Abandonware DOS title

Dark Seed walkthrough

--       WALKTHROUGH      --
DAY 1.

When you wake up go through the right hand door into the bathroom and take a 
shower. OPen the cabinet on the left-hand wall and pick up the tablets and then 
eat one. Go through into the spare bedroom and look at the over-coat in the cupboard 
twice. When the bulge appears, look again and take the library card from the pocket. 
Go downstairs and into the study. Pick up the map from the desk and look at it. Press 
the panels on the right hand bookcase to reveal the secret passage. Walk down it and 
climb the ladder. Pick up the rope and go through the door. Walk back downstairs and 
wait until the doorbell rings. Answer the door, then go back upstairs, climb up to 
the attic and push the chest handle on the right-hand side of the chest three times 
so that you can get out on to the balcony. Use the rope on the gargoyle in the corner 
and climb down to the ground outside the garage.

Open the car boot, take the crow bar, then get into the car. open the glove compartment, 
take the gloves, and play with the radio. Go out of the garage in front of the house, 
pick up the newespaper and read it. Go inside the house into the living room and read 
the note that is on the front of the mirror. Go back up to the attic and use the crow-bar 
on the chest. Take the journal from inside it, read it, and then walk to the town. The 
phone will ring at 12:0 pm, so you should be around to answer it as the librarian has 
an important message for you. Go to the shop and see Klug. Buy some whiskey from him 
and speak to Deolbert, who should give you his card and arrange to meet you later. 
Walk to the library, and speak to the librarian and read the book that has been 
reserved for you. Give her your library card and follow her directions to the book 
you are after. Take the book and take the pages which are hidden inside and read 
them.. Go back to the librarian desk, pick up the bobby pin that is on the floor and 
rock on over to the cemetery (dead centre of the town). Have a chortle at Guybrush's 
tombstone and then go to the crypt. Press the left stone, then the centre stone, then 
the right stone. Go inside and look over the shelves of urns. The urn in the bottom 
left-hand corner contains a clock key, so pick it up. Go back to the house, open the 
grandfather clock in the lounge room and take note of the previous owners name. Time 
to go to bed.

DAY 2.

When you wake up, take another shower and get the pills from the bathroom cabinet. 
Wander around until 10 am when the doorbell should ring. Take the shard of glass and 
place it in the crack on the miror. Walk through the mirror and into the dark world. 
The rooms are a reflection of their real world counterparts, so its easy to find your 
way around the house. Go to the study in the darkworld, walk down the secret passage 
and into the transporter. You end up on the balcony, pick up the binoculars and look 
through them at the mountains.

Put the gloves on and pull the lever on the wall. The door should open. Go back inside 
the dark world house and go out through the front-door. Go to the cemetry, pick up the 
shovel, return to the house and then go back to the real world by walking through the 
mirror. Go to the real world cemetry and dig up J McKeegan's grave. Pick up the journal 
page from the grave and read it. Go back to the house and get arrested by the local 
police officer who takes you to the jail. Hide your money, gloves and pin under the 
pillow before hitting the tin mug against the bars to call the officer. Give him Delbert's 
card and you are released. Before leaving the police station, take the gun off the wall 
and go back to house. Wait outside for Delbert to arrive at 6pm, as you arranged yesterday. 
Follow him into his garden and give him a drink of whisky. When he leaves with his dog, 
pick up the stick and go back to the dark world. Walk to the right outside the house, 
throw the stick into the abyss for the dark side dog to retrieve. walk over the bridge 
and go to the dark world jail, where you get arrested again. Look under the pillow to 
find your real world possessions. Use the pin on the cell door twice and speak to your 
fellow inmate. Set him free and he gives you a headband which makes you invisible. Put 
this on, go into the dark world library, switch the computer on and look at the screen. 
When you have got the microfilm, get back to real world as fast as you can, there is a 
danger that you will fall asleep and get captured. go upstairs and go to bed.

DAY 3.

Wake up, take a shower, take the tablets from the cabinet. Make sure you are around at 10:00 am 
to answer the door and collect the handle of a hammer. Go to the library to look at the microfilm. 
Then go to Klug's shop and buy a bottle of whisky. Go home, down into the basement and pull on 
the stone in the middle of the floor. Pick up the keys and the flagstone, then go to the garage 
and use the whiskey on the car. You can now start the car. Turn the radio on before heading back 
through the mirror and into the dark world. Go towards the cemetery and keep on going until you 
reach the room with the throbbing brain. Use the flagstone on the powersouce to energise it, then 
use the flagstone on the hammer handle. Go back until you are outside the dark world house and 
enter the alien ship. Put the gloves on, tug on the lever and leave the ship immediately, prefably
before you get locked in. The ship takes off, go back to the real world and smash the mirror. And 
at last the world is safe.