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Alone in the Dark 2 walkthrough

                             Alone in the Dark 2
                       Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
I. Introduction
II. Hints
III. List of common items and weapons
IV. Walkthrough
V. Statements
VI. Contact

                            I. INTRODUCTION
     Well, I don't really have to say much. I've played this game a couple
of times and I believe that I know it quite well. Since I haven't written
a walkthrough in a few months, maybe even a whole year, and since I got
really bored lately, I decided to write this one. I've been planning to
write a set of walktroughs for the whole Alone in the Dark trilogy, however
I got bored the last time I tried write one on AitD 2 or 3, so I abandoned
the whole thing.
     Note that I write my walkthroughs while playing through the actual game
paper and then type them in the form of a file, so that the walkthroughs are
100% correct and nothing's missing.
     If you actually read the introduction, well, thanks a lot. People
usually don't read this stuff.

     Anyway, for a QUICK REVIEW:
The graphics are better than in the original, but are mostly still the
same. I'll give them 8/10 for them.
Well, the sound's not too bad. The music is quite good, actually. There
are a few different themes, all of which are quite good, plus at the final
area you can hear Richard Wagner's "The flying dutchman". Now, the quality's
not perfect, but it's good enough. I'll give it 9/10.
Now, this here's the big fault of this game. Most people dislike it, because
the atmosphere and story of the original were much, much better(they had
special thanks to Lovecraft in the credits, so I guess you know what I'm
talking about). It appears that they abandoned Lovecraft this time and
decided to do a mix between traditional voodoo stories and the legend of the
Flying Dutchman. Well, its not that bad, but you mostly fight gangsters
and pirates. I'm afraid 5/10 will have to do.
Well, like the last game. However, you have much more options. Most people
complain about too much shooting. Well, most fights can be avoided, won
easily or made more easy for you, by using your brain. That's right, instead
of mindlessly shooting all those gangsters and then complaining about it,
you could have instead used your head. For example, without giving too much
away, there was a room with 4 gangsters armed with guns, rifles, etc. There
was also an object in there that you needed. Well, most people go inside
with their Thompson or whatever is it they have, save/load many, many times
until they manage to kill all the gansters and then go and write bad reviews.
How much easier it is to go to the upper floor instead and toss a grenade
down the chimney. Then you just jump in with the armored vest that was also
on the floor yourself and finish off the gangsters. Or, the garden maze
in the beginning of the game with its hidden underground passage is
perfect for escaping your enemies without firing a single bullet. You can
make an ambush or two if you want. Unfortunately, there are some bugs,
which lowers the rating: 8/10.
Well, if you don't think a mix between logical puzzles, a little shooting,
tactical thinking and good graphics/music isn't fun, you should instead go
play one of those mindless action games they make today. The badly
realised story doesn't lower this rating one bit. 10/10!
Final rating
9/10 - some bugs and a bad storyline aren't a reason to hate a game, boy.

                               II. HINTS
Well, let me see. First, some general hints:
-drink flasks once you get them, as there is no limit to your health;
-same with cartridges for the riot gun;
-however, wait until you empty your Thompson's clip and THEN reload. The
total ammo it can hold is 30 bullets. If you have 15 and load, you'll get
30, but if you have 5 and load you'll still get 30;
-most fights can be avoided or at least you can make them more easy. Instead
of mindlessly killing everything in sight, think about how you can escape
without fighting, lower your opponent's chances of winning, etc.;
-carefully read any books and other material you find. Sometimes the clues
in them are disappointingly easy to spot, sometimes they are a bit more
And now, technical hints:
-If the double-tapping thing(for running) doesn't seem to work, do the
1.Press the forward key and hold it
2.Press ENTER or ESCAPE to bring up a menu
3.Press ESCAPE to leave and press the forward key again
Additional hints:
-If you require specific hints, write me an e-mail

                          III. ITEMS AND WEAPONS
1.Revolver - the weapon you start with. Has 6 bullets. I think it was meant
to have unlimited ammunition, so you can reload it again and again, but it
doesn't work
Strenghts: You already have it!
Weaknesses: No bullets available; too weak
2.Thompson - one of the best weapons; fires really fast, 3 bullets at a
time. Holds 30 bullets. 9 are enough to kill any guard.
Strenghts: You get it early; powerful; holds many bullets
Weaknesses: None actually
3.Riot gun - a pretty good gun; very powerful; can hold many bullets
Strenghts: Powerful; good capacity
Weaknesses: You only get 1 bullet with it; you can find only 8 more;
slow recharge rate
4.Battledore - an improvised weapon for close combat; a little better
than unarmed fighting
5.Frying pan - like the battledore, except a little better
6.Sword-stick - a very good weapon for close combat; fast and powerful
7.Derringer - a good gun; holds 10 bullets and fires pretty fast
Strenghts: Fast fire rate
Weaknesses: Only 10 bullets; weak
8.Pirate sabre(sword) - good weapons for close combat; the one at the
start of the game breaks after you arrive at the statue
9.Pirate pistol - not very good; can hold 1 bullet
Strenghts: Fast fire rate
Weaknesses: Low capacity; weak; only about 10 bullets in the game
10.Nichols' sword - like a normal sword, except with some ... properties

