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Frontier: Elite 2 other - Extensive F.A.Q.


                        FRONTIER (ELITE II) Game Info

             collected by lots of people on comp.sys.amiga.games

            compiled by Christoph Tietz (Christoph.Tietz@gmd.de)

                                April 5, 1994

I   Disclaimer

   I play this game on a PC and have tried to verify as much of the given

   information as possible.

   Information that is marked with "(?)" is untested and may apply to the

   Amiga version only or may be wrong altogether.  (-; Anything else may be

   wrong too ;-).  If you find any mistake, I would be glad to hear from you.

   Parts of the information listed here were not found by me initially, but

   unfortunately I cannot reconstruct who contributed all the bits and

   pieces. Instead I dedicate this collection to the Frontier playing network

   community with many thanks. I hope you don't mind, that I have put your

   contribution together with lots of others and redistributed the whole

   thing without mentioning your name. 

   Enough smalltalk and excuses. Now to the facts:

II  Game Tips

Golden Rule

   Before you do anything that looks only remotely dangerous, SAVE YOUR GAME.

   Do this even if you only want to do something perfectly normal. The game

   is full of bad surprises that have nothing to do with the game itself but

   with bugs and strange crashes. Always keep the last few games, in case a

   saved game is unusable.

Dongles and Other Strange Beasts

   There have been reports of problems with Frontier on an Amiga if a dongle

   occupies the 2nd joystick port. If you cannot control your ship because it

   starts to spin uncontrollably remove the dongle and try again.

Copy Protection

   The copy protection scheme counts headlines as text and ignores the case

   of your input. Page headers and footers and the captions of pictures are

   not counted as text.


Ships In System Maps 

   Ships are marked in the system map as little crosses in the color in which

   the ships would appear on the scanner. Your own position is marked with a

   purple dot regardless of the type of your ship and your hyperjump cloud

   will be marked with a blue dot. You will see the blue dot also for the

   hyperjump clouds of ships that you had selected before they jumped out of

   the system.  Sometimes it is even possible to use your cloud analyzer on

   such clouds.  You can not center the map relative to ship marks.

Planet Selection

   A planet or station can only be selected if it is annotated with its name.

   This annotation is only performed when the game assumes that the object is

   clearly visible. The heuristic that is used for this decision sometimes

   fails badly. Therefore some planets can only be selected if the system is

   zoomed and rotated until the observer's position is near the planet. Try it

   with Pluto in Sol [0, 0]. It really is selectable!


   Your autopilot tries to fly to your target in a straight line. If there is

   a planet between you and your target, the autopilot will happily try to

   fly through the planet, crashing you in the process.

   If you don't want to risk crashes because of high gravity or other mishaps

   that could confuse your autopilot you should always land using time

   acceleration at least at level 2. If you don't watch it too closely your

   autopilot definitely performs better.


   Docking your ship in a space station without causing damage can become a

   quite complicated task for large ships. You have to remember that your

   forward view from a ship like the Panther Clipper is not centered in the

   ship but instead you look out of your forward window that may be high

   above the center axis of your ship. As a result you have to aim not at the

   middle of the docking bay of a station but at a point somewhere in the

   upper half of the back wall of the dock.  One nicely working trick is to

   use the outside view to look at your ship from a point in front of it and

   align your ship such that you look at it from within the station and it

   keeps well clear of the dock walls. In a station you may keep your landing

   gear up to keep your ship as small as possible.

Initial Trading

   As a beginner you will want to make fast cash to be able to buy a better

   ship that brings you to all the wonders of the universe. You can earn your

   money with trading. As a beginner you should choose a trading route where

   there is no risk of being attacked by pirates. Sol and Barnard are two

   such systems. You can carry luxury goods from Sol to Barnard and robots

   back. Sell all of your initial equipment you don't need, to make room for

   merchandise. You won't need missiles, laser or your scanner. As soon as

   you have left Merlin (on Ross 154) you can sell your atmospheric shielding

   too at the next starport, if you avoid planets with atmosphere in the

   future. On the route between Sol and Barnard this will pose no problem,

   because there are enough space stations in either system. Be sure to check

   the bulletin board when you bring robots to Sol. Very often you can get a

   better price there than on the stock market.

   You cannot afford Luxury Goods or Computers in the very beginning. Carry

   Fruit and Vegetables to Barnard instead until you have enough cash to

   switch to more profitable goods. Buy a bigger ship as soon as you have

   enough money to pay it AND enough cash to buy some initial cargo for your

   new ship too.

   Another good route in imperial space has been reported to be Facece to

   Vequess and back. You can perform military missions on one way and carry

   slaves back, if you don't mind the moral implications.

Crew Members

   Every day at midnight the bulletin board is updated and may show new

   potential crew members.

   It is a very bad idea to fire someone of your crew. Your reputation will

   suffer badly. If you repeat this several times, it will take you a very

   long time (sometimes years!) to hire crew members again.


   Passengers want to be delivered to their destination in one month or less.

   If they get impatient, they will tell you so, leave at the next starport

   and refuse to pay. The main problem is, that your reputation will suffer

   badly and future passengers may even refuse to be transported by you. You

   can persuade them sometimes by asking several times. You should be careful

   with passengers that tell you, that they owe someone money. They will most

   probably refuse to pay at the destination port.  For some systems you need

   a permit to enter. The only way to get a permit is to transport a

   passenger or parcel to such a system. The people that give you military

   missions assume that you already have a permit.


   If you give money to charity, you will get a better reputation and people

   will trust you more. This means that you can get 10% more money for

   deliveries, get all or part of the money in advance and more people will

   want to work for you (?). Your reputation will also grow if you succeed

   with passenger transports without receiving too much damage to your ship.

   Therefore giving away your money is not really necessary if your

   reputation is not too bad for passengers to accept you carrying them.


Dumping Radioactives

   One way to get rid of the radioactive waste from military drives is to

   dump it into space right out of your cargo bay. If you are in a system

   where a strong police force is watching, this can get you in trouble even

   if you dump directly after your jump into the system. In such systems you

   should simply sell your waste or (if radioactives are illegal) find a

   reliable merchant on the black market who takes it back.


   You can have loads of fun if you try a few highly illegal dumping

   places. A space port is a very nice place to dump your waste on. Some

   people prefer to dump their radioactives into the still open landing bay

   of an underground spaceport. You can even fling your waste into a long

   range cruiser that waits outside of some space stations. Of course you can

   do the same with mines for the thrill of finally seeing a mine hit



   There seem to exist systems where you can get real money for your

   radioactives. Look out for systems in the state of civil war. Sometimes

   you can sell your radioactives there on the black market.


Countryside Landing

     Lower your speed and raise your nose until you fall with approx. 3 m/s.

   When you are down to 10-15 m, cut your speed to 0 and align your nose with

   the horizon. Don't forget to lower you landing gear!



   Select a system with little or no registered settlers, look for an unnamed

   planet above 0 degrees and below 200 degrees without a starport or station

   and unload your MB4. Wait a few months and land near your mining

   equipment. Pick it up and leave. If you try again at the same place you

   will find less and the third time you will find nothing. This is not

   dependent on the time you let your machine work or the amount of minerals

   the machine has produced. Only the number of trials counts.


   A builtin camera (you get it for your first reconnaissance mission) does

   not prevent you from using the mining machines. Just use the camera icon

   in the near of the mining machine. Frontier will know, that you don't want

   to take pictures.


Fuel Scoop from a Gas Giant

   Autopilot to the target, aim at the horizon and set your speed to 15,000

   km/h. Use time acceleration and decelerate to keep the target tunnel

   frames coming at constant speed; when the atmosphere gets visible, aim for

   the middle and reduce your speed to 4000 km/h, go back to normal time. The

   fuel scoop will first fill up the cargo space and then the internal tanks.



   There seem to exist a lot of misunderstandings with respect to fighting.

   The first one is, that your movement vector has to point to your enemy to

   move towards him. This is not true. Your movement vector is shown as the

   vector of your movement with respect to the currently selected reference

   mass. This is totally insignificant for a fight, because there only the

   relative velocities of the fighting ships count. This also means, that you

   don't have to decelerate for a fight. Your attacker will have a similar

   velocity vector as you or he wouldn't stay in your vicinity for long.

   Important are the tiny differences in your movement vectors that result in

   movements of your ships relative to each other. If you both fly parallel

   with 10,000 m/s in the same direction and accelerate towards each other,

   this will have the same effect as when you don't move at all and

   accelerate towards each other. What counts is the resulting relative

   movement. To make a long story short: Simply ignore your displayed

   velocity during a fight. It doesn't matter at all!

   What does count is your velocity relative to the attacking ships. You

   cannot measure it directly, but you can select an attacking ship and watch

   the distance change to get an estimate of your velocity. This is the only

   velocity information that helps you to maneuver during a fight.

   * Always switch your engines off while fighting and use mouse direction

     control and acceleration/deceleration buttons for maneuvering.

   * Ignore the indication of your velocity vector. It is insignificant for a


   * Be careful not to shoot yourself with your own turret mounted lasers.

   * If you attack a ship with your front laser, aim 5 deg past it,

     accelerate until near, decelerate and follow accelerating while it flies

     by. Shoot it from behind.

   * You can shoot incoming missiles: evade with full thrusters, u-turn,

     select with annotation (to make the missile visible) and shoot.

   I have developed a standard sequence for fighting that uses a little

   cheating to compensate for the very poor HUD and the bad interface to the

   functions you need during a fight:

   * When the attack warning comes up, stop time.

   * Switch off your engines.

   * Select the outside view of your ship and zoom out as far as possible.

   * Switch on the id labels to identify the attacker.

   * Move the outside view until the attacker rotates into your view.

   * Select the attacker and activate your radar scanner to get type and

     damage info.

   * Remember the position of the attacker on your scanner.

   * Switch back to the front view.

   * Restart time.

   * If you use your front laser, rotate your ship to face the attacker and

     use your engines to accelerate at the same time to evade the initial


   * Perform any maneuvers necessary and shoot to get rid of the attacker.

   * Select the system map and reselect your initial target.

   Some players find it sufficient to use the id labels, so they don't have

   to deselect the original flight target and select the attacker. I found

   the distance information the selection provides very helpful

   though. Especially when I have to use a powerful laser economically

   because it can be fired only a limited time until it overheats and needs

   time for cooling.

Military Missions

   Be careful not to accept military missions that clearly cannot be finished

   in time. You will have to look at the destination starsystem, estimate

   your travelling time through hyperspace and the time you need in the

   target system to reach your destination. A good distance estimate is to

   add 10 AU to the orbital distance of your destination. If your destination

   is orbiting another planet use the orbital distance of this planet instead

   and add the orbital distance of your destination to the result.

   If you don't get missions from your local military agent, don't despair.

   Often it is sufficient to change the starport in the same system to get

   missions. If all else fails and you don't want to change the base for your

   military career, simply make a small hyperspace jump out of the system and

   back. In the mean time your military agent may have changed his mind. If

   he still has nothing to do for you you should ask yourself a few

   questions.  Would you give someone like you military missions? For whom

   have you worked in the past? Are you really trustworthy? See, you know the



   * Always save the game before accepting a contract.

   * Don't arrive in your target system too early. If the police has enough

     time to investigate, the victim will be warned. This makes it very

     difficult to finish a contract in systems like 61 Cygni [-1, 1] or

     Omicron Eridani [2, 0] where you have to travel 40 AU or more to the

     next station. Don't even think about a mission for Alpha Centauri [0, 0]

     or Cegreth [-1, -3]. Such missions can only be accomplished if you

     cheat. For details see the Autopilot Break below. It seems to be ok. to

     arrive at the target system about one week before contract time.

   * Don't wait too long in front of the target station or port, the victim

     may get frightened and refuse to start. 15 minutes before contract time

     seems ok.

     There seems to be a way to force victims out of a station if they refuse

     to start. If you attack the station, the launch bay must be cleared for

     the police vipers. If your victim is in the station, he/she will be in

     the launch bay and get forced to start as soon as you attack the


   * Don't wait directly in front of the station, the victim may run into


   * Don't wait directly above a star port. If the launch bay doesn't close

     after your start, your victim cannot start.

   * You should never try to watch the take off of your victim in accelerated

     time. In most cases your victim will sneak past you while you are

     dreaming your time away and be gone before you even know it.

   * Don't attack too close to a star port or station, the victim may try to

     land again.

   * If you have to attack near a star port, don't use missiles too early. If

     you do, your victim might try to evade the missile and crash in the

     process.  If your victim kills himself, you failed.

   * You can use missiles to prevent the victim from hyperjumping while you

     attack. If you fire a missile before you use your lasers, the local

     authorities will charge you only 600 credits for illegal weapon usage.

     Otherwise you will get fined 10,000 credits for piracy and murder.

     One very nice attack method based on this trick is to wait at some

     planet far from your destination until you can spot your victim on the

     system map. As soon as it appears, target it and fire a missile. This is

     already sufficient to prevent your victim from hyperjumping and you can

     approach now and do what you came for.

   * If the victim hyperjumps, use a cloud analyzer and simply follow. Select

     the arrival cloud and wait until the victim arrives or you can be sure

     it made a misjump. If you are not fast enough to overtake your victim on

     the direct route, you can always use a wormhole route that is nearly

     always faster. A drawback of the wormhole route is, that your entry

     point of the target system may be far away from the entry point of your


   * If you are too far from your victim when he or she starts, use the

     system map and watch for a ship mark on the map that belongs to your

     victim. Select it and proceed as usual. You can verify your selection

     via communication. Don't call, just verify the registration number.

