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The most popular educational games

Educational software programs are a peculiar kind of programs of various genres made with the intent of teaching. Gameplay, graphics and sound are still important aspects of educationals, but the main goal of the developer is to teach the player something: math, history, ecology, anything! Some educationals are created with a young audience in mind, other programs are aimed to a broader audience and appeal to adult gamers too: The Oregon Trail, Mario Teaches Typing and the Carmen Sandiego series are perfect examples of educational games.

Most popular educational games

The Oregon Trail
1893: A World's Fair Mystery
adventureWindows XP/98/95, Mac OS

The Oregon Trail

DOS19904.2/5 MECC

1893: A World's Fair Mystery

Windows XP/98/95Mac OS20033.6/5
1893: A World's Fair Mystery is an interactive fiction game developed by the American studio Illuminated Lantern and released in 2002. Set during the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, the game combines historical fiction with mystery-solving gameplay.In 1893: A World's Fair Mystery, players take on the role of a detective investigating ...

Super Solvers: Gizmos & Gadgets

DOS19934/5 The Learning Company

Lego Loco

Windows XP/98/9519984.1/5 Intelligent Games

Chessmaster 9000

Windows XP/98/95Mac OS20024.2/5 UBI Soft
Chessmaster 9000 is a chess game developed by Ubisoft and released in 2002. It's part of the Chessmaster series, which has been around since the 1980s. Chessmaster 9000 was known for its strong chess engine and comprehensive tutorial features, making it popular among both beginners and advanced players. The software also included annotated gam...

The Amazon Trail

DOS19933.6/5 MECC

Super Solvers: Operation Neptune

DOS19913.6/5 The Learning Company

Super Solvers: Treasure Cove

DOS19924.2/5 The Learning Company

Mixed-up Fairy Tales

DOS19914.1/5 Sierra On-Line


DOSWindows 3.x19904.2/5 Maxis
SimEarth is a simulation in which you can shape and mold a planet in almost every way you can imagine. In SimEarth our planet is simulated as a whole: life, climate, atmosphere are all aspects of a single Gaia-like Earth. SimEarth can be played in two modes: game and experimental. In game mode, you have to to develop (and preserve) Earth with limit...

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

DOS19894.1/5 Broderbund
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? is an educational computer game and television game show franchise created by Broderbund. It focuses on teaching geography and history while players try to track down the infamous thief, Carmen Sandiego, and her gang across different historical periods.The game was first released in 1989, followed by the TV show in...

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

DOS19854.2/5 Broderbund

EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

DOS19934/5 Sierra On-Line

EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus

DOS19914.1/5 Sierra On-Line

Pepper's Adventures in Time

DOS19934/5 Sierra On-Line

Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?

DOSMac OS19884/5 Broderbund

The Oregon Trail Deluxe

DOS19924.1/5 MECC

Mario Teaches Typing

DOSMac OS19924/5 Interplay Productions

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?

DOS19863.9/5 Broderbund

Project: Space Station

DOS19873.8/5 Micro Imagery

Eagle Eye Mysteries in London

DOS19944/5 Stormfront Studios

Borland Eureka: the Solver

DOS19873.9/5 Borland Software Corporation
Borland Eureka: the Solver is an abandoned text-based application developed by Borland Software Corporation and released in 1987 for DOS. The product is designed to solve complex problems, generate tables and plots, and perform what-if analysis. The user writes an equation, sets options, and instructs the software to solve the problem. The pro...


DOS19904.1/5 Softtouch

Business Simulator

DOS19873.9/5 Reality Development
Business Simulator is an abandoned business simulation game developed and released by Reality Development in 1987 for DOS only. Business Simulator is a text-based management simulation designed by an university professor.

Creatures Village

Windows XP/98/95Mac OS2001protected3.8/5 Creature Labs

Math Cad 2.5


Dinopark Tycoon

DOS19933.6/5 Manley Associates