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B.A.T. manual

                                  B. A. T.
                           Complete Documentation

  First, here is a quick summary of what this games about......
  You're a secret agent that has been assigned to go to Terrapolis  and elim-
  inate a character named Vrangor who planted 16 nucturobiogenic bombs...  He
  said  that he  would blow  up Terrapolis unless an act of property is drawn
  up in his  name,  so there you go.... You have 10 days to find this guy and
  blow his brains out, hope the following  technical manual helps you in your
  attempt to play this game.  Happy hunting!!!

Actual docs from the B.A.T. manual follow:

                          1) The World of B.A.T.

* The Universe:

  The B.A.T. is an ultrasecret organization, originally earth-based, of which
  you are an agent.  The action  takes place  at the  beginning of the XXIInd
  century.  Earth,  disrupted by various events, reformed a world government,
  the C.F.G (Confederation of the Galaxies), directed  by  nine  savants. The
  known Universe  is  scattered  with  worlds  having  no,  or virtually  no,
  topoligical concentration.  This phenomenon, essentially due to the type of
  propulsion  used  for  very long distance voyages (artificial black holes),
  resulted in the  extreme  political  development of the independent worlds,
  despite themselves.  Spatial  colonization  currently  extends to the solar
  system and its suburbs (less than twenty  light years  away, like  Alpha of
  Centaur) belonging to the Terrian district and the hundreds of other worlds
  colonized  by  the  millionaires (or aliens!) scattered in space and linked
  uniquely by temporal bridges.

  To coordinate  the  actions  of the hundreds of different worlds, an organ-
  ization  has  been  created,  the  U.M.R. (Union  of  Worlds for Assembly).
  However, significant problems remain and the measures  taken  by the U.M.R.
  are   often   stifled  by  the  veto  of  one   government  or   another...
  That's why the C.F.G. prefers to use its personal  action organization, the
  B.A.T., to resolve problems in utter secrecy...

  As  a  B.A.T.  agent, you will  travel around various worlds, all different
  from  each other, meeting strange or frightening characters.  You will have
  to achieve perilous missions but you will have the fabulous chance to visit
  an integral world and to  discover mysteries throughout the adventures that
  we offer you.

  At the beginning of the game, you create your own character.  Don't neglect
  this task, as your  character will evolve  during your adventures.  Whether
  this  is  for   better  or   for  worse,  it  is  a  reflection  of  you...

  Your adventure will  take place  on Selenia,  a very cosmopolitan planet, a
  crossroads of civilization...


                            2) The World of Selenia:

  The climatic  conditions of this planet are very severe.  No flora or fauna
  exist (you may get the chance  to  fly over the  plateaus  and dunes of the
  desert in a DRAG!).  A terrian colony has been set  up in a  town protected
  by an enormous dome: TERRAPOLIS.

  The very industrial nature of this city has  made  it  extremely lively.  A
  large number of different beings meet night and  day  (Appendix I describes
  the main creatures).  You will notice the  heavy atmosphere, resulting from
  this world which influences  its  inhabitants and where violence is common.
  We'd  advise  you to  blend in with the surroundings and not to disturb the
  equilibrium  that makes the city tick, as aggressiveness  is not always the
  best solution...

  Don't forget  that  this  is a  real  world in  which you'll evolve.  Don't
  hesitate to  go for  a  drink or have some fun; adventure  isn't  the  only
  attraction of the game, and you'll rarely be  at a  dead end.  Once  you've
  reached your goal, you can still carry on playing.


                              3) The Dynorama:

  So that the players feels free, so that  he  can totally immerse himself in
  the adventure  w/o  any  restrictions,  we have  conceived  a  system where
  appearance interaction and even the very framework of  the game  have  been

  The  structure  of  the game is based on what we call a "distributed adven-
  ture".  The player can reach a solution in various ways, enabling him to be
  blocked only rarely in the adventure.  The  adventure  is therefore resumed
  by a "main backbone" composed of branches and knots.  The branches  can  be
  parallel or concurrent, they converge towards the knots which lead  to  the
  next step in the adventure by logical relations.

  Moreover, we need an interactive system of high quality to communicate with
  the player. As far as the graphics were concerned, we opted for a complete-
  ly free screen  where  images  take shape and follow each other freely.  In
  consequence, some  screens  are  entirely  graphical, in a "cartoon" style,
  designed to make the game come alive.

