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Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail walkthrough

Conquests of Camelot Solution

     To start out you enter your room and GET PURSE, and CHANGE
CLOTHES. Now leave your room and continue up to passage to the
garden where the queen hangs out. Talk to her. ASK ABOUT FLOWER,
GET FLOWER, ASK ABOUT LANCELOT, and ask her about anything else
she talks about if you want. Now exit the room and continue down
the passage to the next tower where the treasury and Wizards room
are. To get to the wizards room you continue to go forward in the
tower where you see the treasure. The wizards room is that tiny
tower next to the treasury. Enter the treasury and ASK MAN ABOUT
from the man. Leave the treasury and go into the wizard's room.
MOOR. You can also ask a few other things if you want. Now go and
take a look at the map in his room, then READ SCROLL, READ
TRANSLATION. Go to the chest and open it. GET LODESTONE. Now go
down from the wizards room and pass the next tower and do not
leave through the exit, but instead walk past it to the last
tower you have not been to. This is the chapel of the two gods.
Go to each of the alters here and KNEEL. Put a gold coin on each
alter. After you have done that, go the exit you passed earlier
HORSE and leave the castle.

     Now on the map, the first place you go is to Glastonbury
Tor. You will see a little forest sprite on the screen as you
enter. Give him a copper coin. Now go west and you will see a
poor hunter there. Give the poor hunter a copper coin. Ask him
about lots of people if you want information. You can ask about
Lancelot, Gawain, Mad Monk, Black Knight, and maybe some others.
Give the man a gold coin and he will give you the spear you need.
Now get back on your horse and continue west. You will fight
three boars here. It is real easy. You just press space bar when
the boar is real close. Change the arcade sequence to easy if you
have trouble with it. Now continue on to the next screen. Talk to
the raven. He will ask you if you want to challenge Black Knight,
say YES. Now look at the dead guy by the tree. GET SLEEVE. Now go
to the next screen where you will joust Black Knight. This is
another real easy sequence. Just look where his shield is and
don't hit the shield, instead hit his body. After you unseat him
three times you will win. Go east and free your friend. Draw you
sword and caught the chains with your sword. Talk to him and ask
him questions and then put Gawain on your horse and he will be
taken back to your castle. Now continue on and you will see a
hag. Give the hag the sleeve that you got. This will free her of
the curse. Now save your game. Read the writing on the thing
where the hag was. Now go east. There are a lot of hard riddles
here. This part gave me some trouble. I put down the answers to
some of the questions. Keep restoring and there will be different
questions each time you come. If you get lucky you will get five
questions you know. Here are some of the answers to the
questions. I am using parts of the question here. You should be
able to figure out which question I am talking about.

1. You here me before, you hear me again...   answer is "echo"

2. Sky, feather of a blue jay, water    answers is "blue"

3. follow you around   answer "shadow"

4. look you in eye... never lies   "mirror"

5. young, sweet in the sun, middle ages makes you gay, old makes
it valuable   answer: wine

6. three lives  breaks rock  caresses sky   Answer "water"

7. Carries burden... would break a mans back, leaves silver in
its track     answer "snail"

8. If you break me... if you lose me    answer is "heart"

9. I turn around once, what is out will not get in, I turn around
again, what is in will not get out, what am I   answer is  "key"

(Thanks to Lord Darkness for the answer to riddle #9. I got four
riddles when I was answering the questions during one time and I
needed the fifth. This riddle section was one of the hard parts
of the whole game. You will probably have to restore a lot of
times until you get 5 riddles that you can answer. These nine
answers should help you)

     Now that you have passed the riddle section, you will be
teleported to the center of Tor. Go north and you will see the
monk there. ASK ABOUT GRAIL to him. He will get mad and run
north. Follow him north and if he is not in the screen when you
follow him north, continue west. You will see two illusions of
the monk and one real one. Draw you sword and use space bar to
hit the monks with your sword. This section is very easy. You
shouldn't have any problems at all. After you beat the monks the
servants will say you cannot leave. Look around the ruins for the
alter and put five silver coins on it. The servants will allow
you to go and give you a key. Take this key and look around the
for well which is in the ruins. When you get to the well USE KEY
on the well to unlock the lock on the lid of the well. REMOVE LID
and REACH IN WELL. Once you get the heart from the well, you have
to return to the place where you enter Glastonbury Tor. The
directions back, from the screen with the well are south, east,
west, west, south, east, east. In this screen the sprite will pop
up again. Save your game here just incase he plays a trick on
you. When he asks for copper just go south and you will be back
to the map and ready to continue on to the next scene.

