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Guns 'R' Us manual

                             -=> Guns 'R' Us <=-
                              Copyright (c) 1993
                          FutureVision Software Co.


          Welcome to  Guns 'R' Us.  The first game of it's type in that
         of selling guns  in order to earn cash.  The idea of this came
         from the game called  DrugLord  by Phil  Erwin,  and my cousin 
         who is in to collecting guns. The point of this game is to buy 
         and sell guns to reach the ultimate goal of sumpreme being. In 
         order  to reach supreme  being you  must successfully  buy and 
         sells guns and stay alive.  But, that's the problem.  Cops are 
         always  on your  tail trying  to crack the case and your head. 
         You have options to borrow cash for the Loan Shark and pay him 
         back,  because if you reach a mill., 2 mill., 3 mill., etc. in 
         debt he'll come  after you.  This game takes quick thinking in 
         order to stay alive. So if your up to the challenge the try to 


          FutureVision Software Co., Optical Illusion, and Chris Campbell 
         are  in no  way responsible to  any  damages that occur to  your 
         system  through  the use of this  program.  And this software is 
         also provided as is with out any warranty expressed and/or writ-


                    DrugLord is a trademark of Phil Erwin.

              Guns 'R' Us is copyrighted by FutureVision Software.

             FutureVision Software is a trademark of Chris Campbell.                  
              QuickBASIC is a registered trademark of MicroSoft Co.

                                  How To Play

          Playing Guns 'R' Us is fairly simple.  First you select  from
         the main menu which of the items you wish to view or do at the
         time.  And press enter. But, this is all self explanitory.  If 
         you  select start game then the screen will clear and the game
         will prompt you for the name you wish to use while playing the 
         game. After you enter your name, the screen clears again and a
         menu  and lots of information comes up on  the screen.  At the 
         top of the screen is the name of the game; on the second  line
         is the country that you are currently in,  this of which  will 
         always be America at the beginning of a new game. The area be-
         low  that is a list of how many of  each gun you are  carring. 
         Next to that is the current prices of the weapons in the coun- 
         try that you are in. Next to that is all your personal info, & 
         so on. Below all that is a menu of choices for your next move.
         The pressing of a number of 1 through 7 will bring up the next
         corresponding menu  or move.  Say if you press  6 then you are 
         ask if you wish to quit the game and so on.
          Every once in a while the cops will attack you. You are given 
         a choice of to either fight or run.  If you choose to run then
         it is possible that  you get away,  but they can also shut you
         if you decide to run. If you choose to fight and defeat all of
         the cops then you'll be asked if you wish to take their  guns.
         In this case you can possibly make some extra cash by fighting
         them. But, there is always the possibilty that you can be shot
         and die. So it is to you to decide.

          Also someone will approach you and ask you if you wish to buy
         a new  car from him that will carry more or less guns.  If you
         have  the cash  then you'll be able to  purchase it and  carry 
         that many more guns.  But, if you don't have the  cash or  you 
         don't wish to buy the car then you must answer no.

          If  you've borrowed cash from the loan shark and you reach  a 
         millon, 2 millon, 3 millon,  etc., in debt then he comes after  
         you. You lose an extra  25% of life each time he beats you. If
         after four incounters with him.  You are still in debt then he
         will kill you.
          If your life at any point in the game reaches 0% then you die
         and your game is over.  But, you can prevent this by going  to 
         the hospital after you lose some of your life.

          And  finally if you  ever reach 2 billion dollars in combined 
         cash then you are named supreme being and your game is over.

                                   Bug Reports

           If you feel that you have found a bug in this program then 
           please let us know. To report a bug call Optical  Illusion
           and leave a message to the SysOp and tell him exactly  how
           your system  is setup and what  the bug did and also  tell 
           him the version number  so he can tell you if it's already
           fixed or not.

                              Contacting the Author

            You can contact the author of this program by calling 
            Optical Illusion at (214) 495-1241, or mail at:

                                 Chris Campbell
                                1303 W.Buckingham
                                Suite 103 Box 421
                                Garland, Tx 75040

            Or he can also be reached in either the Rime or Fido
            Basic echos.

                               GrEeTZ & Dedications

        Greetz go out to.

          Boomer The Bass Pig
          Dan Pinkard
          And the rest of the Pc Demo world.

        And this game is dedicated to Jennifer Sisson. Love ya Jen. l8r...