Abandonware DOS title

Fooblitzsky manual


Rules & Regulations for the city of Fooblitzky

OBJECT of the Game:

     The object of the game is to be the frist player to IDENTIFY and 
OBTAIN four(4)SPECIFIC(correct)ITEMS and bring them to a check point.


     Whenever you need to make a choice, your options will be displayed 
on the screen. Move the joystick until the small arrow points to your 
choice. Then press the joystick button. Your choice isn't actually made 
until you press the button.
     Whenever you see the symbol of the joystick, with the joystick 
flashing, your being asked to make a choice. When the button is flashing 
your being asked to press the button.
When both the joystick and the button are flashing you can either move 
the joystick to indicate a choice on the screen or push the button to 
see other choices.


     Players are represented on the board by numbered tokens. To move 
your token around the board, just push the joystick in the appropriate 
direction. For instance, push the joystick to the left to move your 
token to the left.
     You can backtrack as much as you want; That is,you can move your 
token to the left, then change your mind and move it back to the right, 
then change your mind again and move it up or down.
     You must move exactly the number of squares you rolled, unless you 
go into an activity square(any store, pawn shop, locker, restaurant, 
phone booth, UGH, check point, or charity central)or bump into another 
player. Press the joystick button to end your turn.


     You can see the entire city of FOOBLITZKY by pressing the joy stick 
button once. This overview of the city will show you where you are, 
where all the other players are, and which crosswalks are clear. You can 
only do this immediately after you roll or when you are moving along the 
sidewalk, to return to the playing area, press the button once again.


     You can see your inventory(the items your carrying)by pressing the 
joystick button twice in rapid succession, or by pressing the "B" key on 
the keyboard. You can do this after rolling the dice or while moving 
along the sidewalk. To return to the playing area press the button once 


     First indicate weather 2,3,or 4 people are playing the game. Do 
this by pointing the arrow to the doe holding the number 2,3,or 4 then 
press the joystick button.


     Each player should choose any 1 of the 18 items in the game WHILLE 
THE OTHER PLAYERS LOOK AWAY!! There are 3 screens of items to choose 
from, so if the item you want is not displayed press the joystick button 
to see the other screens.
     When you choose an item(by pointing to it and pressing the 
button)it is automatically put into 1 of your 2 lockers. However you 
won't be told which locker.


     The 4 items secretly chosen at the start of the game become the 4 
correct items needed to win. Each player must all 4 of them to a check 
point to win.
     If there are fewer than 4 players, the computer randomly selects 
the remaining item(s) needed. The 4 items don't have to be 4 different 
items, for instance-2 or more players can secretly choose the same item. 
SEE "doubles and triples" for more info.


     After the last player chooses his/her item, the computer will show 
the cost of each item needed,  from the least expensive to the most 
expensive. All items cost either 4, 8, or 16 Foobles, and each store 
sells one item in each price range. 


     Foobles are the units of currency in FOOBLITZKY. You will always 
start with exactly twice as many Foobles as needed to buy one of each 
item needed. To find out how many Foobles you have check the status line 
on the screen at the start of your turn. Foobles are automatically 
deducted or credited whenever appropriate. 


As you play you'll see a status line at the top of the screen. the 
status line tells you whose turn it is, how many moves that player has. 
(that is how many sidewalk squares the player can move)This number will 
count-down as the player moves. This number will automatically adjust 
itself should the player "backtrack". 
     The box in the middle of the status line shows which quadrant the 
player is in. This box will change as the player moves to another 
     The status line shows how many Foobles you have. The number will 
change as appropriate. When you buy something, sell something, go to a 
restaurant, or hospital, etc. 
     The right side of the status line shows the time of day in 
FOOBLITZKY. The clock advances 15 minutes after each round of play. The 
time is important, because you are more likely to be hit by a car. If 
you use a crosswalk with an "x" on it during "RUSH HOUR"(between 8:00-
8:45am, 12:00-12:45pm, and 4:00-4:45pm)


     FOOBLITZKY has four neighborhoods, or quadrants the upper-left, 
upper-right, lower-left, and lower-right. You can always tell what 
quadrant your in by looking for the identifying box, which appears in 
the status line and in the stores. 
     Each quadrant has one of each kind or store; drug store, grocery 
store, hardware store, pet store, sporting goods, and toy store. 
Each quadrant also has one of the following a restaurant, phone booth, 
UGH("U"nderground "G"liding "H"ighway) going clockwise and one going 
counter-clockwise. Lockers and check points are in the upper-left and 
lower-right quadrants only. Pawn shops are in the lower-left and lower-
right quadrants only. The hospital is in the lower-left quadrant, and 
charity central is in the upper-right. 


