Abandonware DOS title

Inca walkthrough

                    INCA SOLVE

     Great game, this, being widely ignored mainly because of no
     advance publicity and the fact that it if a large download.
     Plus, in our area, the first zip had a file called all.ask
     missing which prevented the installation program from
     completing.  Anyway, after I got that file I ran it, and since
     it was the european product, it came up in italian which
     probably scared some people off too.  No big deal, I ran
     incax.exe, which saved a configuration file including english
     as the language so I could start it with go.bat and it still
     came up english.  I also used a fix file which provided a file
     called savex.exe, I dunno if this is messing up the save
     codes, but I will talk about that later.

     Up came the intro....awesome, definitely recommend watching it
     all the way through as least once, especially if you have a
     decent sound card.  Then you get the speech from the gold
     bubble, also pretty good. When that is through, there are
     several things in the room with you.  Hitting the gold bubble
     recycles the speech you just got. To the right is a music
     machine.  I fooled with it, have no idea what it actually
     does.  To the left of the gold bubble is old Tumi, who mainly
     seems to be there to hang on to the gems you gather.  Further
     to the left with the almost sexual figures are a bunch of
     definitions.  I went through them once, then bailed out with
     the top green square.  Again, seem to have little to do with
     game play.  Finally left of all that is the door, press on the
     arrow or the door and you are ready for some killer arcade

     "Welcome Abord, El Dorado.  I hope you enjoy the flight".
     Love that voice.  Anyway right button is acceleration, left is
     to fire as you go towards the green planet (also indicated by
     the red dot in the radar screen for you heavy footed types who
     get blown off course).  With reasonable caution, and letting
     your laser recharge, you should be able to blast the
     meteorites to nice white fuzzballs all the way to the planet.
     Take this one seriously though it is good practice for
     fighting the bad guys ships in later arcade sequences.

     Here is the first save code.  These things mystify me.  I have
     more of them then you can imagine, all of them seem to work
     but in different games they take me different places.  Which
     is good, or I would have never finished the game.  Bad because
     I dunno if I have seen all of the game.  I will give the ones
     I had as I go along and a list of others at the end.  First is
     786754, the last two digits are irrelevant, I usually put in
     8s.  Click on the circle to initiate, / to clear.

     Anyway, when you get to the planet you will get an animated
     sequence straight out of Star Wars and the Death Star.  Name
     of the game here is to blast the bad guys (about 5) or beat
     them to the exit.  Get blasted or one of them gets there first
     and you will learn about the five lives you have to win the
     game.  Generally, if one or more is behind you go left and
     right, then let off the right button and fire up as they pass
     over you.  Then hit the acceleration hard cause it is a close

     Next code.  764554 for one game, 767354 for a second with the
     same first save code.  Go figure.  Alright, at the door, click
     on the stones just to the left and right bottom of the door.
     Ker Klank.  Ok, now click on the hole itself until you get
     five lines on the gold ball.  About 3 clicks I think.  Now
     click on the gold ball and put it in the hole.  Shazam.  Now
     click on the control panel on your ship, which is actually the
     little box on the side of the ship, not where you would think.
     It should open part way, revealing a red, green and blue
     stone.  Click around on the two buttons until the vanes open
     all the way.  Now pick up the balls, putting them in the holes
     in the same order from left to right.  Red, green and blue.
     Now click on the gold pin, then click with the right button
     which will put it up in inventory.  (Just move the mouse to
     the top of the screen to retreive inventory items and also to
     get help from the old man.  Personnally I found him pretty
     obfuscating and rarely if ever did he actually help.)  Now
     click on the door, and welcome to the first of several mazes.
     I will draw this as best I can with xs and os, but hey
     wandering around is fun.  I think after the first bad guys the
     rest of them show up at random so I have only marked the first
     bad guys.  left mouse is to go forward, right gives you a
     automap showing your location and direction.  When arcade
     starts, left is to fire.  obviously you must stop the energy
     bolts or die, generally I try to keep the cursor at about
     their eye level and in the center, that way I could normally
     catch their shot rather than have to wander around the screen
     tracking it down.  Again, indiscriminate firing results in
     inadequate firepower, so fire often but at good targets.

