Abandonware DOS title

Code-name: Iceman walkthrough


Before we begin we have to explain something.
The actual commands that must be entered from the keyboard will be placed between " " and are in CAPITAL letters. Directions are given as NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, LEFT, RIGHT, FORWARD or BACKWARD or UP and DOWN.


Some of the actions in the game are activated by function keys, they will be shown as .. .

Save your game as much as you like. It will prove to be the best approach in case that you have forgotten something or worse you DIE !.

In this particular game it's very handy to have many pieces of paper,or just one big one,nearby so you can write all sort of things like codes etc. down.

Well off to the game !!

The beginning:

You find yourself ,John B. Westland, soaking up the sun on the beautiful island of Tahiti. "GET MAGAZINE", "STAND", go WEST and, "WATCH GAME" , "PLAY". After playing a while you see the girl going into the sea after the ball. But she's going to get herself into trouble.When you hear calls for help, walk into the sea,to the bottom of the screen.You will automatically grab the girl and bring her on the beach. Now you'll have to perform CPR on her.(see page 16/17 of the manual). "SHAKE AND SHOUT", "CALL FOR HELP", "ESTABLISH AIRWAYS". "LOOK LISTEN AND FEEL", "GIVE TWO GOOD BREATHS", "LOOK LISTEN AND FEEL". "CHECK PULSE", "BEGIN COMPRESSION". After saving the girl go EAST,back to your beach chair and "GET SHIRT". Go NORTH,NORTH "OPEN DOOR" and walk into the hotel.Walk to the girl behind the counter "TALK GIRL", "GET KEY".Walk to the sign on the wall next to the counter and "READ SIGN".It's the number of some sort of transportation service.Walk EAST through the door."LOOK".Walk to the girl and "SIT". "TALK GIRL", "BUY GIRL MAI TAI".Buy her as many mai tais as you want but don't drink them yourself ,because your game will be over very quickly. (This will not give you any extra points,but it's fun to look at the girl crawling all over the floor).When the girl is gone "STAND". Walk to the brunette sitting alone at a table "TALK GIRL". "LOOK GIRL". Walk to the empty chair "SIT".Walk to the bar and "BUY GIRL DRINK". "DANCE" with the girl.When you have danced enough "EXIT". Walk over to the empty chair at the table "SIT". answer "YES" as she pops the question.At the girl hut ,"TALK GIRL" and "KISS GIRL" ,"YES", "SIT" on the bed next to the girl."TALK GIRL", "KISS GIRL" (5 Times). The next morning "STAND", "GET NOTE", "READ NOTE". Leave the hut "OPEN DOOR".To your left you see another hut.Walk to it. Hidden in the sand near the hut is the lost earring "SEARCH SAND" until you find the earring "GET EARRING","EXAMINE EARRING","OPEN EARRING". "LOOK IN EARRING","GET MICROFILM". Now walk WEST,WEST,WEST,WEST,NORTH."LOOK KEY".You see that your hut number is six.Now walk up to first cabin "LOOK DOOR".When it's your hut ,"OPEN DOOR". Walk to the cabinet next to your bed and "OPEN DRAWER","LOOK IN DRAWER". "GET CHANGE", "GET ID".Walk to the east wall,"OPEN DOOR". "LOOK CLOTHES","SEARCH POCKETS","GET BLACK BOOK","LOOK BLACK BOOK". Write down the phonenumbers.1-202-555-2729,1-202-555-8083. Leave the hut and go back to the hotel entrance "BUY PAPER". "OPEN DOOR".Walk to the girl behind the counter "GET MESSAGE". "LOOK MESSAGE". Now go back to your hut and enter it. "USE PHONE","1-202-555-2729","JOHN"."USE PHONE","555-6969","JOHN". Leave your hut and go to the hotel.Enter the boat that's lying there. Wait at the airport entrance for the big limo."YES","SHOW ID","SHOW ID". Walk to the elevator "PUSH BUTTON", and walk to the guard."SHOW ID". Walk through the door on the right,and listen carefully to the briefing. Take notes.When the briefing is over "STAND", "GET ENVELOPE".Leave the briefing room and walk to the guard."GET ID","LOOK ID","GIVE ID","LOOK ID". Walk to the elevator and"push button".leave the building. Walk to the man next to the limo "TALK MAN","YES","SHOW ORDERS". Walk up the gangway,"SALUTE FLAG","SALUTE OFFICER". "TALK MAN","TALK MAN".You are now on board of the USS Blackhawk. This is your cabin.Walk to the desk "OPEN DRAWER","GET CALIPER","OPEN SHELF", "GET CODE BOOK"Walk WEST to leave the cabin. Now it's time to get familiar with the controls of the sub. The best thing to do is read the manual very carefully. A few basic operations are. The + key on the numeric pad is throttle up. Push it one time=slow, 2 times=speed 1/3 ,3 times=speed 2/3,4 times=full speed. Arrow key left=steer left,arrow key right=steer right.If you push them more than once you will turn faster. Arrow key down=dive,arrow key up= ???? up.You've already guessed it. For the other nice gadgets on board the sub,please refer to your manual. Now we are going to take her out for a little test run. "CLOSE HATCH".Now follow the instructions that the captain gives to you. He will direct you to your first waypoint. When the captain wants you to acknowledge green board ,"GREEN BOARD". When you have to acknowledge that you've reached a certain depth just type "DEPTH ATTAINED".When the captain orders,all stop, push the - key until all the lights of the throttle indicator are blue. Make sure that the dive planes are horizontal before you leave your seat. Now "EXIT" and go to the captains quarters. "134","GET ENVELOPE","OPEN ENVELOPE","READ CHART".Take a good look at the map. It's the route that you will have to travel to get to tunesia. "READ ORDERS".When you're done reading the orders,"GET COMBINATION". Safe combination:23448803.suitcase combination:762134. Now follow the captain out of his cabin and walk up to the chart table in the middle of the sub.,"LOOK TABLE".Now you have to plot a course to get to tunesia,following the map that you've studied earlier."PLOT COURSE". Use the arrow keys to change the coordinates. These next coordinates are a example of a route. You start at 30,170. next 70,170 85,80 85,15 80,5 65,25. If 65,25 does not work try 65,22.Press ENTER to accept a coordinate. If some one out there get's the ultimate route,please let us now. How better your route,the more points you get. "EXIT".Now follow the captains instructions to get to your next waypoint. (Note:periscope depth is about 70f).When you have reached periscope depth "EXIT".Walk to the two periscopes next to the radio and sonar man. "UP SCOPE","LOOK SCOPE".Leave the scope and walk to the radio man. He's the one on the right."TALK MAN". Write down the washington and cia codes.They are different each time. Walk to the captains hut."OPEN SAFE","23448803","OPEN CASE","762134". "INSERT ID","INSERT FILM".Write down the message and the codes. The A stands for Army,the N for Navy,the AF for Air Force and the M stands for Marine."CLOSE CASE".Now go to your own hut. "LOOK CODE BOOK".Write down the codes.
A=0,B=8,C=6,D=4,E=2,F=1,G=3,H=5,I=7 AND J=9.
Now if you want to now the cia codes just add 3 to all the numbers. If the number is greater then 10,just subtract 10. (You have to do this because you're in the ???? ,yes, Navy). So the cia codes are.
A=3,B=1,C=9,D=7,E=5,F=4,G=6,H=8,I=0 AND J=2.

