Abandonware DOS title

Carmageddon manual - Keyboard shortcuts

                             Carmageddon help.

  Keypad 8             Accelarate forward.
  Keypad 2             Brake when going forwards
  Keypad 4             Steer left
  Keypad 6             Steer Right
  Z                    Turn tightly
  Spacebar             Handbrake
  C                    Toggle between internal and external views
  Q                    Look left from internal view
  W                    Look forward from internal view
  E                    Look right from internal view
  Arrow-keys           Move external camara around
  H                    Horn
  P                    Toggle pratcam
  M                    Toggle mirror on and off when in internal view
  S                    Toggle sound on and off
  Tab                  Show/Hid map.
  Esc                  Go to menu
  Backspace            Repair car
  Ins                  Recover vehicle if it's on its roof or side
  Keypad minus         Toggle pedestrians and giblets on and off
  F1                   Help
  F2                   Save
  F9                   Quit
  Enter                Toggle between live action and action replay modes
  Keypad 5             Pause/unpause game
  Keypad 0             Flip direction of playing
  Keypad *             Cycle through different camera modes