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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis walkthrough

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
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You can skip the intro by hitting ESCAPE.

Or you can play it. Here's what you have to do:

Click on the pecuilar statue just to the right of you. You'll fall into
the next room. Now, click on the rope to the right. Hit ESCAPE once to
bypass the credits, but still play the intro.

You'll fall into a library. Click on the books on statues to the left. You
will fall again. Click on one of the four cat figurine. One of them is REAL.

You will fall into the basement. Click on one of the lockers. One will
have a statue inside. Like some things in this game, it's random. Get
the horned statue and you're done with the intro!

I thought that was a nice way for a game to begin.


Pick up the newspaper. Go to the back entrance. To get pass Biff the guard,
just say that Madame Sophia is the greatest; she's smart. And when he
asks you what he likes about her, tell him that she makes things so
easy to understand.

Inside, talk to the stagehand. Keep bugging him. You'll have to watch
Sophia's oration about Atlantis or you can ESC it.

Ask him if he wouldn't rather be doing something... like READING. Then
give him the newspaper.

Play around with the levers until the three lights on top turn green,
then push the button.

You can talk to Sophia in her office or you can just ESC through the whole
thing and go straight to Iceland.


Go inside the dig site and talk to Dr. Bjorn Heimdall. Talk to him about
Plato's Lost Dialogue. He'll tell you to speak with Costa and Sternhart.
Go to Tikal first.


Go into the jungle. You want to take the dark jungle path in the middle.
To get pass the snake, chase the jungle rodent until he's at the entrance
of the dark jungle path; then use your whip on it. The snake and the rodent
will fight and fall over the chasm. Walk on the tree to get on the
other side. Try to go into the temple and Sternhart will come out and stop
you. You have to tell him the name of Plato's Lost Dialogue before he
lets you in. Just say you don't know the title. And the parrot the tree
will echo "title." Ask the parrot about title and he will tell you it's
Hemocrates, a friend of Socrates. Try to go into the temple to get
Sternhart out; this time, answer The Hemocrates.

Inside the temple, ask Sophia to keep Sternhart busy. Now go outside and
get the kerosene lamp while they're talking. Go back inside the temple.
Open the kerosene lamp (Sternhart will remark that you took his lamp, but
who cares). Use the lamp on the spiral designs on the left. Now pull
the spiral design to get it. Use the design on the animal head on the
left. Pull the elephant nose to open the tomb. Sternhart will take
off with the Worldstone. Don't worry; he'll get what's coming to him
later in the game! Just pick up the orichalcum bead instead. Now fly
back to Iceland.

ICELAND (again)

Go into the old dig site. Poor Dr. Heimdall has frozen to death. Use the
orichalcum bead on the exposed eel head. Get the eel figurine. Now fly
to The Azores.


Talk to Sophia and tell her to talk to Costa. Ask him about Plato's Lost
Dialogue and where it is. He'll want to trade for something ... like
Sophia's necklace. Refuse and ask Costa if he'll do business with Indy
instead. Return control back to Indy. Now talk to Costa and give him
the mysterious eel figurine. He'll tell you that Plato's Lost Dialogue
is in the Sprague Collection. Now, sometimes the game will say Pearce
Collection instead of Sprague, but either case you'll fly back to
Barnett College.


Go down into basement. Get the dirty rag and the piece of coal. Go up
to the library. Look at the school desk; get the wad of gum. Climb up the
rope. Get the arrowhead to the right. Look carefully; it's damn small
and easy to miss. Push the big crate to the left. It'll reveal a dusty
old box. Now, I think if Costa tell you it's in the Sprague Collection
the dusty old box will be the Pearce Collection, and vice versa.

In any case, climb down the rope into the library again. Use the dirty
rag with the arrowhead. Use the wrapped arrowhead with the screw on
the tipped-over bookcase. Unscrew all five screws. Open the bookcase.
You now have Plato's Lost Dialogue. Now fly to Algiers first.


In Algiers, go all the way to the left and into the back alley. Go into
Omar's Antique Shop. Get the mask. Omar will stop you; just ask him how
much the mask cost and he'll give it to you free. Now talk to the
knife thrower. And he'll say that he needs a volunteer. Then talk to
Sophia and tell her how safe it is and how dexterous the knife thrower is.
When Sophia's walks up to the knife thrower, PUSH her. And you'll get
a nice knife in return. Now fly to Monte Carlo.


Now you got to find Trottier. Alain Trottier is the guy in the brown suit and
grey hair. Talk to him. Tell him you're Indiana Jones from Barnett College.
If you tell him you're the greatest adventurer he'll tell you go bug off.
In this case, go inside the hotel and talk to Sophia. She'll tell you to
name drop Nur-Ab-Sal. Go back down and talk to Trottier again and tell
him Nur-Ab-Sal send you. He'll ask a question about Atlantis. The answer
can be found by read Plato's Lost Dialogue. Then ask him to come up to
see Madame Sophia. Don't say that Madame Sophia wants to trade wisdom, or
come up to see the greatest show. Just get him up to the hotel room.

