Abandonware DOS title

Blood manual

BLOOD(TM) Version v 1.00

In an age and a region renowned for cruelty and violence, Caleb was 
legendary. Born in western Texas in 1847, he had sealed a reputation as 
a merciless gunfighter by the age of 17. But it was seven years later when 
he met Ophelia Price that his hunger for bloodshed took on a menacing new 

She was already well beyond the bounds of sanity when he found her cowering 
in the charred ruins of the burned out homestead where her husband and child
had perished only days before. It was neither her tattered beauty nor her 
plight that compelled Caleb to take her in, however-it was the words he 
picked out of her virtually incoherent mumblings.

He learned that her husband had attempted to rescind his membership of the 
dreaded Cult of Tchernobog and in return cultists had set fire to the house 
in the night. Ophelia was filled with rage-not at the cult but at her 
husband, whose cowardice she blamed for the death of her young son.

Ophelia was Caleb's doorway to the Cult and its dark purpose. He could not 
have known that in time he would come to love her, nor that their service to 
the Cult would find the two of them beloved among the Chosen, elite servants 
of the dreaming god Tchernobog, the One That Binds, Devourer of Souls. 

In the Hall of the Epiphany, a temple that spans the chasm between the 
worlds, the four remaining Chosen stand at the forefront of a procession of 
worshippers. Tchernobog's presence is felt more than seen-the great, frigid 
weight of a hunger that spans millennia. He speaks in a cacophony of voices 
stolen from the dead, summoning the Chosen to the center of the sacrificial 
ring. They stand before the Dark God, united by a sudden, inexplicable sense 
of doom.

A wordless cry rises up from the seething shadows, one voice swallowed up by 
many until the hall resounds with them. The members of the procession behind 
the Chosen melt away in a gust of ethereal wind, extinguished like so many 
candle flames. There aren't even ashes to indicate they ever existed.

The Chosen look to one another in confusion and dread. They can already feel 
the ties that bind them to Tchernobog fraying. Why? How have we failed you?

But there is no answer other than the shattering scream that threatens to 
tear the universe to shreds. Darkness swells around them, swallows them. 
Their cold, abandoned souls fall through the abyss.

And they burn.

Caleb awakens in cold and damp in a body he no longer knows. It has long 
lain as a corpse that refused to rot, protected from putrefaction by some 
unearthly link to its master. The pain of protesting muscle and flesh 
invigorates and awakens him. He welcomes it. It distills his hate into the 
maelstrom raging in the center of his mind.

An agonizing cry breaks out of him, shattering the stone lid of the tomb in 
which he lies, knocking loose sediment, cobwebs, and the small, unnoticed 
creatures that have shared his grave with him. A single word rings out 
through the darkness, echoing Tchernobog's lingering howl: "Why?"


o CPU: Pentium: 75MHz or better
o Memory: 16MB RAM
o Available Hard-Disk Space: 65MB
o Distribution Media Drive: 4X CD-ROM drive
o Audio System: 100% Sound Blaster Compatible
o Video System: VGA 256-color
o Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Advanced Input
o DOS 6.2 or better

CD-ROM DOS Installation
1. Place the CD in your CD-ROM drive (typically drive D:).
2. Switch to your CD-ROM drive by typing D: (or the appropriate drive letter 
   designation) and press [ENTER]
3. Type INSTALL and press [ENTER] to start the installation program
4. Follow the on-screen prompts

Once the game is installed, type SETUP from within your Blood directory to 
configure the game to your system. If you are unsure of the settings you 
should choose, consult your computer or sound card manual for assistance. 
If you know you have a sound card and speakers but are unsure of the brand, 
select SoundBlaster for both Music and Sound Card as it is the most common.

1. Place the CD in your CD-ROM drive (typically drive D:). Unless you
   have autorun disabled, the Blood Setup will start.

   If it doesn't, or if you have an earlier version of Windows 95, 
   continue with the following steps:
2. Click on the My Computer icon on your desktop
3. Click on the icon for your CD-ROM drive
4. Double-click the INSTALL icon to start the installation program
5. Follow the on-screen prompts

Once the game is installed, double click the SETUP icon in your Blood folder 
to configure the game to your system. If you are unsure of the settings you 
should choose, either consult your computer or sound card manual or right 
click your My Computer icon and select the Device Manager tab, which should 
list the necessary information. If you know you have a sound card and speakers
but are unsure of the brand, select SoundBlaster for both Music and Sound Card
as it is the most common.

