Abandonware DOS title

Hard Nova other


Agility                 shooting speed/dodging
Fitness                 health points
Aptitude                ability points 
Tactics                 ground combat
Close combat
Special weapons
Demolitions             grenades

Ship evasion            evade attacks           PILOT
Star comm               comm/scanner            TECH
Programming             use software            TECH
Mechanics               repair mech systems     INGEN
Electronics             repair elec systems     INGEN
Star gunner                                     WEAPONS
Hover gunner                                    WEAPONS
Navig song              use stargates           BREM NAV



F1-F4           select crew member
F5              see target
F6              see room
F7              talk
F8              scout
F9              data viewer
F10             save menu
*               throw rad grenade (leader only)
Space           cycle targets 
Enter           fire


F1              cargo
F2              target
Page Up/Down    elevation
Up/Down arrows  speed (or Shift 0-3)


F1-6            ship/software/messages/crew/signature/weapon pods
?               cycle targets outside map
Enter           fire selected missile
Alt-L           scanner range

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