In the room, tell Sophia to keep him busy while you try something while
they're talking. Open the cabinet under the mirror and get the flashlight.
Get the bedsheet. Open the fuse box. Pull the circuit breaker. Lights out!
Use the bedsheet; use the flashlight; use the mask. In that order.
Trottier will run out of the room, leaving the Sunstone behind. Now
go outside and use the taxi to fly back to Algiers.

ALGIERS (again)

Go back to Omar's shop. Tell him you're interested in Atlantis and show
him the Sunstone as proof. He'll tell you that he's made a map of a
dig site. Tell him that you'll go in his place to check the site out.
Don't worry if you come back empty handed. He'll ask you if you'd like
to trade your mask for something. Say yes. Take the item Omar offers when
he says something like red wagon, yellow scarf, etc. It's the color
that's important, not the item. And it changes from game to game. Just
take the item and offer it to the grocer (he's outside to the left
of the knife thrower).

If the grocer tells you he won't accept gift for himself and not of this
color, go back to Omar's and trade it for another item, but of DIFFERENT
color this time. Keep trying items of different colors until the grocer
says something like this is a pleasant color. Once you know the color he
wants it's just a matter of picking the right item.

Once the grocer gives you the squab-on-a-stick, give it to the beggar and
he'll let you have the balloon ticket. Go up to the roof and show
the ticket to the balloon vendor.

Get in the balloon. Once you're up in the air, cut the rope with the


It shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to fly the balloon. Just land
at each nomad camp and ask him about the map. He'll point you in the right
direction. Sail to the "X" when you see it; you'll get shot down. Go left
to the abandoned dig site.


You'll have to get Sophia out of the hole. Go down the ladder. Turn up
you monitor's brightness and contrast (if you have them) if you're in the
dark. Get the long rubbery thing (it's a hose). Get the clay thing (it's
a clay jar) to the right of the track. Go back up to the truck. Use
the hose with the gas tank; use the jar with the hose to get the gasoline.
Go back down the ladder. Use the gas-filled jar with the metal cap. Turn
on the portable generator. Now, pick up a ship rib. Use the rib on the
crumbling wall to the right. Pick up the wooden peg on the table. Ues it
on the mural. Use Sunstone with peg in hole. Use the Sunstone. Look at
Plato's Lost Dialogue to find out how align the stone. This changes
from game to game! Sophia will come out if you align the stone correctly.
She'll give you an amber fish on a string (orichalcum detector) and
a distributor cap.

Open up the generator. Turn if off and get the ceramic thing, which is
the spark plug. Go back up to the truck. Stick spark plug and distributor
cap in engine, and close the hood. Get in truck and go to Crete.


Go to your right and follow the path. Go up to the log bridge and go ALL
the way to the left. Get the surveyor's instrument. Now go down to
the dig site. Explore all the rooms until you come to a mural. Again,
the location of the mural varies from game to game. (I really hate
it when Lucasfilms does this; makes writing a solve THAT much harder.)
Once you found the mural go outside and locate the tall horns; they're
in the center of the site. Look at the stone to left of the horns; you'll
see a statue; use the surveyor's instrument on it. Align the crosshair
so that it points to the left tall horn. Click on the crosshair. You should
see a dotted line shoot out with an "X" trailing it. Look at the stone
to the right of the tall horns and do the same; the same thing should happen.
You'll now see an "X" on the ground. Dig with the ship rib and get the

Leave the dig site and go to the right. Use Sunstone and Moonstone on spindle.
Consult Plato's Lost Dialogue for the proper alignment. Go inside the
Greater Colony of Atlantis.

[NOTE: From this point on, everything's from my memory. I'm currently using
OS/2 and switching between the game and Qedit to write this solve. I over-
wrote some of the saved games and I really don't want to replay the whole
thing. So I may accidently leave some steps out, or my description of
things will be a little vague.]


Explore the area a bit. Walk around until you come to a minotaur statue.
Use your whip on the statue's head. Walk to the fallen statue's head. You'll
go down. Get the staff and Worldstone from Sternhart (he got what he so richly
deserved). Look at the waterfall to the right. Use the chain and climb up.
Get those statue's heads (it's near the entrance). Don't worry; without Sophia
you can pick up the last head and just make it through the closing gate.
Put those three head on the other shelf/lever. Go inside the gate. Use
the staff to free the counterweight. Walk around until you see a big
statue of a head. Use the staff on its mouth. Up you go; get the gold box.
Go back to where Sophia is. Give her the orichalcum beads and gold box.
Go north and through the door. You have to talk Sophia into climbing in
that small hole. She'll pull the pulley to open the gate.

Go through the gate and walk around until you come to a room with a
crumbling wall (you won't see it say that when you cursor around) with
a pile of bones on the left and a broken column on the right. Use
you orichalcum detector (amber fish on a string). Use ship rib on crumbling
wall. Go to map room of Atlantis. Use all three stones on the spindle.
Once again, consult Plato's Lost Dialogue for the correct alignment.
Once the door is open go through it. Klaus Kerner will then take Sophia
away. Give him the stones and he'll leave you alone. Go to the right
and use the ship rib on the wall. Go out and go to the submarine.