  Interaction also occurs through the "dynamic icons," by using the mouse  to
  move around on the image and change depending on the possible action.  Thus
  the information circulates in a  direct,  immediate manner, w/o interfering
  with the player's concentration.

  So there you are, you now know the essentials about B.A.T.'s world.


                    APPENDIX I: THE CHARACTERS IN B.A.T.

* SKUNKS: Totally  antisocial, aggressive, rebellious.  They  like to  attack
          people and steal from  them.  They  gather  together  very  easily.

* TERRANEAN GUARDS: These are the police  of  Terrapolis.  They walk numerous
                    beats in the town and will  seek you out if you break the
                    law.  You will then be imprisoned and judged.  These over
                    trained, heavily armed guards will attack you w/o warning
                    if you have been condemned to death.

* GLOKMUPS: Travelers native to MIGA, not  very  intelligent  but very proud.
            They are often destined to carry  out  dirty jobs and are reduced
            to being robbers or assassins.  They measure around 9 ft. and are
            generally extremely skilled robbers.  Don't place too  much  con-
            fidence in them.

* KRADOKIDS: One of the races populating the planet Sabellius.  They resemble
             lizards and their distinctive feature is that they are Cyclops'.
             Dressed like monks, these are very intelligent  creatures, some-
             times  even wise  men.  They  never let anyone take advantage of
             them and are linked by a powerful sense of fraternity.  They are
             very numerous  and never  mix with  other races. Another race of
             kradokids  exist who are much less intelligent, but they are not
             present on Selenia.

* STICKROBS: These are ultra-perfected robots, slightly less intelligent than
             the human race.  Theoretically used to perform various services,
             they sometimes wander around, when out of order, in the streets.
             They can be dangerous and are very well-armed.

* KILLERS: Giant mercenaries, they have no feelings. You will never meet them
           in Terrapolis  because they are used by Vrangor as his bodyguards.
           They think they are invisible and are kamikazes. They count on the
           element of surprise when they fight.

* VRANGOR'S GUARDS: They  are  extra-terrestials  grouped together in a para-
                    military organization.  Of human size, they are very well
                    trained and only serve to kill.

* MERIGO: A petty crook arrested while trying to  traffic  magnetic cards, he
          escaped with Vrangor during their transfer to Zorg.  Since then, it
          seems  that Vrangor  has been  exerting a strange sort of influence
          over him.

* VRANGOR: A veritable evil genius, he has been arrested 14 times for various
           crimes.  Escaped  or  freed  due  to  lack of evidence, he doesn't
           hesitate to  kill if  his position is threatened.  His cruelty and
           total lack of pity  make  him a fearsome man.  It's because of him
           that the B.A.T. has sent you to Selenia.



  To play B.A.T., you can choose a predefined character by  clicking  on  the
  left mouse  button,  or you can define the characteristics of you personage
  yourself by pressing the right one.


  * Information, Main Menu, Save, Agent's Name all self explanatory.


  1) Basic Competences:
  Basic  Competences CANNOT BE MODIFIED.  They don't appear  on the creation
  screen,  but nevertheless form part  of your character.  These competences

- Life potential: (99-0%) General state,  from  99%  at  beginning, it should
                  never reach 0% or you'll be dead.

- Level: (1-99) This level is your degree of knowledge, your experience.  The
         higher it is, the easier it will be to resolve certain  problems  or
         even avoid them.

- Experience: (0-99pts) helps  change  level  at 100 goes back to 0 but level
              goes up by 1.

- Calorie Level: (kcal) It is calculated  in function of the competences sel-
                 ected.  Your  consumption  is  also  controlled  during your
                 adventure.  Eat or you will die.

- Hydration level: (%) same idea as calorie level, except DRINK!!

- Credits: (Cdts.) Start w/1000 credits.  In Terrapolis, you  can change this
           virtual  money  (you only have one card)  into  small  change, the
           Krell.  The  rate of exchange differs.  In general, one  credit is
           around 2 Krells.


  2) Modifiable Competences:
  You have 78 pts to spread out.  Here is the detailed list of the modifiable

- Force: (0-20) physical potential. Number here is max level during the game.
         minimum of 15 is advised.

