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The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate manual

Table of Contents

[ INTRODUCTION - As I lay dying. . . . . . . . . . . 0.0 ]
OBJECTIVES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.0
PRE-BUILT PARTIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.0
CREATING CHARACTERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.0
        Sex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.1
        Races. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2
        Character Attributes . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.3
        Classes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.4
        Tips from the Refugee Camp - Characters. . . . 4.5
VIEWING YOUR CHARACTERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.0
ONSCREEN STATISTICS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.0
SPECIAL CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.0
MOVING UP IN LEVELS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.0
PLACES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.0
        Refugee Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.1
        Scrapwood Tavern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.2
        Mapping. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.3
        Places No More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.4
        Review Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.5
        Tips from the Refugee Camp - Places. . . . . . 9.6
COMBAT SYSTEM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10.0
        Tips from the Refugee Camp - Combat. . . . . .10.1
ITEMS AND EQUIPMENT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11.0
        Tips from the Refugee Camp - Items . . . . . .11.1
MAGIC USERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12.0
        Book of Spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1
                Conjurer Spells. . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1.1
                Magician Spells. . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1.2
                Sorcerer Spells. . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1.3
                Wizard Spells. . . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1.4
                Archmage Spells. . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1.5
                Chronomancer Spells. . . . . . . . . . .12.1.6
                Geomancer Spells . . . . . . . . . . . .12.1.7
                Miscellaneous Spells . . . . . . . . . .12.1.8
        The Bard Songs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12.2
        Tips from the Refugee Camp - Magic . . . . . .12.3
[ THANKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13.0 ]
[ NOTICE and COPYRIGHT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14.0 ]

[0.0 INTRODUCTION] As I lay dying...

I pray my body does not fail me before I am able to complete this most
important missive.  I pray as well that, somehow, the heroes who once
before saved Skara Brae will find this accounting and act upon it.  I
leave this record so those who come after will know what horrors that
the Mad God Tarjan has perpetrated, and so that they will not be
lulled into believing that Skara Brae was his sole target.

How can I describe that day.  Nay, it did not begin like all others,
for on that day we celebrated the victory over Mangar that had so
recently liberated our city.  Bards from the world over arrived in
Skara Brae to play and herald the brave deeds of those heroes who
saved us.  The townspeople danced in the streets with happiness, and
the great festival filled all with an overwhelming joy of life and
renewed hope for the future.

Then Mangar's Master, The Mad God Tarjan, arrived to reduce our day of
celebration into a day of mourning.  His shadow sank the city into
pitiless black oblivion.  Foul creatures that had festered in his
flesh like maggots burst forth to assault fair Skara Brae.  People
ran, but could not run swiftly enough to escape.  Tarjan's minions
left none untouched.

Forgive the shakiness of my script, for life ebbs painfully from my
body as I write.  Tarjan, mocking my death curse, told me Skara Brae
was merely one in a series of conquests he had long contemplated to
complete his revenge.  He laughed when I said heroes would come to
destroy his mad plan, yet I sensed fear in his voice when I promised
that the legendary Hawkslayer, and those who defeated Mangar, would
return again to triumph.  As payment for my threat, he gave a swift
twist of his jewelled sword into my belly.

Tarjan must be stopped.  Whosoever reads this, you must get word to
the heroes.  This will be their greatest challenge, for upon their
efforts rests the fate of more than Skara Brae, more than the Six
Cities of the plains.  Their failure will mean the extinction of all
life - save for the wretched Tarjan and his servile parasites.  Pray
for success... and life renewed.

You must assemble a group of adventurers who will travel to the seven
dimensions in search of the source of Skara Brae's destruction.  Along
the way, you'll gather words, spells, and items that will help you in
your final battle against the repugnant Evil One.  If you successfully
destroy the Evil One, Skara Brae will be released from the bond of

Using logic is key to surviving in each of the dimensions.  Let's say
you're trekking around in some icy, arctic-like zone and a monstrous
snow wolf steps into your path, bares its teeth, and then proceeds to
chew off your ankle.  You have a bag of spells to choose from, but one
type of spell would be especially effective.  (Hint:  Trying to freeze
the snow wolf in an ice storm is not the best choice.)

Throughout the game, you'll need to make important decisions about how
to accomplish certain tasks.  You won't want to proceed in the usual
"whatever works" method.  It will pay to think it out.

The first thing you need to do is read the Command Summary Card, which
tells you how to get Thief of Fate running on your computer.  It also
tells you how to use the disk utilities and how to transfer characters
from The Bard's Tale I, II, Ultima III, IV and Wizardry I, II, III
(The option to transfer characters may not be available on all
computers).  In addition, it lists the keystroke commands you'll be

Once you load Thief of Fate and start the game, the first place you'll
be is in the Refugee Camp (See "Refugee Camp" for more details on this
important place).  From here, you'll create your characters and decide
who you want in the party.  After you select the party members, it's
into the wilderness you go.

When you enter the Refugee Camp, you'll find a group of adventures
called *INTERPLAYERS ready to do your bidding.  They're not the most
seasoned of adventurers, but they're good enough for you to sample
Thief of Fate with.  Use these characters to find out how commands
work, what different races and classes do, how it feels like to get
repeatedly attacked, and, in general, what the Realm is like.  When
you're ready, you can create your own characters.  Refer to the
Command Summary Card to find out how to enlist their services.

Creating characters who can effectively do their jobs is one key to
your success.  Use the following guidelines to create your character:

1. Select a sex.

2. Select a race.

3. On the next screen, you'll see the attributes.  If you're not
satisfied with these attributes, press  and you'll return to the
screen with the races.  Start over again.

4. If you're satisfied with the attributes, choose a class.

5. Name the character, and he or she will be saved on your character

6. To use the character, you must add him or her to the party with the
"Add a member" command.

[4.1] Sex
Choose between male or female.  Sex doesn't affect your abilities to
carry out your tasks; it only affects how you look on your Character
Profile screen.

[4.2] Races
Humans:  Their strength and inventiveness make them one of the best
survivors.  Never lacking in aggression, they can handle themselves in
just about any adverse setting.

Elf:  Fair of hair and skin, the Elves are slightly taller, faster,
and more agile than humans.  Although weaker, they make up for this by
being more skilled in magical arts and war strategies.

Dwarf:  Stout and short, these people are amazingly strong and
healthy.  Brightness, however, is not a shining attribute of theirs.

Hobbit:  The Hobbit is deft and clever, which are ideal traits for
thieving.  Their favorite boast is "A locked door is soon no more."

Half-Elf:  The result of an Elf and Human friendship, Half-Elves
acquire their fair hair and light skin from Elves, and their physical
bulk from Humans.

Half-Orc:  Orcs are the henchmen of evil wizards who are capable of
little more than following orders for physical dirty work.  Half-Orcs
are tempered with Human blood, so while they're still dangerous, they
aren't completely mindless drones forever in search of necks to

Gnome:  Gnomes are much like Dwarfs, but a little more anti-social due
to a deficit in beauty.  Because they've spent so much time studying
alone, Gnomes have developed a certain flair for magic.

[4.3] Character Attributes
As you create your characters, these attributes appear above the race
categories at the top of the screen.  They're your character's vital
statistics.  These values will determine how successful your character
performs in his or her class (or "profession").

Strength (ST):  Nobody really wishes to be light on might, but
strength is especially important to fighters.

Intelligence (IQ):  If you don't have brawn, then you better have
brains.  Magicians get bonus spell points for high intelligence

Dexterity (DX):  This helps determine how fleet of feet and nimble of
hand you'll be.  A high score makes you harder to hit and helps you
land the first blow.  For Rogues, the higher this value, the less
likely they'll get their fingers snapped off in traps.

Constitution (CN):  This represents your overall health.  The higher
this is, the more damage your opponent must inflict on you before you
need to start thinking about death.  Should you be blessed with strong
constitution, you will get bonus hit points.

Luck (LK):  Luck is ambiguous and unpredictable; you never know what
alliance it has made with fate.  One thing is known about luck: lucky
souls are more likely to resist evil magic and avoid traps.

