Abandonware DOS title

Games released in 1989 sorted by release date

  • miami-vice-02
    DOS19893.3/5 action
  • microleague-baseball-2-04
    DOS19893.9/5 sports
  • microleaguewrestling2-2
    DOS19894.1/5 sports

    MicroLeague Wrestling is an abandoned wrestling action game based on the WWF league, developed by MicroLeague Multimedia and released in 1989 for DOS. MicroLeague Wrestling was also published for Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64.

  • microsoft-flight-simulator-4-1
    DOSMac19894/5 vehicle simulation
  • gforce-flight-02
    DOS19893.9/5 vehicle simulation
  • minervga-04
    DOS1989freeware4/5 strategy
  • minesoftitan-3
    DOS19893.5/5 rpg

    Mines of Titan (also known as Mars Saga for other platforms) is an abandoned single-player RPG with a sci-fi setting (you're going to Mars!). Mines of Titan was developed by Westwood Studios and released by Infocom in 1989 for DOS, Apple II and Commodore 64.

  • monday-night-football-04
    DOS19894/5 sports
  • moonwalker-03
    DOS19893.1/5 action
  • myth-ms-02
    DOS19894.1/5 adventure
  • navy-seal-02
    DOS19894/5 action
  • neuromancer-3
    DOS19894/5 adventure
  • nevermind-1
    DOS19892.8/5 puzzle
  • nfl-pro-league-03
    DOS19894.4/5 sports
  • nobunaga-ambition-2-03
    DOS19893.9/5 strategy
  • nuclearwar-1
    DOS19894.1/5 strategy

    Nuclear War is an abandoned turn-based strategy game designed by Eric Hyman and Jon Van Caneghem. Nuclear War was developed and released by New World Computing in 1989 for Amiga and, later, for DOS, and it's loosely based on a card game of the same name. Nuclear War took a satirical approach to the grim possibility of a global nuclear war and succe...

  • obliterator-1
    DOS19892.9/5 shooter
  • oil-imperium-03
    DOS19894.2/5 simulation
  • oliver-company-02
    DOS19894.2/5 action
  • omegacomplex-1
    DOS19894/5 strategy
  • omnicron-conspiracy-06
    DOS19894.1/5 adventure
  • ooze-01
    DOS19893/5 adventure
  • operation-wolf-5
    DOS19894.3/5 shooter
  • outrun-1
    DOS19894.2/5 racing
  • pictionary-01
  • pipedreams-2
    DOSWindows 3.x19894.3/5 puzzle

    Pipe Mania (also known as Pipe Dream is a tile-matching (sort of) puzzle game about flowing liquids developed by The Assembly Line in 1989. You must build a path made of pipe pieces to let a green liquid (sewer goo?) flow. It's simple, original and addicting, that's why Pipe Mania was cloned a number of times.

  • pkunzip-1
    DOS1989protected4.1/5 application
  • planet-of-lust-04
    DOS1989NSFW4/5 adventure
  • populous-5
    DOS19893.9/5 strategy

    Populous is an abandoned strategy game designed by the video game celebrity Peter Molyneux, developed by Bullfrog. Populous was released by Electronic Arts in 1989 for DOS and for a long list of other 16-bit and 8-bit systems, both console and PCs. Populos is a really unique game: it gave the name to the the whole god-game genre since, well, in the...

  • portsofcall-1
    DOS19894.1/5 simulation