Abandonware DOS title

Platformers: jumping and running sorted by release date

In platform games (also called platformers) characters walk, run and jump on platforms through levels and sceneries. Among the most famous platform games are the Mario Bros series, Sonic the Hedgehog and the very classic Donkey Kong.

Most popular platform games

Super Mariio Bros
Mega Man X4
shooterWindows XP/98/95
Disney's Aladdin

Platform games

  • blackthorne-5
    DOS19944.2/5 Blizzard Entertainment

    Blackthorne is a sci-fi / fantasy abandoned action platform game designed by Ronald Millar, developed by Blizzard Entertainment (yes, the creators of Diablo and World of Warcraft) and was released by Interplay Productions in 1994 for DOS and Mac. Blackthorne was also published for SNES, Sega 32X, Game Boy Advance and other systems.

  • coolspot-1
    DOS19944/5 Virgin Interactive
  • aladdin-2
    DOS19944.3/5 Virgin Interactive
  • doofus-02
    DOS19944/5 X-ample Architectures
  • fantastic-dizzy-03
    DOS19944.2/5 Codemasters
  • frankenstein-02
    DOS19943.9/5 Junkyard
  • hocuspocus-1
    DOS1994protected4.2/5 Apogee Software
  • jazzjackrabbit-7
    DOS1994protected3.8/5 Epic MegaGames
  • jazz-jackrabbit-holiday-hare-06
    DOS1994protected3.9/5 Epic MegaGames
  • lollipop-04
  • super-mario-bros-03
  • superfrog-06
    DOS1994protected3.7/5 Team 17
  • lionking-3
    DOS19944.1/5 Westwood Studios
  • zool2-2
    DOS19943.6/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
  • abuse-05
    DOSLinuxMac1995freeware4/5 Crack dot Com
  • clyde-revenge-04
    DOS1995freeware3/5 Moonlite Software
  • dangerous-dave-goes-nutz-03
    DOS1995protected3.3/5 Softdisk Publishing
  • jungle-book-04
    DOSWindows XP/98/951995protected4.2/5 Virgin Interactive
  • earthworm-jim-3
    DOS1995protected4.1/5 Shiny Entertainment
  • framed-04
    DOS19954/5 Machination
  • megaman-x-1
    DOS1995protected3.9/5 Capcom
  • pitfall-mayan-02
    Windows XP/98/9519954.1/5 Activision

    Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure is an abandoned action platform game set in South America and it's the fourth installment of the Pitfall series. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure was designed by John Spinale, developed and released by Activision in 1995 for Windows, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Jaguar, etc. The Mayan Adventure is part of the ...

  • pocahontas-1
    DOS19953.2/5 Teeny Weeny Games
  • soccer-kid-01
    DOS19953.8/5 Krisalis
  • vynil-goddess-mars-06
    DOS19953.8/5 Six Pound Sledge Studios
  • zorro-3
    DOS19953.3/5 Capstone
  • asterix-obelix-08
    DOS19964.2/5 Infogrames
  • earthworm-jim-2-01
    DOS1996protected4.3/5 Shiny Entertainment
  • inner-worlds-08
    DOSLinux19963.6/5 Sleepless Software
  • iron-blood-02
    DOS19964.1/5 Family Production