[4.4] Classes
No one class, or profession, is nobler than the next.  As the mix of
strings on the Bard's mandolin makes for a richer sound, so will a mix
of classes make for a richer journey.  Create a party with no Rogues
or Bards, and you'll have nobody to steal flowers for your grave and
sing at your funeral.  While there are 13 classes to your choosing,
only eight are available to the first-time adventurer.

Warrior:  It's a rare weapon that this king of fighters can't handle.
Warriors gain an extra attack capability for every four levels of
experience after the first; a reward for becoming more adept in

Paladin:  This fighter swears to battle all evil and uphold honor and
purity. Due to their virtuous nature, the Paladin can handle some
enchanted weapons that others can't and also have greater resistance
to spells cast on them.

Hunter:  These are the skilled assassins.  Their combat approach is to
aim for the vital organs or nerve center and do away with an opponent
with as little swordplay as possible.

Monk:  These are no ordinary, somber, brown-robed, porridge eaters.
Monks are actually adept fighters skilled in the ways of martial arts.
While Monks with more experience prefer to fight with their bare
hands, they can also use traditional weapons.  A Monk's armor class
improves as he or she gains levels.

Bard:  Any Bard will tell you that music can do more than soothe the
savage beast.  The Bard can do a number of things from creating light
to regenerating spell points with a mere stroke of the strings.

Rogue:  This dexterous thief makes a living out of picking locks and
neutralizing traps.  If you plan on traveling without a Rogue, prepare
to pay a high physical price for your spoils.  A Rogue also has the
ability to identify mysterious items.  And perhaps most important, a
Rogue can be an excellent killer due to his or her ability to sneak up
close to an opponent before he or she attacks... and you'll soon find
out just how important this thief is to your fate.

Conjurer:  Conjurers have the ability to heal wounds and create
physical phenomena like fire and light.

Magician:  A Magician's specialty is to change the properties of
physical objects, such as enchanting a sword, turning an enemy to
stone, or making a dungeon wall vanish.

Sorcerer:  These mages weave weighty illusions, ones that a newly-made
character surely couldn't handle.  You must know at least three spell
levels from the Magician and Conjurer classes.

Wizard:  Rumor of the Realm is that these mages have the power to
summon and bind creatures of the supernatural, creatures who react
foully to being dragged out of their worlds on someone else's whim.

Archmage:  Archmages must have mastered all the spells of any three
magic classes.  With this hefty experience requirement, Archmages are
undoubtedly the most auspicious among those who cast spells for a

Geomancer:  Fighters who want to convert to a life of a magic can
become Geomancers.  Once they choose to change, they can still use the
armor, weapons, and magic items that the fighter classes use.  Beware:
Bards lose their songs, Warriors lose their multiple attacks, Hunters
lose their critical hit ability, and Monks lose their armor class
bonus and multiple attacks.  It's part of the trade off.  To become a
Geomancer, you must find the one special location that performs the
rite of passage to this mage class.

Chronomancer:  Chronomancers are the travel experts of the magic
users.  Before becoming one, a magic user must master all the spells
of any three mage classes.  And once you become a Chronomancer, you
lose the power to use all the spells you previously learned.  It may
sound unfair, but the Chronomancer needs to focus all of his or her
attention on the important dimension teleport spells.  Don't think you
can get around without this spellcaster, because you just can't.

[4.5] Tips from the Refugee Camp - Characters

* Don't worry about losing a level 1 character; just make another one
if he or she dies.  However, when your characters reach level 3,
regularly back up your character disk with your favorite disk copy
utility or prepare to shed tears over a lost character.

* If your favorite character is killed, you can resurrect him or her
with magic, or with gold if you can find a shrine that raises the
dead.  You can also turn off the computer, reboot, and reload your
party from the point where you last saved them to disk (which means
all the characters lose any gold or experience points they may have
earned since the last time you saved them).  Or, you can delete the
dead character from your main character disk and replace that
character from your backup disk.

* When you roll for attributes, shoot for 16's, 17's and 18's since
they can make a big difference.  For example, high dexterity gives you
bonus armor protection and first-strike capabilities; luck often lets
you survive if you accidentally spring a trap; constitution provides
all characters with extra hit points; and high intelligence gives
mages bonus spell points in later turns.

* Certain races rely on certain attributes being strong.  A mage who is
strong but not intelligent is at a far greater disadvantage than a
mage who is intelligent but weak.

* Develop a Sorcerer quickly to use in dungeons.  Wizards, too, are
important because they can summon extremely powerful special members.
Work toward Archmagedom.  You'll also need to prepare at least one
character for the role of Chronomancer.

* Experiment with Hunters.  They can often kill superior monsters
quickly because of their critical hit capabilities.  Rogues also have
excellent critical hit abilities, but only when they hide in the
shadows.  And don't dismiss the Monk as a lightweight best left
chanting in the monastery; after the sixth level, they're probably the
best fighters of all the classes.

* You can always enlist the services of special members and save them
to your party.

* Beware of certain magic squares.  Keep an eye on your character's
statistics while exploring.  If you see that your character's spell or
hit points are dropping for no apparent reason, your character is
probably on a magic square that drains power - jump off the square
before he or she is sapped of all strength.

At almost any time during the game, you can call up a character to see
what his or her status is and what he or she possesses.  To do this,
enter the character's number.  (To view a character's status without
bringing up his or her picture, press  and the character's
number.)  On the first screen, you'll see the following:

Level:  The higher the value, the better your character will perform
in his or her role.  All newly-made characters start out as level 1.
As you gain more experience, you can advance in levels (see "Moving Up
in Levels").

Sex, Race, Class, Attribute Values:  You learned all about these when
you created your characters.

Spell Points:  This category only pertains to those who cast spells.
It shows the most spell points you can ever have, or your spell point
potential.  Compare the SpPt value on the Onscreen Statistics against
this to see how you're doing.  For instance, if you have 20 spell
points, and the SpPt value is 18, then you have almost all of your
maximum spell points.  If, however, you're down to 3 SpPt, then you're
almost out of power to cast spells.  You'll have to wait until they
regenerate.  To regenerate spell points, you have to be under the
healing rays of the sun.  They don't regenerate at night, so cut back
on unnecessary spell activity during this time.  They also won't
regenerate in dungeons unless you stand on a magic square, use a
spell-regenerating magic item, or play a spell-regenerating Bard's

Experience:  The more fights you get into (and live through) the more
experience you'll gain.  When you acquire enough experience points,
you can move up a level.  How many experience points you need depends
on your class.  The Old Man in the Review Board will let you know if
you have enough, and if not, how much more you need.

Gold:  The more the merrier.  You acquire gold by killing your enemies
and cleaning out their pockets.  Gold lets you pay the Old Man his fee
for giving you spells, bribe folks for clues, buy drinks, and do a
number of other useful things.  Don't worry about buying equipment -
you can't.  (Tarjan doesn't believe in free enterprise so he put
Garth's Equipment Shoppe out of business with an awesome incendiary
spell.)  You'll start out with the weapon and armor that you need.
Whatever else you want, you'll have to find.

Pool Gold:  Press P to pool gold, and all the other characters will
give this character their gold.

Trade Gold:  Trade gold lets you trade gold to any other character on
the roster.  Press T, enter the roster number of whom you will give
the gold to, and then enter how much.

Inventory:  On the next screen, you'll see the character's inventory
(the items he or she is carrying).  See the "Items and Equipment"
section for more details.

Special Information:  On the third screen, you'll see any special
information pertaining to your character.  Rogues can view their
ability percentages for things like disarming traps, identifying
chests, hiding in shadows, etc.  Bards can view the number of tunes
they have left.  Magic users can view a list of their spells.  Hunters
show critical hit percentages.  Not all characters will have this
third screen of information.

The following information always shows on the screen next to your
character's name:

Armor Class (AC):  This is the level of protection that a character
has against physical attack.  For a totally unprotected character
whose dexterity is low - which is about as bad as it gets - armor
class is about ten.  As a character's armor class improves, the number
gets lower.  There are also spells, songs, and items that you can use
to lower armor class.