- Intelligence: (0-20) Reflects your  mental  capacities.  Enables to resolve
                complex problems, or eg.  to  take the lead in a conversation
                with a less intelligent  individual.  Attaining 20 is classed
                as   genius,  while   minimum  is   fatal  (clinically dead).

- Charisma: (0-20) Constitutes  main  attractive  power, whether  physical or
            mental.  Useful in bargaining, etc....

- Perception: (0-20) Principle senses (smell, taste, etc.) high level enables
              avoidance of surprise, help anticipate attack.... and so on....

- Energy: (0-20) Vitality  also  includes your  willpower.  Energy  potential
          reflecting  your vivacity and speed of your intervention when faced
          with an action.

- Reflexes: (0-20) Capacity to react to an  event without letting your deduc-
            tive competences intervene... Self explanatory.


  3) Aptitudes:
  Calculated depending  on your competences and other parameters too numerous
  to describe.  Reflect  capacity  to carry  out certain  actions.  Resulting
  from personal talents but also from training  you've received, help to make
  actions easier.  Determines your  disposition (scientific, manual, calcula-
  tive, instinctive, etc..)  Expressed in percentage (0-100%).

* Here are the necessary characteristics for this adventure

- Chatter: Useful for confusing or convincing a seller or obtaining info from
           an   indicator.  Found  in  resourceful,  vicious  individuals....

- Pick locks, Steal: Self explanatory...

- Detection: Detect traps, find invisible clue that uncovers  the workings of
             a Machiavellian plan.  An essential  aptitude of all detectives.

- Electronics: 70% considered very good electrician.  Could help  you  out in
               tricky situations.

- Climbing: To cross all  heights without equipment.  If low %, don't attempt
            the impossible, find the nearest elevator.

- Evaluate:  Enable to avoid buying a  replica of a Kar-had  vase at the same
             price  as  an  original.  Do  you  have  a  realistic  attitude?

- Mechanics: Avoid having to take public transport.  Below 10%, advise not to
             touch any machine.

- Track: Davey Crockett mentality.  Helps  follow prey and even react in same
         way he does.

- Locate: Enables you to discover hidden objects.

- Vigilance: Be on guard.  High % will keep you from finding yourself without
             a credit card, whereas low %, you  will be  ideal  prey  for all
             bandits and robbers.

- Firing: In case of attack.  With a high % you can  send  a band  of vicious
          skunks packing  without  even aiming.  If below 20%, you should ask
          all those around you to go several miles away before firing (if you
          have  a  Nova,  we're  not  responsible  for holes in the disk...).

- Psychology: To carefully apprehend a fragile  creature (and not rush at him
              wildly, we advise you not  to  neglect this aptitude.  It could
              be useful to know about  certain  civilizations and not to pro-
              voke them.  Below 10% you're a brute...

  4) Choosing Weapons:
 Before setting out on the adventure, it  would be advisable to  stock up on
  one or two weapons.  In fact, the number of  weapons is a  function of your
  constitution.  You can take two small or one large weapon.



* The choice of a weapon is crucial for the rest of the game.

  Weapons List as follows:

- Voktrasof: Light weapon, like a pen which you keep in you pocket.  Not very
             powerful but easy to hide.

- Beckman: Classic photonic beam of medium power.  weighing around 2 kg, it's
           the preferred weapon of the Skunks.

- Hacker 30: The butcher's  weapon, projects  several thousand needles simul-
             taneously.  You can regulate the dispersion level of the needles
             as well as the pressure of the propulsion gas.  Beautiful weapon
             for you acupuncture experts!!!

- Haas 10: It  consists  of a  type of  pistol launch-missile.  Two  types of
           missiles can be used:

         1) - N 29: Missile w/o non-controllable trajectory
           2) - T 02: Missile tele-guided by body wave

- MOZ: Powerful and devastating infrasonic cannon, extremely  useful for com-
       pletely destroying  any type of conventional engine.  Terranean police
       possess a weapon of this kind.

- NOVA: Most powerful, it's cannon is in fact  a genuine  photon accelerator.
        It is carried on the  shoulder and is equipped  with  multiple  shock
        absorption  systems.  In short, it's not  to  be  used in a very busy
        public place..

