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Gobliiins walkthrough

                               Goblins [SOLVE]

Walkthrough for GOBLIIINS     From: Henning Koch, koch_h@lifra.lif.de

Level  1
At first punch the right column. Pick up the horn. Then use the horn.
Spell at the stick and take the pickaxe.

Level 2  VQVQFDE
Spell at the farthest right apple. Then punch at this apple. Take the
fallen apple. Use the apple in the abbys. Spell at the second apple from
the left side and punch it. Then take the apple and use it with the
abbys. Take the pickaxe again and use it with the diamond. Then take the

Level 3  ICIGCAA
Use the diamond on the door.

Level 4  ECPQPCC
Spell at the left plant. Then climb at the left plant. Take the left
yellow pot and use it on the right plant. Punch the big book on the
table. Then take the diamond again, go on the table over the book and
give the diamond to the wizard.

Level 5  FTWKFEN
Spell on the sprig on the bottom of the screen near the man. Then climb
the sprig and punch the eye. Put the Technical on the tongue and spell
the antenn of the coffin. Then put quickly the magician on the tongue
and punch the eye again. Wait until the monster is in the coffin again
and then punch the eye again and take the mushroom.

Level 6  HQWFTFW
Climb longest string and the pull the short right string. Take the
pistol. Use the pistol under the right spider and under the left spider.
Take the pillow and put it there where the middle spider was. Then spell
the middle spider. Move the pillow on an other place and take the spider

Level 7  DWNDGBW
Spell at the seed bag and take it. Move the puncher to the scarecrow and
use the seed on the garden. Then punch quickly the scarecrow before the
birds have eaten your seeds. Spell the right cloud and take the plant.
Give the things to the wizard.

Level 8  JCJCJHM
Spell at the skeleton and spell at the bone. Take the flute. use the
flute on the snake. Climb the snake. Then put the magician on the board
(right of the ladder). Punch the rock above the magician. Do that again
with the technical.

Level 9  ICVGCGT
Take the meat

Level 10  LQPCUJV
Use the meat on the lower left hole. Then spell at the small branch. Get
the windsock. Put the technical on this branch. Put the puncher on the
rock under this branch. Then pull the branch with the puncher. Do that
again with the magician. Spell at the cork. Use the cork in the
upperright hole. Take the windsock again. Put the technical near the
hole with the cork. Then the puncher has to punch the lowerright hole
(scare bird). Then use the windsock on the bird.

Level 11  HNWVGKB
Use the bird on the dog. Spell at the dog. Punch the left door.

Level 12  FTQKVLE
Take the feather and use it on the skeleton's foot. Use the cup and the
ball on the skeleton's hand. Take the key and use it on the cage. Spell
at the feather and take the flyswatter. Use the flyswatter on the bee.
Spell at the bee and take the dart. Use the dart on the picture. Take
the doll and use it. Take the yellow elixir.

Level 13  DCPLQMH
Spell at the root and take the birdcall. Put the technical above the
nest and use the birdcall. Take the exlixir. Put the technical near the
fence. Wait. Punch the jumping egg. Then spell against this egg. Spell
at the horn. Use the elixir and let the technical walk quickly past the
fence. Take the carrot. Use carrot on the hole. Put puncher near the
fence. Then spell at the mole. Walk with the puncher quickly past the

Level 14  EWDGPNL
Spell at the small flat rock on the left. Take the stick. Use the stick
in the hole on the end of the large rock. Take the watering can. Use the
watering can on all sprouts. Spell far left carrot and punch this
carrot. Then spell at the third carrot from the right. Take the key and
use it on the keyhole.

Level 15  TCNGTOV
Take the matches and drop them near the cannon. Punch the cannonball
pile. Take the cannonball. Punch cannon (so that the cannonn stands up)
and put the cannonball in the cannon. Then punch the cannon again (so
that the cannon stands up). Take the matches. Use matches with cannon.
Use matches with stewpot. Take the carrot. Put the carrot into the
cannon and punch the cannon then (so that the cannon stand normal). Get
matches and use it with the cannon. Punch the cannonball pile again and
take the cannonball. Punch cannon (so that the cannon stands up) and put
the cannonball in the cannon. Punch the cannon (so that the cannon
stands up).  Use the matches with the cannon. Spell carrot. Get earhorn.
Use the earhorn with the creature. Take the mallet and use it on the
gong. Get the pendulum.

Level 16  TCVQRPM
Get the rock and  use it on the X. Spell at the rock. Spell flat rock.
Spell tree on the left. Punch pickaxe an take the pickaxe. Use the
pickaxe on the bottom in the middle of the screen. Repeat that four

Level 17  IQDNJQO
Punch the woodpile. Take the log. Use the log on the trap. Drop log.
Spell seeds. Then move quickly the magician out of the way. Take the
seed and move the technical out of the way. Drop the seed near the
woodpile. Spell log and take the doedorant. Drop deodorant near the
woodpile. Take the seeds and use them near the woodpile. Then take the
deodorant quickly and use it on the foot. If you miss, use the seeds
again and use the doedorant on the foot. Do it so many times until you
meet the foot. Then take the foot and  drop it on the dragon's ledge. Go
out of the way quickly. When the dragons have fired the foot, take it
and go quickly out of the way. Then put the roast on the bridge. Get
dagger and drop it on the dragon's ledge. Go out of the way quickly.
When the dragons have fired the foot take the dagger and go out of the
way quickly.

Level 18  KKKPURE
Use the dagger on the statue's heart. Leave the voodoo doll on the left
hand of the statue and take the key. Use the key in the statues right
ear. Put the technical on the statue's left hand and do that again with
the magician and the puncher.

Level 19  NGOGKSP
Punch banana branch, take the banana and use it on the wolf. Get soap
and use it on the wolf. Then take the false nose and use it on the wolf.
Wait. Then take the witchcraft. Spell at the left gate.

Level 20  NNGWTTO
Spell sprig under the shield. Climb sprig and punch the lever. Spell at
the cork. Use the witchcraft on the ear. Then take the bowl and put it
under the giant. Then read the book again. Take the fish and put it in
the tower on the top. Then use the bowl with the tears on the creature.
Take the sling.

Level 21   TQNGFVC
Spell at the stone at the foot of the skleleton. Then use the sling on
the wizard. Spell at the creature. Use the sling on the rope and take
the rope. Then use the rope on the little bone on the top of the screen.
Climp up the rope. Then punch the creature. Take the empty sack and put
it on the bottom of the screen on the right side. Use the sling on the
captured puncher. Put the technical near the empty sack. Then spell at
the creature. When the little spiders are in the empty sack, take the
sack and use it.

written by Henning Koch.
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