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Games focused on ecology and the environment

Ecology is a them not often considered in videogames, much less in older games from a different, more polluted, era. Some of them did try to put the environment on the front seat and managed to get published, liked and sometimes even be a little successful. Most of ecology-themed games were simulations or adventures, like Balance of the Planet or EcoQuest.

Most popular ecology / environment games

Zoo Tycoon
simulationWindows XP/98/95
simulationDOS, Windows 3.x

Balance of the Planet

DOSMac OS19903.8/5 Incredible technologies
Balance of the Planet is an environmental simulation game designed by Chris Crawford and self published under the Incredible technologies label in 1990. Its almost unique (for the time) and serious theme contributed to the game to stand out. Balance of the Planet is part of the Balance of Power series.

EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

DOS19934/5 Sierra On-Line

EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus

DOS19914.1/5 Sierra On-Line


DOSWindows 3.x19904.2/5 Maxis
SimEarth is a simulation in which you can shape and mold a planet in almost every way you can imagine. In SimEarth our planet is simulated as a whole: life, climate, atmosphere are all aspects of a single Gaia-like Earth. SimEarth can be played in two modes: game and experimental. In game mode, you have to to develop (and preserve) Earth with limit...


DOSMac OSWindows 3.x19924/5 Maxis
SimLife is an abandoned simulation game focused on managing a ecosystems and experimenting with genetics. SimLife was designed by Ken Karakotsios, developed and released by Maxis in 1992 for DOS and later also published for Macintosh, Amiga, Windows 3.x and Amiga.

Super Solvers: Treasure Cove

DOS19924.2/5 The Learning Company

The Amazon Trail

DOS19933.6/5 MECC

Zoo Tycoon

Windows XP/98/9520014.1/5 Blue Fang Games
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