If you experience problems running Blood in Windows95, you will have to 
restart your computer in MS-DOS mode. Click on the Start button and select 
Shut Down. Select Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode? and click OK. When your
computer restarts, follow the DOS installation instructions above.

Windows 3.1 users must exit to DOS before installing Blood. Click File in the 
top left hand corner of your Program Manager window, select Exit Windows, 
and then click OK. Note that each time you play you'll have to exit Windows 
and then switch to the Blood directory (by typing CD\BLOOD and then pressing 


The road back to the Hall of the Epiphany is fraught with peril. You will
face numerous foes, puzzles, and other obstacles in your journey, so you 
will have to be resourceful. Survival is your first priority, but survival 
alone isn't enough. You must first seek the others of the Chosen, for only 
with their combined strength can you hope to reach Tchernobog.

When you select NEW GAME from the main menu, you will be given a choice 
between four episodes-The Way of All Flesh, Even Death May Die, Farewell 
to Arms, and Dead Reckoning. The Way of All Flesh will bring you to the 
aerie of Cheogh, the stone gargoyle, where you will seek your beloved 
Ophelia. Even Death May Die marks your quest for Gabriel, who is held in 
the lair of Shial, the Mother of Spiders. Farewell to Arms will lead you 
before Cerberus, who guards your comrade Ishmael. In Dead Reckoning, you 
will face Tchernobog himself in the Hall of the Epiphany, where perhaps 
you will learn the reason for your banishment.

Helpful Hint:	Playing the episodes in order will preserve the flow of 
the game story and ensure a more gradual increase in difficulty.

You must also select a skill level. Blood's skill levels affect more than 
the number of monsters or powerups you will find along the way-the harder 
the level, the more damage monsters can take and dish out. 

Helpful Hint:	Still Kicking is recommended only for beginning players who 
          are easily frustrated or frightened-and even they may be subject 
          to our ridicule. Likewise, Extra Crispy was designed with 
          cooperative play in mind and may therefore seem a bit too 
          challenging to a single player. Not that we expect that to stop you.


Controls: Mouse Sensitivity
Controls the responsiveness of the game to mouse movement. The higher the 
sensitivity, the faster you'll spin.

Conrols: Invert Mouse Aim:
Controls the changes in view that result from mouse movement

Controls: Key Turn Speed
Like mouse sensitivity, key turn speed affects responsiveness to movement 
controls. This option gives keyboarders a fighting chance against mouse 

Controls: Configure Keys
Allows changing the keys assigned to different game functions.  The default
key assignments are given below

Changes the detail level. If you are experiencing choppy image quality, try
reducing the detail level a notch or two.

Adjusts screen brightness. Note that higher gamma settings tend to reduce
contrast and may also overbrighten areas that we've intentionally left dark.

Adjusts the volume of background music.

Adjusts the volume of sound effects and ambient sounds.

Adjusts the volume of CD Audio music.

Toggles a crosshair for easier aiming.

Show Weapons
Allows you to see which weapon your opponent is using in BloodBath. Weapons 
will appear above enemies' heads.

Slope Tilting
Controls whether or not player's view tilts in the direction of slopes. 
Disable this option to keep your view directed at the horizon.

View Bobbing
Toggles the vertical "bobbing" of player weapons. Disable view bobbing if you
experience nausea while playing.

View Swaying
Toggles horizontal "swaying" of player weapons.

Parental Lock
Allows you to control the parental lock feature of Blood.

Controlling the Action
Becoming comfortable with the movement controls is the key to success in 
Blood. These are the functions you should master if you hope to defeat 
Tchernobog. Our default controls are listed below, but you are free to 
customize your controllers to suit your playing style.

Note that Blood supports keyboard, mouse, joystick, and GamePad(tm).  