  Weapons have several characteristics as follows:

- Perforation Coefficient (CP): (0-9). In  contrast with the  equipment coef-
                  ^^^^^^^^^^    ficient  (built-in resistance factory of your
    \.    ./      DOCS FIXED    clothing,  also   from  0-9).  Ammo   pierces
 {     /\     }   BY [RYGAR]    through any clothing  with an equipment coef-
    ________      ^^^^^^^^^^    ficient lower  than  it's  CP  (the NOVA cuts
   / V    V \                   straight   through   virtually   everything).

- Amunition: Remember to buy the right one that corresponds with your weapon.

- Price: Contained in the Feature Table below:

     | NAME OF WEAPON    PRICE     PERF. COEF.     AMMUNITION           |
     | VOKTRASOF          150           4            LP-12              |
     | BECKMANN           390           5            LP-57              |
     | HACKER 30          440           6            AG-10-80           |
     | HAAS 10            560           5            N 29               |
     |                                  7            T 02               |
     | MOZ                812           7            E-10               |
     |                                  8            E300               |
     | NOVA               995           9            NOVA BATTERY       |


                            III)  THE GAME


  * The left button usually invokes the action presented by the icon:

     1) B.A.T.'s logo (the eye of the falcon): This icon tells you that there
        is nothing in this part of the picture.  However, if you click on the
        right button of the mouse, a main menu will appear.  If  you click on
        the left mouse button, you will access B.O.B.

     2) Directions: Indicates in which direction you can go.

     3) Bubble: (Looks like comic strip conversation bubble) tells  you  that
        you  can engage in conversation with a stationary character or simply
        ask for information.

     4) Bottle: (Icon of a bottle)  This  icon  tells  you  that you  can buy
        something to drink.  

          WATCH OUT!  The fact that you take a drink doesn't mean that you
          have consumed it! If you want to drink it, use the health option
          in the main menu.

     5) Interpellation: (Icon of face profile  speaking) Gives  you  the  op-
        portunity of  conversing  with one  or two  active  characters.  When
        this icon  appears, click  on  the left  button and you can then con-
        verse with the selected character.

     6) Question mark: (Looks like one of these: ?) This icon  tells you that
        tells  you  that you're lacking in something or someone to accomplish
        the required action.
     7) Target: (Icon of  cross-hairs)  appears  during  combat  phases  once
        you have chosen your weapon.

     8) Purchase: (Icon of triangle on bottom and arrow on top of it) Appears
        when  you  can buy  something, or for any action obliging you top pay
        another person.

     9) Heart: (Heart-shaped Icon)  You'll come across this icon  in the red-
        light area  of Terrapolis, when  a charming  young lady will offer to
        show you some smooth moves on the dance floor.

    10) Usage Icon: (Big arrow pointing up) Appears when you  have  to  use a
        a  machine  or  accomplish  a  specific  action (simulator, etc....).



  Access: you can gain access to the main menu each  time you  click  on  the
  right button of you mouse while the BAT logo icon is present on the screen.

  INVENTORY................EXAMINE: Look  at  the  appearance and contents of
                                    your possessions.
                           VALUE  : Give a value to this object (approximate)
                           NEXT   : Pass to next object in inventory.
                           FINISH : Return to main menu.

  LOOK: Look at area where you are.  If there's an object it  will  appear in
        the inventory window.

  SEARCH: Same action as looking except more precise.

  DROP................	   NEXT   : See next item in inventory.
                           DROP   : Drop item in question.
                           HIDE   : Hide item in question.
                           CONCEAL: Conceal item in question.
                           FINISH : Return to main menu.

  HEALTH......EAT   :......NEXT   : See next food item.
                           EAT    : Eat the food.
                           EXAMINE: Look at food.
                           FINISH : Return to main menu.

              DRINK :......NEXT   : See next beverage item.
                           DRINK  : Drink the beverage.
                           EXAMINE: Look at the beverage.
                           FINISH : Return to main menu.

              SLEEP : You immediately fall  asleep, to  wake  up  click  left
                      mouse button.

              FINISH: Return to main menu.

     CAREFUL!  Don't let other characters steal from you or kill you while
     you're asleep.  Also a risk of indigestion if there is no need to eat
     or drink.

  HELP.....................PAUSE        : Pauses game.
                           MUSIC ON/OFF : Turns music on or off.
                           SAVE         : Save Game 1 and so on up to 8.
                           LOAD         : Load Game 1 and so on up to 8.
                           ABORT GAME   : Abort game currently in progress.
                           FINISH       : Return to main menu.