Hit Points (Hits):  Hit points represent the amount of damage a
character can take before dying.  This number represents the
character's potential at full health.

Condition (Cond):  This is the character's total points for his or her
current condition.  Compare this value to hit points to determine what
condition your character is in.  For instance, if hit points is 20,
and condition is 17, then you're in good shape because your actual
health is close to your potential health.  However, if your condition
is 5, then you're much closer to death than to life.

Spell Points (SpPt):  This is the number of spell points that a magic
user has left.  When it's down to zero, the magic user can't cast any
more spells.  Pray no monsters come your way...

You may meet special characters during your travels, or summon them
with a spell or magic article (the summoned characters are also known
as illusionary characters).  You can invite as many of these special
characters to join your party - granted you have the space in your
party.  You can save special characters to disk once you return to the
Refugee Camp.

Special characters choose their own method of attack and usually go
after the first group of monsters.  Illusionary characters disappear
from the party ranks when they are killed or when a foe disbelieves
its existence.  If a nonillusionary special character is attacked by
another party member for any reason, the special character immediately
turns hostile and fights until defeated.  Dead special characters can
be resurrected and healed just like your regular characters.

Special characters can carry items for your party, but they can't find
them or use them.  Only the characters you made are capable of this.

All newly-made characters start out as level one.  As you adventure,
fight, and gain experience, you can go up in levels.  The higher your
level, the better you'll perform in the profession you choose: magic
users cast more spells, fighters fight more skillfully, thieves steal
more successfully, and so on.  To advance, you must go to the Review
Board where the Old Man will review your accomplishments and let you
know if you are fit for advancement.  Or you can go to any of the
Wizard Guilds.

Spellcasters need to advance in levels to acquire more spells.  What
spellcasters would wish to dedicate years of study only to dabble in
the same handful of tepid spells all of their lives?  The following
table shows at what level spellcasters can use certain level spells.
For instance, a Wizard with an experience level of 3 can only use
spells up to the second level.  Spellcasters can reach up to seven
spell levels.

   Experience    Spell Level
       1              1
       2              1
       3              2
       4              2
       5              3
       6              3
       7              4
       8              4
       9              5
      10              5
      11              6
      12              6
      13+             7

You can advance to a new, more powerful mage class once you learn
enough spells from enough mage classes.  Just how many spells and just
which mage classes you must learn depend on which mage class you want
to advance to.  When you go to the Review Board, you'll find out
exactly which classes you can advance to at that time.

For those seeking to change classes, your experience points will reset
to zero, but your other attributes such as hit points, spell points,
and gold remain unaffected.  A warning to magic users: once you
advance to a new mage class, you don't get the chance to learn the
magic classes and spell levels that you skipped.  For instance, if you
become an Archmage without having studied the Sorcerer spells, you
can't go back to learn those Sorcerer spells.

[9.0] PLACES
Despite the fact that much of the Realm was crushed, some places still
stand.  The Scrapwood Tavern, for one, still does good business.

[9.1] Refugee Camp
Once, there was a home to travelers called the Adventurer's Guild.
Wayfarers stopped there when they wanted to slake a thirst, engage in
merriment, or just rest their weary feet.  Now that the plague has
descended and Skara Brae has been shattered, the Refugee Camp serves
as the gathering point for travelers.

Although lacking the niceties of the Adventurer's Guild (tables,
heating, vermin-free bedding), you can still do the same things in the
Refugee Camp.  Come here to create characters, form a party, and save
characters to disk.  This is where you will begin every game and where
you will be returned should all your party perish during the quest.

[9.2] Scrapwood Tavern
Drink up!  This is the only tavern in the vicinity.  You may want to
fill up a wineskin here so your Bard will not have to go thirsty in
some of the more inhospitable, tavernless areas.  While you're here,
ask the barkeep how things are going...

[9.3] Mapping
So your exploring efforts aren't wasted, or unnecessarily repeated,
you should map your moves.  Each "step" you take equals a graph box
(which is ten feet from a character's point of view).  To aid your
mapping, Thief of Fate has an automap feature (refer to the Command
Summary Card for the command).  If you're outdoors, you'll see a
description of where you are and the general time of day..  If you're
in a dungeon, you'll see a sketch of the corridors.

Explore and map every square in every maze.  There are "Magic Mouths"
that will give you hints.  Mazes also contain one-of-a-kind magic
items and spell regeneration zones.  In addition to keeping you alive,
carefully drawn maps will show the logical places for secret doors and

[9.4] Places No More
If you've traveled the roads of the Realm before in The Bard's Tale I
or II, you'll remember casinos, Roscoe's Energy Emporium, Garth's
Equipment Shoppe, and Bedder's Bank for the Bold.  During the
destruction, all these places were put out of business, and remain
closed to date.  This means that you'll have to find alternatives to
each institution.  In some cases, there are no alternatives, so find
what you can and prepare to live without.

[9.5] Review Board
Once, this housed the representatives from each of the ten different
classes from all over the Realm.  They were responsible for advancing
adventurers with enough experience points to higher levels.  During
the dark days, all fled or perished in the attempt.  Now, the Old Man
sits on the Board, and he alone will answer to your call for

[9.6] Tips from the Refugee Camp - Places

* Your first adventure should be in the Mad God's dungeon in Skara
Brae.  Here you'll build your savvy for fighting, spellcasting, and

* Avoid Potential traps.  Use the Trap Zap spell when in doubt.  It
will disarm any trap, including the Gas Cloud trap, famous for its
toxic fumes.

* Make sure all members of your party are fully healed before entering
a new dungeon.  You'll need all your strength for the next onslaught.

Whether or not fighting is your fare, prepare to partake in much of
it.  It offers the primary means by which you can build experience
points.  And without experience points, you won't advance far.
Without advancement, you are little more than a hapless bunch, doomed
to wander the world with a purpose forever unfulfilled.

You can't physically attack enemies more than 10 feet (10') away.  If
you feel compelled to fight, you'll have to advance.  However, you
can't advance on them if there is another group already within the 10'
melee range.  Whoever is closest in the 10' melee range are the lucky
monsters who will get to do battle with your party first.

Combat is broken down into rounds.  In each round, you need to enter a
battle action for each party member.

Attack Foes:  This sends you headlong into battle with weapons drown.
This is only available to the first four characters on the roster.
Attacking a foe doesn't equip a character with a weapon; that must be
done before combat.

Defend:  This lets you defend yourself during the round.  You'll pass
on the opportunity to perform any action, which may be a wise move if
you're injured.

Party Attack:  You will turn on a member in your party, including
special members.  Useful if one of your characters has been possessed
and needs a good beating or if somebody who has joined your party is
giving you trouble.

Cast a Spell:  This lets the magic users cast a spell.  Enter the
spell code and, if necessary, specify your target.

Use an Item:  You will use a magic item or missile weapon that you've
prepared for use.

Bard Song:  Instructs a Bard to play a tune.

Hide in Shadows:  Rogues will slip into the shadows to avoid combat.
Your presence might go undetected as the combat round commences and
you'll get to advance 10 feet.  If you attack an enemy in the next
round who is at your range or less, you have a good chance of getting
a critical hit (one that kills) because you'll be striking at the
monster from behind.

The first four characters in your party can be physically attacked by
monsters and can also retaliate.  The last three characters can only
be attacked with magic, and can retaliate only with magic.  The most
powerful and dexterous characters and monsters usually strike first.
In evenly matched battles, the outcome often depends on who lands the
first blow (hope you have good dexterity).  The monsters that you kill
during combat are removed from your foe's ranks so their bodies don't
pile up and interfere with battle.  If anybody dies in your ranks,
they are moved to the end of your party list.  When combat ends,
treasure and experience points are distributed among the survivors.

You can increase or decrease the scrolling speed of the combat
messages.  See the Command Summary Card for details on how to do this
on your computer.