                                             X Start
          X         X                        I
        X X - - - - X X                      I
        X X - - - - X - - - - - - - -  - - - X* X
          X         X                      X X  X    X
                                             X  - - -X X
                                             X       XbAMBOO
     * bad guys

     The star is where the first bad guys are, Bamboo is where the
     first puzzle is and puzzle is the second puzzle.  There may be
     other parts to the maze, if so I didn't go there.  The Bamboo
     Get the gold pin from inventory.  Click on the left and right
     knots to undo them.  Click on the center of the bamboo piece
     until it splits into two parts.  Click right button to put pin
     back in inventory and take bamboo and gold piece.  Click left
     now to move forward.  Click on lower middle screen so that
     door appears.  Put one piece of bamboo on the shelf on the
     left, one piece on the shelf on the right., with the gold
     thing in the middle connecting it all.  Click on the gold
     star, it will turn into an ear of golden corn.  Get the pin
     from inventory and click around the bottom of the corn until
     it goes up into the bottom of the corn.  Click on the corn now
     and the ghost fellow will chat with you.  Now get the gold
     coin from inventory and click it on the round hole over the
     guys head.  Now move forward till you can't go any further.
     Putting the mouse in the left hand part of your field of
     vision produces an arrow, do this and click on it to turn
     left.  First click is to one of the columns, second is a gold
     panel.  Click on the panel.  Take the gold star. Click on the
     star hole to close it (otherwise you don't seem to be able to
     move).  Turn left again to second column.  Click on it with
     the gold star.  Take the quipu.  For those of you who are
     actually thinking and not reading with this in your left hand
     and clicking the mouse with the right hand, this is the clue
     to the next puzzle, the number of beads being the number of
     clicks on the directional star.  Took my son and I a while to
     figure this one.  Anyway put the quipu in inventory and click
     on the peg it hung on (shades of the girls hat in
     Fascination).  The panel will flip and you can take a dark
     star.  Click on the hole to close the panel and go back to the
     first panel and click on it.  Insert the dark star in the star
     hole.  Get the gold coin from inventory and click it on the
     golden blob where the star hole just was.  Now on the arrows
     on the directional star, click carefully, hitting the middle
     will erase.  From the quipu, the numbers are:
                              5         3
     When you have that many dots on each arrow, you will be
     automatically taken to the fertilization screen.  This puzzle
     where very frustrating till we accidentally clicked on the
     floor and the blue thing rose up.  Till then all the balls do
     is break.  Click on the guy for a ball then on the girl.  If
     a Blue ball, it produces a blue egg on left or if the first is
     a red, it produces a red egg on the right.  Whatever, you need
     one of each so wait till the left figure produces the right
     color egg, letting the rest drop and break by not sending out
     a red from the right figure.  When you have a blue and a red
     egg, click on the pot on top and get the green jewel.  Codes
     here were 824554 and 827354.

     Next up as an arcade fight with 5 red fighters.  Not too
     tough.  However, their white buddies come after you next and
     I have never beat them.  Same with the green wave later.  So
     I dunno what comes after this.  However I once entered a code
     and got back to Tumi with a green stone in his hand...code was
     664554.....so who knows....I have also seen a sequence with a
     maid, with shades of brown.  She gives me a stone, then the
     bad guy on his ship sends out yep, two waves of fighters and
     well, kiss my ass goodbye all five times.  Such is
     life....Anyway, if you try enough of the codes listed at the
     end of this you will get to what I think is the next part,
     which is your ship goes into a three door entrance and you are
     in front of a carving of a guy standing on two animals.  Three
     holes are on the wall to the left.  So if you ever get there,
     here is what to do next.  If you wind up somewhere I  have
     never been, well, good luck.

     Click on the three circles on the left.  Gold balls will then
     fall into the rack on the bottom of the statue.  The timing on
     getting the balls in place in time was a real pain.  Often I
     couldn't get them out of inventory and into the eye hole in
     time.  But all I can do is write up the solve for you, not do
     it for you.  Three squares down the right and three down the
     left.  Click on the upper left and bottom right and put the
     green ball in the flashing eye (animal on left).  Then click
     on the bottom left and upper right and put the red ball in the
     second animal's eye.  Finally, click on both middle squares
     and put the blue ball in the man's eye.  Take the gold disk.
     Click on the three circles on the left again and presto, it is
     maze time again.

     Eventually you will get to what I call the quarry puzzle.  The
     maze is below, but hey wander around, blast bad guys and have
     some fun.  Quit reading and PLAY.