      NOTE: When you save a game, the programs of B.O.B. are not saved.
            You must use the option SAVE B.O.B. (Program 4 function).

  2. CONVERSATION MENU (static characters):

  The static characters are represented by the bubble icon.  Click left mouse
  button when bubble icon appears on character.

* Works the same as the Main Menu system.

  3) INTERPELLATION MENU (mobile characters):

  The characters moving around in the game are located  by the interpellation
  icon.  Click  left  mouse  button  when interpellation  icon appears on the

* Works the same as Main Menu and Conversation Menu.


* Same concept as previous menus...


  There are two ways in  which  you  might find yourself in the combat phase:

  * If you are  the ASSAILANT, you  have provoked  the  fight, you  know your
    adversary, you must know what you're getting yourself into.

  * If you are ATTACKED for some reason by one or two enemies:

  You will find yourself on a full-screen image.

  You must then  arm yourself by clicking the left button of the mouse in the
  square where the weapon is displayed.

  If you have a force  field,  you  can  connect  it  using the  same method.
  Position the target  icon on your adversary  and click several times on the
  left button  of the mouse to kill him.  If you have  no ammunition, you can
  only flee  (so click on the escape icon at the top of  the  screen)  and be
  better prepared next time..

  NOTE: Your opponent could also take flight.  The  more  aggressive you  are
  towards the characters in the game, the more  violent they'll be in return.
  Moreover, the death of on e character automatically results in the birth of



  Like any self-respecting member of B.A.T., you have a computer, the B.O.B.,
  implanted  in  your  arm.  Based  on  electro-organic  technology, it is an
  entirely  separate  organ of  your body. Powered by 4 fibro-veins, it elec-
  tronically analyses  and  controls  your blood flow in  order to supply you
  with all kinds of info about your body. It's particular method of operating
  enables you to modify some of your physical and psychological characterist-

  B.O.B. is therefore not a gadget but a work tool that will help you in your
  mission  and could  even save your life.  It's up to you to put the 4 func-
  tions to their best possible use to profit from B.O.B.'s extraordinary cap-


  -The main screen of B.O.B. gives you access to 4 functions: Programs 1 - 4.

* PROGRAM 1: Reminder of your characteristics.

  - LEVEL: increases each time your experience reaches 99.

  - EXPERIENCE: Some of your  actions  during  your  mission will increase or
                reduce your  experience.  It varies from 0 to 99 between each

  -Others are described earlier.

* PROGRAM 2:  This function indicates state of your health.

  - LIFE POTENTIAL: Informs you of  your health.  99% great shape, but as you
    roam around, you most likely weaken  due to illness, wounds, hunger, etc.
    at 0% your a corpse...

  - B.O.B. continuously analyzes your  blood  in order to detect any weakness
    likely to endanger your mission.

  - HYDRATION: B.O.B. keeps an eye on you dehydration level  and indicates in
    its diagnosis if you need to drink.

  - CALORIES: Your  body  consumes  energy in  calories.  You start with 2000
    calories.  Of course this  diminishes as  you play  the game so a regular
    nutritious  intake  can  conserve the balance between the energy consumed
    and  the  energy intake.  B.O.B. will  indicate in  it's diagnosis if you
    need to eat, but watch out for indigestion....

  - SILHOUETTE OF YOUR CHARACTER:  Thanks to the diagram  of  a  body, B.O.B.
    indicates  the  injured  parts  of your body after fighting.  The injured
    part of the body is in red.

* PROGRAM 3: Translate language and electrocardiogram:


  - B.O.B. controls  your  mental  capacities, notably your ability to under-
    stand and speak a foreign language.

  - On Selenia, there are 3 main ethnic groups: robots,  aliens, and  humans.

  - To understand the aliens, click on Alien, the arrows ">.......<" position
    themselves and thus indicate the language being spoken.

  - CARDIOGRAM: This option enables you to control your heart beat.

  - NORMAL: Is in use unless  you change  it (the arrows ">.......<" are pos-
    itioned on either side of "NORMAL"). Your heart  beats  at a normal rate.

  - HIBERNATION: This option enables  you to slow down your heart beat.  Your
    reaction  to  an  enemy will be slower, but if your injured, for example,
    you  will  become  less  tired  and  above  all  will  lose  less  blood.