Button 1	Fire the selected weapon's primary fire
Button 2	Fire the selected weapon's alternate fire
Button 3	Walk forward
Double-click Button 1	Activate item or open door

Direction	Movement
Button 1	Fire the selected weapon's primary fire
Button 2	Strafe
Button 3	Run
Button 4	Activate item or open door
Double-click Button 2	Use selected inventory item
Double-click Button 3	Jump
Double-click Button 4	Crouch

Direction	Movement
Button 1	Fire the selected weapon's primary fire
Button 2	Strafe
Button 3	Run
Button 4	Activate item or open door
Double-click Button 2	Use selected inventory item
Double-click Button 3	Jump
Double-click Button 4	Crouch

Arrows	Movement
Spacebar	Use items or open doors
Tab	Toggle automap
F	Toggle map follow mode
Shift	Run
Caps Lock	Auto run
Alt	Strafe
,	Strafe left
.	Strafe right
Ctrl	Fire the selected weapon's primary fire
X	Fire the selected weapon's alternate fire
~	Weapon jab
A	Jump
Z	Crouch
PgUp	Look up
PgDown	Look down
Home	Aim up
End	Aim down
Backspace	Turn around
[ or ]	Cycle through inventory items
Enter	Use selected inventory item
B	Use Beast Vision*
C	Use Crystal Ball*

J	Use Jump Boots*
M	Use Doctor's Bag*
P	Use Proximity Bomb*
R	Use Remote Detonator*

* Assumes that you have this item in your inventory.


Charging headlong into battle is a sure way to wind up back where you 
started-in a tomb. The enemies you face in Blood, both in single play and 
BloodBath, will stop at nothing to splatter your guts on the nearest wall, 
so you'll need to learn how to use your weapons and the environment to your 
advantage. Familiarize yourself with each of the weapons in your arsenal, 
for some are better in certain situations than others. Also, use cover to 
your advantage whenever possible. Ducking behind a wall may save your life.


Blood is arranged in four episodes, each of which contains between six and 
eight levels, plus a secret level you will have to look hard to find. Every 
level presents its own set of challenges and hazards, and it's up to you to 
overcome the obstacles in your path and move further toward the goal of the 

Some of the puzzles you encounter may seem difficult at first, but each has 
a logical solution. Be sure to keep an eye open for clues if you find 
yourself stuck. Who knows, you may even discover some of the many hidden 
areas scattered throughout the game.

In order to move on to the next level, you will have to find the Seal of 
Tchernobog that will show you the way forward. 


Tchernobog's minions are as well armed as they are belligerent, so you will
need to gather an arsenal of your own in order to defeat them. Each weapon 
has a primary fire and an alternate fire, and many can be powered up with 
the Guns Akimbo bonus.

This handy tool can be very effective if you can get close enough to your 
foes to use it on them. It doesn't need ammo, so you'll always have it to 
fall back on if you need it.
Ammo: None

Flare Gun
Fires burning projectiles that lodge easily in flesh and continue to burn for 
a short period of time. Unless you dive into water, you'll take damage until 
the flare burns itself out, by which time it may be too late. The alternative 
fire launches a starburst flare that douses a large area with flames. Can 
provide effective crowd control.
Ammo: Flares

Sawed-Off Shotgun
A trusty companion if ever there was one. It doesn't have great range, but it 
packs a hell of a wallop up close. Can be fired either a barrel at a time or 
both at once for extra damage.
Ammo: Shotgun shells

Thompson's Machine Gun
The Tommy Gun is a favorite of the Cabal for its rapid rate of fire and 
impressive accuracy. On the down side, it chews up ammo quickly. The 
alternative mode is a strafing attack that covers a wider area with twice as 
many bullets, which is an effective way to clear out a room.
Ammo: Bullet drums 

Dynamite Bundles
Light one up and chuck it at a group of zombies and you'll be rewarded with 
red rain and chunks of rotted flesh on the brim of your hat. The longer you 
hold down the fire button, the farther you'll throw the bundle. Watch the 
meter on the status bar to gauge the distance. The primary mode explodes on 
impact, while the alternative mode will burn all the way down before it 
explodes, making for some interesting traps.
Ammo: Dynamite bundle

Remote Detonators
Remotes work like dynamite bundles, except that you can detonate them at 
will. You can bounce them off walls or ceilings if you're afraid to peek 
around a corner. The alternative fire drops a remote at your feet, and you 
can hit the alt-fire key again to place additional remotes without detonating
those you've already placed.
Ammo: Remote detonator

