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Sound editors

A sound editor software, also known as audio editing software, is a program designed for manipulating and editing audio files. These applications provide tools for tasks such as cutting, copying, pasting, and arranging audio clips. They also often include features for adjusting volume, applying various effects, and enhancing overall audio quality. Sound editors are used for a variety of purposes, including music production, podcasting, video production, and general audio editing.

Most popular applications

Impulse Tracker
Fast Tracker 2
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  • impulse-tracker2-05

    Impulse Tracker was a popular music tracker software developed by Jeffrey Lim in the late 1990s. Impulse Tracker utilized a tracker-style user interface, which was common in the demoscene and among enthusiasts of chiptune and electronic music. The interface is characterized by a grid of rows and columns where users input note and instrument da...

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