Abandonware DOS title

Bloodwych manual


You are one of the Bloodwych. You must take on the persona of one of the last sixteen champions of  Trazere. You must first explore Treidwyl, recruting more champions, and gathering items to aid your task. Once you are prepared you must get the four crystals of storing fron the towers. Take them to the fifth tower and there destroy Zenddick, and banish the Lord of Enthropy to the realm of chaos. To do this you will have to defeat the agents of Zendick. The Lord of Entropy has transformed many of the citizens of Tazere into weird monsters, and twisted the minds of many into those of psychotic killers. Some of these citizens may aid you, but many will try to destroy you. Good luck in your mission, and remember the spirit of the Bloodwych is always 
with you.

BOODWYCH is played using one or two joysticks which mimic the functions of  your computer mouse controller. Most of the functions of BLOODWYCH are activated by using the fire button to activate ther icon. Player ones pointer is blue and player twos pointer is red.

The character selection page shows the sixteen available champions.  To
inspect a champion click on the Shield representing that character. The
champion will appear in one of the player boxes to the right of the
screen,together with with his or her attributes displayed in the Character scroll. Click on the Bag icon to view the characters inventory. The Bag icon will noe become a Book icon. Click on this to view the characters spell book. The Book icon will become a Scroll icon. Click on this to return the Character Scroll. See the section on spells and the inventory for an explanation of these displays.

If you now wish to view another champion you can do so by clicking on the appropriate Shield. You may view as many champions as you whish in this way. When you have chosen a suitable champion click on the Suit icon (the playing cards) to confirm your choice. When both players (in a two player game) have selected their champions the game will begin. All other characters desired by either player will have to be recruted, as described in the communication section.

Psyche Types
There are four psyche types, each indicated by a different suit of cards. Each psyche type has different strengths and weaknesses. The types are:

Fighters - good in combat    			= Spades
Mages - excellent at spells			= Clubs
Adventurers - all-rounders and diplomats	= Hearts
Archers/Assassins				= Diamonds

Any psyche type can attempt and perform actions normally associate with another type. They may not be very adept at it.

Character Attributes.

Clicking on the Scroll icon will call up the Character Scroll for the currently selected leader. This Shows the following character

LEVAEL: 	This is an indication of your characters experience. This
		affects your basic and specialty skills. The higher your
		level is, the more competent you are at everything.

STRENGTH:	This affects how easily you are hit during combat and how
		much damage you will inflict on your opponent. 

AGILITY:	This also affects your skills in combat, as well as your
		ability to dodge attacks.

INTELLIGENCE:   This limits the number of spell points you have.

CHARISMA:	This is an indication of how much influence you have on 
		other characters.

HIT POINTS: 	This shows how much damage you can take before dying. Hit
		points can be restored with appropriate potions, spells, or
		by resting. The first figure shows your current hit points, 
		while the second shows the maximum you can reach.

VITALITY:	This is an indication of how much energy you have. If your				vitality drops to zero you will start to take damage. 
		Potions and spells may be used to assist in recovering your
		vitality. As with hit points, the first figure shows your
		current vitality while the second shows the maximum you can

FOOD:		This bar shows how well fed a character is. If the bar is
		short, the character is hungry and will require food soon.
		The food level influences the speed at which vitality is 

Click once anywhere on the screen to revert to the main control display. The important attributes for the current leader are also displayed in the statistics box situated to the right of the leader icon. The three bars in this box show, fron top to bottom, hit points, vitality, and spell points.