   * If you have more than one assassination on your list, collect the money

     for the first one before you try the next. Your employer seems to

     actively look for you to pay you and spreads rumors of your profession

     in the process. This obviously warns other victims.

   With these points in mind I have succeded with every contract (civil or

   military) that I have accepted so far. In every case a victim didn't show

   up I could find a reason from the list above and succeeded in the next


   On the other hand there have been reported lots of problems with victims

   not showing up or refusing to land at the port of destination. Some of

   these problems seem to stay even if you use every trick in the book. In

   such a case your only chance is to reload a saved game from the time

   before you accepted the contract.

Reconnaissance Missions

   One problem with such missions is, to find your target at all. It should

   work if you approach the planet until it nearly fills your screen. If the

   military base is visible, you should see it as a grey pixel that can be

   selected. If you don't see it, fly to the back of the planet or simply

   wait a few hours (in accelerated time) until the planet rotates the base

   into your view. The maximum distance to take pictures from is about 80 km.

   You get excellent pictures if you fly below 10 km. One nicely working

   method for an approach is:

   * Use autopilot and maximum time acceleration until you arrive in the

     "vicinity of the planet".

   * Use time acceleration 3-4 and 50,000 km/h to fly to 7000-8000 km


   * Orbit the planet and lock on the target when it is at the horizon.

   * Save the game.

   * Aim a little below the horizon and descend to 1000-3000 m.

     On planets with high gravity this is the most difficult part. I always

     save a game before actually reaching the planet so I can try different

     routes to the target station. The problem on planets with high gravity

     is, that you don't get height information until you cannot decelerate

     anymore in time to avoid a crash. You have to approach such planets very

     carefully. Another problem is, that you can control you descent only via

     the velocity readings because you cannot see your actual velocity vector

     or the target tunnel with your nose up high enough to make a controlled

     descent to your target. You can aim at your target with your nose up, if

     you use the outside view.

   * Continue towards your target with 10,000 km/h and time acceleration 2

     until your distance is down to 200 km.

   * Decelerate to 5,000 km/h and switch off time acceleration.

   * From a distance of 80 km downwards you can take pictures. I usually fly

     between the towers or a small distance above. After you have taken the

     pictures, accelerate with full power and make your escape.

   * After having taken my pictures I often pick a few interesting enemies

     and practice my fighting skills before jumping out of the system.

   A few times I managed to rough land between the buildings of a target

   station. The stations don't seem to have a starport, but only a hangar out

   of which the interceptors start. It is interesting to watch them

   materialize in front of this hangar (and crash shortly afterwards).

   Reconnaissance missions to imperial stations are most difficult, because

   you are attacked by Imperial Couriers with 20 MW lasers. For my Asp with

   up to 10 shields this means that you are history with only one direct

   hit. If you fly very low between the buildings of a target station you

   must be extremely careful, not to be rammed by an enemy ship that suddenly

   appears directly in front of you.

Bombing Missions

   If you have succeeded with reconnaissance missions and shot a lot of

   excellent pictures you will find bombing missions very boring. You can

   fire your nuclear missile from 500 km distance or even more without

   adverse effects if the station lies within your line of sight. The crater

   that replaces the station after a successful attack is no hole in the

   ground. It hovers above the planet just where the station used to be. If

   you rough land at the position of the station you land actually below the

   crater. Very strange...


   If you want to improve your combat rating fast, there is one simple trick.

   Buy a Panther Clipper and equip it with about 300 shield generators. It is

   nearly invincible now. Select a system with lots of pirates. Anarchies are

   very nice and some dictatorships also work very well. Jump into the system

   and switch off your engines. Accelerate time to the maximum and wait for

   the pirates to come. When they arrive, simply wait. They will crash into

   you and you will get the bonus for destroying them. Only one ship can get

   dangerous to you and this is the Imperial Courier which is very often

   equipped with a 20 MW laser. Fight this one and do it carefully because

   once this gun starts to hit you, your shields will degrade very fast and

   you don't have the engine power to evade quickly.

   After you have cleaned up the system, jump to a neighbor system and back

   or still better, simply jump to another anarchy. Repeat until you run out

   of fuel, are bored too much or have advanced to ELITE after 6000 destroyed


   As soon as you get reconnaissance missions from the military, you can

   advance even faster.  Pick a mission to a station on a planet with low

   gravity and fly towards it. From approximately 500 km downward you can

   watch interceptors start continuously. All you have to do is to reduce

   your velocity or switch off your engines and wait until they start

   crashing into you. In the near of imperial stations it is not as easy,

   because you will have to actively fight the attacking Imperial Couriers

   that would cut you into pieces otherwise. They are quite easy to destroy,

   if you adapt your course until they approach you in a straight line. Then

   you can activate the autopilot and fire as soon as they are in range. As

   long as you move to follow one of the Imperial Couriers the others are

   usually too clumsy to hit you hard enough to cause damage. Other ships can

   safely be ignored. They will crash into you from time to time or reduce

   your shields a few percent if they hit you with their lasers. Keep well

   above the planet to avoid crash landings.

   You can accelerate all this still further if you use an energy bomb to wipe

   out a lot of enemies with one keypress. This works most satisfactory if you

   are surrounded by lots of police vipers after some little disagreements

   with the local authorities.


Sling shot

   Aim just past a large gas giant and get fast enough (700 km/s for

   Jupiter). Switch off your engines and watch. Speed and distance are

   critical. You will have to practice a bit to get the feeling.



   You can fly through all the domes on planets without a breathable

   atmosphere and land between the buildings. If you do this for the

   transparent domes at Ross 154 you will find in one dome administration

   buildings of Vega Line, Sirius Corporation and other trading houses and in

   the second dome the usual combination of concrete blocks and green patches

   in between with scattered brick houses. It is definitely fun to fly

   between the buildings and look at your surroundings. Agriculture domes are

   a bit boring, because they contain nothing more than lots of green balls

   at ground level.

   Domes that are not tranparent, can be entered too but contain absolutely

   nothing. It is interesting, that they are no obstacle for you though. At

   least they are good for some very strange graphical effects if you land in

   one of these domes and use your outside view to look at your surroundings.


   In every major city with more than the space port and a little industry you

   can find little churches with working clocks. The cities are structured as

   large blocks of ugly concrete buildings and patches of green between them

   with scattered brick houses and every now and then a little church. Try to

   rough land in the vicinity of such a church and watch the clock on the

   church steeple. Use time acceleration for better effect. If you are close

   enough you can even read the roman numbers on the clock face. The buildings

   give you an interesting impression of the size of your ship. A Cobra MK III

   looks huge compared with this tiny little church. And have you ever seen a

   huge space ship standing in the graveyard behind a church? It looks

   definitely strange.


   At some time in the future I will look for one of the bridges you can see in

   the intro sequence of the game. This will be my last action before voluntary

   retirement. A kind soul already gave me the tip to look in the near of New

   San Francisco on Earth, Sol [0, 0]. Do you really want me to retire?


Other Galaxies

   If you use the galactic view and zoom out of the galaxy you can see lots

   of other galaxies that are arranged in a regular grid. These galaxies are

   all copies of your home galaxy, so it is really not worth the effort to

   try and find wormhols to distant galaxies. There is only one galaxy and a

   lot of mirror images.


   A lot of oldtimers from the era of the original Elite game still remember

   the menace of the Thargoids and miss them in Frontier. Nobody has seen a

   Thargoid in Frontier yet but in an interview David Braben shall have told

   that there is a single Thargoid ship in a system far out in the galaxy. I

   personally think this is only a trick to keep us playing Frontier until

   add-ons appear. But who knows?


   If you fly bombing missions to federal bases you can sometimes see two big

   violet octagonal ships that look just like the good old Thargoid ships but

   they are not disturbed by your approach. Perhaps the Thargoids sleep for a

   few hundred years after the exhausting fight with mankind?

III   Bugs / Features

Enemies One At a Time

   Maximum time acceleration will separate groups of ships to get them in

   line, waiting for you.

Perfect Autopilot

   Your autopilot always succeeds if you use maximum time acceleration.

Planet Landing Without Fuel

   While you still have fuel, use the autopilot to align with your target

   planet, switch to maximum time acceleration and wait for the landing

   sequence. Switch back to maximum time acceleration and you are save.

Zero Time Shooting from Gun Turrets

   If an attacker approaches, get him in sight of a laser turret, stop time,

   select the attacker, aim the laser and test fire (you see the blue or the

   explosion light effect if you hit). Keep firing while releasing the time

   stop. Repeat if necessary.

Missile Fire While Docked

   You can fire missiles even from within a space station. This might help in

   case of the passenger/no crew problem described in the Bugs / Bugs


Certain Missile Hit

   Switch to maximum time acceleration after firing the missile. Your missile

   will hit even if you use a nuclear missile and/or have 900 km distance to

   your target.

Selling Ship With Passenger

   If you sell a ship with passenger on board you get the money and keep the

   ship (and the passenger). This bug seems to be fixed in the 1.05 version

   of the game for the Amiga and in the American PC version.

Engine Upgrade for Imp Courier or Imp Trader

   The only way to get an upgrade for the non-removable engine in an Imperial

   Courier or an Imperial Trader seems to be to let it fail due to

   maintenance neglection and then put in a new engine. The new engine will

   be fixed just as the original drive. To let time pass in a controlled way

   select a route between two star systems an perform lots of jumps. If you

   select Barnard <-> Sol, you can sell all your equipment except for the

   autopilot and load your ship with fuel for the jumps. After 10 or 11

   months you should stop jumping around to avoid a misjump. The few

   remaining days you can simply wait outside a station until your drive

   falls off.

Autopilot Break

   You can activate the autopilot for immediate deceleration from arbitrary

   high velocities in the vicinity of your selected target, if you use

   maximum time acceleration.

Crash Avoidance

   Assume you have to perform a mission on some planet, reached it and find

   out that you are too fast to be able to decelerate in time to avoid a

   crash landing. What can you do? The correct way is to watch the crash,

   reload a previously saved game and try again. The Frontier way is to use

   time acceleration to avoid the crash. Simply switch to maximum time

   acceleration just before the crash. You will make a big jump through the

   planet and be safe at some distance at the other side.


   This is not really a bug but more or less a consequence of the

   implementation of time acceleration. Collisions are detected if your ship

   collides with an object at a given time frame of the simulation. When you

   accelerate time these time frames are farther apart and so are your

   positions in space if you are moving. If your position at one time frame

   is above a planet and at the next time frame on the other side of the

   planet Frontier will not detect the collision that should have happened in



Fast Ascent to ELITE

   You can use the properties of time acceleration to acsend to ELITE status

   very fast, once you get foto or bombing missions. Just buy a Panther with

   lots of shields, get yourself an imperial foto or bombing mission and stop

   about 10 km above the target station. Next destroy all ships in your

   near. You can use your turrets and the zero time shooting feature to

   achieve this. Now you can select the first level of time acceleration. The

   ships that now start from the station fly directly into your shields and

   are destroyed. The only thing you have to watch very carefully is your

   height above the planet. You can expect a `right on commander' message

   every 7 to 10 minutes. These messages reset time acceleration, so you will

   have to destroy all ships in your near again and select time acceleration

   until the next message comes up. After a few hours of work you will have

   advanced to ELITE status.

   You can not use higher time acceleration levels because then the destroyed

   interceptors are not counted.

Negotiations With The Police

   If you have been caught selling or buying illegal goods or having them on

   board, the police will fine you. If the officer is not corrupt, you can

   always lower your fine to the original amount if you claim you "haven't

   done it".

IV    Bugs / Bugs

   Most of the bugs can be circumvented in one or another way. The only bug

   that really annoyed me is the crash that happens after you have unloaded a

   mining machine and leave the system (PC only). This bug makes the mining

   part of the game unplayable and should have been found if the game had

   been beta tested at all. The many program confusions and crashes during

   heavy fights are a nuisance that can only be partially avoided with

   frequent game saving.

   * The german translation is a complete mess. Most of the time it gives you

     crippled nonsense texts and hides important information in a ruined

     screen layout. Game and manuals are full of spelling errors and

     sometimes you have to translate text back to English to be able to

     understand it at all.

   * The protection scheme sometimes gets confused and asks for the first

     letter of e. g. page 8238,line 27764, word 29263.

   * The attack and missile warnings and the "photograph taken" message stay

     on the screen much too long, hiding vital scanner information. In case

     of an attack warning you can stop time as soon as the warning is given,

     select the attacker and start normal time again. The warning is

     sometimes repeated, but then you already have some hints about the

     position of the attacker.

   * In some systems (mostly large systems with more than one sun, e. g.

     Cegreeth [-1, -3]) the reference mass selection is broken and will not

     switch to the nearest planet or station. In some cases it is sufficient

     to avoid the autopilot and fly by hand. In some systems even this does

     not work (because of discretization problems if the reference mass is

     too far away?) and the target will jump around wildly. Sometimes it

     helps not to use maximum time acceleration or fly by hand. If this does

     not help either: 

     1. Avoid such systems.

     2. If you absolutely have to dock or land in such a system use the

        autopilot to accelerate under maximum time acceleration, switch off

        your engines until you are 1-2 AU from your target and reactivate

        autopilot (still under maximum time acceleration) to decelerate and

        teleport to your target.

