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The best fighting games

Fighting games are a genre of action video games that focus on close-quarters combat between two characters, typically controlled by players, who engage in hand-to-hand combat against a single opponent for the entire duration of a match. These games are characterized by their fast-paced, strategic gameplay where players must use a variety of attacks, blocks, and counter-moves to defeat their opponent.

A distinctive trait of fighting games is the inclusion of special attacks, which are unique and often visually spectacular moves that characters can perform. These special attacks usually require specific combinations of button presses and joystick movements to execute, adding a layer of complexity and skill to the gameplay.

Among the most iconic and influential fighting games of all time are Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat.


Dangerous Streets



DOS19883.3/5 Binary Design

Rise of the Robots

DOS19943.2/5 Mirage Technologies

Tongue of the Fatman

DOS19892.8/5 Brian A. Rice

Endless Horror