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The inhabitants of Earth had been blissfully unaware that from the
depths of outer space, their progress was being carefully scrutinished
by the evil leader of the most ruthless, vicious and technically
advenced race in the universe.

Davros's knarled and twisted fingers switched on the intercom "Battle
Commander Dalkes report to the main control room!" he croaked.

The twelve battle Commander Daleks glided into the main control room
in the presence of Davros and the Emperor Dalek.

Davros glanced around the room menacingly, "How is the war with the
Ginorms proceeding?" he shouted. "All but a few have been
exterminated.  Universe Sector Zeep 3 is now ours" replied the

"Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!" screeched Davros, "Now is the time
to invade and conquer Universe Sector Solar 1, we will start with the
planet Earth which is infested with the friends of that meddlesome
Timelord, the Doctor."

"We will launch the Battle Fleet on your command Davros" replied the

"Then let it be," snarled Davros, "Exterminate all humans!"
"Exterminate, Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!" cried the Battle Commander

On the planet Gallifrey there is a meeting of the High Council of the
Timelords. "The Daleks have conquered most of the Universe, their
reign of terror must be stopped," speaks the President of the High
Council "to this end Doctor, we are instructing you to go to planet
Earth and put a halt to this madness. We will offer you every
assistance possible. Good luck!"


The Doctor's primary objective is to prevent the Daleks from taking
full control of Earth, to do this must gain access to each of the four
cities captured by the Daleks and destroy the pods that are destroying
the Earth's ozone layer ready for the main Dalek invasion. If he is
succesful, he will then have to go to the Dalek's home planet, Skaro,
and capture the evil leader of the Daleks, Davros.

Each city has been sealed off by force field domes making access
difficult for the Doctor. However, The Doctor can get under the force
field around London by entering via the sewers.

The smart card collection in London will allow the Doctor (and his
assistant) to nake temporary "holes" in the force fields that surround
the other cities.


After the introduction sequence, (which can be shortened by pressing
FIRE) make your choice of options following on screen instructions for
music/sound effects, one/two players, choice of Doctor and choice of


The Doctor (and his assistant) must work their way through the sewer
to get into the centre of London. At the entrance to the sewers, the
Doctor has found discarded hover pads that he has repaired to help him
(and his assistant) move through the sewer. The Doctor (and his
assistant) must watch out for mutants the Daleks have put into the
sewers to deter intruders. They must also hurry, as the Daleks will
soon detect their presence and follow them along the sewer to try and
EXTERMINATE them.  Along the sewer walls the Daleks have captured and
encased humans in cocoons for the mutants to feed on. The Doctor (and
his assistant) must try to rescue as many humans as possible. This is
done by firing at the cord by which they hang from the roof. Be
careful as at the end of the sewer, the Daleks have left a large
vicious mutant that should be enough to stop anyone getting out alive.


With all the commotion in the sewer, the Daleks arrange a reception
committee to greet the Doctor (and his assistant) should they emerge
from the sewer. Quick thinking, agile reflexes and a tactical use of
weapons at their disposal are needed to survive the onslaught.

If the Doctor (and his assistant) survive, their task is to make their
way to the Dalek pod which is destroying the ozone layer. They will
need to explore buildings inside and out to find a route to their
goal. Their progress will be constantly hindered by the Daleks and
their henchmen.

To deal with the Daleks and their allies, the Doctor (and his
assistant) need to collect grenades, smart bombs and laser power-ups.
These have been "transbeamed" into the city at various locations by
the Timelords to help the Doctor (and his assistant). Some are easily
spotted and picked up, others are hidden behind objects and can only
be found and collected by searching.

The Doctor (and his assistant) will find human hostages that must be
freed. The Daleks will be guarding many of them, knowing the the
Doctor (and his assistant) will be trying to rescue them. All hostages
must be freed by the Doctor (and his assistant) before the pod can be

The Daleks will protect the pod at all costs. So, the Doctor (and his
assistant), will need to be very cautious as they near their primary
target, as the Daleks will have a few surprises lined up.


The Daleks will be very aware of the threat posed by the Doctor if he
has succeeded in destroying the pod in London. They will ensure the
Doctor's task of destroying the pod in each city is far more
difficult, and they hope impossible.


Should the Doctor succeed in ridding the Earth of the Dalek threat, he
must then go to the home of the Daleks, Skaro, to rid the universe of
the Dalek threat once and for all by capturing their leader Davros.
Tackling Daleks on Earth is one thing, confronting them on their home
planet is quite another. Beware, the Dalek city can be very
misleading. Best of luck Doctor.


| LIVES  /  \            | SCORE |     | SCORE |            /  \  LIVES |
|      /      \          +-------+-----+-------+          /      \      |
|    /   LIFE   \              /         \              /   LIFE   \    |
|    |  ENERGY  |SMART       /.-----------.\       SMART|  ENERGY  |    |
|    \   AND    / BOMB     /  | HOSTAGES  |  \     BOMB \   AND    /    |
|      \SEARCH/     OR   /    | TO RESCUE |    \   OR     \SEARCH/      |
| WEAPON \  / GRENADES /      `-----------'      \ GRENADES \  / WEAPON |
Panel arrangement may vary on 8 bit versions.

The panel's left side refers to the Doctor's status, the right side to
his assistant's status.

LIVES: Shows the lives remaining.

LIFE ENERGY AND SEARCH: This normally indicates the life energy
remaining in the form of a face. As energy decreases, so the face is
replaced by the Doctor Who logo. When the face is completely replaced,
that life is lost. When searching, the life energy status is replaced
by the object that has been found. At the start of the search, the
object is blank, as the search progresses, the object becomes clearer.
The object is collected only once the search is complete as shown by a
completed object graphic.

