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The best organized crime, gangsters games

Despite the real-world connotations, organized crime always fascinated gamers. Wether you're a mafia boss, a detective in the 20's in Chicago, a car thief tied to organized crime, if the game is good, we're all going to play it and have fun despite the gangster theme.

Most popular organized crime, gangsters games

Grand Theft Auto 2
action-adventureWindows XP/98/95
Grand Theft Auto
action-adventureDOS, Windows XP/98/95
Dope Wars
simulationWindows XP/98/95

Dope Wars

Windows XP/98/9519984.2/5 Beermat Software

Deja Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas

DOS19904.2/5 ICOM Simulations

Grand Theft Auto 2

Windows XP/98/9519994.1/5 DMA Design
Grand Theft Auto 2 is the second chapter in the successful Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 2 is an abandoned top-down action-adventure / driving hybrid game developed by DMA Design and released by Rockstar Games in 1999 for various platforms, including PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Color. GTA2 is set in a fictional city called "Any...

Grand Theft Auto

DOSWindows XP/98/9519974/5 DMA Design
In Grand Theft Auto the player takes the role of a criminal who can freely roam around the city (Liberty City) completing tasks for the local mobs: stealing cars, killing pedestrians, all of it while avoiding the police and the army. The freedom of gameplay and the "I'm the bad guy" appeal of the game made the Grand Theft Auto series very popular.

The Untouchables

DOS19894/5 Ocean Software

Dime City

DOS1995NSFW4/5 Cyberdyne Systems

Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True

DOS19873.9/5 ICOM Simulations


DOS19883.8/5 Actionware Corporation

Chicago 90

DOS19893.8/5 Microids

Guns 'R' Us

DOS19933.8/5 Future Vision

The Godfather

DOS19913.4/5 Creative Materials

Dick Tracy

DOS19903.3/5 Titus Interactive

King of Chicago

DOSMac19873.1/5 Cinemaware
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