1.Loading clip - 30 bullets for the Thompson
2.Ammunition - 2+ bullets for the pirate pistol
3.Cartridges - 4 cartridges for the riot gun

Common items
1.Flask - recovers health
2.Books - may contain clues on puzzles
3.Parchments - like books
4.Photos - like books, except in visual format
5.Keys - to unlock doors, chests, etc.
6.Armored vest/coat of mail - protects you against bullets and other attacks

                               IV. WALKTHROUGH
The gardens
Wait for the guard to stand up and kill him. I suggest you don't waste any
bullets, kill him with your hands instead. He has a flask, a Thompson and
a loading clip. Walk to the right of the screen. Run along the path until
you reach a statue of an anchor. Two guards here will try to kill you.
If you're fast enough, you can push the statue and enter the passage behind
it. You'll now be in a maze.

HINT: If you are careful and fast, you can probably make it without killing
any of the guards. However, I suggest that you take out at least a few of
them, as they may have important items. Also, having six guards after you
isn't easy. Also note, that if you're not good at face-to-face shootouts,
you can very easily ambush the guards, as they're slower than you and kind
of stupid.

Anyway, a guard will atack you from the right corridor. Kill him. He has
a photo, which has an important hint about a puzzle that you will have
to solve shortly. There should also be a corridor leading left. Take that
one and kill the guard there. He has some useful supplies - a loading clip
and a flask. Go to the end of the corridor and get the rope. Notice the
"card" on the ground - an ace of diamonds. Go back to the main corridor
and continue walking down. You'll eventually reach a crossroad. You enter
the screen from the right corridor. A guard will atack you from the left
one. Kill him, then go down. There's another guard here, who has a book.
Go down and left and you'll soon come across some more "cards". Take the
hook here and you'll hear some guards coming after you. They are coming
from the upper corridor of the crossroad and will most probably enter the
"cards area" from the left corridor(see what I meant when I was talking
about tactics?). You either set them an ambush here, get to the crossroad
before them, or not kill them at all. After you're done with them, step
on the ace of diamonds and you'll find yourself in an underground passage.
There's a short guy with a hammer around here, but he's pretty weak. Two
bullets from the revolver will take care of him. Anyway, there are two
corridors here, one to the left and one to the right. One leads to a
ladder(it will take you to the other ace of diamonds you saw), but the
trapdoor is closed. The other leads to a chest. I suggest you save here.
Push the chest toward the wall. An altar will eventually rise from the
ground and a ghost(or whatever it is) will come after you. Keep pushing.
If you stop now, you will not be able to get the metallic card. Once
you get it, stop pushing, take out your Thompson and shoot the ghost(what
a ghost, eh?). Take the sword it dropped. Place the metallic card on the
altar. This will open the other trapdoor. Now, this isn't required, but
its useful. Near the ladder there is a flask which you will want to take.
After that, get back to the crossroad. Go up and then left(the passage
may be difficult to see). You'll come to a T-type intersection. Go down
and kill yet another guard. He has a flask with him. Proceed along this
corridor and you'll see some branches that are trying to kill you. Get
out your sword and kill them. When you enter the next area, the sword
will break. You'll now be near the statue you saw on the photo. Also,
Shorty Leg will try to kill you. Don't spare your bullets, you won't
need them any more(you'll see why). He has a newspaper page. Take it.
There's also a flask in the area. Anyway, *use* either the rope or the
hook to combine them and throw them at the statue, then go down the
newly opened passage. You'll drop all your weapons(that's why).

Get the nickel behind you, the crank on the bridge and the paper bag. Go
as far as you can and you'll find Striker's body, along with a part of
his notebook and a pipe cleaner. The door here is locked. Use the newspaper
page on it, then the pipe cleaner and you'll get the key as well as
Music Man's pact. Read it. Unlock the door and enter.
Walk to the end of this room. There's a guard here. When you pull the
lever, a barrel will be released. When the guard stands up, if you can
time it right, you can make the barrel hit him. To get his attention,
blow up the paper bag, make sure you're standing near the lever but not
in the path of the barrel, save your game and use the paper bag again.
Wait about 0.5 - 1 sec. and then push the lever. If you missed, either
just fight the guard or load your saved game. He has a flask, a riot gun
and a manuscript. Examine the clock(walk near it) and use the crank on
its right side. Go to the newly opened passage and pick up the book.
At the end of the passage you'll find some cartridges and an elevator.
Take it.

