Abandonware DOS title

Blackstar: Agent of Justice manual

		       Blackstar - Agent of Justice

This game is a graphic adventure. You are sent on a quest and your goal
is to complete the task at hand. Along the way, you will pick up and use
objects which aid in your quest. You'll talk to people ... you may even kill
someone. Don't worry, you won't be killed in this game ... being such a stud
an all. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't save often, which is always a
good idea in a game such as this.

There are four basic icons you will see. Each represents a specific
function. As you move your mouse around, the icons will change to the
appropriate icon for the situation.

    The pointer is the default icon. Use it to click on inventory items and
    other interface areas.

    The hands are used to GET an item as well as LOOK at an item. Click on
    something to GET it, and read the message when you pass over an item to
    LOOK at it.

    The walking icon indicates you can WALK to another area. Click to move
    to a new scene.

    The mouth means you can TALK to that person. Click to start
    a conversation.

An innovative feature of this game is the THINK icon. Simply pass the
cursor over Blackstar's head and his eyes will close as if he is deep in
thought. Click while the eyes are closed and Blackstar will reveal his
feelings about the scene or situation. Often his feelings might be considered

To see your inventory of items, pass the cursor over Blackstar's coat and
it will highlight. Click on the coat and whatever Blackstar is carrying
will appear. Click on an item and it will appear in the inventory box. If you
do not want to use something, move the cursor outside of the inventory area.

Click on the item in the inventory box and USE it on something or someone.
Your cursor will change to that object until you attempt to use it.

To move around town, click on the Map icon and a map of the city will
appear. Just click on a spot and if you are allowed to go there, you will now
be there. Simple as that.

To Save, Restore, Quit or do other system functions, click on the
Floppy icon and a menu will appear. Pick your choices from the menus which
pop up. The Mouse menu changes the sensitivity of the mouse.
S = slow ... M = medium ... F = fast.

Don't forget that to clear the text, you must click the right mouse button.
If you learn to do this properly, the game will play much smoother. Most text
lines can be read over and over, so don't panic if you miss a message.

Remember to try anything. Talk to anyone you can. Go back to places again
since you never know when something or someone will show up. As in real
life, opportunities to gather information may only happen once, so if you
feel something is important, write it down. If certain situations don't make
sense, they will if you order Episode Two, although this game does have a
specific quest to solve. That's about it. Please enjoy the game.

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