Abandonware DOS title

The most popular military games

The navy, the army, the air force, were all an inspiration for a number of games belonging to many different genres, from run and gun action games to flight simulations. Whether or not you like military themes, the top quality of these games was often enough to attract lots of players.

Most popular military games

Space Crusade
Command & Conquer
B-1 Nuclear Bomber
vehicle simulationDOS

Military games

  • night-raid-04
    DOS1992remake3.8/5 Argo Games
  • operation-wolf-5
    DOS19894.3/5 Taito
  • f19stealth-4
    DOS1988protected4.1/5 MicroProse Software
  • infiltrator-2-01
    DOS19884.1/5 Chris Gray Enterprises
  • pacificislands-1
    DOS19924.3/5 Oxford Digital Enterprises
  • blitzardennes-2
    DOS19903.5/5 Command Simulations
  • steelpanthers-1
    DOS1995protected4.2/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • guerrilla-war-01
    DOS19873.6/5 SNK Corporation
  • gunship-1
    DOS19864.2/5 MicroProse Software
  • panzer-battles-05
    DOS19903.1/5 SSG Strategic Studies Group
  • conflict-korea-05
    DOS1992protected4.3/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • ef-2000-04
    DOS19953.9/5 Digital Image Design
  • evasiveaction-1
    DOS19933.9/5 Particle Systems
  • cabal-02
    DOS19894.1/5 TAD Corporation

    Cabal is an abandoned arcade conversion of a popular shooter game set in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Cabal was developed by TAD Corporation and released by Capcom in 1989 for DOS.

  • tigersinsnow-4
    DOS1982protected3.8/5 Tactical Design Group
  • army-men-1-01
    Windows XP/98/9519984.3/5 The 3DO Company
  • paratrooper-5
    DOS19823.9/5 Orion Software
  • kgb-2
    DOS19924.1/5 Cryo Interactive Entertainment
  • f117a-2
    DOS1991protected4.1/5 MicroProse Software
  • rambo-first-blood-01
    DOS19854.1/5 Angelsoft
  • starcraft-03
    Windows XP/98/95Mac1998protected4.1/5 Blizzard Entertainment

    StarCraft is a classic RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 1998 for Windows and Macintosh. StarCraft takes the Warcraft experience to a sci-fi setting with an interesting story, three very different races (the militaristic Humans, the alien Zerg and the religious Protoss) and one of the best gameplay ex...

  • iron-cross-03
    DOS19943.5/5 New World Computing
  • desert-rats-03
    DOS19863.9/5 Cases Computer Simulations
  • clash-of-steel-07
    DOS1993protected4/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • knights-sky-05
    DOS1990protected4.3/5 MicroProse Software
  • dive-bomber-01
  • winrisk-01
    Windows 3.x19924.1/5
  • waterloo-02
    DOS1989protected4.1/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • boot-camp-02
    DOS19893/5 Konami
  • b17flyingfortress-5
    DOS19924.1/5 MicroProse Software

    B-17 Flying Fortress is a single-player historical combat flight simulation game designed by Mike Brunton, developed and released by MicroProse Software in 1992 for DOS, Amiga and Atari ST. As the title suggests, it's a simulation of the B-17 heavy bomber, set during World War II. Flight is not the only aspect of the game you are involved with: you...