     Now on the map, go to Ot Moor. It will be snowing here. Go
around here till you get to the ice. USE HEART when you get on
the ice. The heart will guide you across the ice. When the heart
is gold you are going in the right direction, and when it is
purple the ice will break and you will fall in. This part is very
hard, even with the heart. Change the speed to slow. Move one
step at a time save your game every few steps. After watching the
color change to purple and the ice breaking, and changing to gold
and the ice not breaking, you should understand how this works.
After a while, you will eventually make it across the ice. You
will see an ice palace here. Go inside and you will see the lady
of the lake. Talk to here. GIVE HEART to her. She will thank you
and give you information. You have to be a good guy now and say
FREE LANCELOT. She will give you a test. Accept the test. You
will need page 7 of the doc file for this part. I have included
page seven of the doc file with this solve. Go refer to it for
this test. I will include some of the answers to the riddles of
the flowers to help you out. If you get to a question you can't
figure out, you will die, so just restore.

1. It alleviates all pain and sorrows...
answer "daffodil"

2. When light is dim and courage fails...
answer "almond blossom"

3. Known to the priest and nun, who natural pleasures to shun...
answer "cornflower"

4. For its sweet sake, you suffer in silence...
answer "forget me not"

5. In time of grief, it gives relief...
answer "poppy"

6. It can be as sweet as the tongue, or vile as a curse...
answer "yellow lily"

7. Surrounded by giants, your worries are few...
answer "buttercup"

Listed next is page seven

                 Page 7 of the docs for Conquests of Camelot

                         The message of the Rose:
                             Love is my shield

The language of the flowers. From the earliest days of
civilization, flowers have been given special meanings. For
example, the rose has a long association with love,sexuality and
with many goddesses, the virgin mary, and the science of alchemy.
Not only the flower   itself, but often the color indicated what
significance was attached to it. There are many legends of
flowers springing up where drops of blood or tears fell to the
ground. What follows is a list of flowers and their meanings.

                                          Almond blossom - hope
Anemone - afterthought
Buttercup - memories of childhood
carnation - heart
columbine - folly
yellow chrysanthemum - slighted love
white chrysanthemum - truth
cornflower - celibacy
daffodil - death
forget-me-not - true love
hyacinth - sport, game, or play
white lily - purity
yellow lily - falsehood
orchid - seduction
blue periwinkle - early friendship
white periwinkle - pleasures of memory
red poppy - consolation
scarlet poppy - fantastic extravagance
snowdrop - hope or consolation
sunflower - haughtiness
red tulip - declaration of love
yellow tulip - hopeless love
violet - lust

You only need to answer three, so there is a good chance you will
get a lot of the questions I just listed here. This part should
be a lot easier then that part where they asked five riddles. Now
that you have answered these three riddles, you will be set free
and teleported before the ice. You will not use half of those
flowers listed in the list above. Those are all the flowers
listed on page seven. Now go back west two screens to the map and
go to Southhampton. Talk to the man near the boat. Ask the man
about Galahad and ASK ABOUT PRICES. BUY TRIP TO GAZA. The ticket
to Gaza will cost 3gp's. You probably only have two GP's, so give
two gold pieces and five silver pieces to the man and you will
get your ticket. Now you are off to Gaza.

     When you enter Gaza, you will see a man and boy. They will
both persuade you to go with the. GO WITH BOY. He will take you
to his master. You can ask him questions. Ask Al-Sirat about
stuff like the grail, Galahad, the goddesses, and their
guardians, and other things you feel necessary. Write down the
things he tells you like the names of the goddesses, and symbols.
When you are ready to go to the desert, you will see Jabir again.
Don't hire him, but just continue into the desert. After you come
to the first screen in the desert, go east, south, and east.
Don't drink the water because it is poisonous. Jabir will stand
in your way to go east now, so draw your sword and he will run.
Once Jabir runs, go east and then north. You will see a building
here. Go up the stairs in the south of the screen on to the
platform. Then take the stairs going down from the platform to
the Pool of Siloam. When you get down here, drink from the pool
of siloam. Now go back up and leave this building and go north.
You will get to the Zion gate if you continue going north. You
will see four guards here. Give the one guard you talk to 4
copper pieces. Now go west along the wall until you reach the
Jaffa's gate. A man will ask you to give him all your money. Just
draw you sword. Now enter through the gate. You will be robbed
right when you enter. I found no way to get the money back. Now
that you have no money, go to the man Mohammed who is caring for
your mule. Sell the mule to him and you will have lots of money
again. Mohammed will tell you all the conversions for the money
he gives you. Remember them.

