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Curse of Enchantia manual

 curse of enchantia 

long ago in a land far from our own in time,space and dimension,there lived
of  the  most  wicked  and  evil witches that the universe had ever known .
they  ruled  the  now  forgotten  land  of enchantia and committed the most
terrible  deeds  without  cause  or  reason.   the inhabitants of enchantia
prayed  for  the  day  when the evil hold over them would be vanquished and
they could finally live in peace.

one of witches outshone the others in her malevolence and depravity;she had
found  a spell that would ensure her constant youth.however she was finding
it difficult to obtain all the ingredients she needed.  the main ingredient
was  a  live male child and although she knew where she could get her hands
on  one  she  did  not  know  how.male children lived in another dimension,
another  time,another  world.the  witch  would need a portal and more magic
than she possesed.

she  was  not to be discouraged and set about her master plan.by persuading
two   other   witches   to   visit   mediaeval  earth  on  the  premise  of
destruction,holocaust  and  mayhem she could solve the portal problem.  the
two  witches agreed to this dangerous task as they were led to believe they
would have the power to get there and back.however when they arrived in the
new  world  the  task of opening the portal totally drained their power.the
evil  witch  from  enchantia  sent a "disperse and claim" spell through the
portal  and hit the two witches who had no more power with which to protect
themselves.the  spell  consumed  them and dispersed their essence and souls
over  the  fields in which they were standing.from enchantia the evil witch
was  heard  to  say "from this day forth there will always be communication
between this field and enchantia"

with  one  task  complete,the evil witch needed more power to enable her to
recant  the  rejuvenation spell once she had obtained the ingredients.to do
this she needed power from all the other witches in enchantia.she needed to
trick  each  of them in turn into lending her their power so she could make
each  one  young again.of course each witch gave in to their own vanity and
lent her their power.she now had enough to invoke the rejuvenation spell.

in  the  few  years  that  passed  in  enchantia many hundred passed in our
world.during  this  time  a  great  city  had  been  built  in the possesed
field.the  field  had  never  been built upon as all the local people could
relate  strange  happenings  and  experiences  there.however local children
often played baseball on the field.

on  one  particular day our hero ,brad was playing baseball with his sister
jenny.back  in enchantia the evil witch is looking at the field through the
portal.hungrily  and  excitedly  she incants a summoning spell .back in the
field  jenny  pitches  a ball towards brad, he swings the bat in a wide arc

when  brad  awakes  he  finds  himself hung up high above the floor in what
looks  like  the  dungeon  of  the  castle  wearing  some strange medieaval
clothing .it is now up to you to help brad escape from this mysterious land
and  and  back  to  his  home  .  as his journey to enchantia was some what
unexpected  brad  is  hardly prepared for his journey through these strange
and  unknown  lands  .at least he managed to grab his trusty backpack befor
leaving the field.

brads  quest  is made all the more difficult with the fact that a myriad of
puzzles  will  have to be solved if he wants to make it in one piece to the
lair  of  the  evil  witch  equipped to do battle some of these puzzles are
logical whilst some are a little more obscure

obviously  brads  first  priority  is to stop hanging around and get out of
these  chains  as quickly as possible .with a little bit of help you should
find  it quite easy to obtain a key but will this enable you to escape this
damp and crumbling dungeon.

loading instructions-pc version [included for the dream team]
this  version requires an ibm compatible computer with at least 640k of ram
a  3.5" or 5 1/4" disk drive and a hard drive ,vga graphics card capable of
displaying 256 colours and with 256k ram

we  also  recommend  the  use  of  a  computer  with  at least a 12 mhz 286
processor  a  microsoft compatible mouse or a joystick.  curse of enchantia
also  suppourts  roland  ,adlib  and soundblaster soundboards as well as pc

note that curse of enchantia must be installed on a hard drive it cannot be
played from floppy disks on an ibm pc.  to install curse o.e onto hd follow
these instructions

1	 turn on your computer and monitor
2	 insert disk 1 of c.o.e
3	 type a: or the letter of whichever drive you put the disk into,
	 followed by a colon. and press enter.
4	 type `install` and press enter
5	 follow the on screen instructions and change disks only when
         prompted to do so. the set-up programme is run automatically when

to  change  the  set-up once -c-o-e has been installed onto your hard drive
follow these instructions.

