Abandonware DOS title

The best anime / manga style games

In the 80s and 90s the Japan influence on western culture started to grow exponentially. Publishers and designers noticed that peculiar trend and produced some of the earliest video games for DOS and Windows with graphics based on anime or manga style.

Most popular anime / manga style games

True Love
adventureWindows XP/98/95
Mega Man X4
shooterWindows XP/98/95
Three Sisters' Story

Anime / manga style games

  • runaway-city-04
    DOS19954.3/5 JAST USA
  • megaman-x4-05
    Windows XP/98/9519984.2/5 Capcom
  • seasonsakura-5
    DOS19974.2/5 JAST USA

    Season of the Sakura is an abandoned visual novel game developed by JAST USA and released by in 1997 for DOS. Season of the Sakura is one of the many Japanese visual novels published in the 90s with a eroge theme.

  • megaman-x3-06
    Windows XP/98/9519984.2/5 Capcom
  • princessmaker2-3
    DOS19934.2/5 Gainax

    Princess Maker 2 is a life simulation anime-style game developed by Gainax in 1993. In Princess Maker 2, the player is the father of a young princess and must tutor and raise her to the age of 18 by scheduling jobs, school classes and programming other activities. The princess is defined by attributes (strength, cooking, etc.) that will change depe...

  • truelove-7
    Windows XP/98/9519954.1/5 Software House Parsley

    True Love is abandoned visual novel and dating simulation developed by Software House Parsley and released by JAST USA in 1995 for Windows. True Love is one of the many erotic anime-style visual novels released in the 1990s.

  • threesistersstory-1
    DOS19994.1/5 JAST USA
  • onemustfall2097-2
    DOS1994freeware4.1/5 Diversions Entertainment
  • megaman3-08
    DOS19924.1/5 Hi-Tech Expressions
  • ardentryst-02
    Windows XP/98/95Linux20094.1/5
  • fatal-relation-02
    Windows XP/98/9519984.1/5
  • knightsxentar-1
    DOS19944.1/5 MegaTech Software
  • ancient-land-of-ys-03
    DOS19894.1/5 Nihon Falcom
  • galpanix-07
    Windows XP/98/952000freeware4.1/5

    Gal Pani X is an action-puzzle game reminiscent of the classic arcade Qix, developed by D2 and released in 2000 for Windows. Gal Pani X is an adult-themed Doujin game: it was made by fans and wasn't for profit.

  • psychic-war-cosmic-soldier-01
    DOS19894/5 Kogado Software Products
  • cobra-mission-1
    DOS19924/5 MegaTech Software
  • fairy-nights-win-01
    Windows XP/98/9520004/5 Milky House
  • septerra-core-02
    Windows XP/98/951999protected4/5
  • megaman-x-1
    DOS1995protected3.9/5 Capcom
  • sorcerian-2
    DOS19903.9/5 Nihon Falcom
  • mad-paradox-03
    DOS19943.9/5 Queen Soft
  • yu-gi-oh-power-of-chaos-07
    Windows XP/98/9520033.8/5 Konami
  • metallace-1
    DOS19933.8/5 MegaTech Software
  • marble-cooking-05
    DOS19943.6/5 Negative
  • 9poker-06
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