Now you can decode the washington and cia codes into two sets of three numbers These numbers represent: page,line,word. Now look in your manual on those pages and find the word on that page. (They are in the red squares on that page). Now you've got two sets of two words.Enter these words into the computer. Walk to the computer,"TURN COMPUTER ON". Now you have translated the codes.

Leave your hut and walk down the stairs.Walk WEST."CLIMB DOWN". Go EAST."TALK MAN","CYCLE EQUIPMENT".Walk to the conveyor belt. "EXAMINE BELT","MEASURE BELT",(6 inch long,diam. 1inch). "MEASURE CYLINDER".(Hole is 1/4 inch). Walk to the cabinet right from the door,"GET FLARES" 2x,"GET EXPLOSIVES". Leave the torpedo room and "CLIMB UP".Go WEST."OPEN CABINET". "GET CYLINDER",(6),"GET COTTER PIN"."USE LATHE","SET LATHE" to 1 inch. "TURN LATHE ON","GET BIT"(1/4),"USE DRILL","TURN DRILL ON","USE GRINDER". Now walk WEST,WEST,"OPEN DRAWER","GET HAMMER","CLOSE DRAWER". Walk back to the torpedo room,"INSTALL CYLINDER","INSTALL COTTER PIN". "CYCLE EQUIPMENT".Your system is now ready for battle. Leave the torpedo room and go into the cantine. Walk to the bottle on the table and"GET BOTTLE".Now play the dice game until you have won the bottle,all the money and the device. Leave the cantine and take the helm again. Follow the captains orders. When you and the captain go up and take a look the captain begins to mumble. "TALK CAPTAIN".When returning into the sub the captain falls and is seriously injured. It's now up to you to guide the sub safely to tunesia. Go directly to your seat.Set speed to slow.dive below 600 feet and turn silent run on.when you reach a depth below 600 feet trun your engine of. Now wait a while until you see the white line coming to you. This is the distance that the ship is from you. Fire a few harpoon missiles until you hit the destroyer 3 times. You only have four harpoons,stingers and decoys. Don't use the stingers.You'll need them very soon. When the destroyer is sunk and the sonar is clear "EXIT". Walk to the radio man and "TALK MAN".Go to your hut and decode the messages. Go back to the helm.Now you have to move through the icebergs. Set engine speed to slow and turn closed TV circuit on. As you steer through the icebergs,try to keep a 360 or 0 degree heading if possible.The better you do this the more points you'll gain. After clearing the icefield the sonar man picks up an active sonar. It's the ice station,"CONTACT ICE STATION","EXIT" and decode the messages the radioman gives you. Go back to the helm again.Now you have to battle against an russian sub. A few hints: As soon as the sonar man reports:INVERSION LAYER DETECTED,dive. Set dive planes to about 2/3.Turn active sonar off.Set engine to slow. After you pass 1000 feet,turn engine of and set dive planes to full. Wait until you've reached the bottom. Now wait for the white line, representing the eneny sub ,to pass over you. The sub will turn and come back.When the sub is almost leaving,fire a stinger at him.Repeat this sequence until you've hit the sub twice. Use decoys,or just let the torpedos pass by. You can also wait until the sub leaves.This will ofcourse give you less points. Eight hours later of the coast of portugal.Sonar contact. Use your active sonar to give one ping to the ship waiting there. The ships turns out to be the USS coontz. Now steer the sub to the cross on the screen ,representing the ship. Now you have to follow the cross,to pass through the strait undetected. This is a little bit tricky. You're now of the coast of tunesia.Follow the captains orders and come to speed an periscope depth. "EXIT" and walk to the scope,"LOOK SCOPE".Use the arrow keys to turn the scope around until you see the harbor entrance.