Abandonware DOS title

Bubble Ghost manual


     Bubble Ghost is indestructible. He cab touch and cross over any object 
without injury. Unfortunately the bubble is not so lucky. If it touches any 
object, it pops. Note: The ghost may touch the bubble without popping it. 
You start with 6 bubbles (5 in your bubble pouch, plus the one you are
blowing on), but you can get more (see Extra Lives). The number of bubbles
shown at the bottom of the screen indicates the number of bubbles in your
Bubble Pouch.
     Use the mouse to move the ghost around the screen. To move the ghost
to another angle, click the mouse buttons. The left mouse button rotates 
him counter-clockwise, while the right button moves him clockwise. Rotate 
the ghost to blow the bubble around corners and contraptions. To make Bubble
Ghost blow, press the Spacebar.


     To move the bubble, Bubble Ghost must blow on it. To blow, press the 
Spacebar. The distance between the bubble and the ghost affects the strength
of the blowing action. The closer they are, the more the bubble moves. Don't
blow too long without letting Bubble Ghost breathe, or he'll turn red in the
face and lose points. In addition to blowing the bubble, Bubble Ghost must
blow on objects in the castle to clear the way for the bubble (See Tricks
and Techniques).


     There are 35 rooms (levels). To complete a level, blow the bubble across
the screen to the exit. Some levels have more than one exit. These "Secret
Passageways" let you skip levels and bypass some of Von Schtinkers' 
     You start the game with 6 lives (bubbles). If a bubble pops, you lose a 
life. Extra lives are awarded after successfully completing the following 
levels: 5, 11, 17, 23 and 29.


     Points are awarded after completing a level as described below:

EFFECTIVE BREATHING TECHNIQUES: If you complete the level without turning
  Bubble Ghost red, you earn 1000 points.

TIME LEFT ON THE BONUS COUNTER: At the bottom of the screen is a long
  horizontal bar that keeps getting shorter. This is the Bonus Bar. The
  faster you get through the room, the higher your bonus. If you pop a 
  bubble, the bonus counter does not reset for the next bubble. It 
  continues from where it was when the first bubble popped.

DISCOVERING CASTLE SECRETS: Bubble Ghost must blow on objects in the castle
  to clear the way for the bubble. Solving one of these puzzles earns 5000 


     In addition to secret passageways (see Completing a Level), there are
other mysteries in the castle. Bubble Ghsot must blow on certain objects to
clear the way for the bubble. We don't want to give it all away, but if a 
candle was making things a little too hot for you, what would you do? And 
what about the fans? You'll never get by unless you discover their secret.
There are other secrets, but....