[10.1] Tips from the Refugee Camp - Combat

* Don't underestimate the value of dexterity.  Use high dexterity and
high level characters to attack especially fearsome monsters.  Less
dexterous characters may not survive long enough to get in the first

* Remember, lower is better when it comes to armor class.  Use spells
or Bard songs to lower it further and give you an advantage during

* If you're attacked by more than two groups of monsters, focus on the
magic users first.  If you can't kill all the magic-using monsters,
cast magic-repellent spells to protect your party from illusions,
possessions, and other spells.

* As a general rule, attack groups containing only one monster last,
unless it contains a particularly deadly monster.  In that case, get
rid of it while your party has the strength to.

* Undead monsters such as zombies are especially troublesome.  They can
drain experience points, rapidly age characters, critically hit, or
even turn characters to stone.  Kill them quickly or be killed

* Keep a well-stocked supply of missile weapons (arrow, spears, etc.)
so you're prepared to attack monsters who hide behind other monsters.

A character can carry up to 12 items.  There's a variety of items you
can use, including weapons, shields, armor, helms, gloves, musical
instruments, figurines, rings, and wands.  With a few exceptions, you
must equip the character with the item in order for him or her to use
it (see your Command Summary card for the Equip command).  You can
equip more than one item from each type, unless they're identical.
For instance, you could equip a bow and a knife (two different items)
at once, but you can't equip two bows (the same item) at once.  Refer
to the Command Summary Card to find out what the symbols in front of
certain items mean.

There are hundreds of items you can find, and you just won't be able
to carry them all.  Some items you have to carry to progress in your
quest; if everybody is shouldering a maximum load, be prepared to make
critical choices about who will drop what.

About magic items.  You'll find many - and need many - of these items
during your quest.  Some, like the magical weapons, will inflict extra
damage on the opponent.  Others, like magic keys, will permit passage
into a special area.  Many are necessary for you to complete the game
with.  Certain items can only be used by specific characters.  For
instance, only Bards can use magical musical instruments.  Someone
else can carry it, but only the Bard will be able to use it.

[11.1] Tips from the Refugee Camp - Items

* There are no cursed or bad items, but some may be useless.

* Experiment with anything you find to determine its capabilities.  An
item may only work with a certain class, so be sure to trade something
that doesn't seem to work for a certain character.  Some items will
work only in certain areas or under certain conditions.

* If you can't pick something up, it may be because you're carrying a
full load.  Make your choice and drop something.

* Save your party to disk when they find something interesting or
powerful.  If disaster strikes, you can always reboot with your saved

* If you find an item and you can't figure out what it is, give it to
the Rogue in your party to identify, or a mage who has a spell that
identifies items.

Without magic, the end of your quest will remain forever elusive.
However, magic is not the adventurer's panacea.  There are some places
where magic won't work or you may meet monsters who will, in response
to a spell, laugh and then spit fire in your face.  In such cases,
only the simple act of knife-to-belly will work.  But, when you do
need a magic user, you have several who can answer your call.

[12.1] Book of Spells
This section lists and describes the spells known to exist for each of
the six mage classes.  The section is organized as follows:

Mage Class
LEVEL #:        CODE    PT. COST        RANGE           DURATION
                Spell Name - A description of what the spell does and any
                special instructions for use.

The range of effectiveness is measured in number of game squares, with each
square equivalent to 10 feet (10').  The following explains what each range

View            Line of sight.
##'             Anything in the direction the spellcaster is facing for the
                number of feet specified by "##".
Wall            A wall in the direction the spellcaster faces.
Level           The entire level that your party is on.
1 Object        A single object.
1 Foe           A single monster, regardless of the number your party faces.
Group           One of up to four monster groups.
All Foes        All the monsters your party faces.
Self            The spellcaster only.
Party           Your party.
Char            The party member (character) you designate.
Special         The special character you designate.
*               Hits with full effectiveness up to the listed range, and at
                reduced effectiveness when it hits at double the listed
                range.  For instance, if your spell has a range of 30', and
                you use it against foes 60' away, the spell will hit with
                reduced effectiveness.
N/A             Not applicable; used where range is not a factor in the

In addition to range, many spells have a duration.  The following explains
how long each duration lasts:

Combat          Until combat ends (when either you run away, you win, or the
                monster wins).
1 Move          Exactly one move.
1 Round         The entire round of combat.
Short           A few minutes only.
Medium          Several minutes.
Long            Twice as long as short spells.
Indef           Until the party enters the Refugee Camp or an anti-magic
Misc            Has multiple or variable ranges.
N/A             Not applicable; the result of the spell is immediate.

[12.1.1] Conjurer Spells
From fireballs to magic compasses, Conjurers can create objects and
effects out of thin air.  Conjurer spells take up a lot of energy to
create even moderate effects; that's why these magic users don't
involve themselves with huge magical productions.

Level 1:        MAFL    2               View            Medium
                Mage flame - A small flame floats above the spellcaster as
                he moves about, illuminating the immediate area.

                ARFI    3               1 Foe/10'        N/A
                Arc Fire - Fiery blue flames spray from the spellcaster's
                fingers, inflicting 1 to 4 damage points, depending on the
                Conjurer's level.

                TRZP    2               30'             N/A
                Trap Zap - Disarms any trap within 30 feet in the direction
                that the spellcaster is facing.  Trap Zap also works on
                chests for the same amount of spell points.

Level 2:        FRFO    3               Group           Combat
                Freeze Foes - Binds your enemies in a magical force, slowing
                them down and making them an easier target for your itching

                MACO    3               N/A             Medium
                Kiel's Magic Compass - A compass of shimmering magelight
                appears above the party and shows the direction they face.

                WOHL    4               Char            N/A
                Word of Healing - With the uttering of a single word, this
                heals a party member from 4 to 16 points of damage.

Level 3:        LERE    5               View            Long
                Lesser Revelation - An extended Mage Flame spell that also
                reveals secret doors.

                LEVI    4               Party           Short
                Levitation - Partially nullifies gravity, letting the party
                float over traps, or up and down through portals.

                WAST    5               Group/20'       N/A
                Warstrike - An electric spell where a stream of energy
                shoots from the spellcaster's finger, frying a group of foes
                for 5 to 20 damage points.

Level 4:        INWO    6               Party           N/A
                Elik's Instant Wolf - Summons a giant and extremely fierce
                wolf to join your party.

                FLRE    6               Char            N/A
                Flesh Restore - A powerful healing spell that restores 10 to
                40 points to a party member, curing those stricken with
                insanity or poisoning.

Level 5:        GRRE    7               View            Long
                Greater Revelation - Operates like Lesser Revelation, but
                illuminates a wider area for a longer period of time.

                SHSP    7               Group/30'/     N/A
                Shock Sphere - Creates a large globe of intense electrical
                energy that envelops a group of enemies and inflicts 10 to
                40 damage points.

Level 6:        FLAN    9               Group           N/A
                Flesh Anew - Works like Flesh Restore, but affects every
                member of the party.

                MALE    8               Party           Indef
                Major Levitation - Operates like Levitation, but it lasts
                until the spell is terminated by some event like the
                activation of an anti-magic square.

Level 7:        REGN    12              Char            N/A
                Regeneration - A health spell that revives all the hit
                points for one lucky member of the party.

                APAR    15              Party           N/A
                Apport Arcane - Teleports the party within a dungeon to any
                location that's not protected by a teleportation shield.

                FAFO    18              Group           N/A
                Far Foe - Pushes a group of foes 40 feet further away from
                your party, up to a total distance of 90 feet.

                INSL    12              Party           N/A
                Elik's Instant Slayer - Materializes a slayer who joins your
                party.  What's a slayer?  The name speaks for itself...

[12.1.2] Magician Spells
Magicians can bestow magical effects on common objects.  This,
however, doesn't mean that the item becomes magical.  It only takes on
the magical effects for the duration of the spell.

Level 1:        VOPL    3               Char            Combat
                Vorpal Plating - Causes the weapon (or hands) of a party
                member to emit a magical field that inflicts 2 to 8 points
                of additional damage.