1	 type cd c:\curse (or the letter of whichever drive you installed
	 the game onto,followed by a colon. and press enter.
2	 type `setup` and press enter
3	 use the up and down cursor keys to move and the space or enter to
	 select the required options.
4	 once you have set the options,move the cursor over `exit config`
         and press space bar or enter to end the setup program
5	 type `curse` and c-o-e will now load and run automatically

commodore amiga version
c-o-e  requires an amiga with at least 1mb of ram.  to load c-o-e into your
amiga follow these instructions..

1	 turn off your computer
2	 insert a mouse into port 1. or joystick into port 2
3 	 turn on your computer
4 	 [amiga 1000 only] insert amiga kickstart disk into disk drive
5 	 when the workbench icon appears. insert disk 1 of c-o-e in drive
6  	 c-o-e will now load and run automatically. exchange disks when
	 prompted to do so.
you can play coe using either mouse,joystick or selected keys on the board.

using a mouse
press  `m`  on  the  keyboard  to  change to mouse control mode.  this will
override both joystick and keyboard control methods.
move  the pointer to the place where you want brad to move to and press the
lhmb.  brad will then walk to the spot where you pointed.
to  bring up the icon control bar when using a mouse,simply press the rhmb.
to cancel the icon bar press the rhmb again.

using a joystick
press  `j`  on  the keyboard to change to joystick control mode.  this will
overide both moue and keyboard controls.
to move brad,simply push the joystick in the direction you wish him to move
to  bring  up  the  icon  bar  when  using joystick press the firebutton,or
alternatively  press the `esc` key.  to cancel the icon bar press the `esc`
key again.

using the keyboard
press `k` on the keyboard to change to keyboard control mode.
to  move bard in the desired direction,use the cursor keys (up, down, left,
right) it is possible to press 2 keys simulataenously to move diagonally.
to  bring  up  the  icon  bar  when using keyboard press the `esc` key.  to
cancel agains its press the `esc` key.

the cursor
normally  the  cursor is depicted as a hand with a pointing finger.however,
when  you  click  on  the icon bar the definition of the cursor changes.  a
`thumbs  up`  means  that  you  were  successful  or  have  done  something
correctly.   a  `thumbs down` means you were not or you have done something
wrong.  an `open hand` informs you there is nothing more to do,or see.

there are 10 icons which are....

1.	inventory                 [bag icon]
2.	pick up/take              [hand icon]
3.	manipulate/use            [open hand icon]
4.	look                      [eye icon]
5.	talk                      [bubble icon]
6.	fight                     [man sword icon]
7.	jump                      [man arms extended icon]
8.	disk functions            [disk icon]
9.	sound                     [piano icon]
10.	info                      [scroll with an `i` icon]

1.	inventory 		  [bag icon]
when  you click on this icon a new icon bar will appear.  this will contain
pictures of all items you are currently carrying.

2.	pick up/take		  [hand icon]
click  on this icon and a new icon will appear.  if there is anything which
can  be  picked up at your present location,this will be shown as a picture
in  the  icon bar.  to pick up an item simply click on the required picture
and  it will be added to your inventory.  it is possible to carry a maximum
of  10 items.  when an item is used correctly it is automatically discarded
from  your  inventory.   so the situation should rarely arise where an item
cannot be picked up.

3.	manipulate/use		  [open hand icon]
when  you  click  on this icon another icon bar appears containing 8 icons.
these 8 icons are as follows...

a.	unlock                    [key/keyhole icon]
b.	insert			  [can`t make it out]
c.	push/pull		  [hand plus <- -> icon]
d.	eat/drink		  [open moth icon]
e.	wear			  [clothes icon?]
f.	throw			  [ball in air icon]
g.	give			  [hand gesturing icon]
h.	attach/tie		  [can`t make it out]

