Abandonware DOS title

Graphic adventure with a text parser

There's a fine line between a "text adventure" (also called interactive fiction) and a graphic adventure. Before point and click adventure games such as Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight ore Day of the Tentacle, developer companies first attempted to create adventure games with graphics, but with a text-based interface. The one company that took advantage of this kind of adventure was Sierra On-Line with it's King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest series.

Recently added and trending graphic adventure with text parser games

  • personal-nightmare-01
    DOS19893.8/5 Horror Soft
  • altereddestiny-4
    DOS1990protected3.8/5 Accolade

    Altered Destiny is a sci-fi themed point and click adventure game designed by Michael Berlyn, developed and released by Accolade in 1990. Altered Destiny runs on DOS but was also published for Amiga.

  • codenameiceman-1
    DOS19894.1/5 Sierra On-Line
  • conquests-of-camelot-03
    DOS19904/5 Sierra On-Line

    Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail is an old DOS point and click adventure game designed by Christy Marx, developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1990. As the title implies, Conquests of Camelot setting is based on the Arthurian legends.

  • earthrise-07
    DOS19903.4/5 Interstel Corporation
  • fuckquest-1
  • goldrush-1
    DOS1988protected4.1/5 Sierra On-Line
  • hugo2-02
    DOS1991protected3.6/5 Gray Design Associates
  • hugo3-06
    DOS1992protected3.8/5 Gray Design Associates
  • hugoh1-1
    DOS19903.9/5 Gray Design Associates

    Hugo's House of Horrors is an adventure game developed by David P. Gray and released in the early 1990s. The game is a text-based adventure with simple graphics, and it gained popularity for its witty and often tongue-in-cheek approach to the horror genre.The story of the game revolves around the main character, Hugo, who receives a letter from his...

  • jewels-of-darkness-06
    DOS19864.2/5 Level 9 Computing
  • kingsquest1-1
    DOS19844.2/5 Sierra On-Line

    King's Quest: Quest for the Crown is the first game in the popular series of King's Quest. Developed by Sierra On-line, King's Quest is an early adventure game (one of the first animated adventures), a step up from the classic graphical interactive fiction of the time. The player can use the keyword both to move the character around the game world ...

  • kingsquest2-3
    DOS1985protected4/5 Sierra On-Line
  • kingsquest3-4
    DOSMac1986protected4.1/5 Sierra On-Line

    King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human is a fantasy adventure game designed by Roberta Williams, developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1986 for DOS and for other platforms such as Apple 2, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh. King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human is also part of the King's quest series.

  • lslarry1-1
    DOS1987NSFW4.3/5 Sierra On-Line

    Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards is the first adventure of the Leisure Suit Larry series, created by Al Lowe and published by Sierra On-Line. As a virgin male in his forties, your goal is to, well, find the woman of your dreams. In 1991 Sierra released a VGA remake.

  • larry2-1
  • larry3-2
  • lesmanley1-1
    DOS1990protected4/5 Accolade
  • mickey-space-adventure-04
    DOS19853.4/5 Sierra On-Line
  • mindshadow-05
    DOSMac19853.6/5 Interplay Productions
  • mixedgoose-1
    DOS19874.1/5 Sierra On-Line
  • planet-of-lust-04
    DOS1989NSFW4/5 Free Spirit Software
  • policequest1-2
    DOS19874.3/5 Sierra On-Line

    Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel is a classic adventure game designed by Jim Walls, developed and released by Sierra On-Line in 1987 for DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Apple II. Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel is the first chapter in the Police Quest series.

  • policequest2-2
    DOS1988protected4/5 Sierra On-Line

    Police Quest 2: The Vengeance is a graphical point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Sierra On-Line. It was released in 1988 as the second installment in the Police Quest series, which was created by former police officer Jim Walls.In Police Quest 2, Sonny Bonds is now a sergeant with the Lytton Police Department, and the gam...

  • shadow-of-the-comet-04
    Windows XP/98/95DOSLinux1993protected3.9/5 Infogrames
  • spacequest1-3
    DOSMac19864.2/5 Sierra On-Line

    Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter is an abandoned adventure game designed by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, developed by Sierra On-Line and released in 1986 for DOS. Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter is the first game in the Space Quest series with protagonist the clumsy Roger Wilco and it's one of the most popular AGI adventures created by Sierra in...

  • spacequest2-4
    DOS1987protected4/5 Sierra On-Line
  • sram-02
    DOS19873.5/5 ERE Informatique
  • maddog-williams-04
  • blackcauldron-1
    DOS1986freeware3.8/5 Sierra On-Line