                QUFI    3               Char            N/A
                Quick Fix - Regenerates 8 hit points for a character, up to
                the character's maximum hit point level.

                SCSI    2               Party           N/A
                Scry Site - Causes a dungeon wall or wilderness pathway to
                reveal the party's location.

Level 2:        HOWA    4               1 Foe/10'       N/A
                Holy Water - Holy water sprays from the spellcaster's
                fingers, inflicting 6 to 24 points of damage on any foe of
                evil or supernatural origin.

                MAGA    5               Char            Combat
                Mage Gauntlets - Makes the hands (or weapon) of a party
                member more deadly by adding 4 to 16 points of damage to
                every wound it inflicts on a foe.

                AREN    5               30'             Short
                Area Enchant - Causes the dungeon walls within 30 feet (3
                squares) of a stairway to call out if the party is headed
                towards the stairs.

Level 3:        MYSH    6               Party           Medium
                Ybarra's Mystic Shield - Causes the air in front of the
                party to form an invisible shield that's as hard as metal.
                The shield moves with the party.

                OGST    6               Char            Combat
                Oscon's Ogre Strength - Endows a specific party member with
                the strength of Elik's Ogre for the duration of the battle.

                STFL    6               Group/40'/     N/A
                Star Flare - An electrical spell that ignites the air around
                your enemies, scorching them for 10 to 40 damage points.
                A real hair curler.

Level 4:        SPTO    8               1 Foe/70'       N/A
                Spectre Touch - Drains a single enemy of 15 to 60 hit points
                as if it were touched lightly by death.

                DRBR    7               Group/30'       N/A
                Dragon Breath - Lets the spellcaster belch a breath of fire
                at a group of monsters, inflicting 8 to 64 points of damage
                on each monster.

Level 5:        ANMA    8               Party           Combat
                Anti-Magic - Causes the ground to absorb a portion of the
                spells cast at the party by monsters, giving the party a
                chance to escape unharmed.  This spell also aids in
                disbelieving illusions and shielding against magical fires
                such as Dragon Breath.

                GIST    10              Party           Combat
                Giant Strength - Instills tremendous power in your party,
                increasing their strike ability by 10.

Level 6:        PHDO    10              Wall            1 Move
                Phase Door - Vaporizes any wall that's not protected by an
                Anti-Phase Door aura or spell into air.

                YMCA    10              Party           Indef
                Ybarra's Mystical Coat of Armor - Works just like Ybarra's
                Mystic Shield, but lasts indefinitely.

Level 7:        REST    25              Party           N/A
                Restoration - Regenerates the body of every party member to
                perfect condition; even cures insanity or poisoning.

                DEST    16              1 Foe/10'       N/A
                Death Strike - Instantly kills a selected enemy, which
                certainly categorizes this spell as one that doesn't fool

                ICES    11              Group/50'       N/A
                Ice Storm - Pummels a group of monsters with chunks of ice,
                causing 20 to 80 points of damage.

                STON    20              Char            N/A
                Stone to Flesh - Takes a character who has been turned to
                stone and restores him to his natural flesh state.

[12.1.3] Sorcerer Spells
Sorcerers rely on illusions in their magical repertoire.  A neat and
tidy mage class, Sorcerers prefer to work on peoples' minds than with
tangible (and dirty) objects or monsters.

Level 1:        MIJA    3               1 Foe/40'/     N/A
                Mangar's Mind Jab - Casts a concentrated blast of electrical
                energy at one opponent, inflicting 2 to 8 points of damage
                for each experience level of the spellcaster.

                PHBL    2               Party           Combat
                Phase Blur - Causes the entire party to become blurry in the
                eyes of the enemy, making your party tougher to strike.

                LOTR    2               30'             Short
                Locate Traps - Heightens the spellcaster's awareness for
                trap detecting.  Works for 30' in the direction that the
                spellcaster is facing.

Level 2:        DISB    4               Party           N/A
                Disbelieve - Reveals an attacking illusion for the true
                nonphysical object that it is, causing it to vanish.

                WIWA    5               Party           N/A
                Wind Warrior - Creates the illusion of a battle-ready ninja
                in the ranks of your party.  The illusionary ninja will
                fight until defeated or disbelieved.

                FEAR    4               Group           Combat
                Word of Fear - An incantation that causes a group of enemies
                to quake in fear, thus reducing their ability to attack and
                inflict damage.

Level 3:        WIOG    6               Party           N/A
                Wind Ogre - Like Elik's Instant Ogre, it summons a mean,
                illusionary ogre to join your party.

                INVI    6               Party           Combat
                Kylearan's Invisibility Spell - Invoke this spell to render
                the entire party nearly invisible to the enemy.

                SESI    6               30'             Medium
                Second Sight - Heightens awareness so the spellcaster can
                detect all traps and tricks that lie directly ahead.

Level 4:        CAEY    7               View            Indef
                Cat Eyes - Endows the entire party with perfect night vision
                for an indefinite period of time.

                WIDR    12              Party           N/A
                Wind Dragon - Creates an illusionary red dragon to join the
                ranks of your party.

Level 5:        DIIL    8               All Foes        Combat
                Disrupt Illusion - Destroys any illusions among the ranks of
                the enemy and prevents new illusions from appearing.

                MIBL    10              All Foes/30'/  N/A
                Mangar's Mind Blade - An electric spell that strikes every
                opposing group within range with an explosion of energy
                capable of inflicting 25 to 100 points of damage.

Level 6:        WIGI    11              Party           N/A
                Wind Giant - Creates an illusionary elemental giant that
                joins your party and fights up a storm.

                SOSI    11              30'             Indef
                Sorcerer Sight - Operates like the trap-detecting Second
                Sight spell, but lasts indefinitely.

Level 7:        RIME    20              All Foes/40'    N/A
                Rimefang - Rakes enemies with shards of ice, inflicting 50
                to 200 points of damage.

                WIHE    16              Party           N/A
                Wind Hero - Creates an illusionary hero with the power of
                hurricane winds to join your party.

                MAGM    40              Group           N/A
                Mage Maelstrom - Assaults a group of opposing spellcasters
                and may do one of the following: inflict 60 to 240 points of
                damage, turn them to stone, or kill them outright.  However,
                because the maelstrom is illusionary in nature, a
                disbelieving enemy can totally nullify it.

                PREC    50              All Foes        N/A
                Preclusion - Keeps the enemy from being able to summon any

[12.1.4] Wizard Spells
Wizards can summon and control supernatural creatures and energies.
The Wizard has fewer spells to choose from than the other classes, but
their potency makes up for it.

Level 1:        SUEL    10              Party           N/A
                Summon Elemental - Creates a fire-being from the raw
                elements of the universe to join and fight for your party.

                FOFO    11              Group/10'       N/A
                Fanskar's Force Focus - Lands a cone of gravitational energy
                on a group of your foes, inflicting 25 to 100 points of

Level 2:        PRSU    14              Party           N/A
                Prime Summoning - Coerces a powerful undead creature to
                unwillingly join your party.

                DEBA    11              1 Foe/30'       N/A
                Demon Bane - Inflicts 100 to 400 points of damage on a
                single creature of evil or supernatural origin.

Level 3:        FLCO    14              Group/30'       N/A
                Flame Column - Creates a cyclone of flame that lashes out
                and delivers 22 to 88 points of damage to a group of your

                DISP    12              Char            N/A
                Dispossess - Returns a possessed party member to the normal
                state of consciousness.

Level 4:        HERB    13              Party           N/A
                Summon Herb - Summons Herb to join your party.  Herb is
                pretty busy, but he'll hang out with your party for a while
                if you need him.

                ANDE    14              Char            Combat
                Animate Dead - Reanimates a dead character with living
                strength so he or she attacks enemies as if truly alive.

Level 5:        SPBI    16              1 Foe           N/A
                Baylor's Spell Bind - If successful, this spell possesses
                the mind of an enemy and forces him or her to join and fight
                for your party.

