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Games part of the Hardball series

The Hardball game series is a collection of baseball simulation video games developed by Accolade, a prominent game developer and publisher. The series was popular during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, with several installments released on various platforms.

The original game, simply titled "Hardball!" was released in 1985 for home computers like the Commodore 64, Apple II, and MS-DOS. It was one of the earliest baseball games to provide a detailed simulation of the sport, featuring team management, gameplay mechanics, and statistical tracking.
As the series progressed, subsequent installments introduced new features and improvements. "Hardball II" (1989) enhanced the graphics and added a more refined gameplay experience. "Hardball III" (1992) brought further improvements in graphics, gameplay mechanics, and statistical tracking. "Hardball IV" (1994) featured a revamped interface and expanded gameplay options. 

The gameplay in the Hardball series typically involved controlling a team of players, making strategic decisions, and playing simulated baseball games. Players could manage lineups, substitute players, call plays, and control pitching, fielding, and batting during the games.

One of the notable aspects of the Hardball series was its attention to statistical accuracy and realism. The games incorporated real player data and aimed to provide an authentic baseball simulation experience. Additionally, some entries in the series included multiplayer capabilities, allowing players to compete against friends or computer-controlled teams.

The Hardball series received positive reviews for its detailed gameplay, solid mechanics, and realistic simulation aspects. It was praised for its accessibility to both casual players and dedicated baseball fans. The games were known for their intuitive controls and the ability to simulate a full season of baseball.

  • hardball-1-03
    1987DOS sports
    Developer: Accolade
    Publisher: Accolade
  • hardball-2-03
    1989DOS sports
    Developer: Distinctive Software
    Publisher: Accolade
  • hardball-3-04
    1992DOS sports
    Developer: MindSpan
    Publisher: Accolade
  • hardball-4-04
    1994DOS sports
    Developer: MindSpan
    Publisher: Accolade