     3. If 2. fails, try again from another angle.

     Reconnaissance missions to such systems are very difficult, because you

     cannot use the teleport-and-decelerate trick.  Furthermore the drawing

     of the target planet gets totally inconsistent with the drawing of the

     station to be filmed, resulting in "flying" stations that seem to be

     located above the planet and other strange effects that make navigation

     by hand a matter of pure luck. I got such missions to

     Micanex C,Da [3, -4] and Hoethan A,B3b [3, -5].

   * Bombing missions for systems like Candaess [2, -4] lead to problems

     too. You cannot hit the flying station above Candaess A,B1b because the

     nuclear missile seems to have a fixed velocity between 15,000 and 25,000

     km/h. Because the gravitation reference is never switched to the planet,

     you have to adjust your velocity relative to Candaess C,D. In my case I

     had to select around 28,000 km/h to be able to approach the station at

     all. Whenever I fired my missile it somehow decelerated and never

     reached the station. The only trick that worked was to fire the missile

     from a distance around 900 km and use the missile-hit feature/bug to

     destroy the station. You can do this only from a great distance because

     you are unable to switch to full time acceleration if the interceptors

     are near you.

   * In systems with a central supergiant, the simulation of this sun is

     broken. In the Betelgeuse system [59, 14] I got no gravitational effect

     of the central sun and could fly right through it.  The displayed disk

     sometimes transformed into a rotating rectangle (e. g. at 1.39 AU

     distance) and sometimes vanished completely (e. g. at 0.8 AU distance).

     The supergiant was never selected as reference mass.

   * If you are near a planet that was not selected as reference mass (see

     above), you can watch the same effects for this planet as have been

     described for supergiants.

   * Sometimes the scanner may fail without damage report.  All systems seem

     to be ok., but the scanner doesn't show the attacking ships. It has been

     reported that you can fly through these ghost ships without damaging

     them or you. This seems to happen mostly in the near of the famous

     "flying" stations above planets that have not been selected as reference

     mass. The attacking ships also fire at you but seem to be unable to hit.

   * Be careful not to accept delivery missions to systems without bases or

     spacestations. You might not be able to deliver.

   * You sometimes get reconnaissance or bombing missions from the military

     that are impossible to accomplish, because there is no planet in the

     denoted system. These missions are cancelled as soon as you select them

     but they stay in the mission list.

   * If you are stuck in an underground base but have enough fuel and your

     engines are ok., there is no safe way to start but you can try out a few

     alternatives that have been reported to work in some cases:

     1. Use maximum time acceleration just after you have got launch

        permission. When you get the message that your launch time expired,

        switch to maximum time acceleration again.

     2. Build up a little motion, pull up your landing gear and use maximum

        time acceleration to warp through the wall.

     3. Buy lots of shields and fly through the wall.

     4. Perform takeoff as if all were normal (up gear, increase throttle,

        pull up nose) this might result in your ship starting normally.

     For some of these methods a few retries might help (save the game before

     you try anything!). If nothing else helps, select a target for a

     hyperjump and force a misjump via ALT + F8.

   * Some versions of the game for the Amiga don't allow you to jump into the

     van Maanens [0, 1] system. Neighbor systems are reachable without

     problem, the star map shows the system as reachable but you cannot

     trigger the hyperjump to van Maanens.


   * On planets with a breathable atmosphere you are sometimes cleared for

     landing on pads that are already occupied by other ships that seem to

     have landed far from their destination pad.


   * Mountains are sometimes placed directly on the landing pads of a

     starport on planets with a breathable atmosphere.


   * Sometimes a starport is reported to be busy even if there are free

     landing pads and no incoming ship exists that may have been assigned to

     the pad.


   * If you do not have enough crew and a fugitive passenger on board,

     someone might attack you from outside a station, preventing time

     acceleration to wait for enough crew and (through the passenger) also

     the selling of your ship. The only way to solve this dilemma seems to be

     to use the missile bug to shoot the attacker from inside the station (?).

   * The autorefuel system may magically empty your internal tanks if you try

     to fill them by hand. I had this effect in a Panther Clipper once even

     without the autorefuel system.

   * When a passenger gets impatient waiting to be delivered and leaves at

     the next starport, you get cabins that are falsely reported occupied,

     preventing you from selling your ship or using the cabin again. The only

     way out of this situation seems to be to buy an escape capsule and use

     it at the next opportunity. You will lose your ship but you can at least

     buy a new one.

   * If you have more than one MB4 mining machine, you must always deal with

     the last one on your list first. If you by accident destroy or even sell

     another one first, the game crashes (?).

   * Do not leave a system with mining gear left behind. The game will crash.

     This seems to be a problem that appears only in the PC version. As in

     the missile fire bug on the Panther this is a bug in the EMS handling

     that hits you whenever you hyperjump.

   * If, as a result of your asteroid mining operation, many objects appear

     in your neighborhood, the game may crash (?).

   * You have not fulfilled a killing contract if your victim crashes.

   * If you fly towards the horizon of a planet, strange graphical effects

     may happen, showing pie slices of the planet flashing everywhere. Also

     the horizon may jump wildly up and down.

   * The same effect happens if you are in the midst of a fight at the right

     height above a planet.  Your enemies will wildly jump around making them

     impossible to hit. Interesting enough they don't seem to have the same


   * You can fly through mountains, transparent domes, buildings and the

     walls of spaceports.

   * On some star ports ships of contract targets seem to be unable to start

     without crash. This happens preferably on planets with gravity

     comparable to earth gravity or higher. Example: Lion Transport in

     Manchester City on Matthews World in Behoqu [2, -4]. The only workaround

     I have found is to avoid contracts to such targets.

   * The height calculations are broken on some planets, e. g. on Hoopers

     World in 82 Eridani, where I got a distance reading of 0.65 km for a

     target that was at the starport (not yet started!) and my height was

     shown as 2345 meters. Another example is Mitterand's World in

     Liabeze [2, -4]. 

   * For the upper gun turret on the Tiger Trader at elevation angles above

     50 deg, 5 MW beams fill the whole lower screen or strange crossing beams

     are shown, hiding possible targets.

   * Missiles that are fired from a Panther Clipper crash immediately without

     hitting anything except the own ship. This makes many bombing missions

     impossible to accomplish with a Panther. The bug only appears after

     hyperspace jumps (EMS access on the PC) and you can avoid it if you dock

     at a station or land at a starport before you try to fire a missile. You

     can shorten the extra time you need for this if you use the Autopilot

     Break to reach the point of your intermediate landing as early as

     possible. This makes bombing missions to systems with spaceports

     possible but still leaves a lot of impossible cases.


   * The trajectory drawing for planets or stations shown in the system map

     sometimes gets confused and draws straight lines from one point of the

     trajectory to the screen border.

   * A jump into the Beta Lyrae system [-146, 85] crashes the game.

   * The attempt to get system info for the Andolqu system [-76, 29] crashes

     the game.

   * If you select system info for an unexplored system, you get the info for

     the last selected explored system.

   * If you select population info for an unexplored system, the game may


   * Sometimes you may get a starport reported to be located on a sun.  While

     being docked at Gilmour Orbiter in Tau Ceti, system info showed a

     starport on the sun Exbephi B [-1225, -853].  The starport vanished when

     I jumped into the system.  Also a population of 100,000 to 1 Million was

     reported for Ethfala [-2174, -879] which is a binary system without


   * If you recenter the star map to your position you will still get the

     system info of the system you looked at before recentering until you

     have moved the cursor away from your current system and back.

   * Sometimes a selected star is not surrounded with the green circle at the

     position of the star but at the wrong end of the pin which shows the

     system's height with respect to the galactic ecliptic.

   * The ships section of the documentation contains at least 19 errors.

   * The masses of Panther, Kestrel and Hawk do not add up to the total mass

     of 1775t, 20t and 18t respectively.

   * The reverse thrusters of the Eagle MkII are way too weak to be meant

     this way. The available 4g should probably be 14g.

   * If you switch between the status screens of your display, your ship may

     get drawn erroneously on the contract list page.

   * In the repair section of the shipyard, hull damage is not measured

     relative to the actual hull weight and can exceed the actual hull weight

     by a large amount.

   * After a heavy fight the repair section of the shipyard may get confused.

     I once got as a damage report the message of the police officer that

     arrests you if you haven't paid your fines. The repair costs were 26315


   * Another effect in a similar situation produced damage reports for all my

     thrusters that kept reappearing at each entry of the repair screen even

     after repair. Save and restore of the game didn't help. I had to return

     to a saved game from before the fight.

     The effect can be reproduced if you buy a new ship and immediately buy a

     new drive for it.  If you now enter the repair screen, all your

     thrusters are reported to be damaged. You can try to repair them with

     very strange effects that cause repaired thrusters to get damaged from

     the repair of other thrusters. If you have succeeded with the repair and

     no thruster is reported damaged anymore, you will get the old damage

     reports again the next time you enter the repair screen.

     The effect can be ignored and will vanish after you have refueled and

     taken off to the next starport.

   * You can get game crashes during a fight. A few times I got strange beeps

     from the speaker in my PC that got lower and lower until the game froze.

     The exect situation was a fight where I was receiving damage by an enemy

     laser when he was hit by my front laser simultaneously.

   * The ejection system may be triggered if you try to rough land with a

     large ship (?).

   * If you crash during a failed attempt to rough land, the game may crash

     with a memory exception.

   * The system map allows centering on planets only if the planet is

     annotated with its name.  The annotation sometimes happens only shortly

     before the planet vanishes from the screen.  For some planets it is very

     difficult to find a rotation/zooming combination that works, for some

     planets like Phiagre A,B2 [1, -3] I have not yet found a setting that

     makes the planet selectable.

   * When you have docked at a station using maximum time acceleration, the

     system map still shows your position outside the station.

   * If you hyperjump while traffic control is warning you you will get a

     final warning message and a fine from the star system you jump into.

   * In early versions of the game for the Amiga there is a bug that may

     confuse the bulletin board that then shows parts of the stockmarket

     section. One trick to avoid this problem is to always return to the top

     of the bulletin board before leaving it. If the damage is done, you can

     accelerate time to wait until midnight. The bulletin board will then be

     reset and corrected.

   * The manual states that the game is completely playable via keyboard, but

     I have not found an equivalent to a right mouse click on the keyboard.

     Therefore rotation control for the system and sector maps seems to be

     dependent on the mouse.

   * A mouse click that misses a function icon or the scanner display in the

     lower part of the screen deselects the current target. As a consequence

     you often have to reselect your target only because you missed some icon

     by a small amount.

   * Released mouse keys sometimes keep autorepeating.

   * The joystick cannot be calibrated and is way too imprecise (even with a

     high quality joystick) on a 40MHz 386 PC.

V    Hacking and Cheating

   If you don't want to spoil your game completely, please ignore this





   FRONTIER.EXE and the .OVR files of the PC version have been packed with an

   LZEXE compatible packer. You can safely unpack them, they will run without

   problems afterwards. The advantage of unpacking your executables is that

   you can use your favourite byte editor to look for strings in the game and

   find out what you can expect in your future gameplay. It also should speed

   up the startup time of your game significantly.


Save Files


   Saved games are not portable between the Amiga and the PC versions of the

   game. They seem to be compressed in the PC version but the compressor

   program is not yet known.


   There are some hack sheets floating around for the Amiga version but I

   will not include them here because I simply don't like this kind of

   cheats. I think it is bad enough to exploit the bugs in the game for your

   gameplay.  If you really want to cheat badly, write your own game or find

   out the cheats for yourself!


VI   Wish List

   * If the system map would follow the events outside, you could watch your

     progress in the map without having to switch repeatedly between main

     view and map.

   * It should be possible to center the system map relative to a displayed


   * There should be a possibility to fast zoom out of the system map just

     enough to make your ship or the next planet visible.

   * It would be nice to have a stack of autopilot targets: select your

     flight target, push it and select a target for a fight, return to your

     flight target...

   * If you don't use the autopilot, it is very difficult to land on planets

     with high gravity, because you have no easy way to estimate your current

     position relative to the planet without deselecting your target. It

     would be nice to have a switchable height meter that gives you readings

     all the time (not only from 50.000 m downwards) in addition to your

     information about the target distance. Also some velocity information

     like rate of descent and velocity with respect to the planet surface

     would be extremely helpful. Why not switch to a HUD that contains this

     information in the near of a planet, if your autopilot is not activated?

VII   Flight Physics

      1 AU = 1.496 x 10^11 m      (astronomical unit)

      1 g  =          9.81 m/s^2  (gravitational acceleration on earth)

      1 h  =         3,600 s      (hour)

      1 d  =        86,400 s      (day)

VII-A   Equations for Free Fall

   With velocity v [m/s], acceleration a [m/s^2], distance d [m] and time

   t [s] we get:

      v = a t = sqrt(2 a d);    d = 1/2 a t^2;    t = v/a = sqrt(2 d/a) (1)

VII-B   Navigation Equations

   For the distance d travelled with initial acceleration a_1 and final

   deceleration a_2 the values of interest for the journey are the maximum

   velocity at the turning point (where we change from acceleration to

   deceleration) v_u, the distance d_2 of the turning point from the target

   and the time t_d that is needed for travelling the distance d. We assume

   that forces other than those produced by our own engines can be neglected

   and that we start and reach the target with zero velocity. Furthermore we

   assume that the engines are used all the time at full power. If the main

   engine is used for acceleration and deceleration the equations are very


            v_u = sqrt(a d);     t_d = 2 sqrt(d/a);     d_2 = d/2       (2)

   This fastest mode of flight is used to accelerate up to the turning point

   velocity at the distance d_2, turn the ship and decelerate until the

   target is reached.

