Abandonware DOS title

Axe of Rage manual

B A R B A R I A N  I I


 Necron's back in town and he wants revenge. Only you - in the guise of
Hegor The Barbarian - Have the courage, strength, and stupidity to face
the challenge:

 Its time once again to don your dented helmet, tie your sweaty 
breechcloth, sharpen your rusting sword and move your big feet in the
direction of danger.

 Forests, caves, dungeons, castles, and temples await your barbaric
exploration, each is infested with deadly inhabitants and devious traps
ready to terminate your lowbrow activities.

 Featuring 2,000 frames of sprite animation, 32 colours on-screen,
paralax scrolling, 6 levels of continuous arcade/adventure action, over 1
megabyte of fully animated sprites, 50 divergent enemies, magic and
Health Potions to help you on your quest and a plethora of unique
weapons to find and use, BARBARIAN II is:


Loading Instructions

IMPORTANT:- Always switch your machine off for at least 30 seconds before
loading the game. Failure to do so may result in virus contamination of the
BARBARIAN II master disk. 


Switch your computer on. Insert a kickstart disk if so prompted. When the 
display prompts for a workbench disk insert Disk 1 of BARBARIAN II in your
computers internal drive. Insert the other disks when prompted. Once loaded,
Disk 2 may remain in your first drive and Disk 3 in your second, for the 
duration of the game. 
The Amiga version utilises extra memory should you have it.
BARBARIAN II is played with a joystick plugged into the second joystick port
and/or a mouse plugged into the first joystick port.


Insert Disk 1 of BARBARIAN II. Switch on your monitor/tv, then your computer,
insert other disks when prompted.
BARBARIAN II is played with a joystick plugged into the second joystick port.


Should the title screen not appear within 45 seconds of turning on your 
machine there maybe a problem with your computer system. Check your 
computer connections and that the above instructions have been correctly
carried out. If you are sure your computer is functioning properly (i.e.
other sotware loads successfully) and are still unable to load 
BARBARIAN II then you may have a faulty disk, in which case you may obtain
a free replacement from PSYGNOSIS LTD. (Or a local Skid Row BBS)


Note: Directional controls of the joystick have a different effect on
Hegor dependant on what weapon (If any) he is carrying.
These controls assume Hegor is facing right.


With Or Without Weapon (No Fire Button):

       (1)   (2)   (3)            (1) Backward Leap
         \    |    /              (2) Jump
          \   |   /               (3) Forward Leap
           \  |  /                (4) Run Right
            -----                 (5) Ground Roll - Right
    (8)-----|   |-----(4)         (6) Crouch
            |   |                 (7) Ground Roll - Left
           /-----\                (8) Turn/Run Left
          /   |   \               
         /    |    \              
       (7)    |    (5)            

No Weapon (With Fire Button):

       (1)   (2)   (3)            (1) Turn/High Kick
         \    |    /              (2) Flying Kick
          \   |   /               (3) High Kick
           \  |  /                (4) Punch Right
            -----                 (5) Low Punch Right
    (8)-----|   |-----(4)         (6) Low Punch
            |   |                 (7) Turn/Low Punch Left
           /-----\                (8) Turn/Punch Left
          /   |   \               
         /    |    \              
       (7)    |    (5)            

Swords Of Axes (With Fire Button):

       (1)   (2)   (3)            (1) High Defence
         \    |    /              (2) Leaping Slice
          \   |   /               (3) High Slice
           \  |  /                (4) Neck Slash
            -----                 (5) Low Slice Right
    (8)-----|   |-----(4)         (6) Low Slice
            |   |                 (7) Low Slice Left
           /-----\                (8) Body Defence
          /   |   \               
         /    |    \              
       (7)    |    (5)            

Elfin Bow Or Crossbow (With Fire Button):

             (1)                  (1) Jump & Shoot
              |                   (2) Shoot Right
              |                   (3) Crouch & Shoot
              |                   (4) Shoot Left
    (4)-----|   |-----(2)         
            |   |                 

Spear (With Fire Button):

            -----                 (1) Throw Right
    (3)-----|   |-----(1)         (2) Low Throw
            |   |                 (3) Throw Left

MOUSE (amiga verison only):

            ---------              (1) Pick Up/Drop Item
            |(1) (2)|              (2) Scroll Thru Inventory
            |       |              
            |       |              
            |       |              
            |       |              


  Pause Game
  Quit Game (While Paused)
 < S > Save Game
 < L > Load Game
 < Space Bar > Pick Up/Drop Item
 < Return > Scroll Thru Inventory

Screen Positioning:

  Scroll Display Up
  Scroll Display Down

To Utilise your Grapple and Hook, Simply press your Fire Button 
and Push you joystick up. Hegor will throw the Grapple up and
(If a Suitable surface is within reach) climb the rope.

Potions - found or bought - will either enhance your currently 
carried weapon strength or your own stamina. You'll soon
discover which does what. Potions have no effect on bows,
Crossbows or the Grapple and Hook.

To pick up keys, simply walk Hegor over them.
Locked doors should be no prblem to you if you're carrying the
right type of key, simply push Up on your joystick to open them.

Barbarian II allows you to save your position at any point
during play. To do this, merely press the "S" key and follow on-
screen instructions.

To load a saved position - again at any point during play - press
the L key and follow on-screen instructions.


Explore every nook and cranny of each domain, for years, for you will
need to find all available keys.

If you can afford it, buy the helmet from your friendly
Shopkeeper, it may save your life in an unexpected attack.

Each weapon has a different effect on your enemies, learn which
is best to use against which foe.

Against the castle guards, the best defense is attack.

Buy gossip at every affordable opportunity, it might provied a
vital clue!

Remember, you must be actually carrying a weapon for it to be
enhanced by potions.

All enemies exept werewolves) defeated in the forest, leave
their gold for you to pick up and spend.

Striking the thieving goblin will deter its return, Rolling into 
him could prove benificial.

Keep and eye on your weapon strength, swords and axes will 
break if it get too low.