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The best multi-sport games

Some sports games are not focused on a single sport. Games about winter or summer olympics are an example, but the list goes on to encompass any kind of "collection" of sports, no matter how weird they are: California Games, Bar Games, Knight Games, American Gladiators, etc.

Most popular multi-sport games


Caveman Ugh-Lympics

DOS19894.5/5 Dynamix

Skate or Die

DOS19884.3/5 Electronic Arts
Skate or Die is an abandoned sports game, developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1988 for DOS and a number of other platforms. Skate or Die is a multi-sport kind of game, including every kind of unconventional "sport" done on skateboard. A sequel, Ski or Die, was released an year later.

The Games: Winter Edition

DOS19884.3/5 Epyx

California Games

DOS19884.1/5 Epyx

Ski or Die

DOS19904/5 Electronic Arts
Ski or Die is a winter sports-themed video game that was originally released in 1990 for various platforms, including the Commodore 64, Amiga, and MS-DOS. The game was developed by Electronic Arts and was a follow-up to their earlier title, "California Games". Ski or Die features a collection of winter sports events: downhill blitz, acro aerials, s...

Summer Challenge

DOS19924/5 MindSpan

The Games: Winter Challenge

DOS19914/5 MindSpan

International Athletics

DOS19924/5 True Emotions Software

Microsoft Decathlon

DOS19824/5 Microsoft
Microsoft Decathlon was a popular sports video game released by Microsoft in 1980. It was one of the earliest sports simulation games, notable for its variety of events and competitive gameplay. In Microsoft Decathlon, players could compete in ten different track and field events, including the 100-meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, 4...

The Games: Summer Edition

DOS19884/5 Epyx

Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94

DOS19934/5 U.S. Gold

Knight Games

DOS19883.9/5 Mastertronic
Olympic games were something back in the 80s and the 90s: Winter Games, Summer Games, California Games, anything-you-can-think-of games. Some imaginative developer thought that the world needed a different kind of "multisport" action game and came up with he idea behind Knight Games.

Bar Games

DOS19893.8/5 Accolade

Winter Olympiad 88

DOS19883.7/5 Tynesoft Computer Software

California Games 2

DOS19903.7/5 Epyx

World Games

DOS19863.5/5 K-Byte

American Gladiators

DOS19923.1/5 Magicom Multimedia

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

DOS19893/5 Tynesoft Computer Software

Alien Olympics

DOS19942.7/5 Dark Technologies
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