   If the autopilot is used instead, it will use the main engine for

   acceleration and the secondary thrusters (retro thrusters) for

   deceleration. In this case we get the equations:

                   v_u = sqrt( 2 d (a_1 a_2)/(a_1 + a_2) )

                   t_d = sqrt( 2 d (a_1 + a_2)/(a_1 a_2) )              (3)

                           d_2 = d a_1/(a_1 + a_2)

   The time t_d is always a lower bound for the really used time because the

   autopilot doesn't use the engines at full power all the time. I

   approximated the real time consumption of autopilot flight with a least

   mean square fit of data from 20 undisturbed flights with a Cobra MK III.

   Measuring the distance in astronomical units [AU] and the acceleration in

   units of earth gravitational acceleration [g], I got for the time [d]:

    t_dA = 1.212/86400 *

      sqrt( (2.992 * 10^11)/9.81 ( d (a_1 + a_2)/(a_1 a_2) ) ) - 0.001  (4)

VII-C   Hyperdrives and Jump Ranges

   A hyperdrive lets you travel its maximum range in seven days, which is 168

   hours. Travel time is linear with distance, so you will use one day to

   travel a seventh of your hyperdrive range. For a class n drive you will

   need n^2 tons of fuel to travel the maximum range, except for the class 8

   hyperdrive which actually is a class 9 drive and therefore uses 81 tons

   for a maximum range jump. The fuel consumption is linear with the

   distance, using only integer amounts of fuel, so you will need e.g.

   ceil(n^2/2) tons of fuel to travel half the maximum drive range. The only

   difference between the civil and military versions of a drive is the

   weight of the drive and the type of fuel used.


   The relation between jump cost c [t], jump time t [h], ship mass m [t] and

   jump distance d [lj] can be expressed a little more exact to give you a

   few numbers to crunch. Here the equations:

            c = ceil( d * m / 200),    t = 168/200 * d * m / h^2        (5)

   If you set the time to the maximum 168h in the second equation you can

   calculate the maximum range of the drive of a given class in a given ship.

   If you do this for the class 8 drive in a Panther or Boa you get

   inconsistencies. From the ships table you can see that the class 8

   drive behaves like a class 9 drive in the Panther and like a class 7.79

   drive in the Boa. I hope this indicates a mistake in the table. The

   maximum ranges for the Lynx Bulk Carrier and the Long Range Cruiser are

   calculated as if the class 8 drive were actually class 9 drive. I don't

   know whether these ships can carry hyperdrives at all.

VIII   Wormhole Theory

   The following seems to be invalid for the newer PC versions of the game.

   A ship can jump very large distances due to a modulo effect in the

   hyperspace continuum with a base of W_sect = 81.62 sector lengths

   (655.36 lj). One can use this behavior to find jump paths that are much

   shorter in time and fuel consumption than the straight distance. This also

   allows you to use a smaller hyperdrive and leaves more room for fuel and

   cargo. The optimal jump points for a journey between two systems with one

   intermediate stop are found on the intersections of circles around the two

   endpoints of the journey. On such a circle lie the systems that can be

   reached from the center of the circle with a minimum amount of fuel and

   time. A system at the intersection of such circles can be reached easily

   from the centers of both circles, making it an ideal intermediate jump

   point. The circles have multiples of the wormhole distance (655.36 lj) as

   radii. To make the calculations simple we assume at first, that the

   "thickness" of a sector can be neglected and that two jumps with equal

   distance shall be made, resulting in circles with equal radius. The

   coordinates of the ideal intermediate jump points can now be found on a

   line that perpendicular bisects the segment between the two endpoints of

   your journey, at the points of intersection of the circles around the


   For two star systems at the coordinates (x, y) and (u, v) we define:

                       a = (u - x);       b = (v - y)                 (6)

   We choose a jump distance of W_n = n x W_sect sectors. With this

   definitions we get as coordinates for the intermediate jump (p, q):

             p = (x + u)/2 + b sqrt( W_n^2 / (a^2 + b^2) - 1/4 )


             q = (y + v)/2 - a sqrt( W_n^2 / (a^2 + b^2) - 1/4 )


             p = (x + u)/2 - b sqrt( W_n^2 / (a^2 + b^2) - 1/4 )


             q = (y + v)/2 + a sqrt( W_n^2 / (a^2 + b^2) - 1/4 )

   Now n has to be chosen such that the square root has a real solution (the

   jump radius is larger than the half distance between the systems) and we

   have to find a system near one of the intermediate jump points.  If such a

   system cannot be found, we simply increment n and try again with a

   wormhole distance of the next greater order.

   If you want to perform two jumps with different jump sizes the equations

   have essentially the same structure but get a bit more complicated. We

   define a and b as in (5) and choose the jump distances W_m = m x W_sect

   for the first jump and W_n = n x W_sect for the second jump. m and n must

   be chosen such that: 

                 | m - sqrt(a^2 + b^2) / W_sect |  <=  n  <=            (9)

                   m + sqrt(a^2 + b^2) / W_sect

   This ensures, that there exists an intermediate jump point at all. With

               alpha = (W_m^2 - W_n^2) / (2 (a^2 + b^2)) + 1/2          (10)

   we get for the coordinates of the intermediate jump point (p, q):

      p = (1-alpha) x + alpha u + b sqrt( W_m^2 / a^2 + b^2 - alpha^2 )


      q = (1-alpha) y + alpha v - a sqrt( W_m^2 / a^2 + b^2 - alpha^2 )


      p = (1-alpha) x + alpha u - b sqrt( W_m^2 / a^2 + b^2 - alpha^2 )


      q = (1-alpha) y + alpha v + a sqrt( W_m^2 / a^2 + b^2 - alpha^2 )

IX    Programs for a HP42S pocket calculator

 Here comes a collection of programs for my pocket calculator that I have

 found useful in navigation and the collection of statistical data.

IX-A    Convert time display formats

 First a program that converts a time interval given as days:hours:minutes

 to decimal fractions of a day:

% convert number in the form ddhhmm to a decimal dd.dd form

% =========================================================


% memory:      dhm     day in ddhhmm form

lbl     "dhm->d"

input   "dhm           % input ddhhmm here

xeq     d


goto    "dhm->d"

% subroutine for conversion ddhhmm -> dd.dd

% -----------------------------------------


% input:       ddhhmm on stack


% memory:      00     accumulator for dd.dd

%              01     temporary storage

%              02     unprocessed input

lbl     d

sto 02

10,000 /

ip                   % isolate day number

sto     00

10,000 x

sto-    02           % remove days, leaving hhmm

R^                   % normalize stack

rcl     02

100 /

ip                   % hours number

sto     01

24 /                 % hours per day

sto+    00

R^                   % normalize stack

rcl     01

100 x

rcl     02


-                    % leave mm entry of input

1440 /               % minutes per day

rcl+    00



IX-B    Estimate travel time

 The next program uses equation (4) to calculate an estimate for the duration

 of a flight. You put the acceleration of your main and secondary thrusters

 into the global variables mn_g and bk_g and the program asks you for the

 distance in astronomical units. Acceleration is measured in units of earth

 gravitational acceleration and is constant for a given ship, so you have to

 initialize the variables only once for a ship. The calculated time is output

 in decimal fractions of a day.

% calculate time estimate in days for a local journey

% ===================================================


% memory:      mn_g    acceleration of main thruster in g

%              bk_g    acceleration of back thruster in g


%              s_au    distance to be travelled in AU

lbl     "au->t"

input   "s_au"


% calc. factor for conversion

rcl     "mn_g"

rcl+    "bk_g"

9.81 /

rcl/    "bk_g"

rcl/    "mn_g"

2.992E11 *


1.212 *

*                    % mult with conversion factor

86400 /              % convert to days dd.dd

0.001 -


IX-C    Calculate jump points

 The following program uses equations (9) to (11) to calculate the position

 of jump points for wormhole jumps. You provide it with the jump orders and

 in complex form the coordinates of your current and target system. It gives

 you the coordinates of the optimal jump points as output (also in complex

 form). If no jump point exists for the given jump orders, an error is

 produced while calculating the square root.

% calculate coordinates of jump point

% ===================================


% memory:      ord1    order of first jump

%              ord2    order of second jump

%              x,y     coordinates of start system  (complex)

%              u,v     coordinates of target system (complex)


%              00     x

%              01     y

%              02     u

%              03     v



%             04     a = u-x

%             05     b = v-y

%             06     alpha

%             07     x + alpha * a

%             08     y + alpha * b

%             09     a^2 + b^2

%             10     sqrt (...)

%             11     a * sqrt

%             12     b * sqrt

lbl     "hjmp"

realres               % only real results of sqrt

fix     02            % only two digits after decimal point

input   "ord1"        % get order of jumps

input   "ord2"

input   "x,y"          % get start coordinate

complex               % convert to real/real

sto     01


sto     00


input   "u,v"          % get target coordinate


sto     03

rcl-    01

sto     05            % store b


sto     02

rcl-    00

sto     04            % store a

% calculate alpha

x^2                  % a^2

rcl     05



sto     09            % save a^2 + b^2

2 *

rcl     "ord1"

81.62 *


rcl     "ord2"

81.62 *





0.5 +

sto     06            % store alpha

% calculate sums in front of square root

rcl*    04

rcl+    00



sto     07            % x + alpha * a


rcl     06

rcl*    05

rcl+    01

sto     08            % y + alpha * b


% calculate square root

rcl     "ord1"

81.62 *


rcl/    09

rcl     06




sto     10

rcl*    04

sto     11     % a * sqrt


rcl     10

rcl*    05

sto     12     % b * sqrt

% calculate coordinates of first jump point

rcl+    07     % p coordinate on stack

rcl     08

rcl-    11     % q coordinate on stack


% and now the second jump point

rcl     07

rcl-    12     % p coordinate on stack

rcl     08

rcl+    11     % q coordinate on stack




X     Keyboard Reference (German Keyboard)



                  game exit                : ^C

                  pause                    : ESC

                  accelerate time, level x : SHIFT + Fx

                  dump screen (?)          : numeric *



                  move cursor              : ALT + arrow keys

                  select (= mouse left)    : numeric 0



                  turn down                : A

                  turn up                  : Y

                  turn starboard           : .

                  turn port                : ,

                  accelerate               : CR

                  decelerate               : RIGHT SHIFT

                  hyperjump                : H

                  force misjump            : ALT + F8 in flight menu



                  rotate                   : arrow keys

                  zoom in                  : sz

                  zoom out                 : '



                  fire laser               : SPC

                  fire missile             : M

                  fire ECM                 : E

                  fire energy bomb         : B

                  activate radar scanner   : R

                  activate milit. camera   : D

                  activate escape capsule  : X



                  recenter map             : C

                  hyperjump                : H

                  map panning              : arrow keys

                  fast map panning         : SHIFT + arrow keys



                  time forward             : RIGHT arrow key

                  time backward            : LEFT arrow key or #

                  fast zoom-in             : double click zoom-in



                  unload/pick up MB4       : D

  In menues you can select the items via keyboard. To select an item you

  simply type the number (NOT on the numerical keypad!) of it's position in

  the list. The items are numbered from top to bottom, starting at 1. The

  keys 2, 4, 6 and 8 on the numerical keypad are equivalent to the arrow


XI   Game Tables

XI-A   Ships

   Ships are given with their type, hull weight, loading capacity, retro

   thruster acceleration, main thruster acceleration, number of crew members,

   number of gun mountings, number of missile pylons, jump distances for

   different drive classes, possibility to mount a fuel scoop, the initial

   drive class and the price.



