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Gunship 2000 other

     Written by the world famous RGY-RA... Ripped of the PC version so it
     might not be 100% accurate..~~^~~~

     Quit to Dos                     Alt q
     End Mission                     Alt e
     Pause                           Alt p
     Joystick Adjust                 Alt j
     Detail Adjust                   Alt d
     Cockpit Style                   Alt s
     Volume Adjust                   Alt v
     Co-Pilot Sound                  Alt c
     Last Message                    Alt m
     Change Selection                Tab/Shift/Arrow Keys or Move joystick
     Choose Selection                Return/Backspace
     Leave Screen                    Esc
     Cancel Command                  Esc
     Accelerate Time                 ]
     Normal Time                     [

     Cockpit                         F1
     Mast                            F2
     Left                            F3
     Right                           F4
     Chase                           F5
     Flight Chase                    Shift + F5 keys
     Tactical                        F6
     Remote                          F7
     Reverse Tactical                F8
     Missile                         F9
     Map View                        F10
     Change Map Scale                Spacebar

     Cyclic Forward                  Up Arrow
     Cyclic Back                     Down Arrow
     Cyclic Left                     Left Arrow
     Cyclic Right                    Right Arrow
     Collective Up                   =
     Collective Up Fast              Shift + =
     Collective Down                 -
     Collective Down Fast            Shift + -
     Gear Up/Down                    3
     Autopilot On/Off                5
     Next Waypoint                   6
     Previous Waypoint               7
     Bay Open/Close                  8
     Rotor Engage/Disengage          9
     Auto-Hover                      0
     Change One or Left MFD          z
     Change Right MFD                x
     Low Limit -                     c
     Low Limit +                     v

     Rocket Salvo x1                 1
     Rocket Salvo x2                 2
     Rocket Salvo x4                 4
     Acquire/Next Target             Backspace  or  Fire Button #2
     Radar Jammer On/Off             n
     Drop Chaff                      m
     IR Jammer On/Off                .
     Drop Flare                      /
     Select Weapon                   Spacebar
     Fire Weapon                     Return  or  Fire Button #1
     Jettison Weapon                 Shift + Spacebar

     Next Unit                       n
     Fly To                          f
     Hold Position                   h
     Speed Adjust                    s
     Altitude Adjust                 a
     Land                            l
     Return to Base                  b
     Disengage                       d
     Regroup                         g
     Weapons Free                    w
     Cargo Drop                      c
     Mission Assets                  m

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