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Aces of the deep manual

                        Aces of the Deep : Quick Docs

Game Commands:                          View Commands:

Abort           CTRL-D                  Select Target           SPACEBAR
Options         CTRL-O                  Identify Target         I       
Pause           CTRL-P                  View Left               <
Music Toggle    CTRL-M                  View Right              >
Music Up/Down   ALT-] , ALT-[           Set View to Heading     V
Sound Up/Down   CTRL-], CTRL-[          Set Heading to View     H
Quit            CTRL-Q                  Raise/Lower Scope       ALT-P
                                        Zoom Periscope          Z
                                        Torpedo Camera          F10
                                        Padlock View            ALT-F2

Command Screens:                        Maneuvering:

Control Room    F1                      Dive Planes Up          Up Arrow
Periscope       F2                      Left Rudder             Left Arrow
Binoculars      F3                      Level out               Keypad 5
Bridge          F4                      Right Rudder            Right Arrow
Charts          F5                      Dive Down               Down Arrow
Torpedoes       F6                      Engine Speed            1-6
Damage Report   F7                      Crash Dive              C
Radio Room      F8                      Periscope Depth         P
Captain's Log   F9                      Surface                 S

                        Torpedo Controls:

                        Open TDC        T
                        Fire Tube #     CTRL-1 - CTRL-6
                        Topwatch        W

These are all the commands in the game.  So until Javaman or FanFan scans
the full docs for you, this should suffice.  

                                                - Rhinewhen
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