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Games made with the Freescape engine, by Incentive Software

The Freescape engine was a revolutionary graphics engine developed by Incentive Software in the mid 1980s. It was designed to create immersive 3D environments and was used in several notable video games of that era.

The Freescape engine was groundbreaking because it allowed players to explore three-dimensional environments in a real-time first-person perspective, which was a significant leap forward in gaming at the time. The engine utilized wireframe graphics, creating a sense of depth and immersion in the game worlds it generated.

One of the most iconic games to utilize the Freescape engine was Driller, released in 1987. In Driller players navigated through an underground complex using the Freescape engine, solving puzzles and unraveling the game's intriguing storyline. The success of Driller led to the development of several other games utilizing the Freescape engine.

The Freescape engine had a significant impact on the gaming industry and influenced the development of future 3D engines and games. Its pioneering approach to real-time 3D graphics and first-person gameplay set the stage for the evolution of the genre.

Most popular Engine: Freescape games

Virtual Reality Studio
Castle master

Castle master

DOS19904/5 Incentive Software

Castle master 2

DOS19904/5 Incentive Software

Dark Side

DOS19883.3/5 Major Developments


DOS19874.3/5 Incentive Software
Driller (also known as Space Station Oblivion) is an abandoned action-adventure game developed by Incentive and released by Epyx in 1987 based on the Freescape Engine. In Driller, you control an excavation probe in a real 3d environment, through a first person view. The goal of the game is to place a drilling rig in each of the 8 regions of the moo...

Total Eclipse

DOS19883.8/5 Major Developments

Virtual Reality Studio

DOS19913.9/5 Incentive Software

Virtual Reality Studio 2.0

DOS19924.4/5 Incentive Software
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