     Well that was a quick two minutes and here you are again.
     Anyway, pick up the five quarry gold pieces,called Tumi's
     blade.  Now from the bottom slide the stones (by clicking on
     them and dragging them) from the bottom up until you expose
     the upper middle part, from which a ray will appear.  Put
     Tumis's blade pieces down on this now.  Weirdness.  Now put
     the gold coin on top of it.  hey even weirder.  Pick up the
     blue crystal.  Pick up the gold coin.  Put blue crystal down
     where you picked up the coin.  Truly weird.  Ok pattern is
     real simple but remembering six tones gets a little tough.  if
     you guess wrong you start with two tones, then four(?), then
     six.  If you do NOT guess at say a six toner, it gives you
     another six toner and you don't have to start over.  The
     pattern is
                    Purple crystals= Press Red ball
                    Blue crystals  = Press Yellow ball
                    Green crystals = press Green ball
                    Yellow crystals= Press Blue ball
                    Red Crystals   = Press Purple ball
     We found that two people working together with one watching
     the screen and reading off the colors while the other marked
     the order on a paper that had the above written on it, and
     then teh second person reading off the colors to be pushed to
     the first made it real easy.  Doing it by yourself was pretty
     tricky, the timing made it very hard.  Anyway after you do the
     six tones, a door will open, you just click on it.

     When you get to the bamboo stick, just pick it up.  Then move
     on to one of the best puzzle sequences in the game.

     The maze, again I may not have been everywhere.

                         X              X
                       X X--------------X X
                         I              X
                       X X--------------X
                         I              I          XMOON PUZZ
                         I              XBAMBOO----X
                      X  I
                    X X  X X
                      I                 X         X
                      X--------X--------X---------X X
                                        I  start  X
                                        X IS AROUND HERE

     So, you made it to the moon puzzle.  This one really had me
     going.  First part is easy, just jump balls to eliminate them
     like the old puzzle you find in the restaurants, object is to
     have the last ball in the six o'clock position.  For you
     Marines, that is the bottom circle.  At this point the moon
     shows up.  This one really baffled me for a while, but a good
     puzzle.  Put the gold coin on the circle.  You will get light.
     Remove it.  Figured it out yet...I doubt it.

     ah well, I gave you all this and most of you couldn't figure
     it out if your GED depended on it, so here it is anyway.  Move
     the white ball to the three o'clock position.  No, screw you
     Marines, go get your mother to help you.  Put the gold disk
     back in and then take it out....ah the old phases of the moon
     thing.....ok, put the white ball at 12 o'clock.  Put the gold
     disk in, put the gold disk old, do the hokey pokey...whoops.
     Take the red crystal and the gold disk and meet a real
     challenging puzzle.

     Seriously, try this one on your own.  WEll, not you Marines,
     God only gives you one lifetime.

     I'll try this one with clues...it really is good.

     Green backdrop is spring, golden is summer, brown is fall and
     blue is winter.  All you have in inventory is the bamboo and
     the gold coin.

     The green crystal changes the seasons.  The blue I surmise
     represents the oceans and water, and floods and such.  The red
     represents energy and the sun.  Your job, Jim, should you
     choose to accept it, is to grow the bamboo and create a boat
     to float away on.  This file will self destruct at the end of
     this reading....whoops.

     REally, try it.  I did.  Over and over.  Ship sank, coin
     dropped in the water when it defrosted....haha.....why should
     it be so easy for you if I spent so long solving it?  But I
     did love it, a good puzzle, based on Logic and quite
     solveable.   ahwell, here you are.

     Use the green crystal (on the gold disk above the alter thing)
     to get spring.  Use blue for a flood, and note the earth
     around the first column.  Now put the bamboo in the earth.
     Now use the red crystal. Shazam, the boo grows.  Use green again
     up until winter.  Now click on the bamboo.  Presto, two
     pieces!  Now the next I am unclear in my notes.  Either
     I put the bamboo down and the gold piece between it and then
     clicked to summer or I clicked to summer and put them all
     down.  Well one will work and one won't.  Any way, at summer,
     click on red crystal on the gold over the alter and the boat
     will grow and you are off to the bad guys ship.

     At this point I got another code number it was 378115.  If I
     died at intermediate points in the above I got other numbers.
     On the ship be prepared to fire.  Guy shows up A LOT.  After
     doing this sequence three times, I found the maze is
     irrelevant.  After waxing his guys, he shows up after so many
     screens in any case no matter where you are.  Then at a
     certain point you open a room and poof the ship explodes and
     you win.   One guy on the net was knocking this game (asshole)
     and said it dropped him straight to dos.  Given his attitude,
     highly commendable.  Maybe it is intelligent software.  If so,
     it will kick Lance Romance's ass out even earlier (haha,
     always have to get ONE dig in).  For me I got this multi
     squared screen, with shots of inca civilization that seemed to
     go on forever.

     As promised here are ALL the codes I got.  Lord knows what
     they will bring up in your game.


     Hmm...looking at the whole list one sees a lot of repeats,
     looking at them by three digits at a time....what does it all
     mean.  Beats the shit out of me EL DORADO.  Having tried ALL
     of those codes in a couple games, I believe all I missed was
     the end of the two arcade actions with the white ships and the
     green ships.  I might even beat those sequence some day.