 Adder         15   40  8.0 18.1  1  1  0  1 : 3.63/14.54/32.72   y  2     73 k

 Anaconda     150  650  3.0  6.0  8  2  8  4 : 4/6.25/9/12.25     y  6  1,060 k

 Asp           30  120  7.0 22.2  2  2  1  2 : 5.33/12/21.33      y  3    187 k

 Boa          200 1300  4.0  8.0 10  4  6  5 : 3.33/4.8/6.53/8.1  y  8  2,474 k

 Cobra Mk I    15   60  6.0 16.1  1  2  2  2 : 10.66/24           y  2     97 k

 Cobra Mk III  20   80  7.0 20.1  1  2  4  2 : 8/18               y  2    124 k

 Constrictor   30   90 10.0 22.0  2  2  2  2 : 6.66/15/26.66      y  2    143 k

 Eagle Mk I     5   20 10.0 25.2  1  1  2  1 : 8/32               n  1     38 k

 Eagle Mk II    6   22  4.0 28.2  1  1  2  1 : 7.14/28.57         n  1     41 k

 Eagle Mk III   8   22 15.1 28.2  1  1  2  1 : 6.66/26.66         n  1     43 k

 Falcon         5   11  9.0 30.2  1  1  2  1 : 12.5               n  1m    46 k

 Gecko         11   34  9.0 16.1  1  2  1  1 : 4.44/17.77/40      n  2     66 k

 Hawk           5    7  6.0 27.2  1  1  2  1 : 11.11              n  1m    48 k

 Imp Courier  130  350  6.0 16.1  1  1  6  3 : 3.75/6.66/10.41/15 n  5    609 k

 Imp Trader   175  525  4.0  9.0  1  1  6  4 : 4.57/7.14/10.28/14 n  6    949 k

 Int. Shuttle   4    4  3.0  5.0  1  0  0  _                      n  I     14 k

 Kestrel        5    9  6.0 25.2  1  1  2  1 : 10                 n  1m    50 k

 Krait          8   27 10.0 20.1  1  1  4  1 : 5.71/22.85/51.42   n  1     50 k

 Lifter         3    7  2.0  4.0  1  0  0  1 : 20                 n  I     16 k

 Lion          65  235  3.0  5.0  4  3  8  3 : 6/10.66/16.66      y  3    348 k

 Moray         17   70  6.0 14.1  1  1  4  2 : 9.19/20.68         y  2    109 k

 Osprey         4   11  8.0 27.2  1  1  2  1 : 13.33              n  1m    45 k

 Panther      400 2000  3.0  6.0 12  4  8  6 : 4.05/5.52/9.1      n  8  2,753 k

 Puma         175  825  3.0  6.0  9  4  8  4 : 3.2/5/7.2/9.8      y  6  1,265 k

 Python       100  400  4.0 10.0  7  2  4  3 : 3.6/6.4/10/14.4    y  4    575 k

 Sidewinder     8   25 12.1 23.2  1  1  0  1 : 6.06/24.24/54.54   y  1     44 k

 Tiger Trader  80  320  5.0 12.1  5  3  1  3 : 4.5/8/12.5/18      y  4    472 k

 Transporter   40  160  4.0  9.0  3  3  2  2 : 4/9/16/25          n  3    241 k

 Viper         15   50 10.0 24.2  1  1  4  1 : 3.07/12.3/27.69    y  2     87 k

 Lynx Bulk

    Carrier 1200  6000  1    3   20  0  0  8 : 2.25               ?  ?  7,228 k

 Long Range

    Cruiser 1000 15000  1    3  100  1  0  8 : 1.01               ?  ? 16,110 k

   The drives for Imperial Courier and Imperial Trader are fixed and not

   changeable. The Interplanetary Drive of the Lifter cannot be removed to

   add a jump drive.

   The Lynx Bulk Carrier and the Long Range Cruiser can both sometimes be

   seen in the near of space stations. They don't seem to move but if I

   remember right, the Lynx Bulk Carriers at least answer your

   communication. Long Range Cruisers seem to be abandoned and are only good

   for hide and seek games with the Vipers of the local police or for target

   practice. I know of no opportunity to buy one of the ships.

XI-B   Lasers and Shields

   A shield works like an extra hull that can take up to 16 tons damage

   before your real hull is damaged. It regenerates at a few percent per

   second and does this faster if you use an Energy Booster (approximately 3%

   per second). The regeneration rate is independent of the number of shields

   you have and the state of your shields. The strength of your shielding is

   proportional to the number of your shields, so 10 shields can take 160

   tons damage before your hull is damaged.  A pulse laser can inflict 12.5

   tons of damage per MW power. This means that one shield can absorb one hit

   of an 1 MW pulse laser and will degrade to 22% in the process. A directly

   following second hit would reduce your shield to 0% and cause nine tons of

   damage to your hull.  This shows that the damage a shield can absorb is

   proportional to its state, which means that one shield can take e.g. eight

   tons of damage at 50% reducing it to 0% without causing damage to your


   Here a more complex example: You have two shields and get hit four times

   by an 1MW pulse laser. Your shields recharge 5% between the hits. The

   first hit reduces your shields from the original 32 tons protection to

   19.5 tons protection or 60%. Before the next hit the shields recharge 5%

   to 21.1 tons protection. The next hit reduces the shields to 8.6 tons

   which are recharged to 10.2 tons. The third hit cuts through your shields

   and causes 2.3 tons damage to your hull. Recharge will bring your shields

   back to 1.6 tons protection and the last hit will take them down again and

   cause another 10.9 tons of damage to your hull for a total damage of 13.2


   The higher firing rate of beam lasers seems to result in approximately

   five times the power of pulse lasers resulting in higher damage over the

   same time interval. This means that a 1 MW beam laser should be

   approximately equivalent to a 5 MW pulse laser. Mining lasers have a very

   low firing rate but inflict enough damage to destroy an Imperial Courier

   with one hit. The damage they can cause with one hit is estimated to be

   somewhere between 750 and 1,500 tons.

XI-C   Equipment

 The possible equipment items together with their weight are given in the

 following table:


          XB13 Dummy Mine           1 t |XB74 Proximity Mine      1 t

          Energy Bomb               4 t |KL760 Homing Missile     1 t

          LV111 Smart Missile       1 t |NN500 Navy Missile       1 t

          30 MW Mining Laser       10 t |1 MW Pulse Laser         1 t

          5 MW Pulse Laser          3 t |1 MW Beam Laser          5 t

          4 MW Beam Laser          20 t |20 MW Beam Laser        75 t

          100 MW Beam Laser       200 t |Laser Cooling Booster    1 t

          Small Plasma Accel.     500 t |Large Plasma Accel.    900 t

          ECM                       2 t |Naval ECM                2 t

          Cargo Bay Life Support    1 t |Extra Passenger Cabin    5 t

          Auto Pilot                1 t |Auto Refueller           1 t

          Scanner                   1 t |Radar Mapper             1 t

          Hyper-Space Cloud Anal.   1 t |Shield Generator         4 t

          Energy Booster            5 t |Escape Capsule           5 t

          Atmospheric Shielding     1 t |Hull Auto Repair        40 t

          Fuel Scoop                6 t |Cargo Scoop Converter    2 t

          MB4 Mining Machine       30 t |Interplanetary Drive     4 t

          Hyperdrive Class 1       10 t |Hyperdrive Class 2      25 t

          Hyperdrive Class 3       45 t |Hyperdrive Class 4      80 t

          Hyperdrive Class 5      150 t |Hyperdrive Class 6     250 t

          Hyperdrive Class 7      400 t |Hyperdrive Class 8     600 t

          Military Drive Class 1    6 t |Military Drive Class 2  12 t

          Military Drive Class 3   24 t |Military Drive Class 4   ? t

          Fighter Launcher          ? t |

   A Class 8 Hyperdrive can only be bought as a builtin drive with the Boa or

   the Panther Clipper.

   No one has ever seen a Class 4 Military Drive or a Fighter Launcher but

   there are rumors that they exist in the game somewhere.

XI-D   Merchandise

Just for reference, here the list of merchandise:


         Water           Liquid Oxygen    Grain           Fruit and Veg.

         Animal Meat     Synthetic Meat   Liquor          Medicines

         Fertilizer      Luxury Goods     Heavy Plastics  Metal Alloys

         Precious Metals Gem Stones       Minerals        Hydrogen Fuel

         Military Fuel   Industrial Parts Computers       Air Processors

         Farm Machinery  Roboters         Radioactives    Rubbish

         Narcotics       Animal Skins     Live Animals    Slaves

         Hand Weapons    Battle Weapons   Nerve Gas     

XI-E   Ranks

  Here comes the list of ranks in the German and the English version version

  together with the number of points you have to get to advance to a given



   Keiner             None           Aussenseiter    Outsider          0

   Gefreiter          Private        Leibeigener     Serf              1

   Unteroffizier      Corporal       Master          Master           16

   Feldwelbel         Sergeant       Sir             Sir              81

   Hauptfeldwebel     Sgt-Major      Squire          Squire          256

   Major              Major          Lord            Lord            625

   Oberst             Colonel        Baron           Baron         1,296

   Leutnant           Lieutnant      Viscount        Viscount      2,401

   Korvettenkapitaen  Lt. Commander  Count           Count         4,096

   Kapitaen           Captain        Earl            Earl          6,561

   Kommodore          Commodore      Marquis         Marquis      10,000

   Konteradmiral      Rear Admiral   Herzog          Duke         14,641

   Admiral            Admiral        Prinz           Prince       20,736

  The following table shows the correspondence between the mission type and

  the points you get for the successful completion of a mission:


                          delivery           2

                          assassination     14

                          foto              16

                          bombing           18

                          `excellent' foto  20


   Different kinds of military missions are bound to your rank. In the

   federation you carry unimportant stuff until you get promoted to Sergeant;

   then the first secret messages may be carried by you. You will get your

   first military assassination mission as Sgt-Major. After your promotion to

   Major you will get additional reconnaissance missions and a Colonel may

   execute bombing missions. The empire handles equivalent ranks the same

   way. You seem to get no new type of mission when you advance further in

   rank although there are many rumors that you get new missions to destroy

   enemy ships at Commodore/Marquis level.

   The above does not hold, if you execute missions for more than one side. I

   made the mistake of working for the empire after I advanced to Colonel and

   had gotten my first few bombing missions.

   I advanced to Squire in the empire and went back to the federation. Now I

   had the problem, that I got no more bombing missions but had to stay with

   the usual reconnaissance missions. I eventually got bombing missions again,

   but working for the empire surely stopped my federal career for a while.

   The safest way to advance in the federation and the empire at the same

   time seems to be the famous `rank swing': Advance one rank in the

   federation, work for the empire and advance one rank there, return to the

   federation and so on until you are Admiral/Prince and ELITE and bored to


   Your rank is not the only prerequisite you need to get a certain type of

   mission. You have to own all the possible medals for earlier missions

   first. You get medals for:

   1. the first delivery of an important item like gravitic detonators,

   2. the first delivery of secret communication,

   3. the first successful assassination,

   4. the first successful reconnaissance mission,

   5. the first reconnaissance mission with resulting excellent film and

   6. the first successful bombing mission.

   A strange side effect is, that you must not perform all reconnaissance

   missions perfectly, because if you do, you will not get your fourth medal!

   The complete list of medals for the German and the English version of the

   game looks as follows:

  _Federation_German|_English____________|_Empire German___|_English___

  Tapferkeitsurkunde Certificate of Valor Rote Armbinde     Crimson Brassard

  Sternexplosion     Starburst            Schwarzes Polygon Black Polygon

  Purpur-Omega       Purple Omega         Goldene Lanze     Gold Spike

  Zinnober-Krone     Vermillion Crest     Platinkreuz       Platinum Cross

  Blauer Exzelsior   Blue Excelsior       Ehrenlegion       Legion of Honour

  Frontier Medaille  Frontier Medal       Himmelskrieger    Celestial Warrior

XI-F   Combat Rating

  And here your combat rating with more magic numbers. They seem to denote

  the number of ships you have destroyed multiplied by 256. In other words,

  you get 256 points for each destroyed ship regardless of its type.

         _German_______________|_English_________|  _Points _|Kills_

          Harmlos                Harmless               0        0

          Meistens Harmlos       Mostly Harmless    1,024        4

          Schwach                Poor               2,048        8

          Unterdurchschnittlich  Below Average      4,096       16

          Durchschnittlich       Average            8,192       32

          U"berdurchschnittlich  Above Average     16,384       64

          Kompetent              Competent         32,768      128

          Gef"ahrlich            Dangerous        256,000    1,000

          T"odlich               Deadly           768,000    3,000

          ELITE                  ELITE          1,536,000    6,000

   For every 256 destroyed ships you will get a message like: "right on

   commander". This is an indication of your advances between the ranks. From

   the table you can see, that you should get Dangerous between the third and

   the fourth message of this kind. You advance to Deadly between the 11th

   and 12th message. You should become ELITE after the 23rd message.

XI-G   Legal Status

The last table gives the possible legal status with the associated fines (?):


                    W. Weste        Clean            0

                    Straff`ll.      Offender         1

                    Krimin.         Criminal     5,500

                    Outlaw          Outlaw      20,000

                    Fluechtig       Fugitive   100,000

XII   System Info

  There seem to be differences between the coordinates of systems in the PC

  and the Amiga version of the game. Usually they are smaller than one

  sector, the only verified case of a large difference being the Andolqu

  system [PC -76, 29], [Amiga -74, 29]. The following tables correspond to

  the PC version. If you find systems to be located in a different sector on

  your Amiga, I would be glad to include a list of differences (that you will

  have to provide). If they are too many, it would be interesting to find

  out, whether a more systematic approach could be successful.

  The system names in the tables that correspond with really existing

  astronomical objects are printed with a leading "_" character. Not all

  probable candidates for astronomical objects (like 82 Eridani) could be

  found in the star catalogues I have access to. They may be astronomical

  objects or not.

XII-A   Settlements and Tourist Attractions Far Out

  Here comes a list of inhabited systems with starports far from the core

  systems, mixed with a few systems of specific interest.