                SOWH    13              1 Foe/70'       N/A
                Storal's Soul Whip - Whips out a tendril of psionic (mind)
                power to strike a selected foe, inflicting 50 to 200 damage

Level 6:        GRSU    22              Party           N/A
                Greater Summoning - Operates like Prime Summoning but causes
                a powerful elemental creature to appear and fight for the

                BEDE    18              Char            N/A
                Beyond Death - Brings a dead character back to life and
                gives him or her one hit point as a welcome back gift.

Level 7:        WIZW    16              Group/50'       N/A
                Wacum's Wizard War - An electric spell that creates a
                pyrotechnical storm over a group of monsters, inflicting 50
                to 200 damage points.

                DMST    25              Group/50'       N/A
                Demon Strike - Unleashes the terrorizing power of demons
                into the enemy ranks, causing 200 to 400 points of damage.

[12.1.5] Archmage Spells
Archmages are the wise ones who have learned at least all the spells
for three of the previous mage classes.  This gives the Archmage the
ability to pick and choose from a huge batch of spells.

Level 1:        HAFO    15              All Foes        1 Round
                Oscon's Haltfoe - If successful, this spell causes every
                attacking group to miss all their attacks during the next

                MEME    20              Group           N/A
                Melee Men - Pull an attacking group into melee range (10')
                regardless of how far they were when they began attacking.

Level 2:        BASP    28              Party           Misc
                Batch Spell - Executes the following batch of spells:
                Greater Revelation, Ybarra's Mystical Coat of Armor,
                Sorcerer Sight, Major Levitation, and Kiel's Magic Compass.

Level 3:        CAMR    26              Party           N/A
                Camaraderie - Has a 50% chance of calming all monsters in
                your party that have turned hostile.

Level 4:        NILA    30              Group/60'       N/A
                Fanskar's Night Lance - Launches a chilling ice missile
                against a group of foes, inflicting 100 to 400 damage points.

Level 5:        HEAL    50              Party           N/A
                Heal All - A Beyond Death spell that resurrects every dead
                party member (except those turned to stone), and heals all
                wounds, paralysis, and insanity.

Level 6:        BRKR    60              Party           N/A
                The Brothers Kringle - The brothers are always ready to help
                friends in trouble.  Enough brothers appear to fill the
                empty slots in your party.

Level 7:        MAMA    80              All Foes/90'    N/A
                Mangar's Mallet - Inflicts 200 to 800 bone-crushing damage
                points against every monster group you face.

[12.1.6] Chronomancer Spells
The key to distant lands, Chronomancers help the party move from
dimension to dimension with their special teleport spells.  They also
have a number of vicious offensive spells.

Level 1:        VITL    12              Char            N/A
                Vitality - Invigorates a character by healing 4 to 8 hit
                points times the spellcaster's level.

Level 2:        WIFI    20              Group/20'       N/A
                Witherfist - Crushes a group of enemies under a huge fist of
                power for 300 to 600 points of damage.

                COLD    20              Group/80'       N/A
                Frost Force - Blasts the enemy with a deadly frost for 50 to
                400 points of damage.

Level 3:        GOFI    25              Group/80'       N/A
                God Fire - A holy spell where blazing red fires are sent
                from the angry gods to roast the enemy for 60 to 240 damage

                STUN    30              All Foes        N/A
                Stun - An electric spell that gives the enemy a high-voltage
                zap for 50 to 200 damage points.

Level 4:        LUCK    45              Party           Combat
                Luck Chant - Increases your chances of hitting or defending
                by eight points.

                FADE    50              1 Foe/30'       N/A
                Far Death - A long-range spell that drops a distant foe dead
                in its tracks.

Level 5:        WHAT    60              1 Object        N/A
                Identify - Cast this spell on something to find out just
                what the heck it is.

                OLAY    60              1 Char          N/A
                Youth - Coats a character with a light, fragrant lotion to
                cure oldness.

Level 6:        GRRO    65              1 Char          Misc
                Grave Robber - Casts Beyond Death and Regeneration for a
                life-giving combination of spells.

                FOTA    70              Group           Misc
                Force of Tarjan - Casts Witherfist and Sandstorm for a
                double offensive punch.

Level 7:        SHSH    60              Party           Indef
                Shadow Shield - Casts a gray shadow around the party, and
                lowers their armor class by 4

                FAFI    100             All Foes        N/A
                Fatal Fist - Crushes the enemy under an unearthly
                gravitational force for 400 to 1500 points of damage.

[12.1.7] Geomancer Spells
The most physically adept of all the spell casters, Geomancers can
handle most weapons that fighters can.  Their combative nature shows
in their repertoire of predominantly offensive spells.  To become a
Geomancer, you must find the one special location that performs the
rite of passage to this mage class.

Level 1:        EADA    5               Group/40'       N/A
                Earth Dagger - Cuts down the enemy with holy daggers for 200
                to 800 points of damage.

                EASO    5               Level           N/A
                Earth Song - Reveals all booby-trapped areas that can injure
                the party.

                EAWA    8               Level           N/A
                Earth Ward - Casts the Trap Zap spell on the entire level.

Level 2:        TREB    10              All Foes        N/A
                Trebuchet - Fries all foes with wickedly hot flames for 150
                to 600 points.

                EAEL    15              Party           N/A
                Earth Elemental - Summons an Earth Elemental, which is a
                creature created from the raw elements of the earth.

                WAWA    15              Wall            Misc
                Wall Warp - Works like Phase Door until the party leaves.

Level 3:        ROCK    18              1 Foe/60'       N/A
                Petrify - Turns an enemy up to 60 feet away into the hardest

                ROAL    20              Level           N/A
                Roscoe's Alert - Reveals to the party where the anti-magic
                areas are.

Level 4:        SUSO    20              Level           N/A
                Succor Song - Shows all heal-party squares, so your party
                can put an end to their weakness and pain.

                SAST    25              Group           N/A
                Sandstorm - With a violent swirl of sand, all foes are
                whipped back 60 feet.

Level 5:        SANT    30              Level           N/A
                Sanctuary - Shows all mage regeneration squares, so your
                spellcasters can be refreshed.

                GLST    40              1 Foe/90'       N/A
                Glacier Strike - Impales the enemy with an icy stalagmite,
                causing 400 to 1600 points of damage.

Level 6:        PATH    40              Level           N/A
                Pathfinder - An instant map, this shows the entire maze that
                the party's in.

                MABA    50              Group/50'       N/A
                Magma Blast - Burns a group of foes with a blast of hot,
                fiery magma for 300 to 1200 points of damage.

Level 7:        JOBO    60              All Foes        N/A
                Jolt Bolt - Wrenches the earth below the enemy, smashing
                them to the ground and gives them a jolting electrical shock
                to cause 400 to 1600 points of damage.

                EAMA    80              Group/50'       N/A
                Earth Maw - Commands the ground beneath the enemy's feet to
                open wide and drop the foes in, so they're never seen again.

[12.1.8] Miscellaneous Spells
These spells are available to all magic users.  The catch is that
you've got to find them before you can use them.

                GILL    10              Party           Medium
                Gilles Gills - This survival spell lets your party breathe
                under water.  It is cumulative in effect; casting it more
                than once will extend the amount of time you can spend

                DIVA    250             All Foes/Party  Misc
                Divine Intervention - This powerful spell earns its name by
                doing the following:  1) Turns illusionary characters into
                real characters; 2) Cures characters of all illnesses but
                age; and 3) Restores all hit points to the party.  If you're
                in combat, it also does the following:  1) Lowers your armor
                class, saving throw, to hit, and damage by 20 points;
                2) Increases your attack by eight points; and 3) Casts
                Mangar's Mallet.

                NUKE    150             All Foes        N/A
                Gotterdamurung - The finest in offensive obliteration, this
                spell annihilates the opponent for 2000 damage points.

[12.2] The Bard Songs
The Bard has eight songs to sing.  He or she starts the journey
knowing six, and must find the other two.  Since Bards can't make
music without an instrument, and since whistling doesn't count, make
sure they don't drop or trade away their livelihood.