[have to apoligise for some of the icons i can`t make em out..you should be
able to work those i have`nt been able to spot from those left over]

a.	unlock
to unlock an item follow these steps...
click on the manipulate/use icon [open hand icon]
click on the unlock icon [key/keyhole icon]
click on the inventory icon [bag icon]
click on the item to unlock with
click on the item to be unlocked

b.	insert
to insert an item follow these steps...
click on the manipulate/use icon [open hand icon]
click on the insert icon
click on the inventory icon [bag icon]
click on the item to be inserted
click on the to insert into

c.	push/pull
to push/pull follow these steps...
click on the manipulate/use icon
click on the push/pull icon [hand plus <- _> icon]
click on the item to push or pull icon

d.	eat/drink
to eat or drink an item click on this icon and then on the item you wish to
eat/drink  from  the  items  being  carried.   if  an  item  is inedible or
undrinkable then you will be told so,and the `thumbs down` icon will appear

e.	wear
to  wear  an item click on the manipulate/use icon.  click on the wear icon
and  click on the item you wish to wear from your current inventory.  if an
item cannot be worn you will be told so, and `thumbs down` icon will appear

f.	throw
to throw an item click on the manipulate/use icon.  click on the throw icon
and  select  the  item you wish to throw.  if an item cannot be thrown .the
usual will happen(thumbs down icon..  get the picture)

g.	give
to  give an item to someone click on the manipulate/use icon.  click on the
give  icon.   select the item you wish to give and click on who you wish to
give it to.  usual happens if you can`t give it.

h. attach/tie
to  attach/tie two items together click on the manipulate/use icon.click on
attach/tie  icon  and  then  select  the  first item you wish to attch.then
select the second item.
it  is  only  possible to join two items together at any one time.  you can
subsequent items later by the same method.  eg..join string to string, then
attach a weight to the stick/string

4.	look			  [eye icon]
when  you click on this icon a new icon bar will appear.  this will contain
pictures  of  any  items  which  you  can  currently  see.  sometimes it is
possible to look more closely at an item by clicking on its picture.

5.	talk			  [bubble icon]
when  you  click  on  the talk icon.  new bar icon appears containing words
currently  in  your  vocabulary.   to  say  one of these words click on the
relevant icon.

6.	attack			  [man with sword icon]
when  you  click  on  the  attack  icon  all  of  the items in your current
inventory  will  be  displayed.  click on the item you wish to attack with.
if  you  have  suitable  weapon  you  will  then  attack whoever is in your
immediate vicinity.

7.	jump			  [man arms extended icon]
click  on  the  jump  icon,then an inventory of all objects in the vicinity
will be displayed.  click on the item you wish to jump over or onto.

8.	disk functions		  [disk icon]
when  you  click on the disk icon a new bar icon will appear containing the
following icons...

a.	load
click on this icon and a list of previously saved games will appear.  click
on  the  nme  of the game you wish to load.  once the saved game has loaded
you will be able to carry on from the point where the game was saved.

b.	save
when  you  click on this a grid of letters and numbers appear in the centre
of  the screen.  type in the name you wish to call your game by clicking on
indivdual  letters.  when you have finished the name click on `end` and the
game will be saved.

c.	delete
click  on  this  icon  and a list of saved games will appear.  click on the
name  of  the saved game you wish to delete and it will be removed from the
file dir.

note:   when  saving  a  game  it  is  a  good  idea  to  give it an easily
regonisable  name, so you can see at a glance when the game was saved.  for
example  a  good  way to save the game as `july 4`.  when you see the files
dir, simply delete the oldest files.

d.	directory [amiga version only]
click  on  this  and  a  directory  of your current saved game disk will be

e.	format [amiga version only]
when  you  click  on this icon a message appears asking you to insert a new
disk  into  df0:  once you have inserted a new disk.  click on `format` and
the disk will be formatted ready for you to save a game on.

9.	sound [amiga version only][piano icon]
click on this to select between the various sound options

note;  although  the  sound  icon still appears on the icon bar of the `pc`
version  of  c-o-e  it  does  not  function.   the  various sound and music
functions in the pc version can be selected through the setup program.

10.	info			  [scroll with `i` icon]
when you click on the info icon your current score will be displayed in the
centre of the screen along with the credits and general info about c-o-e.

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