     Aaqu        [  771, -1302] indep corp

     Ackargre    [-4310, -1999] indep anarchy

     Ackarol     [-2000,  -879] indep corp

     _Alcyone    [   32,    32] uninhabited

     Aliafa      [-2107, -1017] indep corp

     _Antares    [  -39,   -34] uninhabited    no planets

     Anvequ      [  360,    -5] indep corp

     Arfaess     [ 1020,     0] indep corp

     Arwabe      [ -766,  -766] indep corp

     _Atlas      [   32,    32] uninhabited

     Ayessand    [-1022, -1022] indep corp

     Aysool      [-1495, -1574] indep anarchy

     Ayurda      [ -666,   117] indep anarchy

     Becaness    [  772, -1303] indep corp

     Becanol     [-1509,   -35] indep corp

     Beenbe      [-2757,   -35] indep anarchy

     Beenla      [  254,     0] indep corp

     _Beta Lyrae [ -146,    85] uninhabited    contact binary star

     _Betelgeuse [   59,    14] uninhabited    supergiant

     Betiess     [-2344,   -35] indep anarchy

     Daaya       [  937,   789] indep anarchy

     Edaso       [-1790, -1790] indep corp

     Edcelia     [-2107,   503] indep corp

     Edenve      [  254,     0] indep corp

     _Electra    [   32,    32] uninhabited

     Enangre     [-1225,  -922] indep corp

     Enlabe      [-1792, -1792] indep corp

     Enquze      [-1674, -1498] indep corp

     Esswaze     [-1790, -1790] indep corp

     Exvefa      [-2000,  -194] indep corp

     Faarfa      [ -509,  -770] indep corp

     Fainin      [  771, -1302] indep corp

     Famiay      [-2107,   -63] indep corp

     Greurqu     [  772, -1303] indep corp

     _Hadar      [   -6,   -40] uninhabited    supergiant

     Hoessce     [-5180, -2000] indep corp

     Ioandqu     [  772, -1303] indep corp

     Ioceay      [-1509,   -35] indep corp

     Ioquex      [  772, -1303] indep corp

     Iozeio      [ -376,  -426] indep corp

     Lahola      [ 1022,    -4] indep corp

     Lasolia     [-2000, -1566] indep corp

     _Maia       [   32,    32] uninhabited

     _Merope     [   32,    32] uninhabited

     Micanex     [ -739,  -539] indep anarchy

     Miphimi     [-2102, -1745] indep corp

     Oletphi     [-2331,   -35] indep corp

     Phiolbe     [-2187,   -35] indep anarchy

     _Pleione    [   32,    32] uninhabited

     _Polaris    [    0,    76] uninhabited    supergiant

     Qumia       [-2107,   503] indep corp

     _Rigel      [   92,     6] unexplored     supergiant

     Solaqu      [-2107, -1017] indep corp

     _Spica      [   -4,   -17] uninhabited    no planets

     _Taygete    [   32,    32] uninhabited

     Tiafa       [ -748,  -863] indep corp

     Urbela      [ -719,    -6] indep corp

     Urceve      [-1814, -1745] indep corp

     Urioed      [-2000,  -879] indep corp

     Ururur      [-1814, -1745] indep corp

     Vewela      [-1790, -1790] indep corp

     Wafaa       [ -666,   117] indep anarchy

XII-B   System Database

   A table of systems I have had contact with is given on the next pages. For

   every system the sector coordinates, maximum distance to the nearest

   starport or station and the political system are listed together with

   some comments.