First floor
Music Man will atack you. Either fight him or(reccomended) tear his pact.
After he is dead, get his hook. Go through the door opposite to the
elevator. Get the battledore. Open the other door and kill the two guards.
I suggest you shoot the one closest to you with the riot gun(it'll take one
bullet) and then set an ambush for the other one in the previous room.
Anyway, there are some more cartridges in this room. Notice the four
blocks. Every time you hit them, they will rotate 180 degrees. If you
hit one fast enough after it has rotated only 90 degrees it will then
rotate for a total of 270 degrees. So what's all this for, you may be
wondering. Well, you need to make sure all the blocks show diamonds. Then,
a door will open and a guard will attack you. Kill him. There's a flask
and a bottle of whisky here(don't drink it), as well as a book. The book
is behind the large barrels. Put your nickel in the slot machine and
you'll get two tokens. Back outside there's an almost naked man. He'll
try to kill you, so take care of him and get the sack. Open it to get
a Santa Claus suit. Put it on and go up the stairs in the previous room.

Second floor
Go right(along the corridor). Do you see the statue? If it "sees" you,
it will throw its trident at you. The trick here is to make the statue
throw the trident at you and then run behind the cook boy. It will hit
the boy instead of you and both will disappear. There seems to be a bug
here, though: sometimes the trident will not move properly. It may seem
stuck withtin the statue. If this is the case, just wonder around a bit
and pray the boy doesn't go up the stairs. Oh, be sure to save. Anyway,
get the statues's crown and go in the kitchen. The cook seems friendly
enough, but he'll try to kill you after awhile, so its better to kill him
right away. If you need an excuse, he's one of the gangsters. Get the fried
eggs and the frying pan from the counter, the poison on the floor and the
bottle of wine on the other counter. Go back in the hallway. Mix the
poison and the wine and put the bottle near the double doors that are
opposite to the statue. Wait for a while and two gangsters will go out
and die. Go inside. Get the doubloon on the floor and insert both of
your tokens in the jukebox. A door will open, go inside. Get the bullet
proof vest(very useful for the coming massacre). You'll also find a
new Thompson(which may get jammed) and a loading clip between the beds.
Go up the stairs in the hallway.

Third floor
Kill the guard and open the only door here. Enter the door on Carnby's left.
Kill De Witt. He has a sword stick, which is a pretty good weapon. Also,
there is a Derringer here. At the other end of the room you'll find a book
and a piece of parchment. Walk to the end of the hallway and enter the door
there. You're in Elisabeth's bedroom. In one corner two hands with swords
will attack you. Use the sword stick to kill them and get the other piece
of parchment they were guarding. Combine the two pieces and you can now
read the whole thing. Another important thing here is a bust(statue). Place
the crown on its head and enter the door to Carnby's right. Notice that
an amulet is standing in the center of a highlighted slab(sorry for the
bad description). Take it and you'll find yourself on the fourth floor.

Fourth floor
Get the message and read it. There's also a flask here. Go through the
door and get ready for a fight - a gunman and a fighter will attack you.
The gunman has a key. Open the chest to get another Thompson(this one
won't get jammed) and a loading clip. Also, get the grenade. Go through
the open door. Use the doubloon on the one-eyed Jack to get a pompon.
Now enter the door on the wall opposite to the chest. Throw the pompon
in the area with the snakes(behind the passage). The clown will follow it
and get killed. Go there yourself(avoiding the snakes, of course). If
you haven't already used it, put on the vest, throw the grenade in the
chimney and jump down there yourself.

Second floor
Finish the gangsters and get the ball from the tree. Go back upstairs.

Third floor
Go in the billiard room(where De Witt was). Drop the billiard ball in the
machine to the left of the billiard table and go to the now revealed door.
Unlock it with the gunman's key and enter.

---------------------CUTSCENE #1------------------------------

After the cutscene, where Jack tells you his story(wonder why),
use the hook on the door to escape. Go back to the second floor and
try to go to the kitchen for example. Elisabeth will enter and uh...
defeat you.

---------------------CUTSCENE #2------------------------------

Now Elisabeth will do something similiar to Cutscene #1.
After that...

