Abandonware DOS title

Games that take place in a maze

Maze video games are a genre of action games that involve navigating a complex network of paths or corridors with the goal of reaching a specific destination or completing an objective. The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles or overcoming challenges presented by the maze-like environment.

In maze games, players typically control a character or an object and must navigate through a labyrinthine structure filled with obstacles, dead-ends, and sometimes enemies or hazards.

Maze games have been popular since the early days of gaming, with classic examples like Pac-Man, ZZT, Gauntlet.

Most popular maze games

Atomic Bomberman
actionWindows XP/98/95

Maze games

  • kingdomkroz-1
    DOS1988freeware3.6/5 Apogee Software
  • kingdom-of-kroz-2-1
    DOS19903.2/5 Apogee Software
  • lost-adventures-kroz-1
    DOS1990freeware3.3/5 Apogee Software
  • mad-mix-02
    DOS19884.2/5 Topo Soft
  • mageslayer-07
    Windows XP/98/9519974.1/5 Raven Software
  • mine-shaft-01
    DOS19834.1/5 Sierra On-Line
  • mspacpc-1
    DOS1995remake4.2/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • mspacman-2
    DOS19833.8/5 Midway Manufacturing Company
  • oils-well-02
    DOS19843.4/5 Sierra On-Line
  • pacgal-02
  • pacmania-champ-03
    DOS19934.1/5 ChamProgramming corp.
  • pacpc-04
  • pac-girl-1
    DOS19823.6/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • packman-1
    DOS1983remake3.4/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • pango-02
  • pcman-1
    DOS1982remake4.2/5 Orion Software

    PC-Man is an abandoned top-down Pac-Man clone in every regard: from the shape of the protagonist, to the cute ghosts. PC-Man was designed by Greg Kuperberg, developed by Orion Software and released in 1982 for DOS. As PC-Man, you have to move through a one screen maze to collect dots (pills? wafers?) and avoid being touched by one of the usual Pac-...

  • pyramidsegypt-4
    DOS19894.2/5 Ideas From the Deep
  • castlekroz-3
    DOS1990freeware3.1/5 Apogee Software
  • spiritual-warfare-01
    DOS1993protected2.9/5 Wisdom Tree
  • super-zzt-05
    DOS19923.3/5 Epic MegaGames
  • templeofkroz-4
    DOS1990freeware3.8/5 Apogee Software
  • finalcrusadekroz-2
    DOS1990freeware3.7/5 Apogee Software
  • time-bandit-08
    DOS19894/5 MichTron
  • trog-04
    DOS19904.3/5 Midway Manufacturing Company
  • wizard-of-wor-98-03
  • zzt-2
    DOS1991freeware4.2/5 Epic MegaGames