  1o4774          [-1, 1]   9.02 indep corp

  AC+79o3888      [ 0, 2]   8.97 indep corp

  Aandti          [ 0,-5]   8.58 indep corp      no starport

  Achenar         [ 1,-4]  57.78 imp capital     luxury goods export, computer

                                                 import, radioactives illegal,

                                                 Honest John Thatcher's ok,

                                                 avoid Ulrich's Warehouse

  Ackcanphi       [-4,-4]        indep disputed

  Ackdati         [ 0,-5]  19.74 imperial

  Ackexa          [-3, 3]        indep corp

  Acklave         [ 2,-2]  18.30 indep anarchy   no starport

  Ackwada         [-5,-3]        indep corp

  Ackzece         [ 1,-5]  10.30 imperial

  Aenze           [ 3,-6]   8.68 indep anarchy

  _Alcor          [ 0, 5]        indep corp      no planets

  _Aldebaran      [ 6, 4]        uninhabited     no planets

  _Alioth         [ 0, 4]  23.63 indep democracy disputed system

  _Altair         [-2, 1]  10.87 fed democracy   robot import

  _Alpha Centauri [ 0, 0] 990.00 fed colony

  Anacka          [ 4,-4]   9.21 indep corp      no starport

  Anacketh        [ 0,-5]  13.79 imperial

  Anave           [ 3, 0]   7.70 indep anarchy

  Anayeth         [-1,-4]        imp colony

  Andceeth        [-5, 2]        indep disputed

  Andcefa         [ 2,-3]  11.15 imp colony

  Andinol         [ 3,-6]   4.15 indep anarchy   no starport

  Andwafa         [-2, 3]        indep corp

  Anlaol          [ 1,-6]  11.19 imperial

  Anlave          [ 0, 3]  10.57 fed democracy

  Anphiex         [ 2,-2]  10.98 indep corp

  Arayess         [ 4,-7]        indep dict      under federal interdict

  _Arcturus       [-2, 0]  12.02 fed democracy

  Arexack         [-1,-5]        indep corp

  Aveed           [ 3, 0]  12.73 indep corp

  Ayarlia         [ 3, 1]   6.94 indep corp

  Ayethti         [-3,-1]        indep democracy

  Ayfati          [ 1,-5]   9.69 imperial

  Aymiay          [ 1, 4]   6.17 fed democracy

  Aymifa          [ 2,-5]  10.81 imperial

  Aymigre         [ 2,-3]   9.32 indep anarchy   no starport

  Ayqugre         [ 4,-5]  11.02 indep anarchy   no starport

  Ayurso          [ 4, 0]   9.09 indep civil war exorbitant prices for robots

                                                 and luxury goods

  BD 946          [-1, 2]        indep corp

  _Barnard        [-1, 0]  11.08 fed colony      robot export, luxury goods

                                                 import, Haynes and Son Inc.,

                                                 Merchant Darke's ok

  Becanin         [ 3, 0]   7.71 indep corp

  Bedaho          [-4,-2]   7.74 fed democracy

  Befaqu          [-2, 8]        indep dict      under federal interdict

  Behoqu          [ 2,-4]   9.34 imperial        contract targets may crash on

                                                 start from Manchester City

  Besaex          [ 3, 0]        indep corp

  _Beta Hydri     [ 0,-2]  10.69 fed democracy

  Beuress         [ 0,-5]  10.62 indep anarchy

  Beurqu          [ 3,-5]  10.60 indep anarchy   no starport

  Bewaack         [ 0,-5]  10.92 indep anarchy   no starport

  CD-37o15492     [ 0, 0]  10.52 indep corp

  CD-44o11909     [-1,-1]  11.20 indep anarchy

  CD-46o11540     [-1,-1]  10.94 indep corp

  CD-49o13515     [-1,-1]   8.65 indep corp

  Canayce         [ 2,-6] 421.41 indep anarchy

  Candaess        [ 2,-4] 238.55 imperial

  Caninve         [ 3,-2]   9.48 indep anarchy   no starport

  _Canopus        [ 6,-6]        indep anarchy   supergiant

  _Capella        [ 4, 4]        indep corp

  Ceessze         [ 3,-4]  10.15 indep anarchy

  Cegreeth        [-1,-3] 220.00 imp colony      reference selection fixed on

                                                 Cegreeth D, discretization


  Cemiess         [-2,-2]        imperial        negative black market prices

                                                 for gem stones and precious

                                                 metals, Richard's Exchange,

                                                 Patrick's Exchange, Judd's

                                                 Trading ok

  Cetilia         [ 4,-5]  17.10 indep anarchy

  _Cygni, 61      [-1, 1]  48.62 fed democracy   single starport, often busy

  Daceess         [ 2,-5]  17.01 indep anarchy   no starport

  Dainay          [ 2, 3]  10.49 indep corp

  Dainfa          [ 3,-6]  10.72 indep corp

  _Delta Pavonis  [-1,-2]  10.59 fed democracy   many political contracts

  Diso            [-3,-6]        indep democracy

  Edethex         [ 3,-3]   8.35 fed democracy

  Edlave          [ 3,-2]  15.64 indep anarchy   no starport

  Edliaze         [ 2,-2]  10.01 indep corp

  Enaness         [-5, 1]        indep communist

  Encea           [-2, 2]  10.73 indep corp

  Enquze          [ 4,-3]  10.79 indep corp

  _Epsilon Eridani[ 1, 0]  11.07 indep corp

  _Epsilon Indi   [-1,-1]  10.63 fed democracy

  Eridani, 82     [ 1,-1]   9.02 indep corp

  Essaa           [ 1,-5]  10.37 imperial

  Essethlia       [ 4,-2]        indep corp

  Essliagre       [ 2,-4]  11.33 indep anarchy   no starport

  _Eta Cassiopeia [ 0, 2]  10.09 fed base        bring your own military fuel

  Ethgrece        [ 2,-5]   9.23 indep corp

  Exbeur          [-3, 4]  10.31 fed colony      no military fuel

  Exhoed          [ 2, 4]   9.90 indep dict

  Exioce          [-1,-3]  10.54 imperial

  Exiool          [ 2,-4]  10.79 imperial

  Exlagre         [-5, 3]        indep corp

  Extila          [-4,-1]        indep feudal

  Facece          [ 0,-4]   9.59 imp base        luxury goods, medicine

                                                 export, many military


  Famiso          [ 3,-4]   7.59 indep corp

  Faphive         [ 3,-4]   8.73 indep anarchy   no starport

  Fawaol          [ 2,-3]  15.84 imp colony

  _Fomalhaut      [-1,0 ]  14.11 fed democracy   radioactives illegal,

                                                 Austin's Exchange,

                                                 Shepherd's Merchandise ok,

                                                 avoid O'Hanlon's Goods


  Greayqu         [ 3,-2] 272.33 indep anarchy   no starport

  Gretiay         [ 3, 2]        indep           no population

  Groombridge 34  [ 0, 1] 135.23 indep corp

  Hobegre         [ 2,-6] 111.44 indep anarchy   no starport

  Hocancan        [ 1,-3]  14.38 indep anarchy   no starport

  Hoethcan        [ 3,-5] 614.74 indep anarchy   no starport

  Inedol          [ 3,-5]   5.81 indep anarchy   no starport

  Inena           [ 3,-6]   9.22 indep dict

  Intiol          [ 2,-4] 380.41 indep anarchy   no starport

  Ioarqu          [ 2,-3] 530    indep anarchy   no starport

  Iohoay          [ 3, 0]   8.46 indep corp      interesting contracts

  Ioioqu          [ 4,-5]  11.21 indep anarchy   no starport

  Ioliaa          [ 2,-6]  10.06 indep corp

  Ioququ          [ 3,-4]  10.93 imperial

  Iozegre         [ 3,-2] 634.68 indep anarchy   no starport

  LP 658-2        [ 2, 0]  10.14 indep anarchy

  Lacaille 8760   [-1, 0]        indep corp

  Lacaille 9352   [-1, 0]        indep corp

  Lacancan        [ 3,-6]        indep anarchy   no starport

  Laedgre         [ 2,-2]   9.14 indep anarchy

  Laedla          [-4, 1]        imp colony

  Laesscan        [ 4,-3]  74.92 indep anarchy   no starport

  Laiogre         [ 4,-4]   8.13 indep anarchy

  Lalande 21185   [ 0, 0]   9.94 indep corp

  Lalande 25372   [ 0, 0]  10.48 indep corp

  Lave            [-3,-6]        indep dict

  Liabeze         [ 2,-4]  10.77 imperial

  Liaedin         [ 4, 3]        indep disputed

  Liaququ         [ 2,-2]  10.07 indep democracy

  Luyten          [-1, 0]        indep corp

  Luyten 97-12    [ 1,-2]  11.14 indep corp

  Luyten 205-128  [-1,-2]   7.88 indep corp

  Luyten 674-15   [ 2,-1]  10.68 indep corp

  Luyten 789-6    [-1, 0]        indep corp

  Maanens, van    [ 0, 1]   9.49 indep dict      isolationistic religious

                                                 enclave, permit required

  Miandze         [ 3,-5] 547.58 indep anarchy   no starport

  Micanex         [ 3,-4]  92.42 indep anarchy   no starport

  Miolgre         [ 2,-5]   8.52 imperial

  Miolze          [ 2,-3]   9.25 indep corp

  _Mizar          [ 0, 5]        indep corp      no planets

  Olaygre         [ 4,-3]   7.63 indep anarchy

  Olcanze         [ 1,-3]        imperial

  Ollaex          [ 2,-3]  11.19 indep corp      no starport

  Oltiqu          [-1, 4]  11.76 fed democracy

  _Omicron Eridani[ 2, 0]  43.38 indep corp

  Ophiuchi, 36    [-1,-1]  78.84 indep corp

  Ophiuchi, 70    [-2, 0]        indep corp

  _Phekda         [ 2, 5]  13.61 indep anarchy

  Phiagre         [ 1,-3] 241.90 indep corp

  Quexce          [-2,-2]   9.45 indep corp

  Quince          [-1,-5]        imperial

  Quphieth        [-3, 0]        indep feudal

  Ququve          [ 1, 4]        fed democracy

  _Regulus        [ 5,-1]        indep corp      no starport

  Riedquat        [-3,-6]        indep anarchy

  Ross 128        [ 0, 0]  10.71 fed colony      prison colony, permit needed,

                                                 Donaldson's Warehouse ok 

  Ross 154        [-1, 0]  10.65 fed colony      single starport, often busy,

                                                 Merchant Nakamichi's ok

  Ross 986        [ 2, 1]   9.96 fed democracy

  _Sigma Draconis [-1, 2]        indep corp

  _Sirius         [ 1, 0]  20.18 indep corp

  Sodaack         [ 1,-6]  12.34 indep anarchy   no starport

  Sohoa           [ 0,-4]  10.71 imperial

  _Sol            [ 0, 0]   9.47 fed capital     luxury goods export, robot

                                                 import, good ship selection

                                                 at Moon, radioactives

                                                 illegal, Haynes Merchandise,

                                                 Greenhill's Warehouse,

                                                 Brennans Holdings, Honest

                                                 John Coate's, Baker's

                                                 Trading Company, Merchant

                                                 London's Honest John Loma's

                                                 ok, avoid Honest John

                                                 Brennan, Merchant Gomez's,

                                                 Thatcher's Merchandise,

                                                 Macmillan's Goods Emporium,

                                                 Shehan's Exchange

  Sophilia        [ 3,-1]  10.38 indep corp

  _Tau Ceti       [ 0, 0]  10.04 fed democracy   many military missions,

                                                 Gilmour Orbiter is a good

                                                 base for a federal military


  Tiacan          [ 3,-4]   6.48 imperial        overpopulated

  Tiancan         [ 4,-5]  11.95 indep anarchy   no starport

  Tiaycan         [ 3, 0]  10.83 indep anarchy

  Tiessgre        [ 3,-3] 306.07 indep anarchy

  Tiliala         [-4,-1]        fed democracy

  Tivecan         [ 2,-3] 248.84 indep anarchy   no starport

  Urfaa           [ 5, 7]        uninhabited     station

  Urlaay          [ 3,-2]  10.82 indep corp      robot export for Zeaex

  Urquay          [ 4,-5]   6.85 indep anarchy   no starport

  Veareth         [ 0,-5]  21.02 imperial        no starport

  Vecanlia        [ 0,-5]  11.31 indep anarchy   no starport

  _Vega           [-3, 2]  10.40 fed democracy

  Vequess         [ 0,-4]   8.88 imperial

  WX Ursa Majoris [ 1, 1]        uninhabited     no planets

  Waarze          [ 4,-4] 133.73 indep anarchy

  Waayol          [ 4,-5]   9.77 fed democracy

  Waceol          [ 3,-4] 162.38 indep anarchy   no starport

  Waessol         [ 2,-3] 305.88 indep anarchy   no starport

  Wainze          [ 3,-2]   9.90 indep corp

  Waolex          [ 4,-4] 549.67 indep anarchy

  Wolf 359        [ 0, 0]  11.35 indep corp

  Wolf 630        [-2,-1] 170.00 fed democracy   radioactives illegal

  YZ Canis Minoris[ 2, 0]   8.79 indep communist permit required

  Zeaex           [ 3,-2]  10.29 indep disputed  robot import, lots of trouble 

  Zeancan         [ 2,-2]   9.68 indep anarchy

  Zeanlia         [ 2, 2]  34.99 indep corp

  Zearla          [-5, 1]        indep feudal

  Zeceand         [ 6,10]        uninhabited     starport

  Zeessze         [ 0, 3]   9.20 fed democracy

  Zeessze         [ 1,-6]   9.02 indep anarchy

  Zelada          [ 1, 4]        indep anarchy

XIII   Wormhole Routes

  In this table, sector coordinates are interpreted relative to the integer

  coordinates of a sector center(the intersection of the faintly colored

  lines). Therefore the sector [0, 0] has the corners [-0.5, 0.5], [0.5, 0.5],

  [0.5, -0.5] and [-0.5, -0.5]. Furthermore the coordinates [-0.7, 1.3] are

  located in sector [-1, 1].

  I am sure that for many jumps better jump points can be found, but this

  little navigation library already helps me a lot. It gets continuously



____From_______Coord_______To________   Coord____     _Via______Coord____

1o4774       [-0.65, 1.25] Delta Pavonis [-0.90,-1.70] Exaycan  [80.80,-7.25]

1o4774       [-0.65, 1.25] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Anlaso   [-72.80,39.60]

1o4774       [-0.65, 1.25] Maanens, van  [-0.05, 1.10] Anexess  [19.65,80.40]

1o4774       [-0.65, 1.25] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Exquar   [-70.10,-42.05]

1o4774       [-0.65, 1.25] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Milaze   [-54.95,-59.90]

AC+79o3888   [ 0.15, 1.80] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Aressan  [80.15,19.30]

AC+79o3888   [ 0.15, 1.80] Zeanlia       [ 1.60, 1.95] Inarin   [8.80,-79.60]

Aandti       [-0.10,-4.75] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Dalaar   [81.60,-8.05]

Achenar      [ 0.95,-4.15] Barnard       [-0.75, 0.10] Inarho   [76.00,28.20]

Achenar      [ 0.95,-4.15] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Zetiso   [81.35,10.80]

Achenar      [ 0.95,-4.15] Facece        [ 0.30,-4.05] Ayvequ   [-11.65,-85.10]

Achenar      [ 0.95,-4.15] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Ceioho   [80.45,15.20]

Achenar      [ 0.95,-4.15] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Vecanwa  [81.45,9.90]

Ackdati      [ 0.40,-5.15] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Esshocan [-81.25,-9.20]

Ackdati      [ 0.40,-5.15] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Zeandar  [-81.35,-3.80]

Acklave      [ 1.80,-2.50] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Anmiay   [73.80,36.15]

Ackzece      [ 1.30,-5.20] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Olethan  [-79.50,-17.75]

Aenze        [ 2.95,-5.85] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Greanda  [-73.35,-35.10]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Anlave        [-0.20, 2.80] Ethveur  [80.55,18.60]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Aymiay        [ 0.90, 4.25] Grececan [9.15,85.80]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Dainay        [ 1.60, 2.95] Etheneth [-45.85,-63.65]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Migreur  [-79.30,-17.40]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Exhoed        [ 1.95, 4.00] Phicanve [14.25,85.00]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Oltiqu        [-1.50, 3.95] Arsoa    [-34.30,78.80]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Phekda        [ 1.50, 5.00] Enphiphi [23.80,-74.20]

Alioth       [-0.50, 4.40] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Andesswa [81.85,12.00]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Andwafa       [-1.90, 3.05] Ackgrean [-83.75,5.30]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Arcturus      [-1.50,-0.50] Arquho   [73.25,32.70]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] CD-46O11540   [-1.20,-1.30] Ackena   [-77.30,-31.35]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Cygni, 61     [-0.90, 1.20] Tiioess  [35.25,-72.35]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Delta Pavonis [-0.90,-1.70] Iozeti   [-75.50,-35.15]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Epsilon Indi  [-0.50,-0.65] Daayho   [52.40,61.65]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Miarfa   [54.75,-58.30]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Lalande 25372 [-0.45,-0.25] Aydami   [39.60,70.95]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Liabeze       [ 1.60,-4.20] Ceandphi [-65.90,-50.60]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Luyten 97-12  [ 0.90,-1.95] Soedar   [-55.00,-61.65]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Ophiuchi, 36  [-1.80,-1.15] Greliave [-83.25,-9.30]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Ophiuchi, 70  [-2.05, 0.00] Beurcan  [79.65,-5.30]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Otiqu         [-1.50, 3.95] Quceve   [79.20,-9.80]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Ross 154      [-1.10,-0.30] Hoenve   [-61.00,-55.85]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Fasove   [-18.70,-79.40]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Phiwaze  [-9.80,-80.70]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Tiancan       [ 4.35,-5.15] Anququ   [-53.75,-62.70]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Vega          [-2.60, 1.80] Soanden  [70.20,39.05]

Altair       [-2.00, 0.65] Wolf 630      [-2.20,-0.75] Grecaneth [78.70,-11.95]

Anacka       [ 3.75,-3.70] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Faqua    [64.55,51.10]

Anacketh     [ 0.05,-5.00] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Besoso   [-81.45,1.85]

Andcefa      [ 1.55,-3.15] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zephila  [74.80,33.30]

Andcefa      [ 1.55,-3.15] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Cemiho   [77.90,25.95]

Andinol      [ 2.90,-6.50] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Cemiho   [77.90,25.95]

Anlaol       [ 1.40,-6.00] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Greence  [-80.10,-15.05]

Anlaol       [ 1.40,-6.00] Ross 128      [ 0.30,-0.40] Exedze   [81.05,12.85]

Anlaol       [ 1.40,-6.00] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Ceioho   [80.45,15.20]

Anlaol       [ 1.40,-6.00] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Weethwa  [81.45,10.80]

Anphiex      [ 1.60,-1.65] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Waayan   [62.65,52.65]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Barnard       [-0.75, 0.10] Ethaso   [50.15,-63.85]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] BD 946        [-0.70, 1.65] Zeexce   [-77.75,29.20]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Delta Pavonis [-0.90,-1.70] Anbeda   [72.60,34.40]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Epsilon Indi  [-0.50,-0.65] Tiesswa  [-13.15,-81.53]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Ophiuchi, 70  [-2.05, 0.00] Esseuve  [-56.65,-60.85]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zecanmi  [33.60,-74.40]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Anayce   [-37.60,72.85]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Vega          [-2.60, 1.80] Faenex   [-75.70,-34.70]

Arcturus     [-1.50,-0.50] Wolf 630      [-2.20,-0.75] Tiexex   [-29.40,76.45]

Ayarlia      [ 3.15, 0.65] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Tiayho   [12.50,-80.70]

Ayarlia      [ 3.15, 0.65] Sophilia      [ 3.20,-1.35] Grewalia [-78.60,-2.65]

Ayfati       [ 1.35,-5.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Exedze   [81.05,12.85]

Aymiay       [ 0.90, 4.25] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Ayaen    [73.20,-34.00]

Aymifa       [ 1.55,-5.20] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Uracka   [79.25,19.80]

Aymifa       [ 1.55,-5.20] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Essandeth[-78.85,-20.00]

Aymigre      [ 2.10,-2.85] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Ackackar [72.60,38.50]

Ayurso       [ 3.80,-0.50] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Waackio  [23.80,78.75]

Barnard      [-0.75, 0.10] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Aylaeth  [77.85,-22.75]

Barnard      [-0.75, 0.10] Fomalhaut     [-1.15,-0.10] Arethwa  [35.15,-73.40]

Barnard      [-0.75, 0.10] Ross 154      [-1.10,-0.30] Ethiool  [-62.40,53.95]

Barnard      [-0.75, 0.10] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Hoessho  [11.05,-80.85]

Barnard      [-0.75, 0.10] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Ackphied [21.60,-78.70]

Barnard      [-0.75, 0.10] Wolf 359      [ 0.40,-0.15] Liagrelia[-17.80,-79.90]

Bedaho       [-4.20,-1.50] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Edphibe  [-33.20,75.00]

Bedaho       [-4.20,-1.50] Wolf 630      [-2.20,-0.75] Beessbe  [-31.65,75.40]

Behoqu       [ 2.10,-4.40] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Tiliada  [79.65,22.20]

Behoqu       [ 2.10,-4.40] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Laandlia [75.40,31.80]

Behoqu       [ 2.10,-4.40] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Veingre  [-75.10,-31.30]

Beta Hydri   [-0.10,-1.80] Luyten 674-15 [ 2.10,-1.00] Ackdawa  [-27.20,75.30]

Beta Hydri   [-0.10,-1.80] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Phigreay [80.60,-15.05]

Beta Hydri   [-0.10,-1.80] Wolf 630      [-2.20,-0.75] Sophimi  [35.45,72.15]

Beta Lyrae   [-146.20,85.20] Sol         [ 0.00, 0.20] Vewaay  [-143.40,-78.40]

Betelgeuse   [58.85,13.75] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Aredcan  [12.10,81.15]

Beuress      [-0.35,-5.40] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Hoinqu   [81.10,-12.10]

Beurqu       [ 2.90,-5.00] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Phiveay  [75.40,32.70]

Bewaack      [-0.50,-5.15] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Liaethlia[-80.95,8.90]

CD-37o15492  [-0.30,-0.20] Lalande 21185 [ 0.35, 0.30] Labeex   [50.15,-64.65]

CD-37o15492  [-0.30,-0.20] Ross 128      [ 0.30,-0.40] Greurmi  [-25.10,-78.10]

CD-37o15492  [-0.30,-0.20] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zeurce   [65.40,-49.15]

CD-46o11540  [-1.20,-1.30] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Sodabe   [63.15,-51.75]

Canayce      [ 2.30,-6.30] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Ququfa   [78.50,23.85]

Canayce      [ 2.30,-6.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Edacka   [-77.00,-26.25]

Candaess     [ 2.05,-4.25] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Tiliada  [79.65,22.20]

Candaess     [ 2.05,-4.25] Liabeze       [ 1.60,-4.20] Hoyaze   [10.25,77.20]

Candaess     [ 2.05,-4.25] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Laandlia [75.40,31.80]

Candaess     [ 2.05,-4.25] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Beackwe  [-75.20,-31.15]

Candaess     [ 2.05,-4.25] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Veingre  [-75.10,-31.30]

Caninve      [ 2.50,-2.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Grewaho  [-61.80,-52.70]

Ceessze      [ 3.30,-3.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Hoessar  [-63.95,-50.15]

Cemiess      [-1.50,-2.50] Phekda        [ 1.50, 5.00] Exdain   [-75.80,31.70]

Cemiess      [-1.50,-2.50] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Uressmi  [70.10,-41.90]

Cetilia      [ 4.15,-4.90] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Dalaqu   [65.35,49.20]

Cetilia      [ 4.15,-4.90] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Tizeay   [68.20,45.85]

Cygni, 61    [-0.90, 1.20] Epsilon Indi  [-0.50,-0.65] Zecephi  [79.15,17.50]

Cygni, 61    [-0.90, 1.20] Ross 154      [-1.10,-0.30] Andolda  [-82.10,10.75]

Cygni, 61    [-0.90, 1.20] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Laackho  [-61.20,-54.05]