The Flying Dutchman
You play as Grace now and you must get the key to the irons.
Anyway, move the board and go through the passage. Get the bag of seeds,
the sandwich and the pepper pot. Give seeds to the parrot and it'll give
you some loose information. Go out. Since you can't fight the guards,
run left(or right, the direction the guard is walking in) and when
you can, go behind the wall, wait for the guard to pass, and then run
the other way. Anyway, make your way to the deck(in other words, go up
two times). Hide behind the fat guy drinking beer and then run behind
the boxes and barrels until you reach the final one. Be fast! Get the
tinderbox, then go down the rope that's to the left of the last barrel.
You'll now be in the captain's cabin. Open the chest to get a small cannon.
Get the crystal vase from the cabinet and the captain's staff from the
dresser(near the bed). Face the door to the right of the bed. Put down
the cannon and put pepper in it. Throw the vase and when the guard opens
the door, use the tinder box to light the cannon. Go out and get the bell.
Enter the open door. Get the chicken's foot from the table. Stand near
the elevator, ring the bell and get in. You'll get a key.

Second floor
Use the key to unlock the cupboard and get an icebox and a pot of molasses.
Go to the main hallway. A guard will see you. Spill(*use*) the ice on
the floor and make the guard walk over it. He'll die(from falling on the
floor?). Go up the stairs.

Third floor
Get rid of the guard by using the pot of molasses. Its just like the ice,
except the guard won't die. He won't be able to move, though. Go to
the billiard room. Get the token from the billiard table(I didn't find any
use for it) and enter Jack's bedroom(where Carnby was captured).
Go behind the chair and use the staff on the grid. You'll get a key and a
book. Go to the place where Carnby picked up the amulet earlier and use
the staff on the slab. You'll get a Loa staff and will be transported to
the second floor.

Second floor
Go in the kitchen. Your ice is still working, so lure the guard here to it
and he'll die as well. Go to the elevator, ring the bell and get in. You'll
be captured.

The Flying Dutchman
You're Carnby again. Press and hold right(the arrow key) until you get the 
key. Use it to free yourself and kill the guard. Get his sword. Go out.
The guard here has a Thompson and a flask. Go out in the corridor. The guard
here has a pirate pistol and a short fuse. Go through the door near the
left ladder, kill the guards and get the poker, the pliers and a key(its in
a corner of the room). There are two more doors to the left. Behind the
first one is a guard who has a coat of mail, ammunition, another pistol
and a flask. Behind the other one there is just a guard. Unlock the
rightmost door with the new key and fight the pirate(WARNING: use the
sword; do NOT fire). He has a barrel of gunpowder and a book. Go up
the ladder. Find the room with the cannon. Kill the sleeping guard and
use the pliers to cut the cords that hold the cannon. Back away from the
cannon, run towards it and push. You should place it so it faces the door.
Go through the opposite door(the one the cannon's pointing at) and put
down the barrel. Go back, place the short fuse on the cannon and use
the poker to fire it. Go to the quarters(the room you blew up) and get the
pouch of gold coins. Back in the hallway, go to its other end and use the
pouch. Kill the two cooks and go in the newly opened room. Get the flask
and go in the door near the sink. Kill the cook and get the Jack of
diamonds. There is a locked door opposite to this kitchen(the previous room).
Unlock it with the Jack. Carnby is under Elisabeth's control again.
As Grace, use the Loa staff on the statue, go in the passage, approach
Elisabeth and use the chicken's leg. As Carnby, don't fight the thing
that attacks you, instead RUN! Go to the deck. Get ready for a serious
fight. After you kill Music man, get his hook. Climb up the mast and kill
yet another gun. Use the hook on the rope that runs straight to get to a...
well, I'm not a ship's engineer, so let's just call it another mast.
Here you face the fighter again. After he's dead, jump down on the deck
and get Nichols' sword. Use the pliers to free Grace. Get the fuse from
the cannon. Use the new sword to kill Jack. Watch out! You may have to
kill him twice.
Well, THE END.

                            V. Statements
1.Read, print and distribute(either in printed or electronic format) this
document, as long as NOTHING is changed
2.Post this document on websites or in books, magazines, etc. AFTER receiving
a direct agreement from me
3.Use the document as a model, or quote text from it as long as I am informed
and all credit goes to me
1.Change this document in any way, unless you are doing it for personal 
2.Use the document in any way(except reading and printing it) if I am not
informed and have not agreed directly

                            VI. Contact
You can write e-mail at jimnicbg@yahoo.com. 
For chat or writing letters(not e-mail I mean), write an e-mail.
No phone calls.
Send questions about the game and they'll be posted here(with answers).
You'll also get an answer by e-mail.

Copyright 2005 Nikolay Kaleyski