There are two categories of songs: those played during exploration and
those played during combat.  Songs played during exploration are
long-playing while those played during combat last only one round.
Only one song can play at a time.  If you're playing an exploration
song, but suddenly need to play a battle tune, the exploration tune
will stop playing for the duration of the battle, and start once
battle is over.  On the other hand, if you're playing an exploration
song and start another one, the first song will end and the second
will start.

A Bard can play as many tunes as he has experience levels before his
throat dries and fingers stiffen.  For instance, if your Bard has five
experience levels, he can play up to five tunes.  To rejuvenate your
Bard, give him or her a drink, be it water from a wineskin or ale from
a tankard.  Never forget, "When the going gets tough, the Bard goes

1. Sir Robin's Tune:  This lets you run away from attackers as long as
the combat has not yet begun.  During combat, this keeps the monsters
from calling for additional help.

2. Safety Song:  Sets up an an anti-monster aura, so foes won't
randomly attack you.

3. Sanctuary Score:  Lowers the party's armor class level up to a
maximum of 15 points.

4. Bringaround Ballad:  In non-combat situations, this rejuvenates the
Bard's hit points.  During combat, this song will affect everyone in
your party, including the Bard.

5. Rhyme of Duotime:  In non-combat situations, this regenerates the
mage's spell points.  During combat, it gives the party an extra

6. Watchwood Melody:  This creates light so you can find your way
around.  May even work in anti-magic zones.

7. Kiel's Overture:  In non-combat situations, this calls up a compass
so you can get your bearings.  During combat, this casts the
monster-frying Trebuchet spell for one round.

8. Minstrel Shield:  In non-combat situations, this lowers your armor
class.  During combat, it also partially shields your party so they
only take half damage from monster attacks.

[12.3] Tips from the Refugee Camp - Magic

* Spell points are the life blood of the magic user.  Don't venture
too far into dungeons without full spell points.  When you're down to
a quarter of your maximum spell points, you should leave the dungeon
before you're bled dry of your remaining spell points.

* Spell points don't regenerate that fast, so don't squander them away.
Don't use a magic light spell when lighting a torch will do.  Use your
spells when you need them, like when that bad-breathed miasmal cur takes
an interest in clawing your face off.

* Find those nasty traps.  Second Sight and other Sorcerer sight
spells can identify traps within 30 feet (3 squares).  The Trap Zap
spell disarms all traps within 30 feet.

* Play a long-lasting Bard's song before entering a tavern.  It's like
getting a free spell.

* In darkness zones, try using a light spell or the Bard's Watchwood
Melody song.  Though the spells won't last, it gives a brief flash of
light which helps you get your bearings.  This trick occasionally
works with ordinary torches and lanterns.

* The screen flashes when your party gets teleported.  Keep this in
mind, because many dungeon corridors look alike and unless you catch
the flash, you'll never know you were teleported.

             O O
        O O O O O O O
   O O O O O O O O O O O O
             O O

[13.0] Thanks

I , Bill Heineman, wish to acknowledge that Thief of Fate couldn't
have been done without the help and the long hours of work from many
people.  Thanks to these people for helping me bring this game to

Brian Fargo for having the vision to let me begin this project.

Michael A. Stackpole for coming up with the basic storyline, the maps
and the text found throughout the game.

Todd J. Camasta, whose artistic talent knows no bounds.

Kurt Heiden who spent many days composing the music that the famous
Bards now sing.

Bruce Schlickbernd for composing additional text, for the songs sung
in the Bard's Halls, and also for finding all those nasty little bugs
that seem to create themselves.

Dave Albert, Chris Wilson, James Bailey, and Jennifer King for playing
the game until their fingers fell off...

These people helped make Thief of Fate into a masterpiece of role-
playing fantasy.  I hope you will enjoy our work.

[14.0] NOTICE




The Project 64 etext of the The Bard's Tale III : Thief of Fate code
wheel. Converted to etext by Steve "Just caught a flashback of Bard
fever" Varner .

BT3COD10.TXT, January 1997, etext #159.


The Bard's Tale III
Thief of Fate

Dimensional transport codes

(c) 1988 Electronic Arts 157407


The following tables represent the code wheel for the Electronic Arts
game The Bard's Tale III.

When teleporting from the wilderness to the dimensions, you are
prompted to enter a number in response to four pieces of information.

Instructions for use:

1. Look up the city (first word) across the top of table 1A or 1B (it
   will only be in one of these two tables).

2. Look down the left column for the place given next.  Get the number
   at the intersection of the two.

3. Find the column with that number in Table 2.  The third piece of
   information is a thing; find it in the left column.

4. If there is a number at that intersection you're done.  If a letter 
   is there, make note of it and proceed to Table 3.

5. Find the column with the letter from step 4.  Go down the left side
   and find the fourth piece of information. At that intersection is...
   Ah! a number.  Finally.

NOTE: Leading zero's count -- that's why they're there.
      None of the numbers are just one digit.  So those must be i's and 

The Bard's Tale III, code wheel, and documentation are copyright
1988 by Electronic Arts and Interplay Productions, Inc. 
(Wheel part# 157407)


Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason you're not entirely satisfied with this product,
simply return it to the original place of purchase for double your
money back ;)


Hints and opinions from the etexter (no spoilers):

If you haven't played Bard I or II, this game is a slow starter.  You
really need to import some powerful characters to get going.  Otherwise 
it takes *forever* to build your party to the point where you can
teleport to the dimensions (the meat of the game).

Also if you've never played, you really need the manual *and* the
Command Summary Card.  The manuals were written to be generic - for all 
computers the software was ported to - and the keystroke commands are
*only* on the Command Summary Card.  That's why people are looking at
these for the first time ten years later and saying "I don't get it.  
My friend *raved* about this game.  It sux."  You'll never live long
enough to "guess" out the spells.  These are essentially text
adventures.  Docs are text.  Got it?  Good.


DON'T let any outsiders join your party until you are told which
dimension you should first travel to.  Trust me.  Don't know if this
is a bug or a "feature".


Table 1A

                  Alli-  Arbo-  Fero-  Geli-  Kin-   Lana- Lu-     Male- 
                  ria    ria    fist   dia    estia  tir   cencia  fia
Black Scar      |   1  |   5  |   2  |   4  |  12  |   6  |  15  |   7  |
Celaria Bree    |   2  |   4  |   3  |  15  |   8  |   1  |  12  |   9  |
Ciera Brannia   |   3  |  15  |  16  |  12  |  11  |   2  |   8  |   6  |
Cold Peak       |   4  |   6  |  15  |   1  |   3  |   5  |   2  |  13  |
Crystal Spring  |   5  |   9  |   4  |   6  |   2  |  10  |   1  |  14  |
Dark Copse      |   6  |  10  |   1  |   5  |  15  |   9  |   4  |  11  |
Festering Pit   |   7  |  14  |   9  |  13  |   5  |  11  |  10  |  12  |
Ice Keep        |   8  |   3  |  11  |  16  |  13  |  12  |  14  |   4  |
Nowhere         |   9  |  13  |   6  |  10  |   4  |   7  |   5  |   8  |
Old Dwarf Mine  |  10  |   7  |   5  |   9  |   1  |  13  |   6  |  16  |
Sacred Grove    |  11  |  16  |   7  |  14  |  10  |   8  |  13  |  15  |
Shadow Canyon   |  12  |   2  |   8  |   3  |  14  |  15  |  16  |   5  |
Shadow Rock     |  13  |  11  |  10  |   7  |   6  |  14  |   9  |   3  |
Sulphur Springs |  14  |   8  |  13  |  11  |   9  |  16  |   7  |   2  |
Tar Quarry      |  15  |   1  |  12  |   2  |  16  |   4  |   3  |  10  |
Warriors Vale   |  16  |  12  |  14  |   8  |   7  |   3  |  11  |   1  |

