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The best abandonware rpg games

In a Role-Playing Game (RPG), players control one or more characters in a fictional world, be it fantasy-oriented, contemporary, sci-fi, etc. RPGs follow up on traditional tabletop role-playing games features, including narrative threads full of obstacles and enigmas, character development, combat systems, or complex inventories.

Might and Magic 5: Darkside of Xeen

DOS1993protected4/5 first-person party-based RPG

Dungeon master 2: The legend of Skullkeep

DOS19954/5 dungeon crawl, first-person party-based RPG

Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness

DOS19874/5 top-down party-based RPG
This is the first of the very popular RPG saga Ultima. The setting is the land of Sosaria, the enemy to defeat is Mondain. It's a classic cRPG. The wilderness and cities are represented from a top down perspective, while dungeons can be explored in a first person 3d view.

Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager

DOS1994protected4/5 top-down party-based RPG



Entomorph: Plague Of The Darkfall

Windows XP/98/95Windows 3.xMac1995protected4/5 action RPG

Might and Magic 2: Gates to Another World

DOS19884/5 first-person party-based RPG
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World is a classic role-playing video game developed and published by New World Computing. It was originally released in 1988 for various home computer platforms, including the Apple II, MS-DOS, and Commodore 64. The game is part of the long-running Might and Magic series and is known for its deep gameplay, and ...

Ultima 8: The Lost Vale

DOS1994canceled4/5 action RPG

2400 A.D.


Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams

DOS19914/5 top-down party-based RPG
Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams is an abandoned science fiction RPG designed by Jeff George, developed by Origin Systems and released in 1991 for DOS. Martian Dreams uses the Ultima VI engine to depict Mars in a top down perspective.

Might and Magic 3: Isles of Terra

DOS1991protected4/5 first-person party-based RPG

The Magic Candle

DOS19894/5 sandbox RPG, top-down party-based RPG
The Magic Candle: Volume 1 is the first chapter of a series of fantasy old school RPGs. The Magic Candle was developed and released by Mindcraft Software in 1989 for DOS but was also published for Apple II and Commodore 64. The whole Magic Candle series is very similar to some of the early Ultima games in every aspect: turn-based combat, top-down v...

Might and Magic: World of Xeen

DOSMac1994protecteddemo4/5 first-person party-based RPG
Might and Magic: World of Xeen is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) released in 1994, which is a combination of two games: Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen. These games were part of the Might and Magic series, a franchise of RPGs developed by New World Computing. World of Xeen represents the merging of these two games into a single, interconnect...

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

Windows XP/98/951997protected4/5 action RPG, dungeon crawl

Azalta: Cult of the Raven

DOS19964/5 top-down party-based RPG

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed is a CRPG developed by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. and released in 1992 for DOS only. Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed is the sequel to Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday and it's based on a campaign setting created by TSR in the late 80s. The game uses the Gold Box engine, common to much of the RPGs developed by SSI.

Dark Designs 2: Closing the Gate

DOS19904/5 dungeon crawl, first-person party-based RPG

Death Knights of Krynn


Don't Go Alone

DOS19894/5 first-person party-based RPG

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

DOSMac1993protected4/5 dungeon crawl, first-person party-based RPG
Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos is a classic role-playing video game released by Westwood Studios in 1993. It is the first installment in the Lands of Lore series and is known for its immersive gameplay, storyline, and impressive graphics for its time. Lands of Lore is an first-person party-based role-playing game (RPG) that combines elemen...

Reaping The Dungeon

DOS19934/5 dungeon crawl, roguelike

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Windows XP/98/951999protected4/5 JRPG


WindowsMacDOSLinux1999freeware4/5 dungeon crawl, roguelike
Zangband is a variant of the popular roguelike game Angband. Zangband, short for Zelazny Angband, was developed by Chris Weisiger and first released in 1994. The game features a fantasy world with diverse races, classes, and monsters. Players explore dungeons, caves, and other environments in a quest to reach the bottom level of the dungeon, d...

Baldur's Gate

Windows XP/98/95LinuxMac1998protected4/5
Baldur's Gate a fantasy RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe which is regarded as the RPG that brought new life in a dying genre in the late 90s. Baldur's Gate was developed by BioWare and released by Black Isle Studios in 1998 for Windows, Lunux and Mac. Some of the innovations that Baldur's Gate introduced to the RPG genre are the ...

Neverwinter Nights



Windows XP/98/95DOSLinux1992freeware4/5 dungeon crawl, roguelike

Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire

DOS1990freeware4/5 top-down party-based RPG
After the success of Ultima 6: The False Prophet, Origin decided to "create worlds" not part of the popular Ultima series (strictly speaking) using the same engine of Ultima 6. They came up with two games: The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. The Savage Empire is set in a stone age-like world and features prehistoric tribes, dinosaurs, insectoid a...

Dungeon Crawl

Windows XP/98/95DOSLinux1997freeware4/5 dungeon crawl, roguelike
Dungeon Crawl (also known as Linley's Dungeon Crawl from the name of the original programmer: Linley Henzell) is a classic roguelike: an RPG with permadeath, procedural generation and high replayability. Dungeon Crawl was released on 1997 but it's not maintained anymore. The spiritual successr of Crawl is DCCS (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).