  - ACCELERATION: This option  enables you to accelerate your heart beat.  It
    is useful  during  fighting, for  example, your  vitality, foresight  and
    speed are increased (all important physical efforts are increased by this

  - QUIT: Enable you to return to the main menu.

* PROGRAM 4: Programming B.O.B.:

  In order to automate the preceding functions and to avoid repetitive manip-
  ulations, B.O.B.  possesses  original  and revolutionary programming in the
  computer games field.

  - DIR  : Displays the files available for B.O.B. to load.

  - LOAD : Loads the selected file in the memory.  To select a file, click on
           it with the mouse. It will turn red.

  - SAVE : Saves the current program.  Check that your disk is not write

  - ERASE: Erases the selected file on the disk.

  - EDIT : Edits the programs.

  - RUN  : Executes the program present in the memory.

  - QUIT : Quits the Program 4 function.

  - At the top of the screen is the zone where the names of files on the disk
    will be displayed.

  - At the bottom of  the  dialogue zone: for example, to enter the name of a
    file to save.

  To program, a powerful editor has been specially conceived. You gain access
  to this editor by clicking on  the  left button of  your mouse on  the edit

  At the top left of the screen is the editing area. The cursor ">" indicates
  the line on which you are working.  The two vertical  arrows  on  the right
  enable   you  to  move  the  cursor  ">"  up  and  down  in  your  listing.

  At the bottom to the left, 4 functions can be found:

  - INSERT : A line is inserted where the cursor is positioned ">".
  - DELETE : Erases the line where the cursor ">" is positioned.
  - QUIT   : Enables you to quit the edit mode.
  - NEW    : Erases the program in the memory and clears the editing area.

 At the bottom to the right, you'll find the instructions  and the necessary
  parameters for the programming.  Two  vertical arrows surround the zone for
  these commands and enable you  to  make them  scroll before selecting them.

  To  write  a  line  of a program, click on one of the three types of infor-
  mation  found  below  which  should  then  appear  in  the  listing   zone.

  You gain access to 3 types of information:

  1) COMMANDS:                  IF
                          	  END IF

  2) PARAMETERS:                PURSUED

  3) MESSAGES:                  MESSAGE 1
                                MESSAGE 2
                                MESSAGE 3
                                MESSAGE 4
                                MESSAGE 5

  Certain commands need  a parameter  in order to complete a line of program,

  * Example of IF parameters:


  The command DISPLAY only accepts the MESSAGE parameter.  In this  case, the
  editor asks you to type this message on the keyboard. Type up to 10 letters
  then press RETURN. Watch out! The messages will appear on the B.O.B. screen
  once the program is launched by choosing Program 4.

  The command WARN  does  not  need  a parameter.  This command emits a sonar
  signal during the game.

  If a parameter is  not  suitable for an instruction, B.O.B. will refuse it.

  IMPORTANT: Any program must finish with the RESTART command followed by END
  so that the program can re-loop. Therefore, if you link two or more program
  together from the examples below, use only one RESTART command and only one
  END command.  RESTART and END will always  be  the  last  two commands of a


  During the game, you can use B.O.B.  for  help.  Below  you  will find some
  examples of B.O.B.

  Translate Program:  This  program  will  help you to discuss with everybody
  during the game  (alien,  robot, human - your  first  language  is  human).

        END IF
        IF ALIEN
        END IF

  To launch this program, click on "RUN". When "PROGRAM RUNNING" appears, the
  program is activated.

  To stop it, click on "STOP".

  To return to the game, click on "QUIT".

  Alarm Program:  This  program will ring an alarm if  there is Stickrob near

  Health Program:  This program will monitor your health.


  Pulse program: if there is a robot near you,  B.O.B.  will  accelerate your
  pulse.  If the robot tries to kill you  during the combat mode you can kill
  him more easily.


                      V) THE MACHINES AND THEIR USE:

  During your  adventure  in  Terrapolis, you'll come across and have  to use
  various machines.

  They will enable you to: - Change any existing credits to Krells.
                           - Use telephone.
                           - Sleep.
                           - Eat.
                           - Play games (see Bizzy Game).

  a) Use of the machines:
  When  the  Up arrow icon appears on the screen, click on the left button on
  the mouse.  The  machine  will then appear in the center of the screen (for
  the explanations that follow, consult the diagram below).

