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Inca 2: Wiracocha walkthrough

                                Inca 2 [SOLVE]

This is the complete solution for the (CD) Game :
I N C A II by Coktel and Sierra on line,     written by Toby and Chris ;),
on the 15th of May 1994, based on some hints from Sierras BBS.
1. Gates of Wisdom or Force, Tumi, Cabin
2. Map, Locomotive, Cave, Fighting Tips
3. Planet A + B
4. Asteroid
5. Flower puzzle, Maze - CDROM version
1. Gates of Wisdom
Take the feather from the guard's headdress. Take the stone from the lower
side of the screen. Place the stone in the gutter so that the water falls on
the left statue. Next, use the feather on the left statue. This will cause one
of the gates to rise. Repeat the same steps on the right statue to raise the
second gate. Click on the opening to walk through.

1.1 Gates of force
The Gate of force is an arcade sequence. You must shoot a minimum of 26
statues in order to pass this test. You are given several tries to improve
your score. There are aprox. fifty statues on the course. If you are unable
to pass this then you will need to go back and choose the Gate of Wisdom.

1.2 Tumi
You will need to draw the guards attention and knock him out. First click
on the cocoa leaves and the Post with the rope. Place the Post above the
gate entrance. Walk to the pile of rocks and throw one at the guard. Quickly
hide behind the vegetation to the left of the screen, or scroll to the right
and click on the fence. If the guard didn't see u, he will walk to the
entrance and stand there for a briefe moment. Click on the rope and the
Post will fall on the guard.

1.3 Cabin
In order to join the war u must get controll of the 3Master. 1. click on the
controll panel located on the left side of the cabin. Click on the controll
keys and enter any 3Digit combination on the numerical pad. An alarm will
sound u will now be able to enter the 3Lock.
Enter the Airlock scroll to the left and click on a portion of the pipe
called Reservoir. U will notice a crowbar. Click on the crowbar and scroll
to the right. Use it to pry open the case of Wodka and click on a bottle.
Return to the Resevoir, click on it and poor the wodka in. Exit the airlock
go back to the controll panel and click on it. Choose either F1 or F2 for
gun position. Exit the Control Panel screen and click the throttle lever
to the On-Position.

2. Map
Follow the comments given on the bottom of your screen.

2.1. Locomotive
This is a steam engine, use the Water in the Water tower for fuel. Use the
crowbar on the peg. During the arcade sequence u will notice 4 Directional
red arrows. When the attack is ready to commence a red arrow will start to
blink. Click on it and it will take u to the location of the attack.

2.2 Cave
Get the bottle of Mecury from the chest and click ont rusted dials. Click
the razor on the rope that is tied around the cabinet and use the key from
the chest. The Combination is located in the File of the locked Cabinet. Try
rubbing the key on the sand to remove the rust. The Key should now open the
File-Cabinett without any Prob's.

2.3 Fighting Tips
If u find urself pitted against the large number of enemies, the best de-
fense is to stop th Tumi and take advantage of the weapons u have. First use
the atomic bomb. After that the nuc torpedos, then start ur engines and pick
the remaining enemies off one at a time.(!Don't use IA misseles right from
the start!) If u r asked  2 fight or go 2 other planets choosing fight will
decrease number of enemies in the final COMBAT!!!U should really try it
cuz we didn't and had plenty to do at the end   >:( .

3. Planet A, B
U need 2 enter the mangrove, try clicking on the broken stemms 2 the left
of the screen. After clicking on the palm leave, use it on the ground to
reveal the footprints. U need 2 scare the Ibis and Monkey away from the nest.
2 get to the nest, find the oyster located at the lower right side of the
screen. Click it on the monkey to scare it away. The Ibis'll leave 2.
In the nest u will find an emmerald egg. Click the oyster pearl on the egg.
Place the pearl and emmerald egg in the eye sockets of the crocodile.
This will revive him.-Crater: The purpose is to place a power in the sphere,
u will need to scepters and a gourd to complete this puzzle. To find the
scepters , scroll 2 the right 1 screen and click near the bottom of the
wall. U should b able 2 c an outline of a door the two scepters r located
bellow the door, 1 at each corner.-Keystone: scroll 2 the left screen once
from the pillar. Place one half of the gourd on the keystone located above
the entrance of the cave.-Base: u will need 2 climb the cliff 2 get 2 the
fort. Scroll up. U can use the branch 2 assist u in yuor climb.
-Climbing: use the peg on the block of stone and hit it with the mallet.
scroll up and click the ballast-rope on the root. Scroll down and use the
light thread on the end of the ballast rope. Now pull on the light thread
and attach it to the peg. Finnaly click on the small stones then on the
block of stone.-Prayers: You need 2 click on the prayer scrolls numers 2,
4 and 7 starting from the left.(Must b in air at 1 time!)HURRY!!
Click on the opening and take the chain, click the chain on the points at
the base of the golden lighniting rod. Use the molten rod (Shield) with the
crowbar. Give the Lama the conch shell and make a gong to clear the avalnche.
Click on the sticks that are located in the snow. Click the sticks on the
snow. Click the strap on the sticks. use shield on starp.
Hit Gong with mallet. Make sure 2 give the Lama the conch shell.
Use the mallet on the icicles. Put broken pieces in the sun. Quickly click
on the water skin and place it on the melting ice. Pur the water into
the basin.

4. Asteroid
Get the necklace from the guard. Use the razor to cut the cord. Use the
crowbar on the hatch on the left side of the opening. Insert the pearls from
the necklace on the panel. Use mallet on pearls. Pick up pearls and go to
the right opening use mallet or crowbar on the ledge.
Way to the Room of Statues: Click on the Eye to continue. Go right left,
right,right,right. Click on one of the statues and get Diamond. Go through
Way to the room of Mirrors: Open Eye, go right, left, right, right, right,
left, left. Use the diamond on one mirror and get a piece of glas. Go
through tunnel.
Way to the room of pictures: Open Eye, go right, right, right, left, right,
right, right. Use the glas on picture of Atahualpa. ->Take Musicbox.
Back to room of Statues: Tunnel, open eye, left, left, right, right, right,
left, right. Click Musicbox on a statue.

5. Flower Puzzle  ( Only for the CD-ROM Version ! )
a) Click on a flower to open it
b) Click the stone of light icon on the flower petale to reveal its color
c) Click on the flower to get the pollen
d) Go to the next flower and repeat steps a) and b)
e) If the colour is different from the 1st flower, then click Polen from
   Inventory on the flower. Click on flower again and use stone of light
   to reveal two colours.
f) Repeat steps a),b) and e) to reveal 3 colours.