Abandonware DOS title

Games released in 1994 sorted by release date

  • lollipop-04
    DOS19943.4/5 action
  • lord-of-destruction-01
    DOS19942.8/5 rpg
  • lordsoftherealm-1
    DOSWindows XP/98/951994protected4/5 simulation

    Lords of the Realm is top-down kingdom simulation game set in medieval Europe (England and Germany), designed by Christopher J. Foster and David Lester, developed by Impressions Games and released 1994 for DOS, Windows and Amiga.

  • mad-paradox-03
    DOS1994NSFW3.9/5 rpg
  • magiccarpet-3
    DOSMac1994protected3.7/5 shooter

    Magic Carpet is an action shooter game set in a fictional Middle East developed by Bullfrog and released by Electronic Arts in 1994 for DOS and Macintosh. Your goal is to fly around a magic carpet and collect mana to expand your castle. When you reach the required mana "equilibrium" you move on to the next world and so on.

  • manchester-double-01
    DOS19944.1/5 sports
  • mandrake-ita-04
    DOS19943.1/5 action-adventure
  • marathon-03
    Windows XP/98/95Linux1994freeware4.1/5 shooter
  • marble-cooking-05
    DOS1994NSFW3.4/5 puzzle
  • masterofmagic-6
    DOSWindows XP/98/951994protected4.2/5 strategy

    Master of Magic is a turn based 4x strategy game developed by SimTex and published by the well know Microprose, very similar to Civilization, with a fantasy twist. You play as a wizard and your objective is to evolve your race from a small settlement to a bursting empire. To do so, you can produce military units to fight other computer controlled p...

  • menzoberranzan-3
    DOS1994protected4/5 rpg

    Menzoberranzan is a old DOS fantasy first person perspective RPG developed by DreamForge Intertainment in 1994 from an original idea by John McGirk. Menzoberranzan setting is based on the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaing setting. Menzoberranzan gameplay is party-based and class-based.

  • metaltech-battledrome-03
    DOS19944/5 vehicle simulation
  • earthsiege-08
    DOS19944.3/5 vehicle simulation
  • micromachines-1
    DOS19944.3/5 racing

    Micro Machines is an abandoned racing game developed and released by Codemasters in 1994 based on the Micro Machines toy line. Micro Machines was published for DOS, but also for Amiga, Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, NES, SEGA Master System and SNES. Codemasters released a sequel called Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament.

  • spacesimulator-3
    DOS19944.1/5 vehicle simulation
  • mm-world-of-xeen-06
    DOS1994protected4.1/5 rpg
  • mortalkombat2-4
    DOS1994protected4/5 action
  • motor-city-1
    DOS19944/5 simulation
  • nascarracing-4
    DOS19944.2/5 racing
  • nobunaga-ambition-6-03
    DOS19943.8/5 strategy
  • noctropolis-05
    DOS1994protected4/5 adventure
  • onemustfall2097-2
    DOS1994freeware4.2/5 action
  • operation-bodycount-05
    DOS19944.2/5 shooter
  • operation-inner-space-03
    Windows 3.x1994protected3.6/5 shooter
  • outpost-win-03
    Windows 3.x19944/5 simulation
  • overlord-05
    DOS19943.6/5 vehicle simulation
  • panzer_004
    DOS1994protected4.1/5 strategy

    Panger General is a turn based strategy wargame developed by SSI set in World War 2. The player can choose Axis or Allies and fight against the AI or another human player in more than 30 scenarios on a classic hex based map.

  • pinball-dreams-2-01
    DOS1994protected3/5 action
  • pinball-fantasies-03
    DOS19944.3/5 action
  • pizza-tycoon-5
    Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxMac1994protected4.1/5 simulation