Abandonware DOS title

Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon manual



 What  a  tragedy!   King ANGOULAFRE's son has disappeared!  The governess,
who  was  with  him at the time, saw him be carried off by winged creature.
Has  he  been kidnapped?  Will he, still so young and confident, be able to
resist horrendous treatment at the hands of the infamous torturer?
 Driven  by despair, ANGOULAFRE rushes off to see MODEMUS, the wise man, in
the  hope  that he with the aid of his magical powers, will be able to find
the  child.   It  was  true-the  Prince had definitely been kidnapped.  His
captor  is a horrible demon called AMONIAK from a far, distant land, a land
so  distant  that  it  can  only  be reached by magic.  DOMENIC, a powerful
warrior and king of this kingdom has been seized by the demon who now rules
over the starving subjects of this land.  To take revenge against the noble
ANGOULAFRE who had defeated him fifty years earlier in hand-to-hand combat,
AMONIAK has made the Prince his jester!
 What else is there to do but to call upon several daring adventurers, ever
-ready to confront a ferocious dragon in the name of honour and glory? Who
should show up but two talented gobliins, as different as they are
complentary to each other, ready to rescue the delicate child from the
clutches of the cunning demon. FINGUS is a serious, polite and careful little
fellow. WINKLE is an oddball and a joker, cheeky and reckless.
Before tele-transporting them, MODEMUS gives them his last words of advice:

 "I'm going to send you off by magic to the little village adjoining the
castle.All the inhabitants of this village with the exception of a few
privileged individuals,are dying of starvation and thirst.First of all
,go and pay a visit to TAZAAR,my colleague who is the village magician
.He's a bit grumpy but full of common sense.Your first problem will be
to get out of the village due to a giant who was banished from the
village for a month by TAZAAR on account of his drinking bouts,he
prevents anyone from leaving.

 As for AMONIAK,he has created a moat around the castle to control the
comings and goings of everybody.There,the wise man SOKA levitates,
immune to the ill-doings of the demon,meditating day and night to
exorcise the place.

 There's no need to tell you that since AMONIAK's arrival,the little
world around the castle has been turned upside-down.No-one more so
than TOM,the master clockmaker whose melodious chimes have been turned
into a harsh tick-tock.

 And KAEL,the walking apple-tree who is now permanently thirsty.Not to
mention VIVALZART,the music-mad heron,who in an effort to cure his
insomnia,is looking for mushrooms that will send him to sleep.
The castle itself is guarded by a band of merry-makers,more stupid
than dangerous.AMONIAK controls them with the help of an idol which
they superstitiously hold in great esteem.The Prince Buffoon is not
the only prisoner.There is also a scientist whom AMONIAK has forced to
build a shrinking machine to punish DOMENIC,who has been shrunk and
locked into his own armour.
 Even whilst working for the enemy,the scientist is just waiting for
the opportunity to muster the followers of the fallen king.For the
example,the dwarf blacksmith whom AMONIAK has kept close by in order
to have him make weapons.
 As for the cook,he is forced to prepare gloubagoulbi balls,the
favourite food of OUMKAPOK,AMONIAK's right-hand man and the cook's
only compagny is the sad COLIBRIUS who is locked up in a cage and
cries unceasingly for his love.
 To rescue the Prince you have to get into the throne room.The best
way to do this is to use the sea-passage beneath the castle.It's up
to you to get back-perhaps by combining magic and science.If you
return to TAZAAR's house with the Prince you will have won.

 Be on your way! Good luck!!! "


 After passing through strange lands the gobliins have to get to DOMENIC's
castle which is being held by the demon AMONIAK,rescue the Prince Buffoon
and bring him back.
 The places which are passed through are divided into small worlds made up
of 2-5 screens which are connected to each other .Each world has a mystery
to be solved and the clues are hidden in the screens which go to make it up.
The gobliins are blessed with an extraordinary vitality,they cannot die.They
can only successfuly carry out the key actions by working in unison.E.g.
FINGUS works the fountain whilst WINKLE fills the bottle.Timing is therefore
essential.In fact,in order to win you have to act at precisely the right
moment-neither too soon nor too late.
 Towards the end of the game you will acquire a third character,the Prince
 Even though he can be selected and moved around like the others,he cannot
collect objets and seldom acts.


 The  two  gobliins  are the screen at the same time and can be manipulated
simultaneously.The  orders  have  to be given alternately by activating one
gobliin  is  put  into action he appears on the screen in profile.To change
gobliins,click the left button of the mouse directly on him.
 The  gobliins  share objects,there's one inventory for the two of them.But
each of them can have a differnt object in his hand.We can change gobliins,
even  if  they  are  holding  something,by  clicking on the other one.  THE
SCREEN is divided into four zones:

                   - the information panel which appears at the
                     top of the screen when the cursor arrow is
                     placed on the top part of the screen.

                   - the central part where the adventure unfolds.

                   - the dialogue window.

                   - the help line or bottom line.


 When you move the cursor arrow about the screen it corresponds to the act of
 investigating.A text appears on the help line when you move into a special
 zone. This allows you to find:

                               - special places or objects.

                               - characters,you show them or give them objects
                                 or allow them to express themselves.

                               - exit,the cursor "arrow" changes into a "door"


                               - on the ground,the gobliin goes to the chosen

                               - on an active zone the gobliin moves up to
                                 the place indicated and carries out the
                                 corresponding action.
                                 E.g:on a button,hee presses it.

                               - on a object,the gobliin moves towards the
                                 object and picks it up.This will cause the
                                 "object" cursor (a barred arrow)to appear.
                                 This means that you are folding the object.
                                 The phrase "use (name of object) on"appears
                                 on the help line.The object can be put into
                                 immedite use or placed in the inventory.


                               - once you have the cursor on the object,you
                                 can,put it in the inventory.Press the right

                               - use it in a zone.If you move the "object"
                                 cursor into an active zone "use (name of
                                 object) on"appears on the help line followed
                                 by the name of the place or character chosen
                                 by the "object" cursor.If you press the left
                                 button you will be able to use the object in
                                 the chosen zone.
                                 E.g:"use key on lock" the action is determi-
                                 ned by the object,the gobliin moves and car-
                                 ries out the action.

                               - personal use,if you use an object anywhere
                                 outside a special zone the gobliin moves to
                                 there and uses the object on itself.If you
                                 click on him he carries out the action on
                                 the spot.


                               - when you press the right button of the mouse
                                 on the cursor arrow the inventory of the
                                 objects in your possession appears in a
                                 window.Choose the object by putting yourself
                                 on the correct line and pressing the left
                                 button.Thus you can "use on" or "put back in
                                 the inventory" (see previous example).

                               - to close the inventory press the right button
                                 or the left button outside the inventory