Cygni, 61    [-0.90, 1.20] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Philaso  [45.30,68.65]

Daceess      [ 2.15,-4.55] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Laandlia [75.40,31.80]

Daceess      [ 2.15,-4.55] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Essessze [77.90,26.10]

Dainay       [ 1.60, 2.95] Exhoed        [ 1.95, 4.00] Inayphi  [-75.90,29.30]

Dainay       [ 1.60, 2.95] Phekda        [ 1.50, 5.00] Veethphi [-80.35,0.25]

Dainay       [ 1.60, 2.95] Ross 986      [ 1.85, 1.35] Olcanen  [81.50,14.70]

Dainay       [ 1.60, 2.95] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Edzemi   [71.40,-39.85]

Dainfa       [ 3.15,-6.45] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Inbeex   [77.35,27.85]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Epsilon Indi  [-0.50,-0.65] Andzeand [75.75,-30.45]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Exioce        [-0.60,-2.90] Bequan   [78.70,17.75]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Luyten 205-128[-1.25,-1.80] Mizece   [21.25,-80.30]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Quexce        [-1.60,-1.80] Bedaqu   [-13.40,79.20]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Ross 128      [ 0.30,-0.40] Haethda  [59.90,-56.60]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Ross 986      [ 1.85, 1.35] Inphiur  [61.25,-55.00]

Delta Pavonis[-0.90,-1.70] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Tiinay   [-75.20,32.45]

Edethex      [ 3.25,-2.95] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Tisophi  [-55.35,-60.10]

Edethex      [ 3.25,-2.95] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Begreho  [-59.65,-55.30]

Edlave       [ 2.95,-1.95] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Latifa   [-46.65,-66.95]

Edlave       [ 2.95,-1.95] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Laessay  [55.85,60.35]

Encea        [-1.90, 2.05] Eta Cassiopeia[ 0.00, 2.50] Inolack  [-20.05,81.90]

Enquze       [ 4.45,-2.80] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Candalia [102.25,128.05]

Epsilon Eridani[0.90,0.30] Luyten 97-12  [ 0.90,-1.95] Urgrebe  [82.60,-0.60]

Epsilon Eridani[0.90,0.30] Ross 128      [ 0.30,-0.40] Arethur  [62.80,-53.30]

Epsilon Eridani[0.90,0.30] YZ Canis Minoris [2.25,0.05] Olwada  [16.70,80.70]

Epsilon Eridani[0.90,0.30] Zeanlia       [ 1.60, 1.95] Iozebe   [76.55,-30.70]

Epsilon Indi [-0.50,-0.65] Quexce        [-1.60,-1.80] Iophice  [-60.25,55.40]

Epsilon Indi [-0.50,-0.65] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Uressmi  [70.10,-41.90]

Eridani, 82  [ 1.10,-0.70] Ross 154      [-1.10,-0.30] Edbeeth  [15.10,79.95]

Eridani, 82  [ 1.10,-0.70] Sirius        [ 1.05,-0.15] Laayqu   [82.40,6.85]

Essaa        [ 0.95,-4.90] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Ayliaur  [81.80,7.35]

Essliagre    [ 2.40,-3.75] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Greolar  [70.95,40.80]

Essliagre    [ 2.40,-3.75] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Canvefa  [-71.30,-39.10]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Fomalhaut     [-1.15,-0.10] Enaed    [74.40,-31.65]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Ioioqu        [ 3.85,-4.60] Ethcanphi[-70.00,-39.65]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Lalande 25372 [-0.45,-0.25] Cearce   [80.40,-11.95]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Liabeze       [ 1.60,-4.20] Essandeth[-78.85,-20.00]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Liaququ       [ 2.35,-2.40] Arayess  [74.80,35.40]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Miolze        [ 2.20,-2.65] Aressfa  [-74.10,-32.20]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Oltiqu        [-1.50, 3.95] Inenda   [56.10,62.00]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Ross 986      [ 1.85, 1.35] Liafaze  [-42.10,-67.75]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Faenol   [-81.85,0.85]

Eta Cassiopeia[0.00, 2.50] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Exedze   [81.05,12.85]

Ethgrece     [ 1.95,-4.75] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Hoceed   [78.90,22.80]

Exbephi      [-1224.85,-852.90] Tau Ceti [ 0.30, 0.40] Aeda   [-801.40,-154.55]

Exbeur       [-3.40, 3.85] Vega          [-2.60, 1.80] Beinfa   [-79.20,-26.75]

Exiool       [ 1.95,-3.75] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Micanack [74.35,34.25]

Exiool       [ 1.95,-3.75] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Arvephi  [-74.80,-32.05]

Exiool       [ 1.95,-3.75] Vega          [-2.60, 1.80] Laphiess [62.40,51.35]

Facece       [ 0.30,-4.05] Sohoa         [ 0.30,-3.65] Andliafa [82.05,-3.60]

Facece       [ 0.30,-4.05] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Phiedur  [82.30,3.75]

Facece       [ 0.30,-4.05] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Laarar   [-81.35,-1.80]

Facece       [ 0.30,-4.05] Vequess       [-0.40,-4.15] Lafacan  [-11.80,76.85]

Famiso       [ 3.35,-4.25] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Entiar   [70.05,43.20]

Faphiwe      [ 2.50,-4.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Phiveay  [75.40,32.70]

Fawaol       [ 2.45,-2.65] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Betila   [63.25,52.05]

Fawaol       [ 2.45,-2.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Vequcan  [-65.65,-48.00]

Fomalhaut    [-1.15,-0.10] Luyten 205-128[-1.25,-1.80] Lasocan  [-82.80,3.80]

Fomalhaut    [-1.15,-0.10] Ross 154      [-1.10,-0.30] Lacanfa  [78.20,19.80]

Fomalhaut    [-1.15,-0.10] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Ensoda   [-21.25,79.20]

Greayqu      [ 3.15,-2.35] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Enqugre  [-54.85,-59.90]

Gretiay      [ 3.15, 1.70] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Aexar    [-32.55,75.65]

Hobegre      [ 2.45,-5.55] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Qulaur   [78.15,25.35]

Hocancan     [ 1.50,-3.00] Intiol        [ 1.90,-4.00] Zedaar   [-74.20,-33.8]

Hocancan     [ 1.50,-3.00] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zephila  [74.80,33.30]

Hocancan     [ 1.50,-3.00] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Cemiho   [77.90,25.95]

Hoethcan     [ 3.50,-4.90] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zelati   [68.95,44.10]

Hoethcan     [ 3.50,-4.90] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Hoquso   [141.65,82.45]

Inedol       [ 3.20,-4.60] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Ayquar   [72.35,39.20]

Inena        [ 3.40,-6.45] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Zemive   [-72.70,-36.60]

Intiol       [ 1.90,-4.00] LP 658-2      [ 2.35, 0.25] Behoar   [83.55,-9.45]

Intiol       [ 1.90,-4.00] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Laandlia [75.40,31.80]

Intiol       [ 1.90,-4.00] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Essessze [77.90,26.10]

Ioarqu       [ 1.90,-2.80] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Arcear   [-71.85,-38.15]

Ioioqu       [ 3.85,-4.60] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Arioand  [-62.30,-52.85]

Ioliaa       [ 1.55,-6.20] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Exedze   [81.05,12.85]

Ioququ       [ 2.80,-3.60] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Zeayur   [70.80,41.70]

Iozegre      [ 3.15,-2.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Phiedda  [-54.35,-60.35]

LP 658-2     [ 2.35, 0.25] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Edbear   [3.15,-81.60]

Lacancan     [ 3.40,-6.05] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Phiveay  [75.40,32.70]

Laedgre      [ 2.00,-2.10] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Canveol  [68.90,44.90]

Laesscan     [ 3.85,-2.60] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Anessur[-103.30,-125.95]

Laiogre      [ 4.35,-4.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Begreho  [-59.65,-55.30]

Lalande 21185[ 0.35, 0.30] Ross 128      [ 0.30,-0.40] Miurar   [81.95,-5.15]

Lalande 21185[ 0.35, 0.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Auray    [73.20,37.40]

Lalande 25372[-0.45,-0.25] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Falaa    [-53.60,61.90]

Liabeze      [ 1.60,-4.20] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Ededeth  [77.60,25.90]

Liabeze      [ 1.60,-4.20] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Ioioack  [-77.80,-23.90]

Liaququ      [ 2.35,-2.40] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Phiayand [-59.40,-55.90]

Liaququ      [ 2.35,-2.40] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Olveve   [-65.10,-48.75]

Luyten 97-12 [ 0.90,-1.95] Ross 128      [ 0.30,-0.40] Laceti   [76.90,28.10]

Luyten 97-12 [ 0.90,-1.95] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Beanfa   [-74.70,-32.90]

Luyten 97-12 [ 0.90,-1.95] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Argreed  [-78.65,-20.80]

Luyten 674-15[ 2.10,-1.00] Maanens, van  [-0.05, 1.10] Miolfa   [-56.20,-58.40]

Luyten 674-15[ 2.10,-1.00] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Edexed   [-39.60,-71.35]

Luyten 674-15[ 2.10,-1.00] Sophilia      [ 3.20,-1.35] Enhove   [-21.35,-79.35]

Luyten 674-15[ 2.10,-1.00] YZ Canis Minoris[2.25,0.05] Ceioeth  [83.25,-12.10]

Miandze      [ 2.60,-5.35] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Ioayess  [-72.75,-37.05]

Miandze      [ 2.60,-5.35] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Inbeex   [77.35,27.85]

Micanex      [ 2.75,-4.30] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zequess  [71.05,40.70]

Miolgre      [ 2.10,-4.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Qulaur   [78.15,25.35]

Miolze       [ 2.20,-2.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Arlada   [70.50,42.45]

Olaygre      [ 3.95,-3.50] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Inquol   [62.15,53.95]

Ollaex       [ 1.95,-2.95] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Urayda   [74.60,34.50]

Ophiuchi, 36 [-1.80,-1.15] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Enbeay   [-50.15,64.85]

Phekda       [ 1.50, 5.00] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Esszeand [78.70,-22.10]

Phiagre      [ 0.85,-2.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Tisoess  [-79.95,-15.35]

Ross 128     [ 0.30,-0.40] Omicron Eridani[1.50, 0.45] Mienio   [47.95,-66.90]

Ross 128     [ 0.30,-0.40] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Hoarti   [73.40,36.45]

Ross 128     [ 0.30,-0.40] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Eddafa   [82.20,-0.25]

Ross 154     [-1.10,-0.30] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Zecanmi  [33.60,-74.40]

Ross 154     [-1.10,-0.30] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Anayce   [-37.60,72.85]

Ross 986     [ 1.85, 1.35] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Waave    [43.75,-68.90]

Ross 986     [ 1.85, 1.35] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Hoolti   [-41.80,70.50]

Sirius       [ 1.05,-0.15] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Cecanlia [-25.00,-77.75]

Sodaack      [ 1.30,-5.60] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Waethwa  [81.45,10.80]

Sohoa        [ 0.30,-3.65] Sol           [ 0.00, 0.20] Exedce   [81.70,4.50]

Sohoa        [ 0.30,-3.65] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Hovea    [82.00,-1.65]

Sohoa        [ 0.30,-3.65] Vequess       [-0.40,-4.15] Liaandex [46.85,-70.85]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Sophilia      [ 3.20,-1.35] Ceessess [-33.90,-74.25]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Tau Ceti      [ 0.30, 0.40] Edbeur   [-68.05,45.40]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Tivecan       [ 2.30,-3.45] Canedand [-67.85,-45.55]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Vequess       [-0.40,-4.15] Iocanwa  [81.15,-9.75]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Waolex        [ 3.60,-4.35] Arioay   [65.95,48.45]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Wolf 630      [-2.20,-0.75] Zeliaur  [31.25,-75.35]

Sol          [ 0.00, 0.20] Zeancan       [ 1.55,-2.00] Bemiio   [-66.35,-47.60]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Tiacan        [ 2.85,-3.50] Ackgreho [-66.85,-46.30]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Tiancan       [ 4.35,-5.15] Ollaan   [68.40,45.75]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Tiessgre      [ 2.70,-3.45] Zeayur   [70.80,41.75]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Tivecan       [ 2.30,-3.45] Anmiay   [73.80,36.15]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Urlaay        [ 3.15,-2.35] Enqugre  [-54.85,-59.90]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Urquay        [ 4.30,-5.10] Zesoand  [-63.75,-50.40]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Veareth       [ 0.00,-4.65] Arquho   [81.70,-6.70]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Vecanlia      [ 0.00,-5.00] Arquho   [81.70,-6.70]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Vequess       [-0.40,-4.15] Laceti   [80.65,-14.45]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Waarze        [ 3.85,-4.35] Enengre  [-63.65,-50.70]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Waayol        [ 3.95,-5.15] Arlada   [70.50,42.45]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Waceol        [ 2.75,-3.55] Canquar  [70.85,41.65]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Waessol       [ 1.70,-3.35] Zeceeth  [77.65,27.20]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Wainze        [ 3.45,-1.70] Hoexho   [47.40,67.30]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Zeaex         [ 3.35,-1.70] Quayho   [48.05,66.70]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Zeessze       [-0.30, 2.75] Phitiay  [-79.20,-18.65]

Tau Ceti     [ 0.30, 0.40] Zeessze       [ 0.75,-5.70] Veexio  [-162.35,-14.60]