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Sports games follow real-life rules either by creating a detailed and realistic simulation of physical sports, or by focusing on quickness and dexterity. Simulated sports can be real ones (American football, baseball, soccer) or fictional (like fantasy or futuristic sports).

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Sports games

  • offshore-warrior-03
  • 1on1jb-2
    DOS19883.7/5 Electronic Arts
  • rackem-2
    DOS19883.3/5 Artech Studios
  • servevolley-2
    DOS19883.6/5 Artech Studios
  • skateordie-5
    DOS19884.3/5 Electronic Arts

    Skate or Die is an abandoned sports game, developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1988 for DOS and a number of other platforms. Skate or Die is a multi-sport kind of game, including every kind of unconventional "sport" done on skateboard. A sequel, Ski or Die, was released an year later.

  • speedball-1
    DOS19884.2/5 Bitmap Brothers
  • streesportsoccer-3
    DOS19883.6/5 Epyx
  • summer-games-1988-08
    DOS19883.8/5 Epyx
  • games-winter-edition-03
    DOS19884.3/5 Epyx
  • sporting-news-baseball-3
    DOS19883.1/5 Ogdon Micro Design
  • vectorball-1
    DOS19882.6/5 Binary Design
  • winter-olympiad-88-08
    DOS19883.7/5 Tynesoft Computer Software
  • wcleaderboard-1
    DOS19884.2/5 Access Software
  • zany-golf-5
    DOS19883.8/5 Sandcastle

    Zany Golf (also known as Will Harvey's Zany Golf) is an abandoned miniature golf game designed by Will Harvey, developed by Sandcastle and released by Electronic Arts in 1988. Zany Golf runs on DOS but was also published for Amiga, Atari ST, Apple IIgs, Genesis. Zany Golf can be played by two players on hotseat mode.

  • ballistix-05
    DOS19893.8/5 Reflections Interactive
  • bar-games-01
    DOS19893.8/5 Accolade
  • buffalo-bill-rodeo-02
    DOS19893/5 Tynesoft Computer Software
  • caveman-ugh-limpics-06
    DOS19894.5/5 Dynamix
  • circus-attraction-04
    DOS19893.9/5 Golden Goblins
  • faceoff-3
    DOS19894.1/5 MindSpan

    Face Off! is an abandoned hockey sports game developed by MindSpan (known for their Hardball series) and released by Gamestar in 1989 for DOS and also for Commodore 64. Face Off supports multiplayer in competitive or cooperative modes.

  • fiendish-freddy-04
    DOS19893.1/5 Gray Matter
  • reel-fish-04
    DOS19893.4/5 Interstel Corporation
  • grandmonsterslam-2
    DOS19893.9/5 Golden Goblins
  • hardball-2-03
    DOS19893.9/5 Distinctive Software
  • johnmaddenfoot-3
    DOS19894/5 Electronic Arts

    John Madden Football was the first of a series of american football sports games sponsored by the coach of the same name. The first John Madden Football is an abandoned game developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1988 for Apple II and Commodore 64 and later released for DOS (in 1989). The Madden series became extremely popular and the sequels...

  • lakersceltics-2
    DOS19894.2/5 Electronic Arts

    Lakers vs. Celtics and the NBA Playoffs is an abandoned action sports basketball game. It was developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1989 for DOS. Lakers versus Celtics features 1988-1989 NBA teams and some of the NBA all-time star players. It can be played in single-player mode or by 2 players on the same screen.

  • magic-johnson-basket-01
    DOS19893.3/5 Sculptured Software
  • microleague-baseball-2-04
    DOS19893.9/5 MicroLeague Multimedia
  • microleaguewrestling2-2
    DOS19894.1/5 MicroLeague Multimedia

    MicroLeague Wrestling is an abandoned wrestling action game based on the WWF league, developed by MicroLeague Multimedia and released in 1989 for DOS. MicroLeague Wrestling was also published for Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64.

  • monday-night-football-04
    DOS19893.9/5 Park Place Productions