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Business Simulator manual

Reality Development Corp's software teams have created numerous
business simulations for use within major corporations and
leading business schools.  Now, with Business Simulator,
independent executives and budding entrepreneurs can also
experience the same powerful business simulation technology...

Shortly, you will enter the first of five progressive levels of
simulation.  Each level challenges you, as the CEO, to make
increasingly sophisticated business decisions and strategic
choices.  With Business Simulator, you can practice corporate
strategy and then observe the results without the downside risk
that comes with running a real world business.

Business Simulator comes with four powerful features that
help you succeed.  Press the:  

    [C] Consulting key - to get valuable expert advice when
                         making decisions;
    [T] Tutorial key   - to review key business terminology and
    [A] Analysis key   - to help you evaluate your competitive
    [F1] Help key      - to show you where you are in the program
                         and which keys are available. 

If this is your first session, you should use the [F1] key

Now imagine you are the President of a dynamic startup company
formed to capitalize on newly available robot technology.  To get
started, your company forges a short-term relationship with a
product supplier and successfully raises $500,000 in venture
capital. As CEO, you now have control over all the decisions and
resources needed to guide your company to over $1 billion in
sales and gain multinational corporate status. 

  * Your Mission:   To successfully introduce, market, finance
                    and develop this business opportunity.

  * Your Objective: To successfully manage through all five
                    levels of the simulation, to maximize your
                    personal wealth, and to defeat the competition.

Your task will not be easy. Four giants in electronics, Tandy
Corp., Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple Computer
have each recognized the market opportunity and have spun off
intrapreneurial subsidiaries to capitalize on the potential. Your
competition will be backed by these veteran companies and their
young entrepreneurial CEOs.

Refer back to the Business Plan and User's Guide and read
Section 1 to find out more about your new competition.

Skim the enclosed Merrill Lynch "How to Read a Financial Report"
to gain insights into analyzing your performance.