  Insert your credit card into the machine and use it by clicking on the keys
  shown on the screen using the left button on the mouse.  Once you have fin-
  ished, click  on  your card to quit.  Don't forget to take your credit card
  with you after using a machine.

  * Change machine or telephone:

            - Enter the amount or telephone #.
            - Hit C to cancel or RETURN to enter.

  * Food Machine:

            - Enter choice by selecting the number; you can't cancel choice.

  * Sleep Machine:

            - NOTE: you must have the appropriate amount of credits.
            - Use plus or minus keys to adjust amount of sleep
            - Press "V" key to start sleep.

  b) The Bizzy game:

  The most popular game on Terrapolis.  Invented  by  Segmour BIZZY, it gives
  every player the chance to win money or lose it.

  This game  has  caused  rivalry between the best players of the BIZZY game,
  who meet in the game rooms to compete against each other.

  The principle of the game is simple:  After having made your bet, the BIZZY
  game shows you a series of geometric figures. To win your stake twice over,
  reproduce the sequence of figures in the r ight  order, using the keys sit-
  uated to the right of the BIZZY screen game.

  To start the Bizzy Game:  After inserting your credit card, start  the game
  by pressing the square shape on the top row of keys.

  c) The Love Meter:

  The love meter is a  machine that will  test your romantic performance.  It
  will calculate your capacities while you're on cloud nine.

  The success of your mission  might depend on its verdict.  How can you suc-
  ceed during this test?

  When  you  find  yourself  on  the  dance floor with the person destined to
  boogie down with you, look for the  love  meter  on  the  right side of the
  screen.  To dance, alternate between left and right buttons  as  quickly as
  possible.  Attempt to reach the top of the meter.
  A graph will show your results..

  Good luck !!!!!!

                               VI) THE DRAG:

  1) Presentation

  Extracted from an article published in "Life of the Planets" (literal tran-

  The DRAG  is  a vehicle specially designed for the difficult climatic cond-
  itions on Selenia.  Moreover, it  has never  been exported and is only used
  on this planet.  The first model (Monopropulsor T1) was constructed in 2171
  and in spite of the first catastrophic tests, was rapidly adopted by mining
  companies.  Since then, five  other models followed it.  The last of these,
  the T4-B8 (biopropulsor), is the most frequently used at present.

  The DRAG does not have a very good  reputation  among Selenian  pilots.  In
  fact, piloting it is extremely difficult because  of  the  imposing lateral
  stabilizers.  Fitted  to  combat the immense atmospheric instability.  Some
  would even go so far as to say that controlling them is like piloting those
  ancient contraptions, chariots.

  "A flying chariot, is perhaps the best  definition that can be given of the

  In  this part of the game, you'll find  yourself  behind  the controls of a
  flying  machine  named DRAG. In fact, you'll be using a genuine flight sim-
  ulator.  It  is  shown  in 3D, and  you'll be able to get wherever you like
  and to see objects in all possible positions.  You  can  thus  fly over the
  entire planet surveying Terrapolis.

  2) Piloting:

  a) Direction: By  moving  the  mouse  left or right you can change the dir-
                ection of the DRAG.  The  lateral movements of the mouse con-
                trol the left and right directions.

  b) Speed: Speed is controlled by pressing left and right buttons separately
            The left  button  is  to speed up and the right button is to slow

  c) Radar: The radar helps  you to find Vrangor's station.  Your drag is the
            one  always  in the  center  of the radar screen.  The other dots

                           Vrangor's Station : Red Dot
                           Selenia           : Green Dot

  If you want to go to Vragor's station, move your drag left  or  right, then
  move forward when the red dot is on top of the radar screen.  When  you see
  Vragor's  station,  fly  into  it.  You  will  automatically  land  safely.

                 You are now inside Vrangor's station!!!!!!!!!!!

                             VII) THE MOBYTRACK

  The Mobytrack  is  one of the  numerous  transport methods  to be found  on
  Terrapolis.  You will  come  across  it when you visit the underground city
  (it will be your only way of getting around).  It is very simple to use and
  easy to understand.

  To  get around in the underground, use the mouse and select one of the four
  directions by pressing the left button of the mouse.