Abandonware DOS title

Cabal manual

CABAL (tm)
From the Explosive Arcade Hit

Instruction manual

1 or 2 players

Features solo play or simultaneous play for two against the computer!


Your Orders, Soldier

At ease! Major I.M. Havoc here - Combat Consultant to the International World
Affairs Council. We've just received notice of a world-wide assault being
planned by D.R.A.T. - the Dreaded Republic of Allied Terrorists. The Council
has instructed me to select a volunteer to defuse the situation...and guess
what? You just volunteered!

Get ready for a week's R&R (Recon and Ruination) at the terrorist camp, on a
secluded island paradise. You'll stroll the warm, tropical beaches as bullets
shred the sand at your feet. Gaze at enchanting sunsets as you dodge the
raking fire of deadly combat choppers. And admire the beauty of ancient ruins.
And then ruin 'em some more!

This is strictly a covert operation. The Council cannot claim responsibility
for you if you fail. You're on your own and if ya' mess up, it's your hide. 
The entire terrorist camp must be wiped out or the vermin will begin their
reign of terror.

Leave no buildings standing. No ships floating. No choppers flying. And most
importantly...clear the entire zone of enemy personnel!

Keep your eyes open and your finger on the trigger. Complete your mission and
the world can breathe a sigh of relief. And good luck, soldier. You're gonna
need it!

Major I.M. Havoc
Combat Consultant, I.W.A.C.


Using The Controllers

The illustration at right shows the controller parts you'll be using as you

- To begin your mission and to start each Level - Press the START BUTTON.

- To move - See control pad at right. (See page 8 for more advanced 

               To stand
To move left              To move right
               To kneel

- To fire your assault rifle - Press and hold BUTTON A and use the control pad
  to aim the cross hair.

- To launch your grenades - Use the control pad to aim the cross hair and tap

- To Pause - Press the START BUTTON.

- To return to the action - Press the START BUTTON.

- To continue after losing all your lives - Press the START BUTTON while PRESS
  START is flashing.


How To Play

Your Mission
Your objective is twofold:

1. Blast through the 20 different scenes (5 Levels) of the terrorist camp by
   wiping out terrorists and enemy vehicles.

2. Rack up as many points as possible for wiping out the terrorists and enemy

Two Guns Are Better Than One
At the beginning of the game, another player may join in to play two against
the computer. Simply use the other NES Controller and press the START BUTTON
while PRESS START is flashing.

Staying Alive
You start the game with five lives. You'll get one bonus life when you 
complete a Level. Also, you can continue your game after losing your last 
life: just press the START BUTTON while PRESS START is flashing. You get 
three continues.

Each time you get another life, you'll blink for a few seconds. During this
time you're invincible. So wreak all the havoc you can!

Enemy Strength Meter
You must wipe out terrorists and destroy enemy vehicles to move from one 
scene to the next. Keep an eye on the enemy strength meter at the bottom of 
the screen - it indicates how much more destruction you must do before moving

Guns N' Ammo!

What do you need to take on an entire terrorist camp? You'll start the game 
with a TUF-99 assault rifle and 10 FRAG-57 grenades. Just line up your targets
in the cross hair to shoot 'em down!

Pick up these bonuses whenever you can:

- Pick up the BONUS machine guns to add intense firepower and rapid-fire
  ability to your rifle.
- Pick up the BONUS grenades. You'll need them!
- Pick up the yellow stars to earn BONUS points for a higher score!

Jump, Duck, And Roll!

To avoid enemy fire, you'll have to move quick. Jump, duck and roll to the
right and left across the screen. See the figure below for some advanced 

For these maneuvers, hold down Button B and press the control pad in the 
direction indicated.

Up+Left: Jump and roll to the left.
Left: Run to the left.
Down+Left: Duck and roll to the left.
Down+Right: Duck and roll to the right.
Right: Run to the right.
Up+Right: Jump and roll to the right.


Five Battle Levels, 5-Star Action!

There are 5 Levels to get through, each with 4 scenes. The terrorists will
throw everything they have at you, including the kitchen sink. Battle tanks,
choppers, sharpshooters and a whole lot more! At the end of each Level, you'll
have to defeat an awesome "war machine" to go ahead

Level 1

Start off shooting in an old village and then proceed to the terrorists' air
base...if you survive. There, D.R.A.T.'s troops, armored assault vehicles and
choppers have formed a little welcoming party for you. When you reach the air
base, be prepared! The Super-Strike Chopper will drop in to say "hi." Defeat
the chopper and you can move ahead.

Level 2

This Level gives "hit the beach" a whole new meaning! Rake the sane with your
bullets and pound the turf with your grenades. Enemy frogmen lurking in the
tide-pool add a little intensity to the hard-hitting action. After the beach,
you'll head inland where the action doesn't get any cooler. A little "sub-
prise" awaits you, ready to halt your progress.

Level 3

Welcome to D.R.A.T.'s naval headquarters. The loading docks are crawling with
terrorists, who can make your stay very unpleasant. Destroy warehouses, giant
cranes and a battleship while avoiding deadly air-fire from choppers and jet
fighters. Then demolish cannons by the truckload to advance to Level 4.

Level 4

It's a jungle out there! And if you make it out alive, it's into the
unforgiving heat of the desert. There, you'll encounter more terrorists than
you can shake a stick at, so launch a grenade or two. Your aim and persistence
will be tested as you try to destroy the cnnons in the shell-spewing
pillboxes. If you're successful, it's on to Level 5.

Level 5

Make molehills out of mountains in this final Level. You'll have to draw on 
your last reserves as the relentless terrorist troops seem to grow out of the
desert sane. Wipe them out and confront D.R.A.T.'s last line of defense. Keep
your gun blazin' because you never know what's going to pop up. Defeat 
D.R.A.T.'s final "war machine" and you've completed your mission.


Winning The Game

Congratulations, soldier.

You've survived the 5 levels of perilous play and ended the terrorist threat.
You're to be commended for a job well done.

Enter your initials on the scoring screen. Move the cursor around with the
control pad and press BUTTON A to enter each initial.

The next time you decide to wipe out the entire terrorist camp, see if you can
better your score!

Keep track of your scores on the page at right.

What's Your Rank?

Scoring range   Rank                  Name              Date
0-50,000        Grunt (keep trying)

50,001-100,000  Sergeant of Special
                Commando Forces

100,001-250,000 Enemy Elimination

250,001+        I.W.A.C.'s Official
                Ambassador of Ill Will

*** THE END ***