Table 1B

                  Scea-  Skara   Tar-  Tar-  Tene-   Unter Valar-  Werra
                  du     Brae    jan   mitia brosia  Brae  ian
Black Scar      |   3  |  13  |  14  |  11  |   8  |  10  |   9  |  16  |
Celaria Bree    |  16  |  10  |  13  |   7  |  11  |   5  |   6  |  14  |
Ciera Brannia   |  14  |   5  |  10  |   9  |   7  |   4  |   1  |  13  |
Cold Peak       |  12  |   7  |  11  |  14  |  16  |   9  |  10  |   8  |
Crystal Spring  |  15  |  11  |   8  |  16  |   3  |   7  |  13  |  12  |
Dark Copse      |   2  |  14  |  16  |   8  |  12  |  13  |   7  |   3  |
Festering Pit   |   6  |   3  |   2  |  15  |   4  |  16  |   8  |   1  |
Ice Keep        |   7  |   1  |   6  |   5  |  10  |   2  |  15  |   9  |
Nowhere         |   1  |  16  |   3  |  12  |  15  |  14  |  11  |   2  |
Old Dwarf Mine  |   4  |   8  |  12  |   3  |   2  |  11  |  14  |  15  |
Sacred Grove    |   9  |   2  |   1  |   4  |   5  |   3  |  12  |   6  |
Shadow Canyon   |  11  |   6  |   9  |  10  |  13  |   1  |   4  |   7  |
Shadow Rock     |   5  |  12  |  15  |   2  |   1  |   8  |  16  |   4  |
Sulphur Springs |  10  |  15  |   4  |   1  |   6  |  12  |   3  |   5  |
Tar Quarry      |   8  |   9  |   7  |  13  |  14  |   6  |   5  |  11  |
Warriors Vale   |  13  |   4  |   5  |   6  |   9  |  15  |   2  |  10  |

Table 2A

                    1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8   
Acorns          | 34160| 06303| 43225| 34407| 63264| 62513| 37645| 14777|
Arefolia        |   444|   567|   C  |   C  |   551|   000|   132|   264|
Arrows of Life  |  3245|  4712|  7035|  4016|   G  |  1722|  2655|  0207|
Black Lens      |  0207|  1532|  2655|  7760|  7035|   I  |  4016|  1150|
Crown of Truth  |   A  | 02236| 37676| 27464|   A  | 57370| 34522| 11254|
Crystal Key     |161473|133124|057247|134244|022721|010150|001103|056435|
Crystal Lens    |055350|027073|000416|056121|003776|004225|160757|   N  |
Hammer of Wrath |   273|   416|   541|   D  |   177|   750|   677|   231|
Nightspear      | 40131| 11254| 63177| 37676| 02236| 01007|   L  | 34267|
Rainbow Rose    |  4112|  5435|  6760|  6667|  5144|   J  |  3722|  0654|
Shadow Door     |132702|004225|055350|132453|   H  |160757|   H  |027644|
Shadow Lock     |   016|   741|   264|   567|   444|   K  |   226|   160|
Smokey Lens     | 14777| 66122| 37645|   E  | 43225|   E  | 34407| 11741|
Strifespear     |   B  |   177|   B  |   422|   677|   132|   464|   416|
Wand of Power   |134244|133367|004512|161473|010150|022721|   M  |056172|
Wineskin        |  0654|  1777|  3722|   F  |  6760|  1531|  6667|  1021|

Table 2B

                    9     10     11     12     13     14     15     16
Acorns          | 11170| 11741| 66122|   P  | 40416| 66673| 05532|   P  |
Arefolia        |   455|   226|   407|   741|   703|   160|   016|   035|
Arrows of Life  |  0377|  1150|  1532|   G  |  3426|  1303|  5141|  7760|
Black Lens      |  5141|  4712|   I  |  3426|  3245|  1722|  1303|  0377|
Crown of Truth  | 05645| 04412| 63177| 40131| 34267| 62744| 01007| 10021|
Crystal Key     |136625|011362|   O  |004512|   O  |027515|133367|056172|
Crystal Lens    |132702|132453|007634|001167|   N  |007405|027644|135740|
Hammer of Wrath |   422|   D  |   554|   306|   132|   007|   163|   464|
Nightspear      | 27464|   L  | 04412| 62744| 57370| 05645| 10021| 34522|
Rainbow Rose    |  1244|  1021|  1777|  1531|  3477|  4554|  0206|   J  |
Shadow Door     |007634|007405|001167|056121|135740|000416|003776|027073|
Shadow Lock     |   551|   000|   703|   035|   455|   132|   K  |   407|
Smokey Lens     | 05532| 06303| 63264| 40416| 34160| 62513| 66673| 11170|
Strifespear     |   007|   554|   541|   273|   231|   306|   750|   163|
Wand of Power   |011362|136625|027515|057247|001103|   M  |133124|056435|
Wineskin        |  0206|  5435|  5144|  3477|  4112|   F  |  4554|  1244|

Table 3A

                    A      B      C      D      E      F      G      H
Bard's Hall     | 12443|   345|   513|   360| 37127|  2250|  5335|135072|
Brilhasti       | 41065|   751|   641|   770| 01034|  1050|  4263|022676|
Catacombs       | 05601|   002|   354|   103| 33471|  6564|  2377|071334|
Crystal Palace  | 43323|   225|   777|   326| 04414|  0207|  3622|002757|
Cyanis          | 44556|   460|   226|   073| 04643|  2760|  3051|002206|
Hawkslayer      | 35711|   613|   360|   225| 61575|  0116|  0203|057740|
Hic Haven       | 66175|   073|   245|   112| 30062|  2002|  6070|011224|
Scrapwood       | 64366|   770|   735|   002| 10452|  6473|  6760|146315|
Stagger Inn     | 41320|   522|   070|   535| 01605|  0625|  3512|023447|
The Old Man     | 07034|   235|   603|   650| 32720|  1341|  1626|070563|
Tslotha         | 16101|   103|   373|   522| 56166|  5602|  4474|014031|
Tunnels         | 35456|   360|   131|   460| 61346|  5341|  0754|057167|
Urmech          | 67424|   326|   016|   345| 27311|  7225|  6641|011453|
Violet Mountain | 14646|   650|   622|   751| 55737|  0357|  5245|013602|
Wizard's Guild  | 11210|   112|   264|   613| 36356|  2473|  5106|134321|
Workshop        | 64133|   535|   506|   235| 07701|  3716|  6531|145544|

Table 3B

                    I      J      K      L      M      N      O      P
Bard's Hall     |  2377|  5602|   506| 35456|143320|057740|143623| 56166|
Brilhasti       |  0203|  0207|   513| 64366|005701|145544|000476| 04414|
Catacombs       |  6641|  2250|   226| 16101|140014|013602|132611| 37127|
Crystal Palace  |  4263|  6473|   373| 67424|011337|011224|004034| 10452|
Cyanis          |  3512|  3716|   622| 66175|004034|011453|011337| 07701|
Hawkslayer      |  5245|  1050|   354| 43323|161166|002206|166271| 01034|
Hic Haven       |  6531|  1341|   641| 11210|027053|135072|034556| 32720|
Scrapwood       |  3622|  7225|   131| 05601|014743|070563|015146| 27311|
Stagger Inn     |  0754|  2760|   264| 64133|000476|146315|005701| 04643|
The Old Man     |  6070|  2473|   777| 14646|132611|014031|140014| 36356|
Tslotha         |  5335|  5341|   245| 41320|055433|022676|062662| 61346|
Tunnels         |  4474|  0625|   603| 44556|166271|002757|161166| 01605|
Urmech          |  6760|  6564|   070| 12443|034556|134321|027053| 33471|
Violet Mountain |  5106|  0116|   016| 41065|062662|023447|055433| 61575|
Wizard's Guild  |  1626|  0357|   735| 35711|143623|057167|143320| 55737|
Workshop        |  3051|  2002|   360| 07034|015146|071334|014743| 30062|


End of The Project 64 etext of the The Bard's Tale III : Thief of Fate 
code wheel.