Proximity Detonators
These are by far the nastiest explosives you'll come across. You can scatter 
them around and concern yourself with other matters. As soon as someone 
steps near one, you'll hear a far-off boom and accompanying shrieks of agony. 
Use the alt-fire to drop them at your feet. Also, remember where you've 
dropped proximities or you may fall prey to your own trap.
Ammo: Proximity detonator

This monstrous weapon launches a huge ball of flaming napalm at an extremely 
high velocity. If the initial explosion doesn't kill your enemy, the burning 
probably will. Best used with extreme caution, especially in tight areas. The
alt-fire launches several napalm projectiles, covering a wider area but also 
chewing up a lot more ammo.
Ammo: Gasoline cans

Voodoo Doll
The power of the voodoo doll is immense, but far subtler than that of a 
Ammo: Voodoo doll

Aerosol Can
Hairspray may not seem like the most daunting weapon, but apply it to a 
cigarette lighter and you've got an instant flamethrower (don't try this 
at home). While its range is rather limited, its effectiveness is quite 
impressive. You can also light one up like a Molotov cocktail and toss it 
into a group of adversaries. Hit alt-fire a second time after igniting a 
can to drop it at your feet-it will explode once it burns down.

Tesla Cannon
This powerful prototype weapon packs a mighty load of amperage. Nikola 
Tesla would be proud.

Life Leech
This artifact draws its power from the life energy of your foes. Run low 
on ammo and it saps your own strength!


You will find various items in your journeys that will help you along your 
way. Some items will be added to your inventory-you can use these as needed. 
Others will be activated the moment you pick them up and wear off after a 
short while, so make the best of them while you can.


Boosts your health by 20 points, up to 100.

Life Seed
Adds 100 points to your health, up to 200 total.

Body Armor
Adds 100 body armor.

Fire Armor
Adds 100 fire resistant armor, which is useful against flares, flaming 
aerosol, and the residual effects of dynamite and napalm.

Spirit Armor
Adds 100 spiritual armor, which will absorb damage from the Voodoo Doll and 
Life Leech.

Super Armor
Adds 200 points of body, fire, and spirit armor.

Basic Armor
Adds 50 of each type of armor


Death Mask
Provides temporary invulnerability to all attacks. Note that you are still 
susceptible to physics, which means a dynamite blast may hurl you off a cliff.

Guns Akimbo
Gives you double-fisted killing power with one-handed weapons, such as the 
shotgun, flare gun, and Tommy gun.

Crystal Ball (Press "C" to activate)
In BloodBath, this powerup enables you to see your enemies regardless of 
where they are. Cycle through your foes by repeatedly hitting the hotkey or 
Enter. To deactivate the crystal ball and save it for later, scroll through 
all opponents and it will turn off.

Beast Vision (Press "B" to activate)
You'll no longer need to fear the creatures  in the dark.

Dr.'s Bag (Press "M" to activate)
Will restore up to 100 points of health when activated. The unused medicine 
will remain in your inventory until used up. Keep this item handy!

Jump Boots (Press "J" to activate)
Enable you to jump much higher than normal. Useful for those hard to reach 
places or crossing chasms the easy way.

Reflective Shots
This powerup causes bullets to bounce back at your attacker.  You are still 
susceptible to flares and explosives, so be careful

Some areas are accessible only with special keys hidden in each level. 
Others require you to solve a puzzle, such as restoring power to an area or 
providing a specific combination. While you can often guess combinations 
through trial and error, we have provided clues for you if you look carefully.


Skull Key
Eye Key
Flame Key
Moon Key
Spider Key
Dagger Key


Puzzles are only part of the challenge ahead. Tchernobog's minions are 
everywhere, for they know the goal of your quest and will stop at nothing 
to stop you.

While not the deadliest of creatures, these little fiends can be quite 
hazardous if they mob you, which is their preferred mode of attack.

Bats have a nasty tendency of getting in your face when you're trying to 
get a bead on deadlier creatures. Take care of them quickly if you know 
what's good for you.