PLAYER IN CONTROL: An arrow indicates the player in control. The
player in control normally occupies the centre of the screen. (see

WEAPON: Indicates the current weapon held. Either a gun that fires
single, two way or three way shots, or a lazer indicated by a dot,
that gets bigger the more lazer energy you have. The lazer has
priority over a gun, and replaces the gun while the lazer has energy.
When a lazer runs out of energy, the weapon reverts to the current gun
being held. When a life is lost, the weapon power is reduced.

SMART BOMB and DALEKENIUM GRANADES: Normally, a grenade graphic and a
two digit number indicate the number of grenades available. A maximum
of 30 grenades can be held at any one time.

When a smart bomb is collected and is available for use, the letter SB
are displayed in place of the grenades. Smart bombs take PRECEDENCE
over grenades. Once used, the display reverts to the number of
grenades that were available before the smart bomb was collected.

SCORE: Shows the player's current score.

HOSTAGES TO RESCUE: This indicates the number of hostages still to be
rescued on the current level. When all hostages have been rescued, a
smart card appears instead.

K9: K9 is at hand to give the Doctor (and his assistant) help when he
can by giving them extra fire power. K9 only appears in certain cities
and is restricted to moving in a certain area, because he cannot jump
or climb.

WEAPONRY: The Doctor (and his assistant) are equipped with sonic
screwdrivers that can only fire single shots initially. However, they
can be upgraded to two way or three way shots (see collectables) or to
lazers (see collectables and Timelords). The Doctor (and his
assistant) can also collect and use grenades and smart bombs.


Robomen: Quite easy to tackle, fire about half a dozen normal shots,
one grenade or a single blast from the laser will eleminate them.

Ogrons: More difficult to destroy, and rather persisfent at attacking
the Doctor (and his assistant). Grenades and lasers can eliminate them
in one go.

Daleks: Very difficult to destroy, and will ruthlessly attack the
Doctor (and his assistant). Normal shots have no effect, it takes
several laser blasts or a well placed grenade to destroy them.

Mutants: These take several forms. Most can be destroyed with one or
two carefully aimed shots.

Large Rats: These are found in the underground and tend to chase and
jump at the Doctor (and his assistant). They are not easy to shoot
with single shots as they are too close to the ground.

Robotic Dogs: Annoying creatures that constantly sap the Doctor's (and
his assistant's) energy. They cannot be shot when at close range.

Gang Members: These are various types of gang members. Some shoot at
the Doctor (and his assistant), others run up and punch them. They are
not a serious threat, but as they are controlled by the Daleks, it is
as well to get rid of them with several shots.


There are other enemies, it is up to you to find the best way to
destroy them.

Taxis and Cars: These can not be destroyed, the Doctor (and his
assistant) must try to avoid them.


Collectables are seen floating at various locations, the Doctor (or
his assistant) just need to touch them to collect them. They are as

Two way shot:
Modifies the sonic screwdriver so it emits two shots at once, so
doubling its fire power.

Three way shot:
Similar to the two way shotm except triples the fire power.

Power ups:
Collect three to convert the sonic screwdriver into a lazer weapon,
but with limited power. Collect further ones to keep lazer power.

Dalekenium Granades:
Pack of ten grenades added to the arsenal.

Extra life:
Extra life for the Doctor (or the assistant).

Useful for protecting against shots and for destroying Ogrons and

Jelly Babies:
These restore the current life to full energy.

Smart Bomb:
Very useful. Eliminates everything on screen when used.

SEARCHING: There are hidden collectables that can only be found and
collected by searching. Searching is done by using DOWN when the
Doctor (or his assistant) is standing in front of an object, such as a
chair, where it is thought something may be hidden. If something is
there, the face in the status panel is replaced with a graphic that
slowly reveals the hidden object. Collection is achieved by allowing
the graphic to develop into the complete object, releasing DOWN before
this point allows the object to remain for collection later. Always be
on the look out for secret rooms and walkways.

TIMELORDS: The Timelords will appear to help the Doctor (and his
assistant) on achieving certain scores. One of seven choices can be
made by using UP and DOWN followed by FIRE to select. The choices are
extra energy (to restore the current life to full), an extra life,
grenades, lazer energy, shield outriders, fire outriders and a smart


[Non-C64 instructions omitted]

C64: Press SHIFT and RUN STOP together.


[Non-C64 controls omitted]

LEFT  - slow down
RIGHT - speed up
UP    - move up
DOWN  - move down
FIRE  - fire shot

Main Game:
LEFT  - move/face left
RIGHT - move/face right
UP    - jump or climb up
DOWN  - crouch, drop or climb down
FIRE  - Fire current weapon

UP while jumping - grab hold of ledge
UP at doorway    - go through door
DOWN at object   - search object
FIRE held down   - release smart bomb or throw grenades

Player 1 - Joystick 1
Player 2 - Joystick 2
Pause    - F7
Restore  - Quit

The space bar changes the player in control. ie: The Doctor or the

Please note. Certain features are not available in Commodore, Spectrum
and Amstrad versions due to restrictions imposed by these computers.

Produced by: R.D. Hulley
Original idea and storyboard by: R.D. Hulley
Game design and additional storyboard: 221b Software Development
Development Manager: Chris Price

Published by Admiral Software
Unaurthorized publication, copying or distribution throughout the
world is strictly prohibited.

(c) BBC 1973-1992 Licensed by BBC Enterprises Ltd.

Dr. Who and the Dr. Who logo are trademarks of the British
Broadcasting Corporation and are used under license.

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the appearance and get-up therof may be reproduced stored in a
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