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EGA Trek manual

                                EGA TREK
                      Version 3.0  January 22, 1992

                              Nels Anderson                                 
                             92 Bishop Drive
                       Framingham, MA 01701 U.S.A.

DESCRIPTION:  EGATrek simulates the captains console of a starship, and
places you in command during an invasion by enemy ships.  Your task is
to conquer all enemy ships in your assigned portion of the galaxy, using
your ship and its weapons as efficiently as possible.

You are scored on the time you take to complete your mission (IF you
complete it!), plus other bonuses such as rescues, number of enemy ships
destroyed, etc.

REQUIREMENTS:  EGATrek runs in 640x350, 16 color EGA graphics, thus an
EGA or VGA card and monitor are required.

SHAREWARE:  EGATrek is distributed as Shareware.  You are free to try the
game and make copies for others.  If you continue to use the game,
however, you are asked to pay the author the registration fee of $15
(#12.95 in the U.K.; see UKORDER.TXT for details) to support continued
development of this and other software; in return you'll receive a copy
of the latest version of the game.  A "deluxe" version with binder,
printed manual and quick reference card is available for $22.  Please
include $2 shipping/handling with your payment, or $4 for deluxe
versions or shipping outside the U.S.  Disk vendors may include EGATrek
in their catalog provided a copy of the catalog is supplied to the

FILES:  The files included in EGATrek v3.00 are as follows:

  EGATREK.EXE     EGATrek program
  EGATREK.DOC     Documentation (instructions)
  EGATREK.REF     Quick command reference
  ORDERFRM.TXT    Registration form ready for printing
  UKORDER.TXT     Order form for U.K. users
  EGATREK.TXT     This file
  VENDOR.TXT      Information for disk vendors, user groups, BBS sysops
  FILE_ID.DIZ     Standard program description for BBS use

All these files MUST be included when distributing this program.  If you
archive the program for distribution through BBS's, please use the name
EGATRK30.ZIP (or .LZH, .PAK, etc. as appropriate).

SUPPORT: Support for this software is provided through the )(evious BBS.
Call 508-875-3618 or 617-449-7322 (300/1200/2400/9600/HST/v.32, 8N1) and
leave a C)omment for the sysop.  The latest version will always be
available there first.  Mail support is also available; please include
an SASE with your request.  Finally, you can contact the author by
CompuServe's email system.  Address to Nels Anderson [71020,2613].

AVAILABLE SOFTWARE:  Other software which I've either written or
contributed to:

EGATREK:   Space strategy battle game, using full EGA graphics.
           Based on the classic star trek type games, including
           maps, graphics, communications and even a view outside
           the ship.  Winner of Public Brand Software's 1988
           software contest.

           "...simply an amazing program, full of surprises and
           strategic challenges."
             -- ProGamer Magazine, Series 2, Volume 8

           "EGATrek is such a well-designed game, if you don't have
           EGA hardware, it's a good reason to upgrade."
             -- Shareware Magazine, July-August 1990

MAHJONGG:  Addictive solitaire game played with Chinese tiles.  Very
           easy to learn but always a challenge to win.  Many game
           options including timed games, tournaments, etc.  Also
           allows loading optional tile sets (tile editor included).
           Supports EGA and Hercules graphics; mouse optional.

           "Gorgeous board and tiles, challenging and addictive play."
             -- PCWorld Magazine, December 1988

           "...a visual feast and a mental workout."
             -- Compute! Magazine, April 1989

TILESETS:  Several collections of tile sets created by various
           Mah Jongg fans are available.  Each collection includes
           at least ten tile sets.  Requires Mah Jongg v3.3 or later.

CIPHER:    A word puzzle game, yet it uses hi-res VGA or EGA graphics
           to run (mouse optional).  Also will run in color text mode.
           Includes over 30 puzzles to solve; registered version comes
           with over 200 additional puzzles.  You can also enter your
           own already encrypted puzzles and additional puzzle disks
           are available.  A Windows version is also available.

SHOOT:     "Shooting Gallery" is a colorful arcade game with several
           different rounds to test your aim and reflexes, including
           skeet, quick draw, carnival type shooting range and a wild 
           west shootout.  Uses 320x200, 256 color mode and a mouse to
           play.  Requires VGA or MCGA.

           Selected as one of the top ten EGA/VGA shareware games
           of all time.
             -- PsL News, Public (software) Library, October 1990

           "Shooting Gallery is seven rounds of pure fun!"
             -- Patrick Grote

           "...one of the most entertaining, colorful, action-packed
           and challenging games I have seen."
             -- Vulcan's Compute Monthly, August 1990

SUPERFLY:  An action game using hi-res EGA/VGA graphics.  Chase the
           flies and other insects through twenty different rounds.
           Includes three levels of difficulty, hall of fame, shell
           to DOS, etc.  Keyboard, mouse or joystick control.

           "...so habit forming you'd better not start playing if
           you have anything else to do."
             -- PC Magazine, vol. 10 #17 (10/15/91)

           "RATING: 10.0" (highest rating)
             -- Patrick Grote

BASSTOUR:  (Written by Dick Olsen).  Game that simulates a fishing
           tournament, including rod and lure selection.  Runs in
           EGA/CGA/Hercules graphics modes.

BASSMAP:   Companion program for BassTour which allows lakes to be
           created or modified.  EGA and CGA versions provided.

These programs are probably available on your favorite BBS or from
your favorite disk vendors.  To register them or to order direct, use
the form in the file "orderfrm.txt" which is all ready to print.  The
"deluxe" version includes the registered software on diskette, plus a
binder and printed manual (some programs also include quick reference
cards).  The standard version includes just the diskette with the
registered software.  You can also use your VISA or MasterCard to
order on-line thru the support BBS, Xevious, at 508-875-3618.  Use
"DOOR 15" to order.

                                  - - - - -

  EGATrek is copyright (c) 1988-1992 by Nels Anderson.  All rights reserved.

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