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Turn-based games sorted by release date

In direct contrast with real-time games, turn-based games gameplay is based on the players taking turns to do what needs to be done: move in a dungeon, play cards, attack enemy units.

Most popular turn based games

Magic: The Gathering
strategyWindows XP/98/95
strategyDOS, Windows 3.x
  • cyrus-04
  • decision_desert-05
    DOS19853.8/5 MicroProse Software
  • doomdark-revenge-01
    DOS19853.9/5 Beyond Software

    Doomdark's Revenge is a strategy and role-playing video game developed by Mike Singleton and originally released in 1985 for DOS and various home computer systems, including the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64. It is the sequel to the earlier game Lords of Midnight and is known for its unique combination of strategy, adventure, and story...

  • global-thermo-war-02
  • monopoly-avalon-02
  • monopoly-04
  • chess-psion-02
    DOSMac19854.1/5 Psion Software
  • starfleet1-battle-begins03
    DOSMac19853.8/5 Interstel Corporation
  • strippoker-1
    DOS1985NSFW3.9/5 Artworx Software
  • turbo-gomoku-02
  • baker-street-2
    DOS19864/5 Datasoft

    221B Baker Street is a turn-based strategy strategy game developed by Datasoft. 221B Baker Street is base on the tabletop game of the same name "221B Baker Street" and it plays in a very similar way, with dices, etc.

  • backgammon-green-valley-02
  • beyond-titanic-01
    DOS19863.8/5 Apogee Software
  • conflictvietnam-4
    DOS19864.2/5 MicroProse Software
  • desert-rats-03
    DOS19863.9/5 Cases Computer Simulations
  • dr-ruth-game-02
    DOS19863.6/5 Avalon Hill
  • fooblitzsky-02
    DOS19864/5 Infocom
  • grandslambridge-1
    DOS19863.4/5 Cybron corporation
  • gulf-strike-04
    DOS19864.1/5 Microcomputer Games Inc.
  • larn-5
  • mean18-03
    DOS19864/5 Microsmiths
  • mind-mirror-04
  • ogre-03
    DOS19864.2/5 Origin Systems
  • othello-03
  • chessmaster-2000-02
    DOS19864.1/5 Software Toolworks
  • 10thframe-4
    DOS19874/5 Access Software
  • adventure-construction-set-1
    DOS19873.9/5 Electronic Arts

    Adventure Construction Set is an abandoned application developed by Stuart Smith and published for DOS, Amiga, Apple II and Commodore 64 by Electronic Arts in 1987. As the name suggests, ACS is a game-building system (we're talking about adventure RPGs) that lets you edit maps, items, creatures, etc. Included with ACS is a complete game called...

  • anacreon-1
    DOS1987freeware3.9/5 Thinking Machine Associates

    Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 is one of the first 4x turn-based strategy games, ASCII based. Anacreon is set in space, as most 4x sci-fi games are, and was published by Thinking Machines Associates and designed by George Moromisato who later re-released the game as freeware.

  • black-monday-02
    DOS19873.5/5 Starsoft Development
  • empire1-1
    DOS19874/5 Northwest Software