Climb the ladder and go into the sub. Use the comm. and tell everyone move to
the aft (or stern?) of the sub. Climb on down. Get the stein, bread, and
cold cut. Use bread with cold cut. Use the stein to get the battery acid.
Get the plunger. Climb back up to the conning room. Use the plunger on
the control on the left. Use the acid on the strong box. Get stones and

Go to the left of Sophia. Communicate with her. She'll pretend she's talking
to Nub-Ar-Sal. Tell her to distract the guard or something. Go down and
confront the guard. Sophia should knock the guard out cold with the bucket.
Use the key on the emergency steering wheel. Now you have control of the

Drive it so that it goes to the underwater dock. Getting the submarine align
with the dock is a bit tricky, but not impossible.


Sophia will be kidnapped. Get the ladder and use it on the steep incline.
Get the ladder.

Open the stone box. Get a rod and use a orichalcum bead on it. Instant
light source! My memory's a little fuzzy here. But I think you need to use
the three stones discs on the statue. Align the stones and give a orichalcum
bead to the statue and the door will open.


You'll be presented with an overhead view. The rooms that a darkly shaded
are ones you should explore. You'll see a "?" when you cursor over the
unexplored ones.

I can't tell you where EVERY item you need is. Just explore and you'll find it.
I also can't tell you where every room is either.

Go the Statue room. Use the ladder to cross the chasm. Get the stone cup.
Go to the subway, not the one right next to the entrace, but the one all the
way to the right. Get rib cage from skeleton.

Go to Crab room. Use either the sandwich (which you made on the sub) or
the piece of food (which you can get from fighting a guard) with the
rib cage. A word about fighting the guards, they're push over. A few punches
and it's lights out for them. Or you can simply run away from them.

Use the crab trap on the pool of water in the Crab room. Wait until a crab
gets trap and then get the cage.

Get fish head statue. Go to Lava room.  Use stone cup on the lever (?).
Use fish head statue on plaque. Get the cup full of lava.

You should also come across a wheel spoke and a piece of gear. They're both
located in separate rooms where you see a dismantled Atlantean robot.

Go to Machine room. Use wheel spoke in the place where it's missing a wheel
spoke. Use the cup of lava on the funnel way on top of the machine. Get those
orichalcum beads. Remember to get the wheel spoke again; you'll need it later

Now in your exploring you should crawl into a grate that leads to Sophia's
holding cell. You'll be in the air vent and you can't open the vent. Use
an orichalcum bead on the robot right next to the vent. It'll go and
crush the guard (literally!).

Go to the Sentry room. You should have in your possession an eel figurine or
statue. (If you don't go find it first.) Use a bead on the fish mouth statue.
Use a bead with the eel figurine. Use another bead on the fish mouth.

Go to Sophia's holding cell. Pick up that piece of statue. Go to the canal.
Let Sophia rot in her cell.


Use the crab in rib cage on the octopus. Use a bead on the float's mouth.
Use the Sun, Moon, or World stone on the spindle above the gates to open them.
Explore the canal. You should see a stairway leading up to another room. Go in
the room and you should see a crescent shaped gear. Get it.

Now close the cupboard. Look at the cupboard. The diagram on it is VERY
important, so copy it down.

Go back to the canal and sail around. You should come to a doorway. Go through
the doorway and you'll be in a room with a sentry.

Use the chain with sentry statue's right arm. Use ladder on sentry. Look at
chest plate. You should have FOUR gears and one bead. Arrange the gears
following the cupboard's diagram. What you want to do is have the sentry's
right arm come FORWARD. Then you can attach the chain to the bronze loop
on the door. Rearrange the gears again so that the right arm pulls BACKWARD.
This will open the door. Get the hinge pin on the floor and go through the

Walk around and explore the door. Be sure to get the scepter from that
room with the lava pit.

Find the room with the hulking machine in it. Put an orichalcum bead in
the mouth. Use the scepter and hinge pin on those slots. Push all the slots
UP. Use the scepter or pin again on one of the empty slot. The hulking machine
should start up.

To stop it, push the levers down. The hulking machine will fall into the lava.
Follow the bridge and you should be in a place with doorways and streams of
lava. Go into each doorway until you're at the lava squares. Just walk across
it. There will be a path no matter which square you step on. Walk down the

Go into the building ahead. Use the Sun, Moon, and World discs on the spindle.
Align them in this order:

                                 Tall Horns

                                   Full Moon

                          Noon Sun

The top disc (Worldstone) should have the Volcano pointed to the RIGHT. The
Moonstone should have Full Moon pointed to the Tall Horns. And the Sunstone
should have Noon Sun pointed in a SW direction.


Klaus and the mad German professor will come out. They'll argue about who
should try the godhood machine first. Klaus will take the first crack at it.
Indy will remind him of Plato's tenfold error about putting how many beads
into the machine. Either way Klaus will be transformed into a goat-like
creature who will fall into the lava. The mad doctor will then want YOU
to try it. Just convince him that if the experiment does work then you
will be majorly pissed with him and will send him straight to hell.

After that just stand back and watch the ending.

It's actually quite cool; with all the destruction and stuff.

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