Don't be fooled-spiders are dangerous enemies. The little red ones pack a 
poison that will blur your vision. The larger green ones can blind you 
completely for a short time. The poison is cumulative, so the more they 
bite, the worse the side effects.

These hardy undead menaces move more swiftly than you might expect. Take 
them out before they get close or you'll taste their rusty axe blades. 
Also, just because they're down doesn't mean they're dead-make sure 
they're down for the count before you move on.

Bloated Butchers
Slower and more deliberate than their axe-wielding comrades, are much 
tougher to kill. You'll have to dish out a lot of abuse before they go 
down. Beware of the foul goo they vomit at you, for it is both corrosive 
and unpleasant smelling.

Tchernobog's human soldiers are accurate and deadly. Wielding shotguns 
these robed menaces give you a good fight. They may also lob dynamite at 
you from time to time, so listen for the telltale hiss and be ready to 
dive for cover.

These Tommy Gun packin' keepers of the dark faith  want to spill your 
precious life blood. Keep your ears  tuned for the deadly sounds of 
dynamite as they sometimes offer explosives instead.

Your first encounter with a gargoyle will teach you to keep an eye turned 
skyward. They are as tough to kill as they are vicious. They hurl sharp 
bones at you from afar or swoop in to rake at you with their talons.

Stone Gargoyles
Stone gargoyles are nigh invulnerable. Bullets bounce off their brittle 
hides and flames find little purchase. You'll have to be resourceful to 
survive an encounter with one of these monstrosities.

Hell Hounds
These fire-breathing mastiffs are swift and deadly. If they get close to 
you, their powerful jaws will make quick work of you, so keep your 
distance. . . if you can.

Bone Eels
Though somewhat timid, bone eels will dart at you the moment you turn 
your back. They make up in ferocity what they lack in fortitude.

Gill Beasts
If you have to face a gill beast in the water, you're in big trouble. While
slow and ponderous above water, in their element they are vicious 

Choking Hands
The corpses that the minions of Tchernobog use to make zombies aren't 
always in the best of shape. Sometimes, only a limb is salvageable. Usually, 
the Cabal's surgeons can fashion various bits and pieces into a serviceable 
undead soldier, but certain leftover parts can be effective all on their 
own. If one of these horrors gets hold of you, you've got to push it off 
before you can kill it.

These restless phantoms harvest the souls of their victims with vicious 
scythes. Because they exist more in the land of the dead than the world 
of the living, they are only vulnerable when attacking.  Watch for them 
to solidify before striking or your ammo and effort will be wasted.

Cheogh rules over all gargoyles, but he has long yearned to hold higher 
rank in Tchernobog's army. His jealousy toward the Chosen was never kept 
secret. Now that you have been cast from Tchernobog's graces, envy has 
boiled into sheer abiding hatred. He will be anxious to meet you again 
and express his feelings for you.

Shial, Mother of Spiders
The spider demon Shial makes her lair deep within the earth in the frozen 
North. Surrounded by her arachnid spawn, she skulks through darkness, 
feeding on those hapless souls who stumble into her cavernous labyrinth 
or are brought there by her loyal children. Those who fall victim to her 
learn of true agony as she digests them alive.

Named for the mythical guardian of the gates of Hell, this two-headed 
firebreathing demon abides in a dark, sulfurous den, hidden to the world 
of mortals. Ferocious and nigh invulnerable, Cerberus is the deadliest 
adversary you will face aside from Tchernobog himself. Remember that you 
must destroy both heads in order to defeat him.

His name is spoken only in whispers, for it is said that his interest is 
easily roused. Those who peer fully into his smoldering gaze are condemned 
to madness and death. You must find him before his powers become complete 
if you are to stand a chance. Even then, defeating him will require all 
your strength and ingenuity. 


To start a multiplayer game of Blood, run SETUP and select from the following 

1.  Choose "Network Game" and press [ENTER].
2.  Select the number of players (1-8). 
3.  Leave the socket number at its default unless you experience difficulties,
    in which case you should ask your network administrator for assistance. 
4.  Enter a Player Name if you like.
5.  Select "Launch Blood" and press [ENTER]. The game will begin once the game
    has found all the players. Press escape at any time to abort before the 
    game launches.