     There are usually 4 of every item in FOOBLITZKY. Generally, these 
are evenly distributed among the stores. So there will be one hot dog in 
each of the grocery store, one eyedropper in each drug store, etc. 
However the item each player choose at the start will be in his/her 
     So if player #1 picked a pig, then player #1 will have a pig in a 
locker. If player #2 picked a saw, then player #2 will have a saw in 
his/her locker, one store will be "out of stock" for a saw, and one will 
be "out of stock" for a pig. However the other 3 stores will each have a 
pig, and a saw. (note-you must go to the correct type of store for the 
item you want I. E.  a Pet store for a pig, a Hardware store for a 
saw)In 2/3 player games the item(s) the computer picked will be "out of 
stock" in one of the stores. It will not however be available in a 
locker. If 2(or more)of the correct items are identical then the 
distribution will be different. (SEE DOUBLES & TRIPPLES)


     If two players secretly choose the same item, say a pig then 2 of 
the 4 correct items are pigs. All players must obtain two pigs, plus the 
other two items needed to win. 
     If two players picked a pig then they will each have a pig in one 
of there lockers. There will be 6 additional pigs for sale in the Pet 
stores(each store will have from 0 to 2 pigs). Thus there may be no pigs 
"out of stock" in any store even though pigs are one of the correct 
items. Regardless how many pigs there are in a store you will only be 
shown one each time you enter that store. Its possible that 3 or 4 
players will pick the same item(a pig). If this happens then there will 
be 9 or 12 pigs available for sale in the Pet stores. 


     You can only carry a max of 4 items at a time. The only way to get 
rid of an item you don't need or don't want to carry is to take it to 
your locker, a pawn shop, os charity central. You can also get rid of 
unwanted items by "bumbing" into another player and exchanging your 
unwanted item for one you need. 


     You can buy items at stores. Each store sells a 4, 8, and 16 Fooble 
item. Each Pet store carries the same 3 items (a pig, a teddy bear, or a 
dog for example). When you go into a pet store you'll see which items 
are "in stock" and which item is "out of stock(crossed out). 
     However you will not be shown more than one item of an "in-stock" 
item. for instance you won't know if there are more than one pig in that 
store until someone else enters the store, or you buy a pig, then 
reenter the store on your next turn. 
     If you enter a store and every item is "in-stock" then you MUST buy 
something. If you enter a store and the item you want is "out of stock" 
and you don't want anything else, point to the "out of stock" item and 
press the joystick button. You will not buy anything and will find 
yourself outside on the sidewalk. 


     You can call any store in any quadrant from any phone booth, you'll 
chose which kind of store to call, then pick the quadrant to call. You 
will be shown what the store has "in-stock", and which are "out of 
     Phone calls are free. You can only make one call per turn. After 
making your call you automatically end-up on the sidewalk outside the 
phone booth. 


     You can earn 4 Foobles per turn by washing dishes in a restaurant. 
You earn your first 4 Foobles when you enter the restaurant. Once you 
are there, you begin each turn by rolling the "dice". You are given a 
choice to stay and earn maore Foobles or leave to take your turn. 
     You can stay in a restaurant as long as you want. After you wash 
the dishes you stay until your next turn. 


     The fastest and safest way to get from quadrant to quadrant is by 
riding the UGH(underground gliding highway). There are 2 UGH loops in 
FOOBLITZKY. The outer loop(which moves clockwise around the city) and 
the inner loop(which moves you counter-clockwise around the city). These 
two loops are not connected. 
     Getting into a UGH cost 6 Foobles, you can stay on as long as you 
want at no extra cost. You advance one station per turn. Once you get 
off it will cost you another 6 Foobles to get back on. While on the UGH 
you still start each turn by rolling the "dice". You then will have the 
option of staying or getting off and moving. 


     You can buy and sell things at the pawn shop. Both pawn shops start 
out empty. However , the p/s will acquire items over the course of the 
game. Every time the chance man steals an item from a player, it goes to 
one of the p/s. 
     All items donated to charity central go to the p/s. Players may 
sell items to the p/s. No one knows which p/s will end up with any given 
item. From the chance man or from charity central. 
     When you go into a p/s you will be given the opportunity of selling 
an item or buying an item. Once you choose to sell an item to a p/s, you 
will get half what you paid for it back. Any item in the p/s can be 
bought for 3/4 of what it cost in the store. You can buy or sell only 1 
item per turn in a p/s. After you buy or sell you automatically end up 
outside the p/s on the sidewalk. 


     Press "S" to save the game
ESC is the same as the joystick button

E = quit the game
K = map
V = game version #
B = inventory of shopping bag
6 = move right
4 = move left
8 = move up
2 = move down