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Games set in the Mario Bros universe

The beloved Italian plumber is the protagonist of many of the best Nintendo games. I don't think I need to explain who Mario is and the importance of the Mario franchise in the video gaming world. On Windows and DOS, Mario is seldom seen; he appears almost exclusively in fan-made games or indie remakes of Nintendo games.

Most popular Mario Bros games

Super Mariio Bros
Mario and Luigi
Donkey Kong
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    DOS19834.1/5 Nintendo
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    Mario Bros VGA is a fan made remake of the original Mario Bros by Nintendo, the game that popularized the character of Mario, the italian plumber first saw in Donkey Kong. Mario Bros VGA is a fixed-screen platform arcade game that truly shines when played in co-op with a friend.

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    DOSMac19924/5 Interplay Productions
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    DOSMac19953.8/5 Presage Software
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    Super Mario Fusion Revival is a remake of the popular Super Mario platform game by Nintendo. SMFR was released in 2011, designed and developed by SMFR Team.

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