1.  Choose "Modem Game" and press [ENTER].
2.  Select either "Wait for Call" or "Dial Your Opponent".
3.  Select "Setup COM Port" and indicate your modem COM Port. Leave the other 
    options at their defaults unless you experience difficulties.
4.  Select "Setup Modem" and find your modem on the list. If you are unsure of
    the brand, consult your computer documentation. Use the default 
    initialization, hangup, and dialout strings unless you experience
5.  Enter a Player Name if you like.
6.  If you are dialing your opponent, select "Phone Number List" and enter 
    phone number.
7.  Select "Launch Blood" and press [ENTER]. The game will begin once the 
    connection has been made.

1.  Choose "Serial Game" and press [ENTER].
2.  Select "Setup COM Port" and indicate the COM Port you are using. Leave the
    other options at their defaults unless you experience difficulties.
3.  Enter a Player Name if you like.
4.  Select "Launch Blood" and press [ENTER]. The game will begin once the 
    connection has been made.

Game Type: Once the game has loaded, you must first select the game type from 
the Game menu. BloodBath pits players against one another. In cooperative 
play, players work together to fight monsters and progress through the game 
in a linear fashion. 

Episode and Level: Next indicate the level you wish to start with by selecting
the appropriate Episode and Level names. 

Monsters: If you want monsters in your network game, select "Bring 'Em On." 
You may also select "Respawn" for monsters that regenerate after they are 

Weapons: Permanent weapons do not disappear when picked up, so that any player
can find a weapon regardless of other players' actions within the level. Note 
that you can only pick up a weapon once -- running over it repeatedly does not
add ammunition to your inventory. Respawning weapons disappear for a brief 
time when picked up. Running over a weapon already in your arsenal will add 
ammunition to your inventory. Select "Respawn with Markers" if you would like 
a graphic to appear indicating approximately how close an item is to 
respawning (red means a long wait, yellow a medium wait, and green a short 
wait). Select "Do Not Respawn" if you want to have a pitchfork showdown.

Items: Select whether you want ammunition and powerups to reappear once picked
up. As with Weapons, you may set items to respawn with or without markers.

Respawn: This option affects where players 
respawn after dying in a BloodBath. With "Random" respawning, you will appear 
arbitrarily at any one of the respawn points. "Close to Weapons" will spawn 
you nearest to an available weapon. "Away from Players" will respawn you 
furthest from other players in the level, giving you a chance to gather some 
weapons and items before jumping back into battle.

User Map: Allows you to specify a user map to play.

When you are ready to play, select "Start Game" and press [ENTER].

To communicate with other players during a multiplayer game, press "T" and 
type your message. Press [ENTER] to send it or [Esc] to abort.

You may send predefined macros by pressing "T" and then selecting F1--F10. 
Feel free to edit your macros from SETUP. The more creative and vindictive, 
the better.

Some Blood levels feature teleporters that appear in BloodBath only. Learn to 
use these teleporters to get around levels quickly. Teleporter destinations 
generally appear as animated markers on the floor. Stay away from these in a 
crowded game--someone might teleport right into you.

Sometimes you'll knock BloodBath opponents to their knees instead of killing 
them outright. The victim spends several moments swaying, poised between life 
and death. If no one reacts, the victim will slump over and die, earning you a
point. Of course, because your victim is helpless, you'll have a moment or two
to gloat. You may end the torture swiftly by blowing the victim's head off. 
You may also draw it out by tossing a lit bundle of dynamite on the ground 
nearby. Be careful, though. Victims may bring themselves back from the brink 
of death by repeatedly hitting the space bar.

You'll recognize the brink of death by the sudden drunken skewing of your 
view. When this happens, hammer on that spacebar and pray.