You will not enter a very fun part, the bizarre. This is a real
fun place. You get to go around and make everyone happy. Go
around talking to people if you want. When you find the seeress,
buy the best apple she has for one dinar. She will reveal her
job, and tell you about the apple you have just eaten. Now go
around and make people happy. You will find out that Ibraham (the
textile merchant) needs a veil. Go to the Felafel maker who is
cooking felafels. Buy a felafel and give it to the little boy
next to the felafel stand. Now go to the pottery seller and buy a
mirror from him. Now go to the place where you sold Mohammed your
mule. CALL FOR MARI who lived upstairs. THROW MIRROR to Mari. She
will go back in, so CALL MARI again. Ask for the veil. She will
throw down the veil. Now take the veil back to Ibraham and give
him the veil. He will be happy. Now look for the meat merchant
and buy a sheep piece from him. Take the sheep to the felafel
maker and give her the sheep. You have accomplished another good
deed. Now look for the fish man and talk to him. He will tell you
his problems. Go to the lamp merchant and buy the herbs from him.
Now go back to the smelly fish dude and USE HERBS. You will have
fixed the problem for him and his neighbors. Tariq talks about a
religious relic. Go to the relic guy (Antiquarius Rex) and buy a
relic. He will ask you for a name. Type PETER. Don't worry about
grail he talks about. Now go back to the lamp merchant and give
him the relic. Now buy charcoals from the lamp merchant. Take the
charcoals and give them to the beggar. Now, the lamp merchant
should have gave you a broom when you gave him the relic. Go to
the innkeeper and give him the broom. Enter his inn and stay a
night. Now go back to the screen where you sold Mohammed the
mule. You will see a woman who is crying. Go to the grain dude
and buy grain from him. You should be about broke once you buy
the grain. Take the grain back to the girl and DROP GRAIN. The
birds will come down and you have performed yet another good
deed. You have not passed the test. Go back to the apple lady and
talk to her. She will tell you to go to the house with the
crescent and moon next, so thats is where you go. She will give
you a strength apple. Keep it for later. Now go to the big house
with the star and the crescent. Say no to all your seductions.
Talk to her and then ask her about things such as Galahad, the
grail, and the test. After you ask about the test, she will open
the door for you. Go through the door to take the test. Grab the
docs and look on page 9 and 10. Using pages 9 and 10 and the
symbols that Al Sirat gave you, you can pass this test. Fatima
will tell you if you pass the test. Now go to the Hierophant. The
Hierophant is the old beggar who you have the charcoals to. Talk
to him and ask him to open the catacombs. He will do that and
give you an elixir. To find your way around in the catacombs, use
the lodestone. Now go around the catacombs and look at the
murals. Keep looking around until you find a childs mummy with a
medallion on it. Go to the right of the mummy and use your sword
to get the medallion. Now go to the sarcophagus and read the
inscription on it. Go to the open part of the sarcophagus and get
the golden apple. Now you should easily find Galahad. Give
Galahad the elixir that you got from the Hierophant. You should
get bitten by a rat right now, but don't worry. Just continue on,
but hurry now. Now look around for the statue of Aphrodite. Put
the golden apple in the palm of her hand. To answer Aphrodite's
questions, look on page 9 and 10 of the docs. After you answer
all of her questions, she will give you directions on how to get
out of the catacombs and a dove. Write down all the directions
she gives you. When the secret doors open, use the lodestone
determine which doors to take. The lodestone always points north.
Follow the directions, and then take the stairs out. Don't forget
to take a look at the dead warriors skull.

     Now, when you get to the temple, walk all around the temple
and check it out. When you encounter the Saracen, eat the
strength apple. Put on the helmet that Saracen gives you. Ok now
just fight this guy. Change the difficulty level if you are
having trouble. You shouldn't have much trouble. (If you die of
poison at any time in this whole area, then you have wasted too
much time, so restore to the part where you get bitten and do
everything more quickly) After you beat the Saracen, use the
dove. Follow the dove until Aphrodite appears. Listen to what she
says. Then ask Merlin about the spiral. Now go to the spiral.
When you are facing the spiral on the inside of the temple. Now
move to the left and count the spaces of the remains of the
pillars until you get to the 6th one. Push the 6th pillar, and
voila!!! Now get the grail. The grail will be stolen by a thief
when you get it. Chase the thief down the stairs and into the
alley. He will be trapped in the alley. You can kill the thief or
show mercy to him. Grab the grail and you are done.

I hope you had fun. The graphics on this game weren't as good as
some of the previous ones, but I loved it. I hope you did to. If
you are having any trouble, leave a message to me, Lord Reagan,
on The Fatal Society, Instant Replay, Metal Edge, Final Frontier
or Nuclear Wasteland. The next schedules Sierra game is Keeping
up with the Jones. It is schedules to come out this month, so you
should probably expect it around August. heh... If you have any
comments, leave me a message.