time, after all these years it's still fairly playable. Try it on a lazy evening and you might...

Subtrade: Return to Irata

DOS19933.9/5 Century Interactive
Subtrade: Return to Irata is an abandoned science fiction business simulation game developed by Century Interactive and published by Boeder Software in 1993 for Amiga and later ported to DOS. Subtrade is an updated multiplayer clone of the classic M.U.L.E., set underwater on an oceanic world.

Bang! Bang!

Windows 3.x19903.9/5


DOS19883.9/5 Graftgold
Uridium is a classic shoot 'em up video game that was originally developed by Andrew Braybrook and published by Hewson Consultants in 1986 for various home computer platforms (including MS-DOS). In Uridium, players control a spaceship known as the Manta, and the objective is to destroy a series of enemy spacecraft, as well as ground-based inst...

Archer Maclean's Pool

DOS19923.9/5 Virgin Interactive

Austerlitz 1805

DOS19893.9/5 Cornerstone Software

Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Vol. 2

DOS19893.9/5 SSG Strategic Studies Group

Star Saga: Two - The Clathran Menace

DOS19893.9/5 Masterplay Publishing Corporation

Adventure Construction Set

DOS19873.9/5 Electronic Arts
Adventure Construction Set is an abandoned application developed by Stuart Smith and published for DOS, Amiga, Apple II and Commodore 64 by Electronic Arts in 1987. As the name suggests, ACS is a game-building system (we're talking about adventure RPGs) that lets you edit maps, items, creatures, etc. Included with ACS is a complete game called...

Laser Squad

DOS19923.9/5 Target Games Limited
Laser Squad is an abandoned turn-based strategy/tactical game designed by Julian Gollop (the mind behind the X-COM series). Laser Squad was developed by Target Games Limited and released by MicroLeague Multimedia in 1992 for DOS and other 8-bit systems. Laser Squad is considered as a precursor of X-COM: Ufo Defense.

World Darts

DOS19873.9/5 Melbourne House

Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021

DOS1987freeware3.9/5 Thinking Machine Associates
Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 is one of the first 4x turn-based strategy games, ASCII based. Anacreon is set in space, as most 4x sci-fi games are, and was published by Thinking Machines Associates and designed by George Moromisato who later re-released the game as freeware.

Dig Dug

DOS19833.9/5 Namco
Dig Dug is a classic maze arcade action game that was first released by Namco in 1982 as a coin-op and later for a number of other systems. The gameplay of Dig Dug involves digging tunnels through the earth to reach and defeat the various creatures that inhabit the underground maze. The player has an air pump, which he can use to inflate the monste...

Fantasy Empires

DOS1993protected3.9/5 Silicon Knights

Bar Games

DOS19893.9/5 Accolade

Nobunaga's Ambition 2

DOS19893.9/5 KOEI

Oil Barons

DOS19923.9/5 Starsoft Development



Ms. Pac-Man

DOS19833.9/5 Midway Manufacturing Company

Over the Reich

Windows XP/98/95Windows 3.x19963.9/5 Big Time Software

Circus Attractions

DOS19893.9/5 Golden Goblins

Full Metal Planete

DOSMac19903.9/5 Hitech Productions

The Ball Game

DOS19913.9/5 Esprit Software Programs