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The best arcade classic games

Back in the day, when going to the "arcades" was a thing, a quite a few exceptional games made video game history. Titles like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and later games like Bubble Bobble, Street Fighter 2, Dragon's Lair are known both to video game fans and people who never touched a joystick in their lives. These games often spawned licensed conversions, sequels, fan-games and clones.


Spacewar is one of the earliest digital computer games and is often considered the first interactive video game. It was created in 1962 by Steve Russell, Martin Graetz, and Wayne Wiitanen at the MIT. The game was developed on the PDP-1 minicomputer; this is a DOS port, released in 1985.Spacewar! features two spaceships, controlled by players, that ...

CHAMP Ms. Pac-man

DOS1994remake3.9/5 ChamProgramming corp.



Robotron 2084

DOS19833.9/5 Williams Entertainment

Dig Dug

DOS19833.9/5 Namco
Dig Dug is a classic maze arcade action game that was first released by Namco in 1982 as a coin-op and later for a number of other systems. The gameplay of Dig Dug involves digging tunnels through the earth to reach and defeat the various creatures that inhabit the underground maze. The player has an air pump, which he can use to inflate the monste...

CHAMP Asteroids

DOS1997remake3.9/5 ChamProgramming corp.


DOS19843.9/5 Parker Brothers
Q*bert is a classic arcade game that was created by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee and was released by Gottlieb in 1982. The main goal of Qbert is to change the color of every cube in a pyramid by having the character, Qbert, hop on each cube. Once all cubes have changed to the target color, the player advances to the next level. Various ...

Ms. Pac-Man

DOS19833.9/5 Midway Manufacturing Company


DOS19843.8/5 Sega
Zaxxon is a classic arcade video game that was first released by Sega in 1982 for the arcades and later for a number of platforms. It is considered one of the pioneering titles in the shoot 'em up or scrolling shooter genre. Zaxxon was notable for its use of isometric graphics, which gave the game a unique 3D perspective.


DOS19823.8/5 Data East

Wizard of Wor 98


Boulder Dash

DOS19843.8/5 First Star Software
Boulder Dash is a classic action-puzzle video game that was first released in 1984 by First Star Software. In Boulder Dash, players control a character named Rockford as he digs through caves to collect diamonds while avoiding falling boulders and other hazards. The game is set in a scrolling, grid-based environment, and players must strategic...

Dragon's Lair

DOS1989protected3.7/5 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media

Mario Bros VGA

Mario Bros VGA is a fan made remake of the original Mario Bros by Nintendo, the game that popularized the character of Mario, the Italian plumber that first appeared in Donkey Kong. Mario Bros VGA is a fixed-screen platform arcade game that truly shines when played in co-op with a friend.

Marble Madness

DOS19873.7/5 Atari
Marble Madness is an abandoned isometric action game designed by Mark Cerny and originally published by Atari as a successful and iconic arcade game. It was later converted for many platform in 1986 and for IBM PCs in 1987 by Atari.

CHAMP Centipede

DOS1993remake3.7/5 ChamProgramming corp.

Ninja Gaiden

DOS19903.6/5 Tecmo
Ninja Gaiden, released in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and later to other platforms, is a side-scrolling action-platformer developed by Tecmo. It follows the story of Ryu Hayabusa, a skilled ninja on a quest for vengeance and justice.In the game, players control Ryu as he battles through six acts, each divided into several stage...


DOS19833.6/5 Williams Entertainment

IBM Centipede

DOS19833.6/5 IBM

Super Pac-Man

DOS19823.5/5 Namco