Abandonware DOS title

Driller manual


This document assumes a basic knowledge of the gameplay of DRILLER, as given
in the program manual.

Control of the game is, at present, via keyboard or mouse-driven icons.  The
keyboard  controls  mimic  exactly  what the icons do.  Here is a summary of
control.   The  "Btn"  column  indicates which button on the mouse should be
pressed  to  perform  the  function - most icons are dual purpose, the usual
function being accessed using the LEFT mouse button.

Key                     Icon                    Btn     Function

Cursor up / O           Upward arrow            [L]     Move forward
Cursor down / K         Downward arrow          [L]     Move back
Cursor left / Q         Leftward arrow          [L]     Turn left
Cursor right / W        Rightward arrow         [L]     Turn right

0                       Anywhere on main screen [L]     Fire

R                       Up arrow with ground    [L]     Rise up
F                       Down arrow with ground  [L]     Fall down

N                       Leftward arrow          [R]     Tilt left
M                       Rightward arrow         [R]     Tilt right
P                       Up arrow with ground    [R]     Look up
L                       Down arrow with ground  [R]     Look down

D                       Drilling rig            [L]     Place rig
C                       Drilling rig            [R]     Cancel drilling
                        ( If you are in a neutral sector
                        this icon is covered )

F10                     Striped cover at top    [R]     Exit game
                        Striped cover at top    [L]     Restart game