(40 degrees).Turn it again until you see the oil rig .(382 degrees).Leave the scope and go to the sonar man. "GET DISTANCE TO OIL RIG",(+/- 2850),"GET DISTANCE TO HARBOR".(+/- 1640). Walk down the stairs and go the machine compartment. "GET KEY".Walk WEST,WEST."PUSH BUTTON","GET DIVER","TEST DIVER". You notice a slight vibration when testing it. "CHECK VIBRATION","CHECK SHAFT","MEASURE SHAFT",(1/2),"RETURN DIVER". "OPEN DRAWER","GET WRENCH",(1/2),"CLOSE DRAWER".Walk EAST,EAST. "OPEN CABINET","GET NUT","GET WASHER",sizes 1/2. Walk back to the diver."PUSH BUTTON","GET DIVER","PUT WASHER ON SHAFT", "PUT NUT ON SHAFT","TIGHTEN NUT","TEST DIVER","RETURN DIVER". Walk EAST,EAST, down the ladder and WEST into the storage room,"OPEN CLOSET". Now officer johnson comes in and gives you a hand with the scuba gear. Now go back to the diver and get it. "ENTER COORDINATES","2850","283","4490","40".Go left and climb up the ladder. "OPEN DOOR","WEAR GEAR". You're now in the ocean. The following bit is very tricky and we don't now exactly how it works.

Just swim and try to keep the heading of 283 degrees or 40 degrees as you swim to the harbor. When you've reached the oil rig."PLANT BOMB". Now swim back to the harbor. In the harbor you can turn on the device.this prevents you from being captured. You have to swim the the poles standing in the water. "TIE DIVER TO POLES". AND NOW FOR A BUG IN THE PROGRAM. WHEN YOU HAVE TIED THE DIVER TO THE POLES YOU CAN SWIM OUT OF THE PICTURE TO THE LEFT.NOW JUST SWIM UP AGAIN AND YOU WILL GET 2 POINTS EXTRA. YOU CAN DO THIS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT,AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ENOUGH AIR.

Back to the game:

Now swim WEST,WEST.Wait until the fishing net hits the bottom. "PUT BOTTLE IN NET".Now wait until the net hits the bottom again. Swim UP. You're now on land in tunesia. Walk up to the fisherman."ICEMAN","LOOK FISH,"LOOK LINE","REMOVE HOOK". "LOOK WEIGHT","OPEN CAPSULE","LOOK MAP".Follow the map to your disguise. That is LEFT and UP behind the rock.Enter the left door. "LOOK ROOM","OPEN CRATE","WEAR CLOTHING".Leave the room and walk to the EAST,NORTH,WEST.Walk to the woman at the oasis, "ICEMAN","GET MAP","LOOK MAP". Go EAST,EAST,NORTH,WEST and enter the appartment. "OPEN FRIDGE","LOOK IN FRIDGE","GET BUTTER","OPEN BUTTER","GET PAPER", "READ PAPER","CLOSE FRIDGE","GET TAPE",on top of the fridge. Walk to the counter,"GET SUGAR CANISTER","OPEN CANISTER","SEARCH CANISTER", "EMPTY CANISTER","OPEN BOTTOM","GET RUBBER","GET WEAPON","LOOK OUT WINDOW". "LOOK WALL","GET CARD","READ CARD"(03-120-1204 & 13-555-809). "USE PHONE","03-120-1204","TALK MAN"."USE PHONE","13-555-809","ORDER FOOD". "OPEN DOOR","USE GUN","UNDRESS","USE TAPE","YES". leave the appartment and enter the van. Just before stopping at theplace where they hide the ambassador,"HIDE GUN". "LEAVE VAN","GET FOOD". Walk to the guards and walk with the guard into the room."DROP FOOD","REMOVE LID","GET GUN". Now very fast after each other "SHOOT GUARD" 2 times. "UNTIE MAN","CHANGE CLOTHES","LEAVE". Now steer the van to the top of the mountain where the helicopter is waiting to take you to freedom.