Game Designer:
Nick Newhard

Project Manager:
Matt Saettler

Build Engine, Editor, and Tools:
by Ken Silverman

Additional Tools:
Nick Newhard
Peter Freese

Lead Programmer:
Nick Newhard

Game Programming:
Daniel Leeks
Peter Freese

Network Layer/Setup Program:
Mark Dochterman
Nick Newhard

Level Design:
James Wilson III
Craig Hubbard

Additional Level Design:
Kevin Kilstrom
Nick Newhard
Terry Hamel

Lead Artist:
Kevin Kilstrom

Additional Artwork:
Terry Hamel
Eric Klokstad
Rick Welsh
Brian Waite
David Brickley

Character Modeling:
Kevin Kilstrom

Sound Engine:
Peter Freese
Jim Dose

Sound Development:
Cassano Thruston
James Ackley
Jason Hall
Guy Whitmore
Daniel Bernstein

Cultist language and "Pestis Cruento" composed by:
Daniel Bernstein

Performed by:
Steve Bryant
Doug Fullington
Vernon Nicodemous
David Stutz

Music Composed by:
Daniel Bernstein
Guy Whitmore

Additional Music by:
Mike Cody

Additional Vocals by:

Voice Talent:
Stephan Weyte as Caleb
Jason Hall as The Voice (TM)

Additional Sound Development:

Craig Hubbard, writer
Kevin Kilstrom, art director
James Wilson III, writer
Lead 3D Artist/Animator
Aaron Carlson

3D Animation:
Derek Bentley
Peter Arisman
Benjamin Pierre
Scott Thurman
Brian Waite
Phillip Ulberg

3D Coordinator:
Paul Renault

Blood Internet Site (www.blood.com):
Spencer Maiers
Paul Butterfield
Adam Ketola
Kevin Kilstrom
Craig Hubbard

Quality Assurance:
Lynne Dayton
Leonard Salas
Jim McAvinew
John Hurst
Mike Cody
Rodd Karp
Wyeth Johnston
Isaac Barry
Gary Pope
Kevin Bailey
Michael Caine

GTIS Producer and Lead Atmosphere Monger:
Rick Raymo

Special Thanks:
Helen Newhard
Francine Kilstrom
Lauren Johnson
Tamara Leeks
Lisa Sheets
Evan Stein
Jason Pratt (aka Pailhead)
William Mull (aka Phoebus)
Cho Yan Wong (aka Tempest)
Geoff Stratton
Matt Hayhurst
George Broussard
Scott Miller
Joe Siegler
Richard Gray
Andrew Blevins

BLOOD Level Design Credits

Cradle to Grave                 James Wilson
Wrong Side of the Tracks        Craig Hubbard
Phantom Express                 James Wilson
Dark Carnival                   Kevin Kilstrom, James Wilson
Hallowed Grounds                Nick Newhard, Craig Hubbard, Terry Hamel
The Great Temple                Terry Hamel, James Wilson
Altar of Stone                  James Wilson
House of Horror                 James Wilson

Shipwrecked                     Craig Hubbard
The Lumber Mill                 Craig Hubbard
Rest for the Wicked             Kevin Kilstrom & Craig Hubbard
The Overlooked Hotel            Kevin Kilstrom & Craig Hubbard
The Haunting                    James Wilson & Kevin Kilstrom
The Cold Rush                   James Wilson
Bowels of the Earth             James Wilson
The Lair of Shial               James Wilson
Thin Ice                        James Wilson

Ghost Town                      James Wilson
The Siege                       Craig Hubbard
Raw Sewage                      James Wilson
The Sick Ward                   Craig Hubbard
Spare Parts                     James Wilson & Craig Hubbard
Monster Bait                    James Wilson & Terry Hamel
The Hall of Cerberus            Craig Hubbard
In the Dog House                James Wilson

Butchery Loves Company          James Wilson
Breeding Grounds                James Wilson
Sacrificial Orifice             James Wilson
Charnel Bog                     Kevin Kilstrom
Fire and Brimstone              James Wilson
The Ganglion Depths             James Wilson & Terry Hamel
A Separate Piece                Craig Hubbard & Nick Newhard
The Hall of the Epiphany        Kevin Kilstrom & 
Mall of the Dead                James Wilson & Craig Hubbard

BLOOD CD-Audio Credits

Pestis Cruento                      Daniel Bernstein
Unholy Voices                       Daniel Bernstein
Dark Carnival                       Daniel Bernstein
Infuscomus                          Guy Whitmore and Daniel Bernstein
Father Time                         Daniel Bernstein
Waiting for the End                 Daniel Bernstein
Fate of the Damned                  Mike Cody and Daniel Bernstein
Double, Double, toil and trouble    Guy Whitmore and Daniel Bernstein